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Geopolitical mosaic: Libyan democracy needs Tomahawks, and US intelligence agencies continue to make money on the September 11 tragedy

In Libya, arrested suspects in the attack on the American consulate. As the "" With a link to France-Presse, yesterday Libyan police arrested several people suspected of attacking the US consulate in Benghazi on September 11.

Investigation of the terrorist attack is now conducted by two ministries of Libya: justice and internal affairs. The exact number of those arrested and their names were not disclosed by the Libyan authorities.

As recalled by "Ribbon", as a result of the actions of the 11 September terrorists, the consulate was burned and destroyed. Four members of the US diplomatic mission, including Ambassador Christopher Stephens, were killed.

Geopolitical mosaic: Libyan democracy needs Tomahawks, and US intelligence agencies continue to make money on the September 11 tragedy

The consulate was mostly stormed by religious fanatics who did not like the film “The Innocence of Muslims” (another version of the translation is “The Innocence of Muslims”). According to them, in the film Islam is shown in repulsive forms.

Anti-American demonstrations took place in other countries, including Iran, Yemen and Egypt.

Mass riots in Cairo. On Thursday, unrest continued on the outskirts of the US Embassy in Cairo, which broke out on Tuesday. The army and police used tear gas and fired into the air, transmitting "Vesti".

Dozens of people who still managed to climb the walls of the complex in the center of the country's capital, tore apart the US flag, hoisting in its place a black cloth with the inscription "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet." The protesters wrote out concrete barricades around the embassy with insults to America.

“Vesti” reminds us that the 5 million-dollar film, entitled “Innocence of Muslims”, which served as a prologue to the events in Egypt and Libya, was created with money from representatives of the US Jewish community. Its author is 52-year-old Jewish American Sam Basil. This man claims that "Islam is a cancer." The film, according to the author, was shot as a “provocative political message condemning religion”. One of the producers of the film was Pastor from Florida Terry Jones, known for his actions of burning the Koran.

The US administration is not to blame. The government of America is not involved in making the film “The Innocence of Muslims”, which caused unrest in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, the US administration finds the film ugly and worthy of condemnation. This was said by White House spokesman Jay Carney, reports correspondent RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

Carney told reporters: “The US government is not involved in making this film. We reject all statements and content made in it. We consider the film ugly and worthy of condemnation. America is a country with history tolerance and respect for religion, this is the foundation of our nation. We are strong because our country is home to people practicing different religions, including millions of Muslims. ”

This “house”, we add, was sheltered by such a powerful agency as the FBI, in which anti-Islamic training courses were developed. This house is the birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew E. Dooley, a teacher at Joint Forces Staff College (a military academy where middle-level officers are trained). Mr. Lieutenant Colonel, servedbefore becoming a military teacher in Bosnia, Iraq, Kuwait, with many awards, in July 2011 presented The listeners have a curious presentation in which they argued that, if necessary, the United States should use the “historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki” to destroy the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina. Finally, America is the home of those brave soldiers who burn Muslim holy books and urinate on the murdered Taliban, sentencing them to the “golden soul”. Of course, both the White House and the Pentagon "condemn" all of this, but they cannot hear about punishments. Unless about disciplinary ... And about what exactly, is withheld. And teacher Dooley continues to work in her college.

“America is a country that has a history of tolerance and respect for religion ...” If we put the word “homosexuality” instead of “religion” in Karni's speech, everything will be in its place.

J. Carney, writes corr. RIA "News", Noted that the US authorities could not prevent the screening of the film:" It was impossible. Moreover, and this is important, in our country there are long-term traditions of freedom of speech, protected by law. Our government does not have the ability to prevent certain citizens from expressing their point of view. And those of us who care about tolerance and respect freedom of belief are obliged to prevent provocations and conflicts between religions, cultures and traditions. All leaders should build a clear line to combat violence. ”

Hillary Clinton previously also condemned the film. But she noted that no films can serve as an excuse for attacks on American diplomats.

And so that they are not attacked, America sent warships to Libya.

The Pentagon sent two warships to the shores of Libya. Such actions proved to be a response to the assassination of the ambassador to Benghazi. Ambassador as recalled "Vesti", came to Benghazi to open a US cultural office (oh, irony of fate!). From the burned car, the killers dragged Christopher Stevens dead, took a photo with him and threw the body to the ground.

As stated by the representative of the US Department of Defense (ITAR-TASS information), the Labun destroyer will arrive to the shores of Libya in the near future, and the McFaul destroyer - a few days later. Both carry Tomahawk cruise missiles.

In addition, the United States sent a special unit of marines to Libya. These brave guys will strengthen the security of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

Libya will not be able to live peacefully without America. The authorities in Tripoli are not able to ensure the safety of foreign diplomatic missions operating in Libya without foreign assistance. This was publicly acknowledged yesterday by the ambassador of Libya in Washington, Ali Audzhali, reports from Washington correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanov.

Speaking at a reception in the State Department, he assured that the government in Tripoli understands its responsibility for “protecting all diplomatic missions” operating in Libya. However, the ambassador believes that the Libyans will not be able to do this without help.

In fact, the Libyan diplomat addressed the United States and the Western countries in general with a call to step up assistance to Libya. Since you supported us during the uprising against Gaddafi, let us support it now. That was the message of his speech.

Many near-minded people, we add from ourselves, both in the West and in the East, believe that the Russian nation cannot do without foreigners in the matter of creation and management. Now it became clear that not only Russians are ready to worship the West. So the Libyans want American Rurik to have order. Star-striped specialists clearly represent what they are doing, and they do it, but the government in Tripoli, “unfortunately, has a serious problem,” which is a lack of qualified “personnel and equipment,” the ambassador explained delicately.

This very lack, in the opinion of the Libyan, is confirmed by the attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, which the ambassador described as a “terrorist act”. Mr Audzhali stressed that "this regrettable incident shows how urgently we need to work together."

In fact, however cynical it may sound, the attack was a convenient excuse for Libya’s requests for “democratic” military assistance.

The terrorist attack also frightened the Americans, the initiators of Libyan democracy. Hillary Clinton, who opened the reception attended by the Libyan ambassador, said that Washington was counting on the solidarity of the world community in condemning the attacks on US diplomatic missions over the past few days in several Arab countries. The US foreign minister said: "We expect that world leaders will speak out against violence, take steps to protect our diplomatic missions from attacks."

To begin with, we add from ourselves, to abandon violence - on a global scale - it would be necessary for the United States. The degree of hatred towards America, to its double standards, to the mentor tone and pretensions to world hegemony is so great that the smallest reason to provoke not only unrest, but also bloody acts of terrorism. "Democracy" in Libya, built last year by bombing, is a telling example.

250.000 Syrian Refugees. More than 250.000 people fled from Syria and took refuge in neighboring countries, Rosbalt with reference to France-Presse.

"The latest data shows that more than a quarter of a million Syrian refugees in the region (253 thousands of 106 people) are registered or awaiting registration," Adrian Edwards, a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), quotes France-Press.

Earlier it was reported that in August more than 100 thousands of residents fled from Syria (data from the UN Refugee Agency).

The UN and the Syrian Red Crescent are taking steps to help families who are displaced.

About 60 thousands of refugees are in Lebanon, more than 88 thousands - in Turkey. 500 people cross the Iraqi border daily. 1000 people cross the border with Jordan every day.

Successful business of Syrian smugglers. The Journal "Half" An article by A. Baker and M. Anzhar “The plundered Syrian history was published: how ancient artifacts are exchanged for weapon"(Source of abbreviated translation - "Inopressa").

The war in Syria leads to the plundering and smuggling of Syrian antiquities. “War is good for us,” says a Syrian smuggler. “We cheaply buy ancient artifacts and sell expensive weapons.” The rebels need weapons, and antiquities are a cheap way to get them. ”

The growing black market of the priceless treasures of Syria may lead to the extension and intensification of the conflict, the authors of the article believe. The looting of archaeological sites deprives this ancient country of a chance to rely on an economic boom, the foundation of which at the end of the conflict would be tourism.

Both the Assad government and the rebels, journalists write, use the destruction of the Syrian heritage for propaganda purposes. The regime blames the Free Syrian Army for looting, while the opposition emphasizes the use of heavy artillery by the army against historical monuments.

Smugglers, however, know that their activities benefit future democracy: “But sometimes it is necessary to make sacrifices. How else can we lose Bashar? ”

And “dropping Bashar”, I want to ask this businessman what will you do next? Do not continue to celebrate the wealth of the country for the "hill", like the current Libyans? What else are you capable of, smugglers and murderers of civilians, al-Qaeda's comrades-in-arms and Washington's fucking?

Washington: Syria's Iran is not an assistant. America believes that Iran cannot contribute to solving the Syrian problem, reports Rosbalt.

"We do not believe that Iran is the country that can play the role of an assistant," said Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the US State Department.

“As you know, at the conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran there was an attempt to gather these countries, but it failed,” said V. Nuland. - I don’t presume to talk about the reasons for the failure of this attempt, let these countries say about it themselves. But it seems that this happened because of the huge difference in views between the participants. ” As an example, Nuland noted Tehran’s assistance to the Syrian authorities and the role of Turkey in solving the problem of Syrian refugees.

It’s logical to add on our own, and quite in the spirit of American geopolitical double standards: Turkey is helping Syria, and Iran is hurting: after all, it’s not Assad’s Syria that helps Assad, and Assad, by this American logic, is the main enemy of democratic syria. In short, who is helping America in its “Arab Spring” business, Syria is also helping.

Further, Mohammad Ali Assudi, head of the culture and propaganda department of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, recently threatened America with retaliation - in the event of US Washinton’s aggression against Damascus. Perhaps the statement of V. Nuland was partly caused by these words.

But Tehran only fulfills its obligations as an ally: Iran and Syria signed a military treaty as early as 2006.

IAEA resolution on Iran. Western diplomats persuaded Moscow and Beijing to condemn Iran’s nuclear activities, reports "Sight" with reference to France Press.

Western countries and Israel, the Vzglyad reminds, believe that the peaceful nuclear program is a cover for Tehran, which is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons.

As transmits Interfax, On September 13, the IAEA resolution on Iran was adopted. "For" voted 31 countries, including Russia, "against" - only Cuba; Ecuador, Egypt and Tunisia abstained. The meeting participants demanded that the Iranian authorities provide access to all nuclear facilities.

The text of the resolution was previously agreed by Russia, China, USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

As it was supposed earlier, in the adopted document, the countries expressed "serious concern" in the development of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and called on Tehran to cooperate with the IAEA inspectors.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russian journalists on Wednesday in Astana that Moscow is counting on the IAEA adopting a resolution on Iran initiated by the Russian Federation and the PRC by consensus. According to him, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China proposed that the “six” accept statements outlining the vision of Moscow and Beijing for the ways that would allow to reach a settlement of the situation through negotiations. “The statement was based on the principles that were set out in the resolution adopted a year ago. The document was adopted by the Board of Governors by consensus. The resolution aims both Iran and the IAEA to look for ways to resolve outstanding issues, ”said Comrade Lavrov.

As the Russian Foreign Minister noted, the Western partners "ultimately adopted all those conceptual approaches and wording in our project statement with China." “As a result, we found it possible, even expedient, to turn this statement into a resolution - in the very same formulations that are aimed at negotiations, and not at a forceful solution of problems. They introduced this project to the approval of the IAEA Board of Governors, ”said the Russian Foreign Minister.

Sticks, whips and umbrellas. The leader of the striking miners of the South African platinum mines announced the start of a general strike in the industry, starting on September 15. Speaking at the football stadium in Rustenburg, he called for "putting mining companies on their knees," reports "" with reference to Reuters.

Several thousand striking workers gathered at the stadium yesterday. The protesters were armed with sticks, whips and umbrellas.

10 August, recalls Lenta, a strike demanding a threefold salary increase (from 500 to 1500 dollars) was announced by workers in a platinum mine in the city of Marikan, owned by Lonmin. The conflict was accompanied by clashes with the police, which 16 August went into confrontation. At this point, thousands of miners participated in the protests of 3.

The strike was supported by the miners of Anglo American Platinum.

According to the Associated Press, the number of strikers has already reached 60 thousands of people.

The people who gathered at 13 September at the stadium formed a working executive committee of six people, and then put forward new salary requirements. Now they want to receive not 1500, but 1900 dollars. This economic requirement was made on the initiative of the miners of Anglo American Platinum: the fact is that initially they received higher salaries than employees of other platinum companies.

Foreigners, enemies of the United States, are served outside of sanctions. The US House of Representatives has decided to extend for 5 years the law, which facilitates surveillance of foreigners suspected of terrorist activities and located in other countries. The legislator supported the document 301; voted against 118, with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The law gives national authorities the right to listen in on telephone conversations and illustrate e-mail correspondence between foreigners who are outside the United States but using US satellite channels and communication centers, including servers, without court authorization.

Opponents of the law express concerns that the rights of Americans may be violated in the process of surveillance. Among the opponents is a prominent Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He stated: “I do not believe that the government should be given the right to listen to people's telephone conversations, unless it has a warrant for it. They must have sufficient grounds. That is what the Fourth Amendment is about. ”

Going to the extension of the relevant law, the Congress, in the opinion of Comrade Kucinich, refuses his obligation to protect the Constitution and the civil rights of Americans.

But after all, the Congress, we add from ourselves, refused it a long time ago.

Zombie machine and its budgets. In the article “The War of Zombies against Terrorism (Wired Magazine, USA; source of translation - "InoSMI") Spencer Ackerman says that 11 has passed from the 11 tragedy of September for years, and “the gigantic military apparatus created by the government to withstand al-Qaeda is still in place.” According to the journalist, this "war on terrorism is more like a zombie war, which is reflexively and instinctively moving forward."

Is this zombie dead? Alive? This can not be determined. The author writes: “... the security appliance after 11 September is still quite alive, or, if you like, not quite at ease.”

The next year’s US Department of Defense budget (not yet approved) is likely to be 604,5 billion dollars: 516 billion dollars on typical Pentagon expenses, purchases, personnel, and so on, and 88,5 billion dollars on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Transportation Security Administration, the agency created after the September 11 attacks, which ordinary Americans have to interact with most, also did not complete the budget, but in May 2012 had already approved the 5,1 billion dollars in the House of Representatives.

The planned budget of the notorious US Department of Homeland Security (according to the author, “a very colorful mega-management that emerged after the September 11 attacks) is 48,7 billion dollars.

According to estimates and some available data, in the 2011 year, the CIA and other civilian intelligence programs received 54,6 billion dollars, and military intelligence services and programs received 24 billion in the same year.

In addition, President Obama did not close the military prison in Guantanamo Gulf: he, the author of the article believes, was prevented by the actions of the bipartisan opposition in Congress. 167 prisoners are now languishing in this prison (six people less than last year).

Finally, the total expansion of the powers of the surveillance services (made possible by President George W. Bush and, of course, Congress) completes the model of anti-terrorism democracy in America.

The Anti-Terrorism Act gave the FBI the authority to collect business and in some cases financial documents of Americans — allegedly linked to investigating terrorist groups — without court sanctions. Sometimes companies refuse to "cooperate" with the FBI. According to the journalist, Credo from San Francisco this year refused to provide the FBI with the personal data of its customers, which turned out to be the first calls to the FBI since 2004 of the year.

The anti-terrorism law was not the only mechanism, the author writes, through which you can easily observe American citizens. The changes to 2008 in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allowed the National Security Agency to intercept phone calls, emails from people, and data from foreigners in the United States. The work of the NSA is completely classified, and the American democratic public is practically unaware of the extent of government surveillance of citizens, especially the innocent.

As the zombie war on terrorism continues, the journalist sadly sums up, it is highly unlikely that anything will change in the near future.

Spencer Ackerman, we add, of course, the rights: the bloated budgets of various ministries, agencies and departments, often duplicating each other, spying on the innocent and ignoring the Fourth Amendment to the American Constitution, are a tasty morsel that is quite difficult to refuse. With regard to the effectiveness of the antiterrorist struggle of America, al-Qaeda is flourishing, fighting in the Middle East for the same goals as the White House, the success of the US mission in Afghanistan is highly questionable, and the Guantanamo prison is the seal of the devil on the body of the world hegemon, everywhere in the world seeking rights and freedoms.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. amph1cyon
    amph1cyon 14 September 2012 12: 23
    eh Americans, are they not tired of doing their dark deeds, the whole world does not like them, they are not welcome everywhere, but they do not care. "Forward dermocracy" - this is their motto, to level the city to the ground indiscriminately, whether there are children and women there or only militants, whom they themselves created, there is no difference, absolutely no. It would be better if they took care of their own safety, September 11 did not serve as any lesson for them, and they are just annoying the masses, and in their own state.
    1. scrabler
      scrabler 14 September 2012 12: 29
      11 September and could not be a lesson. This tragedy untied their hands. And who and how to assert with absolute certainty personally, I will not take it. One can only say that these events were very convenient for the United States, however disgusting it may sound.
      1. stariy
        stariy 14 September 2012 12: 50
        Quote: scrabler
        This tragedy untied their hands.

        This tragedy was made by their own hands, and events are not convenient for them, but thought out by them!
        1. scrabler
          scrabler 14 September 2012 12: 54
          I just want to believe that even those at the very top are not completely brutalized sad And so all the facts confirm your words and I understand this perfectly, but I want to doubt.
          1. Dmitriy69
            Dmitriy69 14 September 2012 13: 32
            How nice to watch how some kind of bastard gets into a pile that she herself did!
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 14 September 2012 12: 37
      fanatics who did not like the movie “Innocence of Islam” (

      Strange in America everyone liked it but not the fanatics. Conclusion - Not free yet because we need to democratize them
      1. spender
        spender 14 September 2012 12: 42
        Our and Odessa woman's forecasts, made on the day of the murder, about the "arrest of the attackers" at the mission are being fulfilled. Why aren't names called? Elementary Watson!!! Just have not yet summed up the results of the tender for the competition "Cruise and accommodation in the USA (all inclusive, even air travel)".
        As soon as the lucky ones are revealed, the names will be announced wassat
        1. spender
          spender 14 September 2012 14: 29
          And how do you like this info?

          Media: US State Department knew about the upcoming attack on the consulate in Libya

          14 September 2012, 13: 51

          The US State Department had information about a possible attack on the American consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, but did not warn diplomats, writes the British The Independent on Friday, citing senior diplomatic sources.

          The publication reports that US Department of State Received Information on Upcoming Attack two days before the attack.
          1. Odessa
            Odessa 14 September 2012 17: 26
            And how do you like this info?

            I had a better opinion of them. I thought that they did not have time to evacuate the diplomacy, but it turns out they did not warn. She wrote that these are capable of much.
      2. Bismark
        Bismark 14 September 2012 15: 33
        This is just the beginning. Here will come even more American military, then there will begin the fireworks with all the consequences.
        1. spender
          spender 14 September 2012 16: 48
          The show goes on winked

          The crowd stormed the FRG embassy in Sudan

          14 September 2012, 16: 33

          An angry crowd of protesters broke into the German embassy in the capital of Sudan on Friday, eyewitnesses said.

          According to Reuters, protesters near the diplomatic mission were outraged by the film “Innocence of Muslims,” which had previously caused protests in several Arab countries.

          The footage broadcast live by Al Jazeera shows how dozens of people, breaking high metal barriers, climb the walls of the diplomatic mission. Several protesters managed to climb to the top floor of the building and set a black flag on it with the inscription "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet." Puffs of smoke rise from the territory of the embassy complex.

          A similar situation exists with the British diplomatic mission, which is located next to German. Embassies are surrounded by hundreds of angry people protesting against a film made in the USA that defames the prophet Muhammad.

          Information is also available. about the riots near the US diplomatic mission in the Sudanese capital. There, law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse protesters.
          1. stariy
            stariy 14 September 2012 19: 50
            Well, in general, "Long live democracy, gentlemen"
  2. Bugor
    Bugor 14 September 2012 12: 27
    I do not like the USA (by definition, I was born and raised in the USSR, the best country in this whole planet).
    BUT! For the murder of the ambassador it is NECESSARY!
    Everyone who had a relationship with this - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Army, the State Security Committee, EVERYONE!
    And the amers are right that they sent ships there. We answered for Griboedov? Do you remember?
    So now - everyone involved in this matter - to the wall.
    1. Che
      Che 14 September 2012 13: 31
      Well, the amers themselves deserved such an attitude, and Griboedov suffered because of the persecution of the Persians by the English.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 14 September 2012 14: 14
        Quote: Che
        and Griboedov suffered because of the persecution of the Persians by the English.

        + Knowledge of history

        Moskovskiye Vedomosti, 1829 - "as a result of the indignation of the mob of Tehran mob, incited to this by English agents."
      2. танк
        танк 14 September 2012 16: 53
        There is a rumor that the Shah suffered because of women, but this is not official
    2. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 14 September 2012 13: 48
      absolutely agree! there is a limit beyond which no one can cross if the murder of an ambassador is left unpunished, then the consequences for all can be catastrophic and no matter whose ambassador it is and where
    3. танк
      танк 14 September 2012 16: 52
      Was our ambassador repatriated ... were there anything in Qatar or who was bent?

      We answered for Griboedov? Do you remember?

      As far as I remember, the huge diamond was presented to us by the check and it seems like everything, but with what did we answer?
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 14 September 2012 21: 15
        Quote: tank
        Was our ambassador repatriated ... were there anything in Qatar or who was bent?

        There then, something incomprehensible happened in April!
        The most honest Al Jazeera was silent about this in a rag!
        In Saudi Arabia, identity matters are far from being ice and Bahrain seems to be catching up.
        It seems that now nobody cares about Syria!
        And who will tell me. what is it all just like that?

    4. vpm
      vpm 14 September 2012 21: 52
      It’s necessary, but Pandorra’s box with the departure of old dictators like Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali is already open, so it’s not clear who exactly to answer - well, they’ll bomb someone in Libya. What's next? Will the attitude towards the USA in the Muslim world improve? It is unlikely that they have been bombing for a long time.
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 14 September 2012 12: 27
    The US administration is not to blame. The US government is not involved in the creation of the film "Innocence of Muslims"

    Is everyone clear? Is it intelligible?
    1. spender
      spender 14 September 2012 13: 03
      Quote: vorobey
      The US administration is not to blame. The US government is not involved in the creation of the film “Innocence of Muslims” Is it clear to everyone? Is it intelligible?

      Well, this has been known for a long time. The CIA indulges in such things ... hi
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 14 September 2012 13: 15
        Quote: spender
        The CIA indulges in such things ..

        But the CIA is not subordinate to the president, one gang. The CIA Vice-Director Panetta, whom Obama has appointed to the post of the CIA.
      2. 53-Sciborskiy
        53-Sciborskiy 14 September 2012 14: 36
        Quote: spender
        Well, this has been known for a long time. The CIA indulges in such things ...
        So they added, this is just the beginning.
    2. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 14 September 2012 14: 39
      Quote: vorobey
      The US administration is not to blame. The US government is not involved in the creation of the film "Innocence of Muslims"

      Is everyone clear? Is it intelligible?

      Of course....
      Especially if you take into account that the fil has been posted on the Internet for more than 3 months ...
      Ehhhhhh, the producers hurried ... After all, until September 11th, it was still far away.
      And what a cool "gift" for the Anniversary? Appreciate ...

      Pony moves in a circle ...)))))))))) Looks like the hoof is jammed ...
    3. Uruska
      Uruska 14 September 2012 20: 57
      I am not - I am, and the hut is not mine!
  4. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 14 September 2012 12: 28
    An interesting sentence "Our government does not have the ability to prevent to certain citizens express your point of view. ”Well, it’s interesting for the citizens?
  5. strannik595
    strannik595 14 September 2012 12: 28
    a set of people who want to work as the US ambassador for a good salary is announced; wink
  6. strannik595
    strannik595 14 September 2012 12: 36
    a set of people who want to work as the US ambassador for a good salary is announced; wink
  7. Drappier
    Drappier 14 September 2012 12: 40
    Something like this....
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 14 September 2012 13: 14
      Western democracy pulls first, and then runs over (or flies, it’s more convenient), something like that
  8. Andrei.B
    Andrei.B 14 September 2012 12: 58
    "We do not believe that Iran is the country that can play the role of an assistant," said Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the US State Department.
    they forgot to ask you ... since a woman became a friend of a person, not a little time has passed, but it's still too early to put them in key positions, especially such an instance as Vichka.
  9. Bugor
    Bugor 14 September 2012 13: 00
    Sparrow, respected by me, yes, and probably not only by me. So why did you post this comment? You must have been taught by a comrade from a special department at the ChVTKKU. DO NOT CHAT. Was this? I took part with you both at the training camp in Bishkil and on the dance floor in Pushkin Park.
    And I fought with the local brainworms in a cadet uniform.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 14 September 2012 17: 37
      Quote: Bugor
      So why did you post this comment?

      Nikolai, and the men, by the way, appreciated the banter. Regards from the fly agaric. drinks
  10. танк
    танк 14 September 2012 13: 01
    What else are you capable of, smugglers and murderers of civilians, al-Qaida associates and Washington bastards?

    Oleg is touched by this topic apparently stronger than others, but you can’t say better +++
  11. Celmz
    Celmz 14 September 2012 13: 55
    Thanks for the review +
  12. volcano
    volcano 14 September 2012 14: 11
    our country is home to people of different religions, including millions of Muslims. ”

    Your country is home to people hungry for profit ... perverts ... people who do not respect others ... who disregard other people's traditions and customs ....... who consider themselves the elected rulers of the world and bring the "light of democracy" through carpet bombing ........ psychopaths and fat people ......
    here for such people the United States .... yes ..... home home
    1. Bekzat
      Bekzat 14 September 2012 16: 27
      Dear Volkan, you forgot to add also a place to collect food ......
  13. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 14 September 2012 14: 35
    Quote: spender
    The US administration is not to blame.

    Well, everyone has known this for a long time! I would even say more, the whole of America is never, and is not to blame for anything! After all, everyone knows that poor America has always suffered from her kindness and human injustice! She always had to fight back and reflect the attacks of various "subhumans" (this category includes everyone who does not share the bright principles of democracy). Let's remember the history of the USA: first we had to fight off the Indians, then from the Spaniards, from the Japanese, from the Koreans, from the Vietnamese, Lebanese, Iraqis, Libyans, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and God knows who else! So in the latter case, the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, ash-tree, Gaddafi is to blame. After all, if the Libyan hot guys, who have joined (with the help of "Tomahawks") to the true democratic and universal values, even the most seedy non-believer, everything could be solved safely. But unfortunately - Gaddafi ended, and the American ambassador was at hand, so it happened, what happened So, it is clear to any non-prejudiced person that everyone is to blame for everything that happened, not America and the US administration
  14. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 14 September 2012 15: 04
    Quote:] Washington bastards? [/ Quote

    Sometimes one phrase will say more than an encyclopedia. Thank you for the review.
  15. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 14 September 2012 15: 21
    I found a good quote which, in my opinion, fits all the pieces of the puzzle "But why are the people ignorant? Because it is so necessary. Ignorance is the keeper of virtue. Whoever has no hope, he has no ambition. The ignorant is in the saving darkness, which deprives him of the opportunity to see , saves him from illicit desires. Hence - ignorance. Whoever reads - that thinks, and who thinks - that reason. And why, one wonders, the people to reason? Not to reason - this is his duty and at the same time his happiness. These truths are undeniable. Society is based on them. V. Hugo "The Man Who Laughs" "
  16. cobra66
    cobra66 14 September 2012 15: 40
    The crap got to the crap themselves
  17. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 14 September 2012 15: 43
    Shitty "beekeepers" from amers, stirred up an Arab beehive, got honey (?), And now bites. I think this is just the beginning.
    1. stariy
      stariy 14 September 2012 20: 04
      Quote: TehnarMAF
      got honey

      They just saw honey and what they get ... we'll see
  18. mark021105
    mark021105 14 September 2012 17: 36
    Where are the comments of the "D_E_R_Mokratia" defenders ???
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 14 September 2012 17: 46
      Arthur, here we are .... what do we need? wholesale or retail?
  19. Generalissimus
    Generalissimus 14 September 2012 18: 03
    No, well, that's farce. laughing
    Libyan democracy needs "tamahawks", and they are carried by the same 4 ships of the Black Sea Fleet:

    Two warships of the USA go to the coast of LibyaА


    1. stariy
      stariy 14 September 2012 20: 07
      Or maybe they are ashamed to show them
  20. Forward
    Forward 14 September 2012 19: 56
    Carriers of "good" throughout the World ... No.
  21. Uruska
    Uruska 14 September 2012 20: 20
    What, uki, now the mattress is tearing apart? ....
  22. sxn278619
    sxn278619 14 September 2012 21: 53
    They created the film “Innocence of Muslims”, they play on the side of Iran.
    Who favored Holmes.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 15 September 2012 18: 14
      Quote: sxn278619
      They created the film “Innocence of Muslims”, they play on the side of Iran.

      Yeah, and all the criminals are on the side
      The police
      Judicial system
      Judge for yourself, if not for them, then all those who work there at once are unemployed.
  23. Che
    Che 20 September 2012 10: 06
    West plans to send anti-aircraft mounts and MANPADS to Syrian militants

    20.09.2012 07:04

    Western countries, primarily the United States, Britain and France, intend in the near future to make large deliveries of weapons to Syrian rebels in Turkey, and then transport them to Syria through the channels of the gangster underground.
    "According to the information received, the Western countries are planning to supply Syria for the opposition with a large batch of heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, MANPADS and large-caliber machine guns, as well as send foreign mercenaries there through the neighboring states (apparently Turkey)," he said. to RIA Novosti an unnamed "high-ranking source" in Moscow.
    According to him, the purpose of this is to further escalate tensions in Syria. "Given that the situation in the region is getting out of control, the Westerners are making a desperate attempt to turn the situation in the SAR by any means. Throughout the entire conflict, Syrian militants have been fed materially, including finances and weapons," he added.
    Indirect and direct confirmation of plans to supply weapons to the Syrian militant has been coming in more and more lately. For example, British Foreign Minister William Haig, in his speech at the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, said that, of course, NATO will not intervene in the conflict, but Great Britain "will have to intervene ... or start supplying weapons to prevent others doing so".
    According to Haig's unconventional logic, to fight the supply of weapons to government forces, it is necessary to supply even more weapons to the "rebels". "I do not exclude any option in the future, we do not know how the situation will develop," the British Foreign Office said.
    To justify the planned supply of weapons to the militants, Western media launched a new campaign to "disclose" the supply of weapons to the Syrian army "from Iran and Russia." The day before, the Associated Press agency published an article stating that by now 117 (!) Iranian planes have transferred weapons to Syria for the "Assad regime."

    Here are the trolls see what your masters do.