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"Success in modernizing the Su-30": the Vietnamese press on the transition to self-service fighters from Russia

"Success in modernizing the Su-30": the Vietnamese press on the transition to self-service fighters from Russia

The Vietnamese press reports on the establishment of their own production, at the facilities of which the transition to self-service of combat aircraft of the local air force is carried out.

The A32 plant made a breakthrough in the repair and modernization of fighters, including the Su-30MK2. This is a real success in the modernization of the Su-30.

- indicated in the Vietnamese press.

According to PK-KQ, work on the MiG-21, Su-22, Su-27UBK aircraft was previously successfully completed at the production facilities of this enterprise in Da Nang. On November 18, 2020, the plant received the first Su-30MK2 aircraft for repairs.

This is a milestone that heralds greater capability in servicing fighters and recognizes outstanding development. aviation industry in Vietnam

- noted in DatViet.

In the course of work, the enterprise carries out repairs using tens of thousands of parts and mechanisms for aircraft units, ground equipment and various air defense systems and fleet... The High-Tech Center has recently entered into operation, thanks to which the A32 plant intends to enter the regional and international levels.

According to the newspaper "Narodnaya Armiya", the entire enterprise has successfully transferred 30 aircraft of all types to the military after maintenance. In particular, the plant has mastered the repair and modernization of the Su-30MK2 fuel system thanks to the independent production of fuel pipes.

The plant is currently successfully troubleshooting this modern fighter on its own.

- DatViet reports.

For our part, we note that it is unclear to what extent these works are coordinated with the fighter manufacturer. It is possible that they are carried out under the supervision of Russian specialists. At the very least, it is reported that Vietnamese specialists underwent overseas training. But where exactly is not specified. There is a possibility that in one of the post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine.

Fighter Su-27 at the A32 plant:

Photos used:

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  1. bk316
    bk316 16 June 2021 15: 31
    htdfnj 'nj / X
    1. figwam
      figwam 16 June 2021 15: 39
      Then they will start to fall.
      1. Real Pilot
        Real Pilot 16 June 2021 16: 45
        Unfortunately, local repairs of aircraft are often accompanied by an increase in accidents.
        This is especially significant in the case of India, where the number of aircraft of the same type has always fallen more than ours.

        Personnel qualifications, access to spare parts, negligent attitude to the resource of gliders and aggregates ... Sometimes the "help" of the former republics and socialist countries with a big discount for repairs.
        All these are risks that are taken out of economy and out of ignorance. Weak internal control, even the forms for the units are not always read and filled, and sometimes they do not have at all ... They are treated like cars.

        The simultaneous operation of Russian / Soviet and Western aircraft adds to the confusion. The regulations and service schedules are completely different, as well as the approaches to overhaul and inspections.
        And often there are questions: why does the replacement cost on a Russian board after 500 or 1000 hours, and on a foreign one "as of"? Sometimes this is also possible, and sometimes completely unacceptable, because replacement "by state" requires a clear assessment methodology.

        Violations of the Airplane Flight Manual by pilots is a special song in general!

        It is said that the take-off regime for TV3-117 on a Mi-17 helicopter should not exceed 6 minutes, then the transition to the nominal one to avoid overheating. And the "hero" fucks!
        And the restrictions on overloads, vertical and airspeeds during landings are not violated only by especially "fearful" ones ... Half a joke, alas.

        I was enlightened in due time by an instructor when I was learning to fly a helicopter. In a conversation about reliability, he asked me if I knew how the abstract previous cadet flew and what exactly he violated ... Alas, the risks for the prowess of the previous survivor, but the "foolish" crew, are borne by the next one!

        So the operation and maintenance of aircraft is difficult. Safety is written in blood!
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 16 June 2021 17: 51
          The Vietnamese people are more organized than the Indians.
          And they still have a checkpoint, etc., etc.
          And if they start on a "hike tomorrow" - our engineers will not be able to help them. For many reasons.
          So they just need to be able to repair the equipment themselves.
        2. kuzimka
          kuzimka 16 June 2021 18: 10
          Every time a country refuses to service Russian aircraft, commentators will overdue unnamed technical disasters. Calm down, they will figure it out without you. If the service by the Russian side satisfied the customers represented by the defense ministries of other countries, then they would be served in Russia. It means that something is wrong in the Danish kingdom ... Do not worry about the Vietnamese planes, they will figure it out by themselves .... Worry about your planes and their pilots ....
    2. bk316
      bk316 16 June 2021 18: 35
      htdfnj 'nj / X

      I apologize. This is me by accident. I wanted to write "This is fraught"
      All the same, architectural supervision is not an accidental thing.
      1. tarakan
        tarakan 16 June 2021 18: 40
        Damn, and I got tired of translating from Vietnamese, GUGL hung laughing
        1. bk316
          bk316 16 June 2021 18: 46
          It was a hard day for us and Biden laughing
  2. VO3A
    VO3A 16 June 2021 15: 38
    For our part, we note that it is unclear to what extent these works are coordinated with the fighter manufacturer. It is possible that they are carried out under the supervision of Russian specialists.

    This is not clear to you ... All aircraft have a service life before repair, about 800 hours of flight time or by years ... The volume of repairs is known and with the availability of spare parts and consumables for Vietnamese specialists, it is available ... You would still remember about the engines. ..This was always the case, and in the USSR, they did not fly airplanes for repairs, they themselves repaired ... Sometimes our specialists were attracted, ... he helped ...
  3. NIKN
    NIKN 16 June 2021 15: 42
    God grant it. The industriousness of this people is worthy of more.
  4. Yrec
    Yrec 16 June 2021 15: 49
    Soon, the Vietnamese comrades will announce that they are starting the design and construction of a 5th generation fighter on their own. Used parts from the Su-30 wassat
    1. Lelik76
      Lelik76 16 June 2021 16: 55
      They write that they have mastered the "production of fuel pipes". Now the 5th generation will also master it. In general, it is ridiculous to read about the fuel system pipelines, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems have not yet been mastered, although the technology is the same.
  5. Cat Alexandrovich
    Cat Alexandrovich 16 June 2021 16: 04
    Puddle! I'm soldering! I'm fixing the EVE!
  6. Marachuh
    Marachuh 16 June 2021 16: 06
    Vietnamese are resourceful and accurate. These are not gypsies with their dances. I am sure they will do well. Although it is thought that there is approximately 0,00001% of local modernization of the overall design of the Su-30
  7. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 16 June 2021 17: 42
    In one country, nearby, they also learned how to do everything themselves, but for some reason planes often fall)))
  8. aleks700
    aleks700 16 June 2021 18: 33
    Is this even possible without the manufacturer's permission?
  9. Alf
    Alf 16 June 2021 19: 13
    Dear Vietcong! Does the term "guarantee" sound familiar?
  10. agoran
    agoran 17 June 2021 20: 10
    Tex, gentlemen.
    In the second photo, the TECh hangar, the plant does not pull in any way. Well, they learned how to perform routine maintenance themselves, well done.
    But the repair, there are several types, is carried out at a manufacturing plant or a certified ARP.
    "Fuel hoses", there is no such thing in aviation, magazines, what to take from them.