On the pros and cons of the "Rook" - Yarygin's pistol

On the pros and cons of the "Rook" - Yarygin's pistol

In 2003, the Yarygin self-loading pistol named "Grach" was adopted in Russia. Its development was carried out for quite a long time with constant attempts to find the best option for small arms weapons... As a result, the serial production of the pistol adopted for service was launched in Izhevsk.

Experts discuss the "Rook", pointing out that the pistol is "quite controversial", but for all the "controversy" it has many advantages. One of these advantages is a lower return than, for example, a PM. The advantages include the rate of fire and accuracy of the Yarygin pistol.

Does the Rook have any drawbacks?

With a "special desire", flaws can be found in absolutely any weapon, and "Rook" in this regard is not distinguished by complete impeccability. Initially, the lack of special grooves that would allow attaching to weapons, for example, a tactical flashlight, was attributed to the disadvantages. But this problem turned out to be solvable. Also, the disadvantages of the Yarygin pistol are often attributed to its weight and the need to have with you "just in case" several parts for replacement.

The pros and cons of the Yarygin pistol are described in the story on the Lazarev Tactical channel. It also provides an overview of these small arms, which are used not only in Russia, but also in a number of foreign countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus and NATO Lithuania.

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    1. +8
      3 2021 June
      Had the opportunity to shoot from his civilian version "Viking".
      It lies well in the hand, does not cause any particular complaints. Used many times, I like it.

      However, during the IPSC competition, I fired a pistol that belonged to the shooting club, and, apparently, it was not cleaned all day ... Maybe there was a breakdown, I did not have time to understand.
      He jammed me twice!
      I slipped to the bottom of the standings. Although he was replaced for me.
    2. +2
      3 2021 June
      Several years ago I arranged a present for myself for my birthday: I went to the shooting center. Shot from "Viking", "Glock-17", "CZ-75", "H&K" and "Sig-Sauer". In general, I fired a pistol for the first time. I’m so patriotic, I don’t know, but I liked "Viking" the most! Sits perfectly in the hand, soft descent, comfortable recoil. 85 points out of 100 on the first try! I have been following the development of the PY for a long time. At the last exhibition "Army-2020" the MPY is presented, in which, as it is stated, "all problems of the IL are solved!" I really hope for it! good
      1. -3
        5 2021 June
        I won't trade my 19th generation Glock-5 for anything
    3. +1
      3 2021 June
      How many times I didn’t shoot him, he was always stung. The PM has never been wedged.
      The very first time the PYa fired every second shot ... the commander said the cartridges were bad. He fought off all his hands while taking out the cartridges.
    4. 0
      4 2021 June
      Since everyone is sharing their experience ...

      Shot several times with Viking and CZ-75. Generally speaking, I liked "Viking". It sits well in the hand (the handle of the "Cheset" seemed thin), the casing-bolt is very grasping (again, on the "Cheset" it has a lower height, it can be difficult to grab out of habit). A bit heavy, of course, but specifically for sports it's not critical.

      In comparison with the "Czech", I didn't like only two things:
      1. There were no white dots on sighting targets It seems like a trifle, but it's hard to aim at the "Interpol" target (black silhouette on a white background): the front sight is almost invisible.
      2. Hard descent: at the end of the idle speed there is a rather tight step. Perhaps this is a matter of habit, but it was possible to make a smooth descent on the "Viking" every other time. As a result, I shot with the CZ-75 much more accurately.

      I cannot judge by reliability. I fired a total of hundreds of one and a half shots from it - I never wedged, except that sometimes I did not get up on the ZZ (although I also sinned with this from time to time).

      In general, if the law allowed, I would definitely buy one for myself))
    5. +1
      4 2021 June
      I remember it was in 2003 that the first batch of PM entered the gun shop and we were struck even by eye by the noticeably lower quality of performance compared to PM. Then I did not come across this weapon, but I hope the quality has improved with the series.
    6. 0
      July 29 2021
      I had a chance to shoot from a Viking with a steel frame back in 2011 ...
      A comrade presented me with an initial training course in practical shooting in the "Object" complex.
      100 rounds. No delays or breakdowns.
      It should be noted that the stores were not fully equipped, 10 rounds each.
      And the weapons were cleaned, of course, as expected - after all, the shooting club.
      Before that, I shot a little from PM, FN HP, C96, M1911A1.
      I was pleasantly surprised by the soft recoil and how comfortable the pistol is in the hand.
      Not to compare with HP - he "kicks" quite hard, and the PYa does not "pinch" the trigger like a Belgian.
      I am not a sniper, and I had little practice in shooting a pistol.
      But I hit almost everything.
      There was a very pleasant impression of the pistol.
    7. 0
      August 13 2021
      Nice gun.

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