Military Review

In the sky of four fleets


Voroshilov Falcons - this is how we named the pilots and pupils of the flying club from the city of Stavropol, which was renamed Voroshilovsk in the pre-war years. The flying club was assigned to aviation Naval fleet... Its graduates were most often enrolled in the I.V. Stalin in the city of Yeisk. After graduation, young naval pilots traveled to fleets: to the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific.

It is impossible to tell about all the former registrations, but we tried to draw the viewer's attention, both to characteristic and unusual life stories... Along with the unknown, our story will include the names of Alexander Anosov, Valery Poskryakov, Ivan Kabakov, Boris Negrienko, Grigory Dzhulaev, Pavel Bogdanov, Leonid Sobolev and other experienced Soviet pilots. Let us touch on the history of the attempt by our pilots to destroy the Finnish battleship Väinämäinen. There will be the death of five friends - graduates of one school, captivity, non-combat losses, besieged Leningrad and victory over Japan ...


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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 20 October 2021 06: 18
    Our history, stages of a long journey ...
    The enthusiasm of young people, the desire to reach high levels !!!
    The Soviet government opened direct paths to the dream for many !!! It gave the opportunity to realize in life .... when the time came to serve the motherland, they did not hesitate to do it!
    1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      20 October 2021 10: 54
      Absolutely agree. About the guys: powerful human qualities even at such a relatively young age! We deliberately indicated the age of the dead guys in the first part of the film - "died at 22" ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 20 October 2021 11: 36
        The best proof that the ideology of the Land of Soviets, the country of workers and peasants, was accepted by the people, the bulk of citizens, is how selflessly, heroically, our ancestors defended their COUNTRY, not sparing the most dear that every person has ... own life!
        There is no point in talking, discussing the nonsense that some are carrying about that period in the life of our great country.
        1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
          20 October 2021 12: 01
          and today, deliberately omitting the ideological component, the authors give out a product in which these guys perform feats for a bun, a tram, etc.
          I do not want to repeat myself, the topic was discussed quite widely
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 20 October 2021 12: 34
            Nice, tasty bun, it's nice .. but these are just needs.
            Clever, wise creators of ideology impose their thoughts, their plans on something primary that is in a person, most often on something without which a person ceases to live, but begins to exist!
            When it is done correctly, harmoniously, it works, it holds on tight ...
            It is possible to destroy, separate, but it is a lot, a lot, time and effort must be made! After all, a prerequisite, the very bearers of ideology, the ideological avant-garde, must degrade to ... to complete rejection of THEM by the rest of society, the people ...
            In general, we swam, should we not know this.
            Everything that was primary, important, REMAINED, from a significant part of the people, what was imposed from above ... and even then, very incompletely, no matter how the enemies tried.
            Therefore, we do not demolish the monuments to our HEROES, do not forget and honor, most of the society, at least.
            1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
              20 October 2021 13: 27
              certainly ...
              the situation today is far from ideal, but at the same time, examples of what you can reach are in front of your eyes
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 20 October 2021 13: 53
                The situation is different everywhere.
                There are negative manifestations, but we are also normal people, we remain, MOST!