Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"



Skynet 2.0

The most indicative case when the third world war could start due to the fault of mechanical brains was the incident on September 26, 1983 at the Serpukhov-1 command post near Moscow.

That night, Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov turned up at the command post, agreeing to replace his colleague. The missile attack siren went off at 00:15 - the alarm was raised by the Oko missile attack early warning system. According to computer data, several ballistic missiles have been launched from the West Coast of the United States and are moving towards the Soviet Union. In total, the country's leadership had no more than 30 minutes to respond.

This, by the way, is very closely intertwined with President Putin's recent words about the strategic depth of Russia's defense. With the entry of Ukraine into NATO, there could be no question of any thirty minutes of reserve for a retaliation strike. But in 1983 the situation was different.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Petrov did not notify his superiors about the missile attack, which most likely saved the planet from total war. The officer's experience suggested that the United States would not launch a preemptive strike with such small forces - ballistic missiles came from only one military base. In the event of a real attack, the Americans would have launched several hundred warheads.

That is why the lieutenant colonel notified the command of the false alarm. It is necessary to understand the degree of responsibility of Petrov, who during the entire time of his service at the facility has never observed a failure of the warning system. Moreover, he himself participated in the development of this technique and knew the degree of its reliability. It only remained to wait for the early warning radars to actually detect the approaching missiles. It worked out - the Oko system mistook the sun glare that unsuccessfully fell on the sensors for the flashes of rocket engines.

Why this story nearly forty years ago? To the fact that automated systems associated with the strategic weaponsare imperfect and may fail. The story of Petrov, who actually saved the world from a nuclear war, is certainly far from the only one - the secrecy regime in both Russia and the United States does not allow such incidents to be disclosed. But if the error of the missile attack warning system can still be somehow corrected, then there will be no one to slow down completely autonomous weapons systems. And the Americans are very worried about this. Especially in the application to the Russian nuclear torpedo "Poseidon".

Blue peacock and others

"Poseidon", which the Americans call "underwater drone”, “nuclear torpedo” and even “unmanned bathyscaphe” - this is not the first development of this kind. In the 50s of the last century, the Blue Peacock nuclear mine was developed in the UK. The mass of the device exceeded 7 tons and was supposed to explode in the territories captured by the Soviet troops. There were three ways to cause the mine to detonate - through a multi-kilometer cord, an eight-day timer and an access prohibition device - when you try to disassemble the mine, it explodes.

Such an infernal machine, fortunately, did not find practical implementation in the series, but was remembered for one non-trivial solution. It was proposed to use ... chickens as a timer. Several chicks were placed in a special compartment, equipped with everything necessary for life. The main task of the prisoners of the atomic engineering ammunition was to release natural heat. As soon as the unfortunate chickens died, the temperature dropped and the Blue Peacock exploded. On average, it took about 8-9 days.

By default, this should have happened in the territory occupied by the enemy. For example, it was possible to bury several dozen of these "Peacocks" in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany in front of the Soviet army. The flawed idea was abandoned, and the prototype of the mine is gathering dust in the British Armory Museum.

The British Blue Peacock nuclear mine includes a self-detonation mechanism in case of unauthorized access. Source:

Of course, we are not talking about such curious automated systems for controlling nuclear weapons now - first of all, it is proposed to give control to artificial intelligence. Taking into account the constant complication of attack systems, the emergence of hypersonic systems, the time limit for response actions is getting smaller, and electronic algorithms will make it possible to respond more quickly. In the opinion of the Americans, it is better not to bring this to a head and to agree on a ban on autonomous nuclear weapons while on shore. So far, this is only a grassroots initiative from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists researcher Zachary Kallenborn, but the idea may well be discussed at the state level.

The thing is that the Americans are lagging behind Russia in this direction - at least they think so. They see the Poseidon submersible as a two-megaton underwater nuclear bomb capable of sinking an aircraft carrier group or setting off a fatal tsunami on the West Coast. The fears of the Americans are also connected with the total uncertainty about the degree of autonomy of Poseidon - in the open press, they can only exchange assumptions. But Kallenborn, as the author of the initiative, makes quite strong arguments against the inclusion of AI in nuclear security.

Firstly, the serious level of secrecy of strategic facilities often makes it possible to focus only on satellite data. Simply put, there is not enough data for the confident operation of AI algorithms. Neural networks that are accustomed to operating with a mass of information will produce false positive or false negative results. Adjustments can also be made by weather conditions - cloudiness, snow, rain. If with shock drone or autonomous a tank it can cost a little blood, then in the case of nuclear missiles the consequences will be fatal.

In addition, difficulties arise with the training of "nuclear" AI. What examples to teach him, if the testing of weapons of mass destruction has long been banned, and from the real use only Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The second reason why Kallenborn does not trust automated systems is the possibility of provocations from terrorists. Imagine that some powerful organization decides to call fire on itself and simulate a nuclear attack. To do this, it is enough to have information about the markers that AI focuses on when recognizing attacks. Electronic brains, deprived of the conditional “lieutenant colonel Petrov”, will take a provocation at face value and strike back. The nuclear conflict between the powers is provoked - the terrorists are satisfied.

And a reverse example. The opposing side, ready to start a world war, can bypass the controlling AI with a simple disguise. Here, two machine intelligences already enter the competition - one from the side of the defender, the second from the side of the attacker. Not everyone is ready for the fate of the world to be decided in such a duel. Fooling AI, as Kallenborn sees, is not very difficult - just shift a few pixels in his picture and an approaching strategic bomber will seem no worse than a dog.

The fears of the Americans are also connected with the capabilities of systems such as the "Dead Hand", which in the Soviet Union was known as the "Perimeter". A system that regulates a retaliatory nuclear strike in case of loss of communication with a higher command center. In the United States, work has already been underway on something similar based on AI algorithms since 2019, and this causes some concern among the authors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Callenborn published his article on February 1, 2022, in which he invited the three largest nuclear powers - Russia, China and the United States to sit down at the negotiating table on the problem of AI in nuclear deterrence. And already this year. Oddly enough, even against the background of the crisis, this does not look crazy - in the emerging new picture of the world, it is precisely such agreements that can be very useful. Only now Russia should conduct these negotiations from a position of strength. In the end, it was the domestic Poseidon that made the overseas establishment so worried.
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  1. +24
    8 March 2022 18: 54
    let them ban their own aircraft carriers better
    1. +40
      8 March 2022 19: 12
      Poseidon personifies our advantage in the scientific and technical field, and the military aspect must be viewed through the prism of defensive weapons. You can’t trust mattress covers in anything, the NATO expansion alone is a vivid example of their deception, let them roll back the ruin of their Wishlist.
      1. +26
        8 March 2022 19: 19
        Right now, Klimov and Timokhin will come and tell us for the 100500th time what kind of unnecessary garbage this is
        1. +14
          8 March 2022 20: 11
          Quote: El Chuvachino
          Right now, Klimov and Timokhin will come and tell us for the 100500th time what kind of unnecessary garbage this is

          Timokhin was already crying to me here that they say all the money for Poseidons and Ash trees is gone and the soldiers of the Russian Federation do not have the necessary collimators and other drones .. And the fact that he drowned for the fleet with even more wrecking projects then it is something else that needs to be understood.. Hypocritical vile enemy whose activities the investigator must consider .. For sabotage and sabotage of pure water ..
          1. +5
            9 March 2022 08: 40
            There is no need to slander Timokhin and Klimov, they have been and are caring for the domestic Fleet, which should be full-fledged and balanced. But it just so happened that "Sakharov's Torpedoes" (or "Sakharov's Fugasov") are the most afraid there. This turned out to be the most effective deterrent. And so he is. It just so happened that we could not build that full-fledged balanced Fleet, which was conceived and began to be built in the late 00s, since 2014.
            But PLA and similar devices could.
            Therefore, they are.
            And the Fleet will still be full-fledged and balanced. And the laying of full-fledged ships is already planned, and at several shipyards at once. The very long-awaited 22350M, which will already appear in a full-fledged form of a destroyer, with 64 cells for KRBD, GZUR, PLUR and anti-ship missiles, and with tripled BC ZUR.
            And very soon, our shipbuilding industry will have completely new - increased opportunities.
            So do not pour slop on the professionals who called for what is already beginning to be implemented.
            Remember the battles for acquiring full-fledged torpedoes by the Fleet, which are not inferior to torpedoes of very likely opponents (and today, directly - enemies).
            or you really do not consider a mistake made a bet on the so-called. "heavy corvettes" - prohibitively expensive and unbalanced in armament?
            But in the naval environment, and even in the Kremlin, this is also already considered an erroneous decision ... but there is a force of inertia of industry and a burning need for ships "here and now", and therefore the Amur Shipyard continues to build the already ordered series.
            But the mistake - WAS MADE. And it's hard to argue with that.

            Or do you think that the "multi-purpose" Yasen-M submarine, costing as much as TWO Borea-A, is ... normal?
            Yes, it's just that the first "Ash" was laid back in the USSR, here it is, as soon as money appeared and began to be completed and chosen as the main / unified MAPL for the Navy. And it was INITIALLY not MAPL at all.
            It was a SSGN!
            Which was supposed to replace another SSGN pr. 949!
            And as a MAPL in the late Union, a rather compact submarine with a liquid metal reactor and VI of the order of 5000 tons was planned. There should have been a LOT of them, because they are needed both to fight enemy submarines, and to cover SSBNs and free hunting on communications.
            And it was NORMAL.
            And the path that was chosen with "Ash-M" as the "main" MAPL is a mistake.
            just another type of PLA in the Russian Federation was recognized as redundant ... but they did not calculate the final effect and costs. And when they realized it, it was already too late - the series was launched and in any case should be completed.
            But it will still be SSGN.
            And we still have to compose MAPL.
            In the meantime, the only way out is to capitalize the "Pike-B" suitable for this.

            Such is the price of mistakes made in conditions of limited resources and time ... and in conditions of wild capitalism with its natural kickbacks and theft.
            And about these mistakes, obvious to any specialist, were written (I hope and will continue to write) Klimov and his colleague in this matter Timokhin.

            And what kind of "super torpedo" will be adopted as a result - "Poseidon", "Cephalopod" or other ultra-high power bottom land mine, time will tell.
            1. +2
              9 March 2022 08: 50
              invited the three largest nuclear powers - Russia, China and the United States to sit down at the negotiating table on the problem of AI in nuclear deterrence.

              Somehow they think one-sidedly! But what about England and France? After all, their nuclear potential increases the potential of NATO, which should be considered by us as a whole! Cunning Anglo-Saxons!
              1. +9
                9 March 2022 10: 09
                Then immediately collect the entire "nuclear club" for a gathering.
                Israel, India, Pakistan.
                In the meantime, they will gather, you see, and Iran will catch up. lol

                They ALWAYS think one-sidedly - only for their own and their own benefit.
                So it’s time for Russia so long ago - any talk is ONLY about its own benefit.
                About the benefits for YOURSELF from these conversations.
                The US has a weak position today, and this should be used to the fullest.
                And to respond to any threats against us with the TERMINATION of contracts and agreements that are inconvenient for us - which restrain us, limit us and cause losses and inconvenience.
                The USA, England and the WHOLE West are pathologically incompetent.
                So is it worth restraining yourself with unbearable obligations?
                SALT Treaty ... do we need it?
                France and England are not part of this treaty, having rather large nuclear arsenals and very short distances to us ...
                And Israel?
                And China, which by the end of this decade intends to have at least 1000 nuclear warheads on strategic carriers. And after all, they also have a huge number of MRBM, OTRK. And this is our neighbor.
                I now believe that the existing arsenal of strategic nuclear forces for us (RF) today is categorically insufficient.
                And the MRBM is also highly desirable for us - we do not live on a distant island in the ocean, there are many different countries around ... nuclear countries.
                Or here is an agreement on the Central Bank (there is even such a law) ... That's why we need it?
                Without the right of free investment emission? With an external setting of the discount rate on the loan? ... With the wildest and most disgusting "Budget Rule"? With the obligation to hold your ZRV in foreign securities and foreign jurisdictions ...
                Do we need it?
                If we have a war and strategic nuclear forces went on combat patrols in readiness for immediate launches?
                And why, having arrested our assets and the property of our companies and citizens, have we still not arrested ALL the assets of their companies from us?
                After all, we have more of them than they have of ours?
                Worth more than a TRILLION North American dollars.
                Why, having landed our civil aviation, our titanium, aluminum, vanadium, palladium, etc., goes to Europe and the USA?
                Why do our fuel assemblies for their nuclear power plants provide them with cheap electricity?
                Why all the heavy oil in the US comes from Russia. And at the same time, 25% (!!!) of all diesel fuel in the USA also comes from Russia?
                Why Chubais and all other agents of control and influence have not yet been arrested?
                We have a very strange war ...
            2. 0
              9 March 2022 09: 50
              With such "professionals" there is no need for enemies, absolutely incompetent boltologists and nothing more, although no, I'm mistaken paid agents of influence in order to change public opinion on important issues that will affect the adoption of major decisions.. That is, ENEMIES! I am sure that the competent authorities will be engaged in their activities in the near future, especially in the light of the latest laws ...
              As for "Poseidon", they have the same competence as for "Zircon", which they do not have, like all their other analytics ..
              1. -2
                9 March 2022 11: 51
                End of Russia! The truth is so far only behind their cheek
          2. +1
            12 March 2022 18: 14
            Actually, collimators, like other drones, are necessary for the troops. It is easier, cheaper and more imperceptible for a drone to reconnoiter the area when the column is moving, and to call the turntables as needed, then there will be fewer losses, or in your opinion the life of a soldier is nothing in the light of high strategic thinking about what is needed for the Armed Forces, there will be no soldier or sailor and no weapon will protect.
        2. 0
          9 March 2022 16: 56
          This is a niche tool ..... If, having invested money in the CD, you can then use it very effectively with a conventional warhead ..... then the Poseidon is needed only for a specific mission. When there is a lot of money, this is an investment in science and technology .... when there is little money and resources, it is unlikely. There are many pressing topics on the verge of civil and military topics. Like AVCACs, their carriers, etc.
          1. 0
            9 March 2022 20: 31
            The presence of "Poseidon" closes a lot of other topics, for example AUG. Resets missile defense .. This alone is enough to finance this project ..
      2. +3
        8 March 2022 19: 55
        You just didn't get it:
        Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"
        they adopted sanctions "not to watch Putin's cartoons", and here it is clearly from the USSR "to make a fairy tale come true!". So the goat rushed over the bumps in their firebrands - will they bang with "Poseidons" or not ??? laughing
        1. D16
          8 March 2022 20: 22
          Let them offer something in return. For example the Fed. lol
    2. +11
      8 March 2022 19: 41
      Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"

      Those. remove the Russian fist from the American nose?
      And, don't you want a big RAKHMET?

    3. 0
      10 March 2022 20: 27
      Let them "CANCEL" the destruction of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And everything that was "hammered" into the Stone Age, at least over the last century. And there, right away. feel ...
  2. +16
    8 March 2022 18: 55
    Let them complain in "Sportloto".
  3. +12
    8 March 2022 18: 59
    And who will stop it? The world community, or what? So can the UN suggest a ban? It still makes no sense to him.
  4. +6
    8 March 2022 19: 01
    Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"
    . Let them call...
    They won’t climb, Poseidons will ... will, but they won’t be involved.
  5. +7
    8 March 2022 19: 01
    As soon as the unfortunate chickens died
    It did not come to the use of chickens and the bomb did not provide for the placement of a feathered crew with a supply of food and water. This was just one of the out-of-the-box ideas to keep the bomb's electronics warm and ensure it worked.
    1. 0
      8 March 2022 23: 52
      It could have been easier to do - a solution of sugar in a Dewar with a yeast culture.
      1. +1
        8 March 2022 23: 57
        sugar solution in dewar
        Sugar does not dissolve in a dewar wassat
        1. 0
          9 March 2022 00: 10
          The authors of the idea were clearly non-standard non-standard thinkers. For some reason, they didn’t remember about the banal quicklime, which perfectly gives heat when water is supplied; about strong sulfuric acid, which also releases heat during dissolution.
          1. 0
            9 March 2022 00: 20
            How many tons does it take to warm a tank the size of a small tank truck for at least two weeks? (and this is the dimensions of the kurobomba - the prototype was tested for tightness in an abandoned quarry)
            1. 0
              9 March 2022 00: 30
              As I understood the mechanics of the device did not need heat, only the electronic part.
              And now it can be placed in a capsule and it is already in a dewar with a heat release.
              In the end, this is not a mobile device, which means that it was possible to simply place it in ready-made industrial heated tanks - all tanks with diesel and fuel oil at thermal power plants and in ports are heated, bitumen pits of asphalt plants are heated, even some bunkers with mineral raw materials are heated.
              1. 0
                9 March 2022 00: 41
                industrial heated tanks
                This canoe was placed underground and sealed; when depressurized (attempted to disassemble), it was undermined. So it won't work. In any case, the British clearly found a way out - they built two, although they did not put them into service.
                1. -1
                  9 March 2022 00: 51
                  The British did not take into account the fact that hardly anyone would take it apart.
                  Usually, any ammunition that is deep underground remains there forever, unless the builders turn it out with an excavator.
                  1. +1
                    9 March 2022 01: 04
                    munitions buried deep underground
                    This special ammunition would probably be disassembled and moved - this is a nuclear landmine, and their decontamination was the primary task of the advancing Soviet troops (there were even SPECIAL FORCE groups with sensitive dosimeters to find them).
                    1. -2
                      9 March 2022 10: 37
                      Or the Soviet troops all the same tried to bypass such a barrier as quickly as possible - and leave the solution of the problem of mine clearance found for the post-war period.
                      The modern "Allegro with fire" could be filmed on this museum and historical material.
    2. 0
      9 March 2022 09: 27
      What does heat have to do with it, it is already enough, on the contrary, warheads need to be cooled during storage.
  6. +4
    8 March 2022 19: 06
    The Yankees forgot to ask what we should do, what not to do!
  7. +11
    8 March 2022 19: 08
    It is clear that at the talks in Geneva, our delegation did not appeal to the humane feelings of the Americans, because in matters of geopolitics, the Americans never had and never will have these feelings. Russia presented forceful arguments.

    Ryabkov once said that "we can significantly lower the level of US security." And then everyone can fantasize within the framework of the real: from the Poseidons, which are already "lying" somewhere at the bottom near New York and Los Angeles, or the deployment of missiles in Cuba or Venezuela, to "kinetic weapons", about which only once said Vladimir Putin.

    And this is the only way to get your way in the "dialogue" with the United States - to formulate a direct threat to their security. The security of the United States, and not Europe or Ukraine, on which the States as a whole do not care.
  8. +5
    8 March 2022 19: 13
    The United States has Russia's security proposals on the table, handed over to them back in December! That's when they sign them and GUARANTEE, plus cancel ALL sanctions that interfere with Russia, then you can PROMISE them to think. Looking at their behavior!
    1. +1
      8 March 2022 20: 58
      They already went to the toilet with this document. Now it seems that preparations for the 3rd World War are beginning. Russia is being thrown out of all production chains and old production ties are being restored. After the restoration of old ties, depending on the state of Russia, a decision will be made to start a war or a color revolution.
      1. 0
        8 March 2022 21: 29
        Quote: spectr
        They already went to the toilet with this document. Now it seems that preparations for the 3rd World War are beginning. Russia is being thrown out of all production chains and old production ties are being restored. After the restoration of old ties, depending on the state of Russia, a decision will be made to start a war or a color revolution.

        laughing good You don’t forget to explain to Biden and Trump !!! I don't even mention the European Union. laughing How will large-scale spans in business go - PPC and democracy, and world domination, and NATA itself! Yes
        1. +2
          9 March 2022 12: 29
          And what about these? The US Congress has the right to declare war, and they still have complete unanimity regarding Russia.
  9. +3
    8 March 2022 19: 16
    Yes? So take it and ban it?! And who will forbid? laughing Who is the first who is tired of living?
  10. +6
    8 March 2022 19: 17
    An interesting version, I don’t know how realistic it is, because I don’t consider myself a military expert.

    “Why was Putin’s Ultimatum put forward right now, if NATO has been expanding for 30 years

    Indeed, one might ask such a question. Talks about Ukraine's accession to NATO have been going on for more than a year (they started even before the Crimea and the Maidan). And in general, NATO has been actively approaching Russia since the collapse of the USSR.
    Let us recall the same Georgia, which back in 2008 tried to use military force with some support from NATO, used military force near the borders of Russia and even destroyed our peacekeepers.
    All these attacks did not really start yesterday, but why did Putin begin to draw "red lines" and speak more "boldly" and categorically right now?
    Window of opportunity
    I do not claim that what follows is true. However, it is worth discussing this topic.
    We will proceed from the fact that recently the Zircon missile has been quite actively tested and, as the President himself put it, these tests are going flawlessly.
    Of course, many people laugh at this weapon and say that it is a fake. Someone understands that it really exists, but is sure that it does not represent anything over dangerous.
    But let's imagine that everything that is said about Zircon in the Russian media is the real truth? Well, that is:
    Zircon is guaranteed to destroy any surface or ground target from a distance of 1000 km. It is IMPOSSIBLE to defend against this weapon.
    What if this is 100% true? Then it turns out that the entire military advantage of the United States, based on the greatest fleet in the history of mankind, is not just hanging by a thread, it is being leveled. That is, there is no advantage, it turns out, at the moment there is no?
    Exactly AT THE MOMENT, tk. Putin said that the United States would also have hypersound, but not earlier than in 5 years. Well, even in 2-3 years. Anyway, it turns out that now the United States is defenseless against Russia in a non-nuclear war?
    Crazy turn of events
    1. What if one "beautiful" morning, our submarine (or two, or five) appears 800 kilometers from the US aircraft carrier group and shoots straight from the underwater position with a whole swarm of "Zircons", guaranteed to destroy the aircraft carrier without touching (yet) other ships groupings.
    2. At the same moment, 10-15 anti-satellite missiles launch simultaneously and shoot down several US military satellites (and Russia also demonstrated such capabilities). A few more satellites are "illuminated" by the Peresvet laser systems.
    3. But even a little earlier, literally a couple of minutes before all this, at some US island base, such as Guam, a nuclear Poseidon explodes at a depth of 1 kilometer and a giant tsunami cleans the surface of the island to the state of an eggshell.
    4. And all this is happening simultaneously with Russia issuing a warning that another 30 Poseidons are already at the ready near both coasts of the United States and in the event of a nuclear response, not only the entire nuclear potential of Russia (including the hypersonic Avangard) will be shot across America, but also these deep-water torpedoes, which will cause such a tsunami that the United States is guaranteed to be thrown back not just to the level of development of Honduras, but in general to the Stone Age. With tens of millions of victims, hunger, looting and complete chaos, of course ... Moreover, the United States will not be able to defend itself against the Poseidons at all.
    5. Will the US risk retaliating with nuclear weapons after seeing a demonstration of Poseidons on Guam? I don't think so. They will also not be able to respond in a non-nuclear way, because in which case, all other aircraft carriers, as well as US bases around the world, can be destroyed by Zircons, Calibers, Iskanders and other systems.
    6. As a result, Russia offers the United States a deal: now you can get off with a "light fright", having lost, so far, only one aircraft carrier, several satellites and a base in Guam. We propose to stop the conflict on this and NORMALLY LISTEN to our conditions.
    Because all the military "valor" of the United States lies in the war with missiles, tanks and helicopters against the natives with Kalashnikovs, and they fought with a real powerful enemy only once, and even then - for a long time and not very successfully (against Germany), they will not fight against Russia .
    8. The public will not notice the loss of military satellites. The washed out base on Guam will be attributed to an earthquake, and the loss of an aircraft carrier to underwater reefs. Or how did they justify the recent disaster with their submarine?
    9. As a result, the US is becoming very obedient, quietly turning off all its bases, recognizing Crimea and presenting Putin with the Nobel Peace Prize.
    - Author, what do you use there? - you ask.
    And I even agree - well, yes. Lishka grabbed. Perhaps all this is really too fantastic. Or not? From a technical point of view, maybe not, I doubt more about the political will for such attacks.
    Still, it's somehow not in our tradition to attack first and without warning (although "Putin's Ultimatum" can be considered such a warning). Yes, and there are too many unknowns in this equation, too much can go wrong and lead to a nuclear war as a result.
    In any case, if we have the opportunity to somehow put pressure on the United States, it is only now. In that short period of time when Russia already has hypersound, and the United States does not yet. This is a historic moment and I think Putin decided to take advantage of it somehow.”
    1. +8
      8 March 2022 19: 28
      Quote: Tank jacket
      An interesting version, I don’t know how realistic it is, because I don’t consider myself a military expert.

      ... to sit down at the negotiating table on the problem of AI in nuclear deterrence.

      The problem is in their heads. Our "Perimeter" was in no way tied to AI at that time, and now it is also not tied to any AI in any way. Stay further in pink delusion ... And what does Poseidon have to do with it ??? And... because it's scary? Understand. But no one will talk to you about these topics. Enough! We talked at Marked!
      1. +3
        8 March 2022 19: 36
        Americans, do you see the red line? And she is bully
        1. +8
          8 March 2022 19: 52
          Quote: Tank jacket
          Americans, do you see the red line? And she is

          Yeah, they won't find a gopher, the next level is not available. And they won't find, suckers wassat
    2. +2
      8 March 2022 21: 07
      Quote: Tank jacket
      but also these deep-water torpedoes, which will cause such a tsunami that the United States is guaranteed to be thrown back not just to the level of development of Honduras, but in general to the Stone Age.
      The configuration of the bottom off the coast of the United States (I don’t know exactly the Atlantic, I don’t know the Pacific) will not allow a serious tsunami to form. A serious tsunami cannot be formed with two megatons either.
      1. +5
        8 March 2022 21: 13
        Calculations in the studio ...
        1. 0
          9 March 2022 19: 52

          1. -1
            9 March 2022 21: 02
            And why then so much noise from mattresses?
            1. 0
              10 March 2022 20: 28
              "Fallen women, sir..."
          2. 0
            15 March 2022 11: 07
            The author's article is "niachOm", pure mathematics and nothing more.
            Geotectonics and fluid physics are not taken into account. Not to mention the ignorance of the processes of the impact of the flow (mass) of water. The height may be 7 meters, but the length of the stream is kilometers and this will be enough to flood the coast for kilometers in depth. Etc. etc.
  11. +3
    8 March 2022 19: 20
    Difficult situation. On the one hand, it is necessary to negotiate. On the other hand, the Americans have shown in practice many times that they comply with the agreements only as long as it is beneficial for them.
    And the time for such talks is not the best - the height of the sanctions, showing that the penguins are still ready to discuss anything only from the standpoint of the dictate of force.
    Until they get a "face on the table" serious agreements are meaningless.
  12. +1
    8 March 2022 19: 36
  13. +1
    8 March 2022 19: 38
    AI "Poseidon" is probably necessary for its covert penetration to enemy lines, duty and return to the place of deployment. It is unlikely that AI will be trusted to decide the activation of the charge. Maybe on a signal, under certain conditions
  14. +3
    8 March 2022 19: 59
    Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"

    Let's ban the sale of oil and gas for dollars (except for those volumes that are produced in the USA) ...
    I liked about aircraft carriers. And I can add that the US military should be banned from the Eastern Hemisphere altogether... Yes
  15. 0
    8 March 2022 20: 01
    Let the Yankees write to SPORTLOTO.
  16. +3
    8 March 2022 20: 19
    It’s even somehow inconvenient that America will be destroyed by prohibited weapons ... lol
  17. +3
    8 March 2022 20: 48
    It is necessary to put forward a counter initiative - to ban the NATO bloc.
  18. 0
    8 March 2022 20: 59
    Our negotiations are not conducted by scientists. Scientists are only trusted to create weapons. And what to do with it? We have already seen this. That's why people's favorites.

    For example, Boris Nikolaevich. Who "blessed America" ​​and danced "Kalinka" in Berlin.

    What to do with the weapon created by scientists is decided by such people. This is our ancient folk custom.
  19. +2
    8 March 2022 21: 01
    In the 21st century - something to ban? Russia is a huge country, but these Americans have been banning everything to Kim Jong-un for many years, and the result is zero. The roof went to these stars and stripes, they don’t know what to say. They smoke something, so they imagine dominion over the world. The USA is not a country, but a huge psychiatric hospital ...
  20. -2
    8 March 2022 21: 14
    Quote: Evgenijus
    The roof went to these stars and stripes, they don’t know what to say. They smoke something, so they imagine dominion over the world. The USA is not a country, but a huge psychiatric hospital ...

    I don’t remember that the United States would destroy itself or cut its missiles or ships because "it was agreed that way." They do not put spokes in their own wheels.

    We confidently hold the world championship in this area. I once saw on TV the joyful face of a Russian general who was demonstrating a Russian missile blown up "according to the agreement".

    To gouge your country in peacetime, as in 1991, to shoot your parliament as in 1993 - this is only with us.
    I am sure that the World will see miracles that only our compatriots are capable of.!
    And shudder...
  21. +4
    8 March 2022 21: 36
    In the end, it was the domestic Poseidon that made the overseas establishment so worried.

    There is "Poseidon" or fiction. good or bad, but at the moment, he is one of the deterrents. And it needs to be promoted, there will be less bad thoughts in the Pentagon and especially in the State Department.
  22. +1
    8 March 2022 21: 41
    If NATO and the SGA are disarmed, then there will be no threat of a nuclear war, and regional ones can be dealt with by other means.
  23. 0
    8 March 2022 22: 25
    “I only regret,” said the Emir, “that I cannot command the Sun, otherwise I would have ordered him to set faster today.
    The courtiers responded with obsequious laughter." (The Enchanted Wanderer)
  24. +1
    8 March 2022 23: 18
    Poseidon does not comply with UNECE, WTO and ISO 9000 regulations.
  25. +2
    9 March 2022 00: 36
    I read a detailed analysis about Petrov. According to the prn system, not several missiles were launched from one, which did not initially embarrass him like a massive strike. Secondly, he acted strictly according to the instructions that were available for such a case. And they made him the savior of the world later. Although this does not detract from his professional qualities as an officer.
  26. +1
    9 March 2022 01: 45
    US citizens call for Poseidon ban
    Russian citizens call for a ban on sanctions
  27. 0
    9 March 2022 02: 16
    Chick Retarder!?? :) Are you serious?? :) :)
  28. +1
    9 March 2022 03: 56
    Response giant of thought to the remark "... deception of NATO ...".
    If you look closely, the "spotted Gorby" DID NOT CONCLUDE any agreements on the NON-EXPANSION of the alliance to the east.
    The drunkard "Tsar Boris" also did not conclude any agreements on the non-expansion of NATO to the east.

    And what was said orally in some conversations and newspaper publications can be characterized by one saying: "To promise does not mean to marry."

    It's all blah blah blah. You have to be smarter and not trust ANYONE. What our president is currently demonstrating: "Written guarantees in the form of agreements not to expand NATO."

    The West does not go for it, which is the answer to their aspirations.

    So we will press in all possible ways, including the latest systems. And again: "WE DO NOT BELIEVE anyone word of mouth. Only contracts, only absolute wide coverage.
  29. 0
    9 March 2022 08: 35
    Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"
    Let them also ban supernova explosions and the collapse of black holes in the Universe.
  30. +1
    9 March 2022 08: 43
    I don't understand who is being called. Their cries are on the drum for us, and Poseidon lies to himself quietly and peacefully for the time being, for the time being, and does not bother anyone except the striped ones. The West has already shown itself from all sides - provocateurs, liars and cowards. They are ready to bite each other's heads for the loot.
  31. -1
    9 March 2022 09: 10
    I don’t understand whether the professional level of local authors has fallen, or whether the site is slipping into liberalism.
    What is this?
    The most notable caseWhen, through the fault of mechanical brains, the third world war could begin, there was an incident on September 26, 1983 at the Serpukhov-1 command post near Moscow.

    That night, Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov turned up at the command post, agreeing to replace his colleague. The missile attack siren went off at 00:15 - the alarm was raised by the Oko missile attack early warning system. According to computer data, several ballistic missiles have been launched from the West Coast of the United States and are moving towards the Soviet Union. In total, the country's leadership had no more than 30 minutes to respond.

    How the hell is this the most revealing case? Just because it was very profitable for general people to promote it? After all, the so-called failure was only in one of the branches of the detection system, which was sorted out quickly without bringing the situation to a critical one.
    Meanwhile, the United States has much more significant logs in its own eye.
    The events described took place on October 28, 1962 at four secret US missile bases on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Due to the aggravation of relations between the USSR and the United States, the level of combat readiness of the troops was raised to red (DEFCON 2 - "on the verge of nuclear war").

    Captain William Bassett, the launch officer, was ordered to launch four Mace B cruise missiles. They were equipped with Mark 28 thermonuclear bombs (explosion yield of 1,1 megatons of TNT), and the range allowed them to hit Hanoi, Beijing, Pyongyang and Vladivostok.

    The orders were sent by radio, and their cipher matched the one in the secret envelope with the instructions. The check confirmed the truth of the order. Other launch control officers on Okinawa received similar reports.

    However, opening the list of targets, Bassett found that three of the four targets were outside the USSR - the most likely enemy. At the same moment, another officer called him on the phone and told him that there were also two non-Soviet targets on his list.
    Bassett was also suspicious that the level of combat readiness was not raised to DEFCON 1 (“imminent nuclear war”). The captain admitted that Okinawa could become the first target of a Soviet missile attack, and the headquarters in the United States sent the fastest possible order, forgetting to raise the level of combat readiness. However, there were no explosions at the base.

    Bassett then decided to stop preparing the missiles for launch, called the missile control center by phone - and lied about not receiving a clear order. In addition, the captain ordered two armed soldiers to shoot the lieutenant (who had his hand on the button) if he tried to launch rockets without a verbal order from a senior officer or without an official increase in combat readiness to DEFCON 1.

    No information was left on the exact content of Bassett's conversation with the command post, but the officers eventually received orders not to launch nuclear missiles. The captain, in an ultimatum form, demanded that his subordinates remain silent about the incident.

    Computer error

    At 3 a.m. on November 9, 1979, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was then National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, was awakened by a telephone call. A NORAD representative reported that the USSR had launched 2200 nuclear missiles at America. An alarm was announced, they began to prepare for the launch of ICBMs, interceptors and a special aircraft for the president were hoisted into the air. But when they began to check the satellite data and early warning systems, no information confirming the missile launches was received. The alarm was canceled and they began to find out the reasons. It turned out that on one of the computers that was part of the NORAD network, by mistake, a training program was launched that simulated a massive missile attack. The incident received wide coverage in the press, and Brezhnev even sent an indignant letter to US President Carter on this occasion. However, over the next two years, the NORAD system issued several more false warnings about a missile attack from the USSR.
    1. -1
      9 March 2022 12: 39
      You do not understand, this is different!
  32. +1
    9 March 2022 10: 04
    Americans call for a ban on the Russian "Poseidon"

    So we also do not mind banning something from the United States: aircraft carriers, stealth bombers, destroying all American military aviation and fleet to parity with the Russian one, and much more.
  33. -1
    9 March 2022 11: 33
    They do not understand another language, let them be afraid further
  34. -1
    9 March 2022 12: 30
    The ancient Greeks sculpted statues and prayed to Poseidon.
    Are Americans worse than Greeks?
    Let prayers teach.
  35. +1
    10 March 2022 07: 14
    Quote: bayard
    Then immediately collect the entire "nuclear club" for a gathering.
    Israel, India, Pakistan.
    In the meantime, they will gather, you see, and Iran will catch up.

    Don’t you consider North Korea as such? By the way, unlike Israel, Pakistan, India, the USA and the Britons, the DPRK also has hypersound smile
  36. -1
    10 March 2022 07: 16
    If the Americans are calling for a ban on Poseidon, then work must be continued!
    Name the project Ban America!
    The intensity of work on Poseidon will vary as the requirements for "restoring NATO's borders within the framework of 1997" are met.
  37. -1
    10 March 2022 09: 25
    The United States does not even need to be called upon, you just need to ban the development and manufacture at home and in satellite countries. This is what they can.
  38. -1
    10 March 2022 09: 40
    Introduce counter-sanctions in the form of a tsunami ... am
    It sounds tempting, just a picture from the 2012 movie in front of your eyes.
  39. -1
    11 March 2022 01: 23
    Today, not everyone is far away, it is clear that the world already has three poles. Specifically, this is not clear to talking heads of different calibers. Roughly speaking, they continue to think and offer them in the old reality, when the Russian Federation or China were an annoying thorn in their side. The reality of today is a nuclear Russian Federation, which recognizes itself as a superpower and has chosen the form of development of its civilization. To talk with such a counterparty, other negotiators are needed, but there are none. Because even in Washington the senators are not stupid and allow themselves irresponsible speeches.
    In this sense, there is a claim to Lavrov's department: it is necessary to speak for fools in a language they understand, and not on a high political note beautifully with arrangement. The governments now sit stupid people with a narrow outlook and limited ability to act. Separately, it is necessary to build a speech for puppeteers so that they receive signs of a change in the behavior of the Russian Federation that are significant for them.
    and so, for now, it rolls over any nonsense from "Putin himself decided" to "The power of the Kremlin is not all of Russia, the people will not support it."
  40. -1
    11 March 2022 07: 18
    Is there no one left in power except stupid people? How do they technically imagine it? To ban something, it is necessary that absolutely everyone agrees with this ban. What if someone disagrees? With the same success, you can forbid breathing.
  41. -1
    12 March 2022 19: 11
    I can honestly say that artificial intelligence in Russia is at the highest level, and I personally observe this every day several times a day .... food delivery robots drive around the area, through snowdrifts without any clear guidelines, stand at a traffic light, go around people and cars, obstacles, rush very quickly around the area back and forth ... sometimes you stand at a traffic light and there are 2-3 robots nearby. It is very interesting to watch them, just like alive! And these are just couriers, I can imagine what level of AI military developments have!
  42. -1
    13 March 2022 09: 42
    Let Zhora Biden forbid the pshek to feed the elephants in the zoo with bananas, and Russia itself will deal with the use of its Paseidon! Like in a joke about two Russian missiles: where are you going on vacation?
    I'm in Washington, and the other answers: and I'm in London ...
  43. +1
    14 March 2022 11: 16
    Quote: bulava74
    Response giant of thought And again: "WE DO NOT BELIEVE anyone word of mouth. Only agreements, only absolute wide coverage.

    Chemical weapons are also signed to destroy. Yeah...