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BMPT and T-72 - the main events at the exhibition in South Africa


For the first time, Russia presented several full-scale samples at the international exhibition and conference of armaments and military equipment (IWT) for all branches of the armed forces of Africa Aerospace and Defense-2012, which took place on 19 – 23 in September in South Africa.

Support combat vehicle demonstration tanks BMPT and the modernized T-72 tank became the main event of the cabin. Rosoboronexport, in addition, prepared a special presentation for the exhibition ZRPK "Shell-C1." It was demonstrated to foreign delegations on the screen of the interactive exhibition complex (CPI), which has been actively developing since 2011 and is very popular at international arms and military equipment exhibitions. During the presentation, real situations of the combat use of the Pantsir-C1 air defense missile system are shown and the tactical and technical characteristics of this world-famous complex are given.

Russia has been participating in the largest African arms review since 2000. In total, at an exhibition in South Africa, the company presented its partners with information on more than 200 samples aviation, land and naval equipment, air defense systems, as well as various simulators. “The exhibition in South Africa is the largest on the continent, it plays an extremely important role in strengthening our position in Africa. This year we have a very busy schedule of meetings on all topics - air defense, aviation, land and marine equipment. We expect the exhibition to be very productive, ”said Alexander Mikheev, Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport OJSC and head of the joint delegation of Russian Technologies State Corporation and Rosoboronexport OJSC.

An important factor in the promotion of military products manufactured in the Russian Federation in the region is the extensive experience of operating Soviet and Russian weapons and military equipment in many countries of the continent. They have proven themselves in difficult climatic and geographical conditions. In addition, a significant number of specialists, including the command team, have been trained and continue to study in military schools of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

During the exhibition manifested attention of visitors to the helicopters Mi-17 and Mi-35, MiG-29M / M2 and Su-30MK2, as well as the latest combat training aircraft Yak-130, T-90S and modernized T-72, armored personnel carriers BTR-80 / 80А, cars "Ural", ATGM "Kornet-E", Kalashnikov assault rifles of the "hundredth" series. Of air defense weapons, the Tor-M2E air defense missile system, the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system, Igla-S man-portable air defense systems, various types of radar stations aroused interest. From naval vehicles in African countries, various patrol boats, the Corvette Tiger, the small rocket (artillery) boat Tornado, the frigate of the 22356 project and the Cheetah 3.9 can be claimed.

Rosoboronexport pays special attention to upgrading previously delivered samples, especially with regard to armored vehicles and air defense systems. Russia offers comprehensive modernization programs that at a relatively low cost will provide a significant increase in the combat capabilities of the equipment. Another, no less relevant topic is the creation of service centers for servicing equipment, in particular helicopters. Their organization will not only increase the efficiency of work, but will also contribute to the creation of highly skilled jobs. The issue of establishing helicopter maintenance centers is being discussed with many countries. With a number of states, in particular with South Africa, Rosoboronexport OJSC is working on projects for R & D and the joint development of new types of military products. There is great potential in this regard in the area of ​​radar systems and rocket engines. “We remain one of the few countries that can offer the most diverse areas of cooperation, be it space programs, the supply of all types of equipment and weapons or the joint development and creation of new models. According to the “cost-effectiveness” criterion, we still offer the most optimal solutions in the region, ”noted Mikheev. An additional impetus for the development of military-technical cooperation with African countries was a series of visits by the President of the Russian Federation to South Africa (September, 2006), Egypt, Angola, Namibia and Nigeria (July, 2009).

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  1. Skiff
    Skiff 26 September 2012 11: 31
    In small open spaces, BMPT can be useful, everything is checked in battle, but in conditions of large open areas it is not enough, 30mm is not enough weapon to hit higher than 1.5 km, and as you know, modern RPGs hit from 2500m and above, it would go like an BMP -4 paired 100mm and 30mm, then the protection of the "Attack" missiles remains incomprehensible, in ordinary tubes and thin steel, and in general there are many questions.
    1. Sober
      Sober 27 September 2012 04: 04
      I don’t know, Che there on the Moon and Mars. but on Earth open spaces greater than 1000m you will not find much!

      by the way, I would like to know from 2500 meters, from which you are sure that from? tselitsa do not get stuck? even if BEFORE anyway ...

      Further BMPT is .. damn well, at least decryption would be read! this is tank support, support! she doesn’t have such tasks, that’s why such weapons are worth it! 30mm guns are small, against manpower, but you will tear to pieces with a hit! in principle, this equipment has everything that is needed against manpower and lightly armored vehicles, and more is not needed here!

      it can hammer in helicopters and in people and in technology, it can even hammer in a tank, if it comes back! what else is needed? but nothing! so no, added more Agesy! Oh yes! she was even screwed up on the reservation, but so on the best of all other tank supports!

      or what do you want to send people to cover tanks? maybe it’s better to send just such a machine that will carry everything within the radius of destruction than a platoon of airborne assault! you are probably one of those for whom human life does not mean anything until you cover yourself! probably ... I would like to be mistaken!

      and BMP, BMD, armored personnel carrier, awl, tunguska ... have to perform other tasks, and not to cover the tanks, if that! and they burn worse than tanks!

      By the way, if an RPG shoots from 2.5 km, then everything that is closer .. more .. will not hit?))) ETOGES need to write this, chickens to laugh! No, of course, with a fool, you can accidentally get in 1 km. You can even 3 km from the target .. but it will be an accident, and in such an accident, as it is not believed, THIS IS NOT REAL! but it’s also written on the fence!
      yes, but an ATGM tank can slam at a time! but we are talking about RPGs, so confidently, from 2.5. km)))
      1. Skiff
        Skiff 27 September 2012 16: 22
        Og, of course, I don’t know what you have on Jupiter, but you probably think that a bunch of troops will stand and wait until it coughs out of all its trunks, clearing the locomotives from vrazhin, what do you contrast for example with a javelin ??? And the BMPT will become a mass grave for 5 people.
        1. Sober
          Sober 28 September 2012 02: 04
          Quote: Skiff
          a bunch of troops will stand and wait until it cries

          Of course, he won’t wait, but their caution will increase and they will be fine, but only if they are pros, and not guys from the street, without experience! javelin ??? Beatfield outplayed? yes, by the way, the little thing is not cheap .. RPGs are much cheaper, much more! Yes, and against Jewelin there are tricks .. in the rain or fog there will be problems with pickups .. and already the smoke screens have already been a century and there are plenty and everything, not to mention newer developments and completely new and promising but even, even if there were no opposition, jvevelin is very expensive and not convenient to use!
  2. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 September 2012 13: 01
    It's too early to talk about BMPT. Still not fired at the machine.
    1. Antipetian 2
      Antipetian 2 26 September 2012 13: 35
      So it has already been discussed many times on specialized forums: "BMPT is not needed" and does not fulfill the functions assigned to it. Our MO refused it and, 99%, will not change their mind
  3. Nechai
    Nechai 26 September 2012 15: 29
    Quote: Skiff
    30mm insufficient weapons to defeat higher than 1.5km, and as you know modern RPG hit from 2500m and higher (?!)

    30mm 2A42 gun - effective firing range:
    in manpower - up to 4000 m
    lightly armored vehicles - up to 1500 m;
    for air targets - up to 2000 m (with subsonic speeds and slant range up to 2500 m).
    Perhaps you wanted to say ATGM? One of the mass WEARABLE complexes are similar to the "Dragon". Characteristics of "Dragon-2", in brackets - "Dragon-2 +": Range of fire: 65-1000 m (65-1000 m).
    The debate about BMPT, now BMPO, is essentially a long-standing topic, which is preferred to UNIVERSALIZATION or SPECIALIZATION.
    By the way, one of the options at the development stage / for the Kurgan people seems / provided for exactly the weapons scheme that you proposed.
  4. Per se.
    Per se. 26 September 2012 19: 52
    At one time, the T-34 did not fit into understanding, now, apparently, the difficult fate of the BMPT, which is not a tank, it seems, not an infantry fighting vehicle, not an armored personnel carrier ... The most logical, instead of bias and disputes, is to experience in practice what are the problems what great costs? The Terminator is a beautiful and powerful car that cannot be a mistake. Would call it a "rocket tank" or "universal tank", maybe someone's convolutions took it better.
    1. Sober
      Sober 27 September 2012 04: 18
      some kind of stupid news ... they wanted to do BMPT on Armata, but they refused it for a long time .. as always the ax didn’t understand everything! we are talking about the future BMPT based on Almaty! and its weapons will be slightly different, and everything will be different, otherwise there would be no sense!

      and by the way, where is the link to the source .. press service of the Ministry of Defense or to drive there !? if not, then the news is not valid and invented!