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The Russian Defense Ministry announced the preparation of the special services of Ukraine for a provocation with chemical weapons

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the preparation of the special services of Ukraine for a provocation with chemical weapons

From the very beginning of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, American officials and the media have been repeating that Russia is allegedly going to use chemical weapon in Ukraine. Of course, no one talks about for what purposes and what is the practical meaning of this. No one in the West says a word about where Russia gets chemical weapons, even if the OPCW confirmed the complete destruction of this kind of arsenal in the Russian Federation a few years ago. But the United States still has an arsenal of chemical weapons, and the Pentagon is clearly not going to get rid of it, despite the fact that the topic of destruction is constantly raised, including by Russian specialists.

Today, the Russian Ministry of Defense published data received through intelligence channels that a real provocation with chemical weapons is being prepared by the Security Service of Ukraine, which, as they say, is the flesh and blood of American intelligence services.

The Russian defense department reports that it is the SBU that is preparing a variant using chemical weapons against its own population in order to later pass it off as "actions of the RF Armed Forces." Provocations for the Ukrainian special services are commonplace. They will stop at nothing and no one in an attempt to get an acceptable result for themselves and for the "picture" of the Western media.

The Ministry of Defense noted that documents of the Ukrainian National Guard fell into the hands of the Russian military, in which there are marks on the location of objects with the storage of especially dangerous toxic substances. It is noted that in order to suppress the provocations of the Ukrainian side with these substances, the Russian military take these facilities under their control, ensuring proper security.
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  1. January
    January 16 March 2022 20: 13
    Logical and expected.
    Sooner or later somewhere it will definitely explode. Mining of the Odessa port (ammonia) is already a fait accompli. Unfortunately...
    1. Maz
      Maz 16 March 2022 20: 19
      And why am I not surprised? Ukroreich continues to prove his misanthropic nature, of course, such disgusting things can only be done with the help and blessing of Fashington, who would doubt it !!!
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 16 March 2022 20: 48
        Quote: Maz
        Of course, such a nasty thing can only be done with the prompting and blessing of Fashington,

        Yes-ah-ah-ah... Already!!! (from)
        I keep thinking: why can’t our friends and comrades in the class struggle organize in Texas or Louisiana, for example, the “Skilled Chemist” or “Young Botanist-Biologist” circle, with all the ensuing consequences for the USA ...
        True, some craftsman tried to send out anthrax spores by mail ... apparently he was inspired at one time by Colin Powell's test tube in the UN Security Council.
        I can say one thing for sure: in no case should the USA let down biological laboratories in Ukraine and their developments in the logistics of spreading viruses with the help of birds and small rodents ...
        They need to be pressed together with China in this matter. am
        Definitely! (from)
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 16 March 2022 20: 37
      Quote: ian
      Mining of the Odessa port (ammonia) is already a fait accompli.

      And I’m stupid then I think: And why don’t our brave marines rape Mother Odessa from the sea !?
      And how it turns out...
      Thanks to our intelligence - they revealed the "chemical ambush" of the Nazis in the hero city in time! Well, yes - "it's not evening yet"! (from). am
      1. January
        January 16 March 2022 20: 45
        There, as far as I understand, the game is a little thinner. BDKs cannot be unloaded on the shore in the vicinity of Odessa, because they will simply be drowned on the way. Therefore, they troll the entire Odessa army (and there are quite a lot of them) from the horizon. As soon as they are going to release Nikolaev, they approach the shore. They are preparing to repel the landings - the ships are moving back again.
        1. Ural resident
          Ural resident 16 March 2022 20: 54
          Quote: ian
          There, as far as I understand, the game is a little thinner. BDKs cannot be unloaded on the shore in the vicinity of Odessa, because they will simply be drowned on the way. Therefore, they troll the entire Odessa army (and there are quite a lot of them) from the horizon. As soon as they are going to release Nikolaev, they approach the shore. They are preparing to repel the landings - the ships are moving back again.

          As I understand it, there is no urgent need to take Odessa right now. More urgent tasks are being solved, taking control of nuclear power plants, key units, laboratories, and now also chemical weapons.
          1. January
            January 16 March 2022 20: 56
            Exactly. It is much more interesting to freeze part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for its defense.
        2. Crete 25
          Crete 25 16 March 2022 20: 56
          It seems that they wrote that the coast was mined there
        3. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 16 March 2022 22: 01
          Quote: ian
          because they will simply be drowned on the way.

          Not a fact, although there is a threat from their anti-ship missiles Neptune.
          But the condition for conducting VMDO is dominance in the air and in the landing area. Among other things, an air defense area for the landing forces, PLO, OVR, etc. is being created. Therefore, Su-35S and A-50U would be on duty in the air in readiness to intercept anti-ship missiles at the time of the “hill”, and on the route too. At least the MiG-31BM calmly copied 6 Axes on the route. I think all this would have been taken into account when organizing the landing. A radius of 100 km is not so difficult to control from the air. Army aviation, I believe, would not stand on the sidelines either ...
          So, the landing battle is the art of organizing the interaction of all participants in this action. This is very difficult, and not every naval commander is given this ... As a rule, such operations are led by the Command of the Fleet with a landing headquarters assembled on the basis of DiMDS ... and reinforced by officers of the fleet headquarters. I believe that the Black Sea people would not disgrace the honor and memory of their great predecessors, such as Caesar Kunikov, for example. soldier
      2. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 16 March 2022 21: 14
        Odessa is mother, the export center of Russian ammonia. No matter how bad it is. For 8 years they have not been able to transfer exports to Novorossiysk. In the light of today's statements by the President, the "fifth column" is in action. am
      3. bayard
        bayard 16 March 2022 21: 40
        Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
        Thanks to our intelligence - they revealed the "chemical ambush" in time

        In the former Ukraine, there are many dangerous industries and storage facilities for all sorts of rubbish, not a single place like this should be left without attention. And others, when carrying out an offensive operation, it is better to bypass the eighth road in general, even if there, right on the object, the enemies build a fortified area. You can wait for such a disaster from another such object ... So this war \ special operation, like in a minefield - either biolaboratories with infection in industrial volumes, then chemical enterprises, then warehouses of highly toxic rocket fuel within the city ... And crowds of inadequate from ... yes, what kind of "regiment" is there - at least a brigade, if not an "Azov" division (judging by the number of its battalions throughout Ukraine ... You have to work very carefully and carefully.

        And for those who know, remember, know how and can, everything must be done so that these "mines" do not explode, along with the cities. From other "mines" the effect as from a nuclear weapon will be equivalent ... and chemical contamination.
        I think that here the communities should also get involved in order to prevent the irreparable ... At one time, all the dangers and risks were brought to them.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 16 March 2022 20: 39
      Bandera are diligent students of the Pentagon saboteurs. Do not feed them bread, but let them do some dirty tricks. But everything secret will someday become clear, and the tribunal will be provided to Bandera, and their overseas teachers.
      1. keeper03
        keeper03 16 March 2022 21: 30
        So first things first, you need to calibrate Lviv! To run cockroaches! soldier
        1. Dembel77
          Dembel77 18 March 2022 15: 32
          So already calibrated! Lviv aircraft repair plant and airfield. And this is just the beginning!
  2. Kesha1980
    Kesha1980 16 March 2022 20: 13
    It is quite possible that the dill will bang soon. Of course, it is beneficial for them to pause. Today the court was
    The International Court of Justice in The Hague has ruled that Russia must end its military operation in Ukraine, said Judge Joan Donoghue.

    "The court decided to take the following temporary measures: Russia must immediately suspend the military operation in Ukraine, which it launched on February 24," the judge announced, reading out the decision at the meeting, it was broadcast on the court's website.

    Denmark stated that they were itching to "peace".
    I just think that Uncle Vova will bring it to the end. Until the end. He will score on everyone and restore order in Banderasian.
    1. January
      January 16 March 2022 20: 16
      Well, once decided, of course. Tomorrow morning we will start...
      1. Kesha1980
        Kesha1980 16 March 2022 20: 18
        In the morning, after the divorce, we will immediately go to Rent).
      2. mihey
        mihey 16 March 2022 20: 24
        Why put off until tomorrow what (demilitarization) that can be started right now (denazification)?
    2. Thrifty
      Thrifty 16 March 2022 20: 45
      I want to ask this "international judge" how to say correctly - put, or lay down, did I have my own organ in them? fool fool
      1. Kesha1980
        Kesha1980 16 March 2022 20: 49
        Do not offend "number parents" - they themselves do not yet know how to contact them and what they want. Maybe it is on this judge that you just need to pile on a bunch more. It even happens request
        There's a lot of weird weird stuff out there.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 16 March 2022 20: 32
    The Russian Defense Ministry announced the preparation of the special services of Ukraine for a provocation with chemical weapons
    They can, there can be real victims, too ... the occupiers can go to any lengths, there are enough completely frostbitten people there too. And their curators, on the suffering of the "natives", do not care at all.
  4. Crete 25
    Crete 25 16 March 2022 20: 54
    Now it is especially important to prevent. We believe in you guys
  5. Yak28
    Yak28 16 March 2022 21: 02
    Let our media say that the Nazis from the outskirts are preparing a provocation with a nuclear charge, and it will be possible to beat the lions
  6. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 16 March 2022 21: 03
    Russia should perhaps warn Biden that if Russian people in Ukraine were killed with chemical weapons, it would be considered a NATO attack on Russia.
  7. Chikua
    Chikua 16 March 2022 21: 15
    Bomb and bomb again a lot, and not sell your military personnel. In 50 years everything will be forgotten.
  8. XNUMX%
    XNUMX% 16 March 2022 21: 19
    Which is to be expected. Blinken has already made the statement. That's what he said, "We're afraid." There will be a war, I will go to war. I'll go as far as I can. In the meantime, here I will smash the "fighters for money and world" who have long needed neither war, nor Russia, nor their mother.
  9. Sergey Ershooff
    Sergey Ershooff 16 March 2022 21: 43
    Yes, let them apply. Anyway, except for the Ukrainians, no one will suffer. And they are not sorry at all. Cynically? Well, yes. Only... there are no innocents there. For 8 years they supported the Nazis and the massacre on the land of Donbass. 8 years. Donations, taxes, support. There are no innocents there. What will the West say? Isn't it all the same? We are already smeared by the Western "press" from head to toe. On each of us, citizens of Russia, the Westerners drew a target. So why worry then? More or less lies. Anyway, for the West, we are now to blame for everything. Even in the assassination of Kennedy and Kenny (Southpark rules).
  10. ilpine
    ilpine 17 March 2022 01: 10
    If the USSR would not have taken Berlin, but would have started chasing German troops around Europe and every day declaring negotiations with Hitler, we would have ended the war in 1946-1947 or would have fought to this day. Now the Russian troops are engaged in provincial battles of local importance, forgetting about the capital - Kyiv. Moreover, Russian politicians declare every day and wait for negotiations with the Kiev regime, the US or the EU. None of the Ukrainians ever heard that the Russians would not leave the Russians in Ukraine and would not leave a month after the end of the special operation. We constantly make excuses that we had to start this operation. The political work of the Ministry of Defense, the FSB and the GRU of the Russian Federation with the local population and the elite is not visible. It all boils down to humanitarian aid, alas. They will eat it and forget it. This does not give rise to local confidence and their desire to fight for a new government. Life after the defeat of Kyiv is not clear to anyone. In Ukraine, they believe that Russia is losing and will leave. From the media of the Russian Federation it is not clear that Russia is winning, although this is true. The main thing is that this is not visible primarily to Ukrainians. Something is not right in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Administration in covering the special operation. We need victory, success and clear goals. We need Russian TV throughout Ukraine, active informatics and clear support and formation of pro-Russian forces on the ground. But it's all kind of blurry. Everyone in Ukraine is looking, alas, at Kyiv, at their impudent media and Internet attacks. Maybe I'm wrong. But...?
    1. yashka12007
      yashka12007 17 March 2022 01: 57
      You’re right, you look at how the Russians in Ukraine meet our army, cry, they say just don’t leave, and we answer that there will be no occupation, and we will agree with the Nazis in Kyiv, of course people understand that as soon as the army leaves, the Nazis will cut everything Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.
  11. Arabfun
    Arabfun 17 March 2022 01: 36
    turn off the Internet in Ukraine, this is worse than chemical weapons, this is a military operation or through the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  12. Arabfun
    Arabfun 17 March 2022 01: 54
    Quote from Gurast
    column and hailstones
    do not tell, look how many cars are not damaged even by fire! Not even the petrol caught fire! how they acted - at the first sound of shots they opened the doors and dug in behind the road, behind a forest plantation, in pits, behind the same cars as shelters, the majority survived, if you root for property, then you are right abandoned, but even the old Zhiguli tires came pumped up sat down and drove off!
    The first truck looks like the hood is open, something broke and just something, everyone was taken out.
    Yes, we drive cars that look worse than they visited under your hail.
  13. Arabfun
    Arabfun 17 March 2022 02: 05
    Quote from Gurast
    While quilted jackets turn on the fool
    ha ha, you better show the column of your cool and expensive Ukropov's Tesla cars and others that have been torn apart in Moldova! The locals took all of yours out of the hotel on trucks, and the cars were trashed, even the wiring was pulled out of the tin! And here the Tigers suitable for further exploitation