Features of the newest Russian strike UAV "Okhotnik"


Until recently Drones if used by the Russian Armed Forces, then mainly as reconnaissance equipment or flying targets. Now the situation has changed. Russian troops began to receive reconnaissance-strike and strike unmanned aerial vehicles.

The first domestic heavy attack drone "Okhotnik", which is capable of operating both in single mode and in a group, for example, together with the fifth generation fighter Su-57, took to the skies. In this case, the aircraft acts as a kind of flying command post for one or several UAVs.

One of the tasks that is being solved today in terms of the development of a strike unmanned aviation RF, is the task of creating a flat nozzle engine. It is planned to equip the heavy UAV "Okhotnik" with such a power plant in the future.

The most important component in the development and subsequent operation of any military drone is the communication channel used. It is impossible to allow the data broadcast over this channel "in both directions" to be intercepted by the enemy, because in this case, control over drone will be lost.

The Military Acceptance program at the Zvezda shopping center tells in detail about the features of the S-70 Okhotnik, the preparation of the drone for flight, and how these unmanned combat units are created at the enterprise. The plot also tells about modern algorithms that are implemented on the latest domestic strike UAV.

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    1. -2
      4 October 2021 08: 42
      Features of the newest Russian strike UAV "Okhotnik"
      "Oh, you are somehow not like everyone else! Something special" (Duenna) feel
      The speed of the strike Hunter should be at the level of the SU-57 and K, hence the duration of the flight is less than that of the "professional reconnaissance officers".
      1. +4
        4 October 2021 09: 21
        Quote: Mavrikiy
        Shock Hunter speed, should be at the level of SU-57 and K

        This is not necessary at all. He's a shock, consider the same attack aircraft, only a high-altitude one. Su-57 and K is a fighter cover for him, that is, clearing the sky and the air defense khan. And during this time he "will go down slowly, slowly ..." (c) wassat
        1. +2
          4 October 2021 10: 34
          especially in the fact that for five years they have been feeding it.
          1. +1
            5 October 2021 13: 43
            the tale quickly tells ...
    2. +12
      4 October 2021 08: 50
      Well, for children 9-14 norms. Although the presenter and the presentation of information I do not like. The series of issues "Polygon" was much more informative, even for children.
      1. +3
        4 October 2021 08: 58
        I agree, it bursts like a magpie. "Oh, what a disgusting voice! .." - Office romance
    3. -3
      4 October 2021 09: 20
      After all, there is disorder in the air forces! What is the name "Hunter"? C-70 - who or what? UAV! "Birdie"! And they hunt for "birds" ... but "birds" do not "give up" ... who will win! No, to call it "White Eagle" ... or "Black Eagle" ... No! These birdies' names were taken over by the tank troops! I also have "birds" ... for 50 tons! Born to crawl ... on tracks, cannot fly! negative
    4. -1
      4 October 2021 09: 57
      So, "nothing" ...
      1. 0
        4 October 2021 10: 35
        Quote: Bez 310
        So, "nothing" ...

        what the hell ...
    5. -1
      5 October 2021 07: 04
      I am sure that in the not too distant future, there will be an agreement between the countries either on the ban of drones or on the registration, which already present a danger to both the military and the civilian population. There are millions of these devices, and they have not been taken into account. If we show our drones in action, then such a conversation will certainly appear. Much depends on us too.
    6. +1
      5 October 2021 20: 56
      And yet I do not quite understand its place in the hierarchy and use.
      It is quite expensive and big, you can't do much, for a workhorse and a consumable it will not work.
      If he was as a strategic intelligence officer, like the United States, then it is normal, but for the drummer it is necessary that no one could shoot him down, except the Patriot
    7. 0
      7 October 2021 18: 26
      I want only one thing - rather and more
    8. -1
      8 October 2021 06: 51
      Backward country, backward aviation ...

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