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Americans have revealed the secret of the most mysterious Russian weapons


We are often reproached for the lack of classified information that would shed light on the work of the Russian special services abroad. This is understandable. This is our country. Just recently, from sources related to ... (well, you know), we learned about one very interesting telephone conversation. It is clear that the source did not disclose the names and location of the incident. Could we publish it without proof?

The secret of Bashirov-Petrov

“- Ale, Mashenka, what did you add to the borscht?
- Honey, this is the secret ingredient (I think you guessed which ingredient we are talking about).
- Masha, open the secret, otherwise I'm in intensive care, and the doctors don't know what to inject.

But today we will deviate from our rule and publish one material related to the famous agents of "2/007" Bashirov and Petrov. Simply because the information received has been confirmed by Western intelligence services and has already been announced by Berny Torre in the British Daily Star. The material is called Vladimir Putin 'behind' pyramid UFOs that swarmed US Navy ship, ex-senator claims.

We were asked many times why, after the operations, Petrov and especially Bashirov were given such long vacations. We answer, they have regular vacations. 45 days without a road. By the way, they use it insolently. They never travel across the territory of Russia, not only by airplanes, but also by fast trains. Postage and luggage only. Bashirov travels from Moscow to Kazan for three days by train.

So, our super agents are not sitting idle. By the way, we answer one more frequently asked question. Why do agents always work together? I think to quote my psychiatrist. The smartest man, I can tell you.

“When you're alone it's okay. But when there are two of you, it’s bad. ”

I hope you understand what the doctor meant our enemies. It’s bad for them when 2/007 agents show up in their country. Some, including the Americans, are afraid to even speak the names of the agents. They use the universal word "Putin".

Putin's superweapon

“The July 2019 footage shows an object in the shape of a triangle or pyramid hovering high above the destroyer Russell.

A Defense Department spokeswoman also confirmed that the video was investigated by the Pentagon's Unidentified Flying Objects Task Force.

"They come in swarms like bees, like insects, there are so many of them," Senator Harry Reid told the Mystery Wire UFO news site.

You ask, what does Petrov and Bashirov have to do with it? And how is this statement to be understood? Don't think that we can't read between the lines.

"Vladimir Putin is behind the 'pyramid-shaped' UFOs that were filmed swarming over the US Navy ship, the former senator said. According to Harry Reid, "there is no doubt about that." He made this statement after the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the recording that got into the network. "

And don't laugh.

Isn't this proof enough for you? These are the people. A generation that puts a film on a smartphone, which makes fun of a generation that packs a TV remote control in the same film. American ex-senator, in your opinion, a fool? No, fools are not elected senators, especially American ones. Direct speech from the "elite of elites":

“Always remember, Russia, the Soviet Union, is ruled by a man who ran the KGB. They had at least 31 thousand agents at a time. Russia is involved here, there is no doubt about that. "

It is clear that Petrov and Bashirov's specialization is slightly different. They will not look at the American ship from the windows of a UFO just like that. They need to blow up something or poison someone. Signature handwriting, one might say. Otherwise, the people will not know about the feat. Ours hide information. Therefore, the ex-senator will again help:

“The Russian president spent 16 years as a foreign intelligence officer in the KGB until he retired in 1991 to pursue politics. This happened after a former US intelligence officer said that UFOs disabled the infrastructure of the nuclear weapons USA. These statements raised fears that China or Russia could control "foreign hostile technologies."

I once talked with a neighbor who returned from the clinic, and sat a little drunk. At the same time, he told the grandmothers nearby that he was following the doctor's recommendations. I looked at these very recommendations. But the neighbor is right. The doctor just wrote it - I recommend to do alcohol. Or sports? You know how our doctors write.

Thanks to Luis Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program of the secret Pentagon unit, who reportedly investigated UFOs in 2007-2012. He recently announced that the US government is preparing to reveal the "reality" of UFOs.

“I think I am most concerned about incidents with our nuclear capital. There seems to be a very clear correspondence between AAR (anomalous atmospheric phenomena), associated activity, and our nuclear technology. Whether it's propulsion systems, weapon systems, or something else.

The concern is that these things have actually disabled some of our nuclear facilities. So, let's say, let's put this again in the context of foreign hostile technologies, if Russia or China had the opportunity to disable our nuclear strike capabilities or defenses. "

Well, now you understand who is behind all this?

UFO also from Bashirov-Petrov?

Who, besides our great super agents, is capable of such a feat?

No, I will certainly agree that among the other 30998 agents there can be good agents. Only this contradicts formal logic. If this were so, then after the explosions in the Czech Republic, one of the undetected agents could be sent to London.

It hurt me that only now the wisdom came to me, which was laid down in my favorite Soviet cartoon about Cipollino. I have always thought that the main thing is to fight for justice. For this very pumpkin. And there the meaning is different! Tears and snot should not flow from you, but from those who bite you!

I remembered this about Russia. Well, what is Petrov and Bashirov to do? We are a smart nation. Yes, and all sorts of rockets are not so terrible if there are few of them. And the Americans and other civilized people are afraid of us. There must be a reason? And my thought caught on to what Luis Elizondo said. About the secrets of UFOs that the Americans will soon reveal.

“Meanwhile, the sensational video of a 'pyramid-shaped' UFO may only be the beginning, as the person behind the publication claims there are 'nine' more videos. Jeremy Corbell shocked the world when he posted FLIR footage of unidentified objects hovering over the destroyer Russell off the coast of San Diego. "

"Three photographs of a 'spherical' object, which on July 15, 2019, was noticed 'sinking under water' by the crew of the destroyer Omaha."

So I revealed to you the main secret of the fear of Americans. Putin and Shoigu do not go to the taiga to rest. They're inspecting! True, it is not yet known what. Until the American intelligence got to the bottom of the answer. Did they reveal about UFOs?

Do you think what you just read is my fantasy?

Alas, so much imagination does not fit in my head. All quotes I took from a real article by journalist Berny Torre (Berny Torre), actually published in the British newspaper Daily Star. All names and quotes are real. To what degree of idiocy it is necessary to come to believe in all seriousness in this nonsense.

So, at least some more plausible versions are no longer left ... Or "people hawala" and such nonsense?

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  1. Griffith
    Griffith 2 May 2021 15: 24
    Did you see the Stargate? Where brave Americans fight beetles and worms. Now it's time to say that these are not fairy tales. And the main beetle sits in the Kremlin
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 2 May 2021 15: 34
      All quotes I took from a real article by journalist Berny Torre (Berny Torre), actually published in the British newspaper Daily Star.

      If you care about your digestion, my advice is not to talk about bolshevism Putin's superweapons and medicine. And - God forbid you - don't read before dinner Soviet British newspapers.
    2. Thrifty
      Thrifty 2 May 2021 17: 03
      And why do such triangular UFOs fly over Russia? Or, in our country, they are charged with ether, through which they mock the Yankees? ??
      1. Prisoner
        Prisoner 2 May 2021 18: 51
        what Take off, however. laughing
        1. Anatoly 288
          Anatoly 288 3 May 2021 09: 15
          In my opinion, the West missed one very important point: at the beginning, the place of interest is visited by Maria Zakharova, as if carrying out a RECOGNOSCIATION, and only then our glorious heroes Bashirov and Petrov appear!
          1. Sayan
            Sayan 4 May 2021 07: 14
            Quote: Anatoly 288
            In my opinion, the West missed one very important point: at the beginning, the place of interest is visited by Maria Zakharova, as if carrying out a RECOGNOSCIATION, and only then our glorious heroes Bashirov and Petrov appear!

            Skripalevsky's cat is also with them - I swear, I saw it myself wassat
      2. Radius
        Radius 2 May 2021 21: 57
        They don't fly. They take off from there. they have a LARGE there!
        1. zenion
          zenion 4 May 2021 18: 37
          Showed this on the Internet, scary, already horror! They are only surprised that these things come and go without leaving a trace. I got to the bottom of this. In order not to buzz and leave a trace and instantly disappear, engines with elastic bands are used. The elastic bands are so long. For one plate, you need to wind the gum all day by hand and carefully so that it does not overlap. Two friends are sitting, controlling the flight, one is turning the handle, and the other is watching the winding up of the rubber band and so that it will hit the hive in time. This is the whole secret!
      3. Vasia
        Vasia 3 May 2021 00: 35

        Putin's ship, it was already)
        1. vargo
          vargo 4 May 2021 11: 22
          There, on the video, you can even see that this is a montage. Poor binding to frame elements. But it is surprising that the fact of editing is not confirmed on TV where, it would seem, there should be more specialists than in this thread.
          1. Vasia
            Vasia 4 May 2021 20: 04
            There, on the video, you can even see that this is editing.

            Here the quality is better.
      4. psiho117
        psiho117 3 May 2021 10: 12
        Quote: Thrifty
        here they are charged with ether, by means of which they mock the Yankees?

        Here they are charged by the will of the Divine Emperor Ting Pu, after which, by their very presence, they turn off enemy weapons, including nuclear wassat
      5. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 4 May 2021 13: 23
        Or, in our country, they are charged with ether, by means of which they mock the Yankees? ??
        Eh, colleague! In Russia, it is easier to refuel with alcohol than ether. Ether is sold in pharmacies and household stores, and even then not in all. And alcohol, they will pour you everywhere and give you a snack!
    3. Prisoner
      Prisoner 2 May 2021 17: 58
      Beetles in Washington, exterminators in the Kremlin. laughing
    4. El Chuvachino
      El Chuvachino 2 May 2021 18: 32
      As you confused "Stargate" with "Starship Troopers" and "Dune" by mixing everything in a heap, you also confused the Kremlin with the Pentagon.
      1. zenion
        zenion 4 May 2021 18: 39
        El Chuvachino. So is it more than a check, or less than half a liter?
    5. Russobel
      Russobel 3 May 2021 06: 37
      Did you see the Stargate?

      Would you like to watch the movie, where is it there they are fighting with beetles and worms?
    6. hrych
      hrych 4 May 2021 09: 56
      Of course the type is ridiculous, but the fact of observation takes place. And if the big, black, triangular UFOs are the experimental, reconnaissance airships of the United States itself. Why shouldn't Russia make similar, but even more technically stable - pyramidal shape. The triangular and especially the pyramidal shape with reflective planes is ideal for stealth. If f-117 is a kind of pyramid with a tail, a zumfolt is a kind of pyramidal iron, but here, I repeat, the shape is ideal from the EPR point of view, and even take a radio-transparent material, and even a radio-absorbing coating. God himself ordered to make such an airship. Therefore, laughter is good, but in every joke ...
      1. zenion
        zenion 4 May 2021 18: 42
        grunt. It was exactly the same in one Jewish school. Russian language teacher speaks to children. Children: if you do not know how to write correctly - statosrat, or sratostat, write dirigopolis.
  2. IS-80_RVGK2
    IS-80_RVGK2 2 May 2021 15: 34
    Like a humor joke? Something somehow sad and not funny at all. It should have been published in the analytics section. For more hype.
    1. Richard
      Richard 2 May 2021 23: 04
      Like a humor joke?

      The author, either out of ignorance, or especially for the hype, tied together Putin, UFO and Bashirov with Petrov to a heap.
      Author: All quotes I took from a real article by journalist Berny Torre (Berny Torre), actually published in the British newspaper Daily Star. - "Vladimir Putin is behind the UFO" in the shape of a pyramid ", which were filmed swarming over the ship of the US Navy." All names and quotes are real. To what degree of idiocy is it necessary to reach in order to seriously believe in this nonsense?
      Really up to what?
      Let's read the original article better:
      "The footage taken in July 2019 shows the UFO object" PUTIN "in the shape of a triangle or pyramid hovering high above the missile destroyer US Navy" Russell ".
      “The July 2019 footage shows a UFO object" P.U.T.I.N. ", in the form of a triangle or pyramid, hovers high above the USS Russell missile destroyer

      UFO object "PUTIN" - to V.V. It has absolutely nothing to do with Putin - it's just an abbreviation for identification adopted by the US Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Center:
      UFO "PUTI N". - UFO Pyramids Uunknown Today Inspecting the Navy
      literal translation - today unknown UFOs in the shape of pyramids, inspecting the Navy
      1. psiho117
        psiho117 3 May 2021 10: 14
        Quote: Richard
        UFO object "PUTIN"

        That's what life-giving Putin is doing with his foe!
        Even UFOs are called by his name ...
      2. kig
        kig 4 May 2021 02: 01
        Quote: Richard
        US Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Center
        Pyramids Unknown Today Inspecting the Navy

    2. zenion
      zenion 4 May 2021 18: 43
      All analysis must be taken to the clinic for experiments.
  3. Novichek
    Novichek 2 May 2021 15: 35
    Feuilleton and only, there is no point in reading ...
  4. svp67
    svp67 2 May 2021 15: 36
    This whole "new scandal" with "Petrov and Boshirov" was made only in order to knock down the wave from the disclosed "attempt on Lukashenka" and the charges brought against Western countries and especially the United States
  5. Vovk
    Vovk 2 May 2021 15: 42
    Tomorrow, relatives will come to visit, we need to roll a couple of glasses in the morning, otherwise I can’t stand that there are enemies around, and we have the best president.
    1. Prisoner
      Prisoner 2 May 2021 18: 53
      Drink, do not drink, and your Zelensky does not pull at the president at all. Learn to work thinner mister.
    2. VORON538
      VORON538 3 May 2021 06: 08
      Silver briskly, are you ???
  6. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 2 May 2021 15: 45
    This is a green pyramid with an eye, I saw one on a 1 dollar bill ... Novus Ordo Seclurum wassat Agent Mavrodi launched the same.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 2 May 2021 16: 45
      Well, "signs" are ... - well, such ... That sign that with an "all-seeing eye" one can quite observe the entrance and in many places inside St. Isaac and Kazan, the so-called "cathedrals" in St. Petersburg ... In addition, in St. Petersburg there are enough buildings with "swastika symbols", which, incidentally, were also on Russian-Soviet money, on the so-called "dumka" and "pyatakovka". In addition, the swastika was used on the sleeve chevrons of some Kalmyk units of the Red Army in 1919 -1920, etc.
  7. mark2
    mark2 2 May 2021 15: 59
    This whole "new scandal" with "Petrov and Boshirov" was made only in order to knock down the wave from the disclosed "attempt on Lukashenka" and the charges brought against Western countries and especially the United States

    I agree that this is well connected with distraction. But I don’t think it’s about Lukashenka. He himself is a master at coming up with something that never happened.

    No, fools are not elected senators, especially American ones.

    Well, yes. Everything that is happening now in the World and around Russia in particular, of course, was invented by geniuses. Who else, besides the author, believes that free elections, especially in the United States, provide an opportunity for the smartest and brightest to rise? The most arrogant and cunning - yes, the smartest - no!
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 2 May 2021 16: 59
      young hockey players avenged Rosatom-11: 1.
      who is the entrance tell them to shout at the awarding "Dubinushka" and not under Chikovsky sour.
  8. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 2 May 2021 16: 01
    Russia, in addition to two well-known allies, had two more - Petrov and Bashirov.
  9. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 2 May 2021 16: 17
    The British have Bond, we have Petrov and Boshirov ...
    They have Bondiada, we have PetroBashirozada ...
    It's time to create spy films with the adventures of Petrov and Boshirov ...
    I assure you if a talented director gets down to business it will not be boring.
  10. Alexey Stepanov
    Alexey Stepanov 2 May 2021 16: 21

    Nobody goes to the propaganda department with brains?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. Captain45
    Captain45 2 May 2021 17: 35
    Let the crazy idea
    You don't cut it in the heat
    You answer us sooner through the dock of the head physician
    Best regards, date, signature
    Answer us, otherwise ...
    If you do not respond
    We will write to "Sportloto" (c)
    Well, there is nothing new under the moon, everything has already been and will be and will pass again. We must wait, the main thing is not to give such matches.
  12. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart 2 May 2021 18: 00
    By the way, we would like to make a movie about valiant agents, some kind of fierce trash comedy. A very good answer to all this Western hysteria.
  13. wow
    wow 2 May 2021 18: 24
    Petrov and Bashirov - a monument on the Lubyanka instead of F.E. Dzerzhinsky.
  14. tatiana korzhenko
    tatiana korzhenko 2 May 2021 18: 33
    In fact, the Daily Star is a tabloid, that is, "jaundice", and to seriously consider articles from there, well, somehow it's not very ...
  15. Victor Tsenin
    Victor Tsenin 2 May 2021 18: 48
    I misunderstood - Petrov and Boshirov control pyramidal UFOs or is this the true form of Petrov and Boshirov?
  16. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 3 May 2021 05: 44
    Thank you! Have fun! The mood was raised!
  17. riwas
    riwas 3 May 2021 06: 22
    The author did not disclose everything. Didn't tell that Putin is an alien wink .
  18. And Us Rat
    And Us Rat 3 May 2021 07: 57
    The author is seriously trying to find signs of common sense in the tools of information warfare ??? belay
    Propaganda is there to confuse weak minds.
    People are divided into two categories, the first is not needed "exposure" (they themselves know how to think), and the second will not help.
  19. Fan-fan
    Fan-fan 3 May 2021 14: 32
    The author writes
    To what degree of idiocy must one reach,
    , but after all, ours, too, can blurt out similar nonsense, so this should not be surprising. But the fact that our obvious enemy Skripal was punished and the Czech-Bulgarian weapons that could have been blown up in Ukraine is a fact. And if Boshirov or Chipiga did it, then they are great, since the result has been achieved, it's a pity they just appeared and they are no longer suitable for further operations. But I think we have a lot of such agents, so the West has reason to be afraid.
  20. Bez 310
    Bez 310 3 May 2021 16: 28
    Author! Shame on you?
  21. Oleg133
    Oleg133 3 May 2021 19: 44
    Russia has only two allies - Boshirov and Petrov
  22. kig
    kig 4 May 2021 02: 03
    The author, in unthinkable attempts to make his partners look like idiots, leaves not far from them. Well it is necessary, to pump so many words from an empty note in a yellow newspaper! Talent! No, talent!

    And the most mysterious weapon, if the author does not know, is called "stroybat".
  23. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 4 May 2021 10: 03
    Always remember, Russia, the Soviet Union, is ruled by a man who ran the KGB. They had at least 31 thousand agents at a time. Russia is involved, there is no doubt about it
    The number of the intelligence community in the United States is somewhere around two million. Where are they to the terrifying Russia ...
  24. DmSol
    DmSol 4 May 2021 10: 09
    It has long been known that in Soviet times, agents Petrov and Boshirov were cloned in a secret laboratory in the amount of a combined battalion. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the multi-vector nature of these agents. Many more episodes will surely emerge in the near future. Not all Americans make films about Bourne ...
  25. rruvim
    rruvim 4 May 2021 16: 07
    I was talking on the phone with one Russian-speaking American (30 years in America, a Jew of course).
    Truth. Not a joke. Literally, as I remember. He "joked" by itself. But sincerely.
    I ask:
    - Well, how is it overseas?
    - I bought a rifle!
    - You seem to be a vegetarian ...
    - You can't go to the city here. To Knoxville. These n ... s the windows of the white cars are breaking. It's easier with a rifle in the back seat.
    - Call the police!
    - She catches our (Russian) UFOs ...
  26. KLV
    KLV 5 May 2021 10: 03
    Why are agents Petrov and Bashirov always acting together? This is the same terrible secret as why girls always go to the toilet together.
  27. P_V_Poluyan
    P_V_Poluyan 5 May 2021 19: 40
    UFO is a secret spy technique from the United States. The stories of witnesses are real, the collection of information about the passage of objects is real, but about the aliens - speculation, which is supported by the disinformation of the cover, spread by the special services. "Flying saucers" are terrestrial technology. Secret technology - plasma propulsion panels, cells, railgun architecture. They are just located in the form of round zones around the perimeter and on the bottom of the device. A column of annular vortices is created from below and along the movement - this is how the apparatus flies ... Find on the Aftershock website the material "UFO - this is made in the USA" - I describe everything in detail there ...
  28. victor_47
    victor_47 9 May 2021 10: 09
    “Vladimir Putin is behind the UFO“ in the shape of a pyramid ”. It would be nice ...