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Man-made epidemic: will the Russian "Sanitary Shield" save


Marburg virus. Illustration:

Marburg deadly

A real belt of foreign biological laboratories engaged in very dubious research has been forming on the borders of Russia for several decades. Of course, there is a lot of speculation around the topic, sometimes having nothing to do with reality.

For example, three years ago, the Norwegian chemist Ingvar Thomassen was detained at Pulkovo airport with several dozen envelopes containing the hair of Russian girls. The scientist exported samples for scientific purposes - Russia does not have equipment for some types of analyzes - but this did not stop journalists from trumpeting the precedent of collecting genetic material from Russians.

The myth of the development of a gene-specific biological weapons, which supposedly will only kill Russians. But Americans, for example, in no case. By the way, the plot of the latest blockbuster from the Bondiad series revolves around the same stories.

It is noteworthy how the commentators diligently tried to find a rational kernel in their reasoning. For example, since a Norwegian is exporting hair samples, and Norway is part of NATO, then the research objectives can only be military.

Or another - Thomassen is exporting biomaterials to Scotland, and the Scots have been researching anthrax for a long time and, therefore, are preparing another nasty thing for the Russians. After all, the notorious Porton Down is nearby.

However, among fictions there is only a fraction of fictions.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union, a belt of ill-wishers has indeed formed. Under the guise of humanitarian biological research, military work is hidden - the Americans have placed at least 33 objects around Russia with especially dangerous pathogens. In Ukraine alone, there are 15 laboratories operating under the auspices of the US Department of Defense.

Of particular concern in history are the recent announcements by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

This is the same alliance in which Bill Gates is a key investor - perhaps the most controversial figure in the modern coronavirus crisis. According to GAVI, a new pandemic associated with the Marburg virus should be expected in the near future. Even for those inexperienced in epidemiology, the name of the pathogen is disconcerting.

In 1967, in the West German city of Marburg, during experiments with monkeys, an employee of the laboratory became infected with an unknown virus. It happened at a pharmaceutical factory in the course of work on the isolation of the polio vaccine from the kidneys of monkeys. The animals turned out to be carriers of a deadly disease, the causative agent of which belongs to the filovirus type and is related to the Ebola fever. The new strain of the virus, isolated from the blood of the deceased, was named Marburg, in honor of the site of the first outbreak.

Now they talk about the high mortality rate of COVID-19, but compare with the murderousness of Marburg - out of 32 infected, seven died. It is with such a virus that GAVI is now scaring us and in some publications of the World Health Organization.

It is, of course, too early to panic, since the virus does not spread by airborne droplets like SARS-CoV-2. For transmission, contact with the blood of an infected person is necessary, but often it is enough to touch the patient's things. Symptoms are severe fever ending in hemorrhagic shock. The vessels are destroyed, the body is streaked with numerous ulcers, and the person simply bleeds out. The mortality rate can be as high as 88%!

Outbreaks of Marburg occurred many times after 1967, but faded out rather quickly against the background of strict quarantine. There is no vaccine for Marburg, unlike its sister Ebola, and this could be a major problem in the future.

If there is even a grain of truth in the statements of the WHO and the Gates office, this raises many questions.

First, the Americans, more precisely - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, own the rights to the EboBun strain, which is 70% similar to Marburg.

According to the US, a vaccine has already been developed against the "proprietary" variant of Ebola. That is, in simple terms, the United States is warning the whole world about the onset of a new pandemic, for which only they already practically have a cure.

And here the laboratories of the US Department of Defense, methodically scattered around Russia, acquire a special color.

"Sanitary Shield"

For good, all this overseas biomedical fraternity should be given 48 hours to collect cones and reagents, and after the specified time has elapsed ... Here we will trust the fantasies of the Russian Ministry of Defense. In fact, no one will kindle the third world war on this occasion. All that remains is to defend asymmetrically. Moreover, there are plenty of additional reasons to protect the country from cross-border infection.

The Sanitary Shield system, worth almost 30 billion rubles, should protect both from coronaviruses and from the products of 33 biological laboratories on the borders of Russia.

First of all, from January next year, they will begin to re-equip about a hundred checkpoints with automated systems for reading data from visitors. There is no exact data, but it is obvious that there will be some kind of system that will promptly track the validity of QR codes in people.

For the rapid exchange of data and the adoption of appropriate decisions within the "shield" will create a "state system of information of a sanitary and epidemiological nature." However, the most important thing in sanitary defense seems to be something completely different - they plan to form a pipeline for sequencing the genomes of pathogens in the country.

What is it for?

First of all, in order to quickly track the emergence of new strains or mutations of viruses. In cases of epidemics artificially created on our borders, it will be possible to quickly determine whether it is a combat virus or a civilian analogue.

Russia, unfortunately, is now seriously lagging behind the West in determining the exact nucleotide sequence of even SARS-CoV-2 viruses. For example, in the specialized St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur, there is one sequencer for the entire institute. At the same time, the power of Danish medicine makes it possible to read the genome of every second coronavirus in the country.

As a result, doctors are aware of the emergence of new strains earlier and more quickly launch responses.

So the new omicron came to Russia late, not because it took a long time to get there, but only because we are sequencing coronaviruses by an order of magnitude less. Most likely, it has been circulating in the country for a long time, but they learned about it only a few days ago. The laborious determination of the virus strain by sequencing should not be confused with a conventional PCR test, which merely detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2. Strictly speaking, in the first case we are dealing with a qualitative definition, and in the second - with a quantitative one.

However, within the framework of the Sanitary Shield, only 8 new sequencing centers are envisaged in the structure of Rospotrebnadzor. It is difficult to judge how much such power will correspond to real needs.

The list of measures aimed at preventing the spread of newly emerging infections also includes the purchase of modern equipment for "monitoring the variability of the pathogens of COVID-19 and other socially significant infections", as well as the massive re-equipment of Rospotrebnadzor institutions.

The state had to go through two years of an unprecedented pandemic in order to at least attend to the backlog of domestic sanitary medicine. The coronavirus would have ended six months earlier - and no one would have thought about the Sanitary Shield. Until the next pandemic, apparently.

The Shield developers do not spread, they took into account the threats from American laboratories on the borders of Russia, but in any case it is quite an effective barrier even in the way of planned biological attacks.

I don't want to think seriously about the prospects of Marburg as the causative agent of a new pandemic - after all, the disease is terrible, first of all, not because of its infectiousness, but because of its extreme mortality. However, WHO's predictions, albeit in an undertone, cannot be overlooked in any case.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 20 December 2021 15: 09
    Marburg deadly
    And there is no need for missiles, aircraft carriers, cruisers - a small virus will liberate the territory without disturbing the infrastructure ... sad
    1. agond
      agond 20 December 2021 15: 21
      It is high time to limit the flow of tourists, guest arbeiters and others across the borders
      1. seacap
        seacap 20 December 2021 16: 50
        It seems to me that this question is a little from another opera, although it is just as relevant and also potentially dangerous.
    2. Sandor Clegane
      Sandor Clegane 20 December 2021 15: 36
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      And no missiles, aircraft carriers, cruisers

      so as far as it is known that bacteriological (biological) weapons are prohibited in the world .... or am I wrong?
      1. Aerodrome
        Aerodrome 20 December 2021 16: 06
        Man-made epidemic: will the Russian "Sanitary Shield" save
        the borders are open ... what a "shield" ... unless translated into English.
        1. Sandor Clegane
          Sandor Clegane 20 December 2021 16: 14
          Quote: Aerodrome
          the borders are open ... what a "shield" ... unless translated into English.
          - I did not write this, why are you answering me?
      2. dzvero
        dzvero 20 December 2021 16: 09
        Kakby yes, but with nuances. For example, the United States has signed and ratified the BTWC, but did not sign the verification protocol. So they, as gentlemen, need to take their word for it that they are not developing smile The second nuance is that it is officially possible to accumulate limited stocks of agents for "preventive and peaceful purposes." Why this clause was introduced is understandable, but it can camouflage secret developments of something.
      3. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 20 December 2021 16: 30
        Quote: Sandor Clegane
        bacteriological (biological) weapons are prohibited

        It is forbidden, then it is forbidden, but viruses seem to appear on their own, then from bats, then snakes and even pangolins dragged ... And the Baklaboratories seem to have nothing to do with ...!
      4. seacap
        seacap 20 December 2021 16: 51
        when did it stop our overseas "partners"?
      5. Karabin
        Karabin 20 December 2021 17: 34
        Quote: Sandor Clegane
        .or I'm wrong?

        Yes and no. Let's say you have a gorgeous combat virus and use it victoriously. As a winner, declare that evil has been defeated and form a new world order. You can ban bioweapons again. Option two. The virus was applied, but lost. Nuremberg, court, noose.
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 20 December 2021 18: 01
          Quote: Karabin
          The virus was applied, but lost. Nuremberg, court, noose.

          No, they succeed with the first option. Moreover, there is the unity of the elites, with a very dubious threat of the virus. Now they are fanning the next wave with Omicron, which, according to experts, is no more dangerous than the usual seasonal flu. But the flywheel of the assignment of kura codes has already been launched, as well as the legitimization of the infringement of the rights of citizens.
          P.S. The other day a friend advised an old TV series "Utopia", 2013. Recommend.
        2. flicker
          flicker 21 December 2021 10: 55
          The virus was applied, but lost.
          Yes, the process seems to be far from over. So everything is still ahead.

          True, not everything is good in P and Ndosia itself.
          In the incomplete year 2021, there are 109 dead air pilots, and special requirements are imposed on the health of these people.
          And for previous years, their statistics were as follows:
          2013: 1
          2014: 0
          2015: 1
          2016: 2
          2017: 28
          2018: 1
          2019: 1
          2020: 6
          In the year of the pandemic - 6, in the year of vaccination - 109.
          What this race is connected with can only be guessed at - but all the pilots were vaccinated.
      6. The comment was deleted.
      7. Angelika olsen
        Angelika olsen 20 December 2021 19: 22
        Indeed, according to the Geneva Conference, the use of bacteriological weapons was prohibited since 1975, but not development... The Soviet Union motivated by the fact that we still need to work out the means of counteraction.
      8. flicker
        flicker 21 December 2021 10: 12
        bacteriological (biological) weapons are prohibited in the world .... or am I wrong?
        Weapons may be prohibited, but who can prohibit infection? And go take this weapon or infection.
      9. boni592807
        boni592807 22 December 2021 20: 50
        Sandor Kligan (Danila Dmitrievich), December 20, 2021 15:36,
        Quote: Uncle Lee - "... And no missiles, aircraft carriers, cruisers ..."

        - "... so far as it is known that bacteriological (biological) weapons are prohibited in the world .... or am I mistaken? ..."

        Colleague, you write this to the US State Department, they will accuse the Russian Federation in your face, of using the forbidden and secret weapon "Rzhachki" - bringing to colic, by telling funny anecdotes ... lol
    3. PPD
      PPD 23 December 2021 10: 24
      Yeah, and at the same time the whole planet. Including the one who sent it.
      This is one of the reasons why bacteriological weapons were curtailed.
  2. avia12005
    avia12005 20 December 2021 15: 37
    Who else thinks that it is complete idiocy to engage in the creation of this "shield" and equipment for "detection" of viruses instead of destroying these biological laboratories? And it turns out that all these "measures" are in the interests of Rospotrebnadzor and personally Ms. Popova ...
  3. Glagol1
    Glagol1 20 December 2021 15: 46
    I wonder why international organizations such as the OPCW are not interested in the work of these laboratories? After all, they can request an inspection, the laboratories are not national, but under external control ...
    1. james
      james 20 December 2021 15: 54
      Guess 3 times.
    2. VORON538
      VORON538 20 December 2021 15: 58
      "These are laboratories who need laboratories," do you exclude this option?
  4. nikvic46
    nikvic46 20 December 2021 16: 04
    You have to start small. With food check. Now this test is shown only on TV channels. If there is no local sanitary protection, then no centers will help.
  5. Ros 56
    Ros 56 20 December 2021 16: 05
    Let's wait and see what these sanitary shields are worth.
    1. boni592807
      boni592807 24 December 2021 21: 05
      Ros 56 (Yuri), 20 December 2021 16:05, NEW - "... Let's wait and see what these sanitary shields are worth ..."

      Like the current "shields" in comparison with the USSR repeat (see how the questions with smallpox, plague, cholera were "closed"). For fun, browse, how, from where, what measures were applied, what is the level of morbidity and mortality WAS(presented as the achieved "successes" in health and safety in the Russian Federation) and what now. Where and from where "our" tourists (promising newcomers) return (depart) and what BECAME. belay
  6. odometer
    odometer 20 December 2021 16: 18
    The world Caudle has finally found a universal horror story - PANDEMIA.
  7. seacap
    seacap 20 December 2021 16: 29
    I wonder how many hours the Israelis would wait if such laboratories appeared in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. It seems to me that exactly as much as is necessary for refueling the aircraft and suspending vacuum bombs and missiles, together with the deployment of artillery batteries at firing positions. And our mediocrity and squalor, with complete helplessness and lack of any will, only smear snot on our cheeks, but quietly, God forbid, the uncle overseas hears, groan about mythical right, etc. heresy like some kind of sovereignty, but everyone repent and lie. Know did not care about some kind of interests there, like him there, the people and territories "feeding", the country whose people they despise and hate.
    But 3 girls, while the guarantor watches TV, like about the leadership of a nuclear power, rage in the vastness of our long-suffering, diligently fulfilling the will of the Rothschilds, gates and other overseas partners. One, a diligent Yale graduate, without even symbolically hiding behind and making a decent mine, "rolls" all the gold and foreign exchange reserves to the "foggy island" and overseas, solving the problems of their economy, leaving no hope for development and prosperity here. The other two, having completely actually usurped power, whose instructions are already binding at the level of the law, recklessly, with all female fury, took up the destruction of the last remnants of the state's sovereignty, to destroy everything that remained of the national unity and its society, by all means and by cultivating disunity, hatred and segregation, simultaneously creating conditions for genocide, again diligently following the instructions of the WHO, etc., it is clear by whom the controlled organization.
    1. ALARI
      ALARI 21 December 2021 08: 07
      Your position is close to me, but Israel is ready to say this, are we? If Israel gets hit, who will be the cove? Apart from us, practically no one. And if we, the whole enlightened world will thirst for our blood. While there is such a leadership will be as it is now.
  8. businessv
    businessv 20 December 2021 16: 31
    However, the predictions of the WHO, albeit in an undertone, in any case cannot be overlooked.
    Damn, when such things are written by a candidate of biological sciences, you involuntarily realize that the picture is not very joyful!
  9. zenion
    zenion 20 December 2021 17: 16
    Of course offended. When Yeltsin said that everyone can rob as much as they can carry, he robbed Russia himself. And for this, the palace was slammed, not from those stolen then, but stolen after that.
  10. Karabin
    Karabin 20 December 2021 18: 30
    The state had to go through two years of an unprecedented pandemic,

    Pandemic (Greek πανδημία “the whole people”) is an unusually strong epidemic that has spread across countries and continents; the highest degree of development of the epidemic process.
    Epidemic (Greek ἐπιδημία - general disease, from ἐπι - on, among and δῆμος - people) is a progressive spread of an infectious disease among people in time and space, significantly exceeding the level of morbidity usually registered in a given territory, and can become a source of an emergency. In everyday life, the universal epidemiological threshold is considered to be the disease of 5% of the inhabitants of the territory, or sometimes 5% of any social group.
    According to the latest data, 19 patients remain infected with covid-511265
    511265/146000000 = 0,0035 or 0,35%. Where is an unprecedented epidemic, gentlemen k. b. n.? Or about coronaviruses - "this is different"? At the same time, I would like to look at the statistics of morbidity from the side of semi-forced injection, failure to provide proper assistance for other diseases and outrageous information hysteria.
  11. restless
    restless 20 December 2021 18: 45
    We have viruses only in order to cut the loot, and not in order to treat people, a doctor I know said that during this whole orgy the salaries of doctors tripled and the ministry instructed to transfer all diagnoses to coronavirus in order to prolong the pandemic and, in fact, increasing the amount of salaries and subsidies received from the state ...
  12. ximkim
    ximkim 20 December 2021 18: 55
    At the expense of the "sanitary shield" I can't even imagine, but salvation will most likely be in the "penalty shield"
    The US biological laboratories, even within the states and outside the states, suggests that research and research is a priority. And the land does not stand still, there is a lot of work.
    Why did the Russian Federation have to go through two years of a pandemic? Because the priorities are different!
  13. Tank hard
    Tank hard 21 December 2021 16: 12
    A muddy article trying to justify entering QR codes, those same ones. for which a murky organization called WHO, which is very generously sponsored by the notorious Bill Gates, stands up for. Thick ...
    Here is an opinion
  14. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 22 December 2021 01: 29
    No shield can save the fierce Khusnuli people from the echelons arriving in the capital of our Motherland.
    The residents of Sobyanin, Vorobievites, and Khusnulinsky raised a howl to the skies about the shortage of migrants, and the leader of the nation wavered, illegal immigrants were allowed to continue to illegally stay in Russia.
    Migrants are outside our laws, they are above them!
    They are not forced to vaccinate, they have an indulgence from any medical regulations at the border.
    After all, relatives of the owners of the Russian construction market, the owners of the fruit and vegetable markets and the owners of food delivery services were busy with the authorities for them.
    Western special services do not need to reinvent the wheel, it is enough to infect the next train of Khusnulins arriving in Moscow. Nobody will check them, but they will be recognized in Moscow and the region, infecting everyone in their path.
    After all, money is more important than the health and life of our people. This is the credo of the lobbyists for the import of migrants.
  15. Illanatol
    Illanatol 22 December 2021 14: 21
    Quote: Karabin
    The virus was applied, but lost. Nuremberg, court, noose.

    Oh really? How did the post-war career of the head of Detachment 731 develop there?
    Have they really hung?
  16. Dedok
    Dedok 23 December 2021 16: 07
    "... There is no exact data, but it is obvious that there will be some kind of system that will promptly track the validity of QR codes in people. ..."
    I was very pleased with this part of the article.
    why do we need these codes? what do they give our power?
    or maybe not our power?