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Russian Airborne Forces Day


Undoubtedly, August 2 in our country is associated with honor, strength, dedication and valor. Indeed, on this day, soldiers of the Airborne Forces celebrate their professional holiday, who rightfully bear the honorary title of the elite among military units.

This year, the Airborne Forces will celebrate their 91st Birthday. After all, it was on August 1930, 12, within the framework of the exercises, that XNUMX soldiers were parachuted. This maneuver proved the promise of creating a branch of service that is highly mobile and can be thrown into enemy territory in the shortest possible time.

After 2 years, the mass creation of airborne units began. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army already had as many as 5 airborne corps, the total number of which numbered 50 thousand soldiers.

General of the Army, Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Filippovich Margelov is considered to be the "founding father" of the Airborne Forces. That is why these troops are jokingly called "Uncle Vasya's Troops".

It is worth noting that Vasily Filippovich himself made more than 60 parachute jumps, the last of which he completed when he was 65 years old. Despite the fact that he headed the Airborne Forces in 1954, the paratroopers consider him the founder of this type of troops. After all, it was V.F. Margelov made the airborne troops an elite among the army units.

Since its inception, the Airborne Forces have participated in a variety of missions, selflessly fulfilling their duty. One of the paratrooper's mottos is:

Knocked down, fight on your knees You can't get up, lie down, step on.

As a weapon, modern paratroopers use the same small arms weapon, as other army units, but with some modifications. In particular, it is equipped with folding butts for assault rifles and carbines, as well as devices for silent shooting. At the same time, modern military equipment for the Airborne Forces is designed in such a way that it is suitable for landing from an aircraft, with a crew on board.

According to unofficial data, today the number of Russian airborne troops is more than 45 thousand people. At the same time, structurally, these troops are divided into three main components: airborne, airborne assault and airborne assault (mountain).

The main distinguishing feature by which you can immediately recognize the Russian paratrooper is the blue beret. In other countries, airborne troops wear red, maroon or crimson berets.
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  1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 2 August 2021 04: 25
    "Nobody except us!"...
    1. SaLaR
      SaLaR 2 August 2021 07: 55
      Happy brother's holiday soldier drinks
      1. Terrible_L.
        Terrible_L. 2 August 2021 09: 31
        Happy holiday, comrades! soldier
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        2. Tatyana
          Tatyana 2 August 2021 11: 27
          Happy Russian Airborne Forces Day!
          Happy holiday to all involved!
          All of you health, success, luck and happiness in your personal life! love

          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 2 August 2021 11: 38
            To be honest, I believe that also namely the airborne troops - whatever it was - made their own special MEN contribution to the protection of TRADITIONAL family values ​​in our country - in Russia , enshrined NOW in the Constitution of the Russian Federation! soldier
            Thanks to them! love

    2. Maz
      Maz 2 August 2021 12: 48

      Happy birthday everyone!
    SERGE ANT 2 August 2021 04: 29
    Happy Holidays, landing!
    1. SERGE ANT
      SERGE ANT 2 August 2021 04: 31
      health, peace, good luck!
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 2 August 2021 05: 44
        Happy Holidays!
      2. Alien From
        Alien From 2 August 2021 11: 18
        I join in all the congratulations! Clear and peaceful sky hi
        TANKISTONE 2 August 2021 19: 45
        SERGE ANThealth, peace, good luck!
        I myself am a repairman for "fuel oil", but the song is SOUL! I join in the congratulations and I am proud that the Russian army has such troops!
  3. Incomprehensible
    Incomprehensible 2 August 2021 04: 34
    "Knocked down, fight on your knees. You can't get up, lie down step."

    If you can't move - lie in the direction of the target)
    Happy holiday.
  4. seregin-s1
    seregin-s1 2 August 2021 04: 50
    Happy holiday landing!
  5. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 2 August 2021 05: 44
    Happy holiday men!
  6. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 2 August 2021 05: 51
    Congratulations to Margelov's heirs on the Day of the Airborne Forces!
    In the landing of snotty boys, they make real men capable of overcoming difficulties of any nature ... keep it up.
  7. RuSFr
    RuSFr 2 August 2021 05: 54
    Happy holiday of courageous people in blue berets !!!
  8. Sasha1979
    Sasha1979 2 August 2021 05: 57
    To everyone whose holiday this is, congratulations from the Lieutenant of the Railway Troops.
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  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 August 2021 06: 09
    Happy holiday to everyone in blue berets!
    The Airborne Forces is, first of all, character. Not everyone will be able to "step into the abyss" - to overcome the fear of heights.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 2 August 2021 06: 14
      Happy holiday, guys! You always serve as an example of real warriors! I wish you health and successful accomplishment of the assigned tasks! Keep it up!
  10. Borz
    Borz 2 August 2021 06: 16
    Happy holiday, guys! From the heart!
    1. Silver bullet
      Silver bullet 2 August 2021 06: 22
      While the paratrooper is breathing, he is invincible! Happy holiday, brothers!
  11. sunzhenets
    sunzhenets 2 August 2021 06: 24
    Glory to the Airborne Forces! Reconnaissance 237 PDP, Pskov
    1. alesi13
      alesi13 2 August 2021 07: 46
      Skobar hello 9 company 104 PDP
  12. Doccor18
    Doccor18 2 August 2021 06: 25
    The absolute pride of the paratroopers in their kind of troops does not cease to amaze.
    Keep it up! Happy Holidays!
  13. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 August 2021 06: 25
    Happy men holiday .... Glory to the Airborne Forces and Margelov Uncle Vasya !!!!!!!!!!!!!! soldier soldier
  14. Earring
    Earring 2 August 2021 06: 47
    73612 31 ODSHBR Ulyanovsk !!!! Honor to yourself - Glory to the Motherland !!! Happy Holidays !!!
    1. VORON538
      VORON538 2 August 2021 15: 41
      71289,83rd Guards OVDBr "Honor is more precious than life"! soldier
  15. Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 2 August 2021 06: 53
    good Brothers, Happy Airborne Forces Day! Today I will remember my paternal grandfather Ivan, a paratrooper of the 5th battalion,
    18 airborne brigades, 19 airborne corps in 1941, already
    in 1942, a guardsman of the 35th Guards Rifle Division in Stalingrad.
    To the winged infantry of the airborne forces from the motorized infantry of the explosives with respect, scout gunner:
  16. Evil543
    Evil543 2 August 2021 07: 23
    With a holiday!
  17. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 2 August 2021 07: 33
    As long as there is you, there is Russia! Happy Holidays! For those in the slings! Hooray!!!!!
  18. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 August 2021 07: 39
    The parachutes rushed
    They took the weight.
    The earth fluttered barely.

    Happy Holiday, landing! soldier !
    drinks good drinks
  19. screw cutter
    screw cutter 2 August 2021 07: 59
    Happy landing, health, good luck and a full dome over your head!
  20. Pamir
    Pamir 2 August 2021 08: 06
    All the airborne troops on the HOLIDAY !!! I wish all of them a good weekend with the font !!!
  21. razved
    razved 2 August 2021 08: 53
    HAPPY HOLIDAY, DESANTURA !!! Full dome over your head! soldier drinks
  22. Borisych
    Borisych 2 August 2021 09: 05
    Almost forty years of life. A lot, perhaps. Nobody except us! All those involved and sympathetic! Happy Holidays!
  23. Essex62
    Essex62 2 August 2021 09: 17
    Airborne Forces forward !!! Happy holiday winged infantry!
  24. K-50
    K-50 2 August 2021 09: 30
    Happy Holidays, winged infantry !!! Happy Airborne Forces Day !!!!
  25. Sanya Terek
    Sanya Terek 2 August 2021 10: 42

    Happy Holidays, brothers !!! Airborne Forces, Glory! Glory! Glory!!!
  26. Dima1977
    Dima1977 2 August 2021 11: 44
    I wish all the paratroopers that the number of claps equals the number of jumps. Happy Holidays.
  27. PValery53
    PValery53 2 August 2021 12: 27
    Happy Airborne Forces Day !. Inexperienced paratrooper (1 jump).
  28. Konnick
    Konnick 2 August 2021 12: 43
    Happy Airborne Forces Day. We must also recall General Ivan Ivanovich Zatevakhin, one of the first paratrooper commanders and who subsequently developed the tactics of using the Airborne Forces. He had already fought in the airborne troops since Khalkhin-Gol, being the commander of the 212th Airborne Brigade, was the commander of the Airborne Corps, and since 1944 the Deputy Commander of the Red Army Airborne Forces. Many people know his grandson Ivan Igorevich Zatevakhin, a TV presenter. In the film "The Third Commander. Ivan Zatevakhin" (2021), the son and grandson tell a lot of interesting things about Ivan Ivanovich and about the formation of the Airborne Forces.
  29. Sling cutter
    Sling cutter 2 August 2021 13: 22
    Congratulations to ALL involved!
    Nobody except us!
    For the airborne forces!!!!
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  31. Doliva63
    Doliva63 2 August 2021 15: 45
    It seemed to me alone that the administration of the site, represented by the author, simply notified us that we, as it were, know ourselves, but did not congratulate us? laughing Well, we're not proud. laughing Happy holiday to us! drinks And good health to all! soldier
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  34. Ilya Lavrega
    Ilya Lavrega 2 August 2021 16: 29
    Guys, for the Airborne Forces !!!!!!!
  35. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 2 August 2021 18: 02
    Happy holiday, Guys! And thanks for the second birthday thanks to you !!!
  36. Pamir
    Pamir 2 August 2021 20: 08
    Everyone in the Russian Federation who has NOT been under the dome has brothers, uncles, who have been under it more than once. Let's not forget to congratulate, guys, these are ours, in case the heavenly AVRAL !!! Happy Airborne Forces Day, guys !!!
  37. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 2 August 2021 20: 17
    Congratulations to all those involved and my paratrooper friends!
  38. skobars
    skobars 2 August 2021 21: 33
  39. YOUR.
    YOUR. 4 August 2021 15: 39
    it is equipped with folding rifle butts and carbines

    Author, I don’t know something?

    a distinctive feature, by which you can immediately recognize the Russian paratrooper, is the blue beret

    Of course, I'm wildly sorry, but what color are the berets of the Bashkir and Tatar paratroopers?