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A scout from God: he warned of an attempt on Stalin's life

A scout from God: he warned of an attempt on Stalin's life

Scout from God: a scalpel to remove a tumor of fascism

A scout from God: he was the first to find Hitler's lair in Ukraine

A tip from Koch

The obtained secret information sometimes helps to save thousands of lives. Sometimes it is not so much the discovered papers or long conversations that are valuable for the intelligence officer, but only one phrase.

Yes, yes, it happens that from one such banal abandoned replica, the redeployment of entire units or even huge armies begins. This is how important it is not to miss a word. And even more important is to correctly and promptly interpret what has been said.

It must be said that the partisan special forces, which included the Soviet intelligence officer Nikolai Kuznetsov, still could not approach the head of the Reichskommissariat of Ukraine, SS Obergruppenfuehrer Erich Koch. He was almost out of reach.

Nearly. Because our legendary scout Nikolai Kuznetsov managed to meet with him. But it didn’t work to liquidate. (This Koch, by the way, lived to 1986, that is, to 90 years).

It would seem that such an alignment could be regarded as a failure? However, don't jump to conclusions. The phrase that Kuznetsov heard at that meeting literally saved thousands of lives of Soviet soldiers on the Kursk Bulge.

Here is how it was.

When Kuznetsov was in the office of the Reichskommissar of Ukraine, then, as historians write, he had no chance to even touch the pistol. To appeal to Koch, a legend was invented: German officer Siebert went to the High Commissioner to get permission to marry a lady "whose language and culture have German roots, but does not have German citizenship" (that is, she was a "Volksdeutsche").

I must say that Koch allowed Siebert to marry. However, at the end of the meeting, he uttered a couple of clarifying phrases:

“Don’t fill your head with rear-end romances, Chief Lieutenant. Get back to your unit as soon as possible. She is in the front sector where the battle will soon begin, which will decide the fate of Germany, where the Soviets will be defeated! "

When Kuznetsov returned to the partisan detachment, he literally retold his boss Timofey “a hint from Koch”. This was immediately transmitted by the ransomware to Moscow.

Soviet military intelligence officers then found out that exactly the unit where the real Siebert would have been, if he had not died then near Moscow, was in those days in a square on the Kursk Bulge.

By a strange coincidence, the same area also figured in the encryption messages received from other Soviet intelligence officers. For example, a similar message about the upcoming big fight in the same area came from John Kerncross, who was a member of the Cambridge Five.

And from other Soviet informants, who were considered reliable sources, too. And all the reports to Moscow indicated that the Wehrmacht was planning a general offensive soon on the territory of the Kursk Bulge. Moreover, Hitler personally hopes for the success of this unique operation.

So all reports on this topic from Soviet intelligence officers were not simply taken into account, but passed on to Comrade Stalin. That very "tip from Koch" that Nikolai Kuznetsov obtained in Ukraine was also immediately reported to Joseph Vissarionovich.

And right there, on his order, serious work began on preparation for that very grandiose battle that turned the whole course of the Great Patriotic War.

How Kuznetsov saved Stalin

From the movie "Tehran-43", more than 50 million viewers learned that at the participants of the Tehran Conference (November 28 - December 1, 1943) from three countries: I. V. Stalin (USSR), F. D. Roosevelt (USA) and W. Churchill (Great Britain) was preparing an assassination attempt. Hitler personally then approved the preparation of an operation to eliminate this "big three". The Nazi conspiracy was codenamed "Long Leap". But who exactly saved the lives of these high-ranking officials then? Who warned in time about the preparation of the terrorist attack?

But the Hero of the Soviet Union G.A. Vartanyan was sure that the information had come from Nikolai Kuznetsov in advance. Then an encrypted message came to Moscow from near Rovno. It was there that a detachment of the NKVD special forces operated, which included our legendary intelligence officer.

It's hard not to believe Gevork Andreevich. After all, he was directly involved in those days in the events surrounding the Tehran conference. Here's what he said about it.

Recall that in Ukraine in Rovno, one of the good friends of Paul Siebert (Soviet intelligence agent Kuznetsov) was SS Sturmbannführer Ulrich von Ortel.

Our Kuznetsov charmed this German and entered into serious confidence in the Fritz, seemingly in the usual way for a person. I won over with swinging openness and prudent lack of stinginess. The Russian always listened patiently, skillfully caught the change of mood of the narrator. In addition, Siebert was well versed in the German classics, which struck down the interlocutor who was in love with literature.

Further - a matter of technology. Siebert, without any obligations, lent the German various amounts of money and never reminded him of the deadline. Paul also treated Ulrich with chic French cognac, which was an unprecedented luxury for the then Ukraine, and especially for Rovno.

Our intelligence officer used this French drink as a kind of "tincture of truth." Indeed, after a glass or two, the usually reserved SS Sturmbannführer Ulrich von Ortel turned into a talkative and liberated person.

Once, drunk, a high-ranking German told Siebert the details of the abduction of the captured Benito Mussolini and that the German saboteur Otto Skorzeny had carried out the operation.

After another drink, it turned out that this Skorzeny was assigned only to the most responsible of the special assignments. He is a high-flying bird. The highest. And that just now, this very Otto, on the personal order of Hitler, is entrusted with the preparation of a sabotage operation. And then the name followed in a whisper. It turned out that the planned terrorist attack under the nickname "Long Jump" was conceived as the elimination of three bigwigs at once in one fell swoop. Specifically, three of the Big Three, including Comrade Stalin.

M.M. Zhurov. Portrait of the scout N.I. Kuznetsov. Source:

The tipsy narrator proudly admitted that he himself was personally involved: he would take part in the sabotage. Why did you open up? As it turned out, he wanted to assure his friend Paul, whom he was in debt like in silks, that very soon he would return everything with interest. And not even money, but carpets from the Persians, genuine.

In Moscow, they received an encrypted message and realized where the wind was blowing from: straight from Tehran.

Very soon, this news from Nikolai Kuznetsov was confirmed in messages from other agents, including through the channels of the Cambridge Five. And from others too.

And so it happened that our legendary Kuznetsov, who was the first to report to the Kremlin about the impending assassination attempt on the head of the USSR, actually saved Stalin himself. A terrorist attack called "Long Jump" was discovered and prevented.

Von Ortel's talkativeness over cognac has more than once supplied Moscow with valuable leaks. For example, a cipher that the Germans are developing a "miracleweapon"As a projectile plane, came to Moscow in November 1942. As always, Kuznetsov was ahead of everyone else. With a ready-made miracle weapon - V-1 shells, the Nazis fired at London from June 13, 1944.

Our legendary scout Nikolai Kuznetsov died on March 9, 1944 in Ukraine in the Lviv region, when he was 32 years old. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to him on November 5, 1944. Posthumously.

Branko Kitanovic in his book "The Man Who Did Not Know Fear" (1986) writes:

“About the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov, books have been published in many countries of the world. Scientists study his exploits, educate young people on the example of his life, the image of Kuznetsov inspires artists and writers to new works. Few of the scouts have monuments erected. Many world famous sculptors, writers, artists, musicians dedicated their works to the personality and exploits of Nikolai Kuznetsov. "

The scale of this legendary personality was so appreciated by the discoverer of space Yuri Gagarin. It говорил:

"The image of the people's avenger Nikolai Kuznetsov has always been an example of boundless service to my people and my Motherland, humanity and progress for me."


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  1. Korsar4
    Korsar4 April 30 2021 05: 18
    Superfluous confirmation of the classic poster: "Don't talk!"
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich April 30 2021 06: 33
      Soviet military intelligence officers then found out that exactly the unit where the real Siebert would be listed was in those days in a square on the Kursk Bulge.

      How did Koch know this? Did you find out the unit number of some chief lieutenant and where it is located?

      I think that this phrase he spoke all , even more so for those who have treated such a thing.

      "long jump" operation German saboteur Otto Skorzeny

      in his memoirs, Skorzeny himself denies the existence of such an operation.

      And the German network in Tehran was defeated back in August (conference in November)
    2. Yuri V.A
      Yuri V.A April 30 2021 06: 35
      Do not talk, but shake and do not mix (cognac with port) - a spy classic.
  2. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV April 30 2021 07: 04
    And why did the author not indicate exactly how our Hero died, who is to blame and who killed? Or did she write this material while sitting in an embroidered shirt?
    1. Darkness
      Darkness April 30 2021 07: 58
      Maybe because there is no exact data on the death - only versions?
      1. Andrey VOV
        Andrey VOV April 30 2021 09: 37
        Do not pass off wishful thinking as reality, everything is known exactly where, how and why ...
    2. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich April 30 2021 08: 49
      These creatures, in embroidered shirts, where they did not shit. And yet, in almost 30 years, they have become "heroes" of an entire nation. If the scoundrels are "heroes" then how to relate to this people? Complete self-degradation ...
  3. Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 April 30 2021 07: 50
    I learned about Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov in the late 80s, while still being accepted into the pioneers. Also, by chance, I read the book "It was near Rovno" put by my mother in my room. Then, the elder brother of his maternal grandfather came from the Ukrainian SSR, left the book "The Moment of Truth", read it at the age of 12. I thought and decided to try to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and uncle ...
    What could the "restrained SS Sturmbannführer Ulrich von Ortel" have to do with the Abwehr and Operation Long Jump?
    Otto Skorzeny, before the operation to rescue Mussolini, if I am not mistaken, was little known. In addition, the "experts" believe that the operation to rescue Mussolini was successful only due to an accidental coincidence of circumstances and evacuation in a light-engine "Horch" ...
    1. motorized rifle
      motorized rifle April 30 2021 14: 30
      light-engine "Horch" ...

      Storche Fi-156 Storch
  4. Undecim
    Undecim April 30 2021 07: 59
    The Germans, including Skorzeny, deny the preparation of Operation Long Jump. The British and Americans to this day consider it a disinformation of the Soviet intelligence, moreover, successful, since Roosevelt, having received information from Molotov about a possible assassination attempt, agreed to settle in apartments prepared in advance for this on the territory of the Soviet embassy, ​​in which listening equipment was installed. Therefore, the content of all Roosevelt's conversations with his advisers and negotiations with Churchill immediately fell on Stalin's table. This moment is described in detail in the book of the famous Soviet scientist Sergei Alekseevich Gegechkori (Sergo Beria).
    The personality of Hans Ulrich von Ortel is also considered a fictional figure. By the way, if in Medvedev's memoirs this officer is called SS Sturmbannfuehrer Hans Ulrich von Ortel, then in Sudoplatov's memoirs - Wehrmacht Lieutenant Ortiz.
    1. qQQQ
      qQQQ April 30 2021 09: 20
      Quote: Undecim
      The personality of Hans Ulrich von Ortel is also considered a fictional figure. By the way, if in Medvedev's memoirs this officer is called SS Sturmbannfuehrer Hans Ulrich von Ortel, then in Sudoplatov's memoirs - Wehrmacht Lieutenant Ortiz.

      Well, you probably shouldn't believe the memoirs of former intelligence officers. The only thing that is likely to be true is the fact of receiving information, and where from whom and how, who will say.
      1. Lynx2000
        Lynx2000 April 30 2021 09: 56
        Probably, the memoirs are compiled on the basis of the personal information of the participants in memorable events, they should be with reservations. Authors of memoirs and participants in the events, without reliable information, rely on the data of other participants. For example, SS Sturmbannführer Hans Ulrich von Ortelmogh be a career officer in the Abwehr, documents in the name of an SS officer could be a legend (cover).
        Reliable information about Hans Ulrich von Ortel, or the Wehrmacht officer Ortiz, can be confirmed in the archives.
        1. Undecim
          Undecim April 30 2021 10: 32
          Reliable information about Hans Ulrich von Ortel, or the Wehrmacht officer Ortiz, can be confirmed in the archives.
          In German - did not receive.
    2. Catfish
      Catfish April 30 2021 15: 30
      Hi, hi. hi

      On September 12, 1943, Mussolini was kidnapped by a paratrooper battalion with the participation of Otto Skorzeny.

      The meeting of the Big Three took place in Tehran on November 28 - December 1, 1943.

      Interestingly, when did Skorzeny find the time to prepare people and prepare himself for such a complex operation as the elimination of the leaders of the three most powerful states of that time?

      I rather believe in the bluff on the part of our intelligence.
      1. Undecim
        Undecim April 30 2021 15: 34
        In Skorzeny's memoirs, there is a mention of the fact that the German intelligence had information about the meeting, but the organization of the assassination was recognized as futile.
        1. Catfish
          Catfish April 30 2021 15: 37
          but the organization of the assassination attempt was declared futile.

          So reasonable cynics, who will be engaged in projecting.
          1. Undecim
            Undecim April 30 2021 15: 55
            Roosevelt, by the way, although he accepted Stalin's offer to be accommodated in the Soviet embassy, ​​went to meetings with American soldiers who were in Iran.
            1. Catfish
              Catfish April 30 2021 16: 07
              And here behind the wheel is clearly not an American, although the photo was taken at the airport.
              1. Undecim
                Undecim April 30 2021 16: 12
                Actually, this is Yalta.
                1. Catfish
                  Catfish April 30 2021 16: 16
                  Have not arrived yet, the airfield in Saki. smile
            2. Undecim
              Undecim April 30 2021 16: 10
              Despite the fact that both the British and the Americans, after appropriate analyzes, considered the version of the impending assassination attempt to be disinformation of the Soviet intelligence, this did not prevent many from exploiting the topic in their memoirs.

              In the photo Churchill in Tehran. In the foreground is his famous bodyguard, Walter Henry Thompson. That he wrote in his memoirs that the Germans in general were preparing a suicide squad, which were supposed to blow up both themselves and the "big three."
              1. Catfish
                Catfish April 30 2021 16: 24
                And what makes the German "Tiger" there, and even clearly pummeled? belay

                This is not Casablanca, by any chance?
                1. Undecim
                  Undecim April 30 2021 17: 33
                  And what makes the German "Tiger" there, and even clearly pummeled?

                  This is the first Tiger captured by the British. I was a little wrong. The photo shows not Tehran, but Tunisia, where Churchill went from Tehran. Rather, at first he met with Roosevelt and Inonu in Cairo, and then, at the invitation of Eisenhower, he left for Tunisia, where he was shown the trophy. The tank was then sent to Britain.
                  And the second photo is Casablanca.
                2. Richard
                  Richard April 30 2021 18: 17
                  By the way, the book "Strong in spirit" is an expanded version of Medvedev's previous book on the same topic, "It Was Near Rovno" (1948), but in this first version there is nothing about the history of Tehran. It was inserted into it later. Someone ordered this to him? Why is there no description of such a sensational story in "It Was Near Rivne"? After all, it is known that in the USSR such books were always created with the obligatory participation of consultants from the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB, and there could be nothing accidental in them.
                  1. Catfish
                    Catfish April 30 2021 18: 20
                    I read both, but it was so long ago that I don’t really remember, I only remember that there was confusion in the names of German officers, in one book he was an SS man, in the other he was Abwehr.
  5. Xenofont
    Xenofont April 30 2021 10: 54
    But in school history textbooks there is a mention of the name of Kuznetsov? Eh, I'm afraid not. Putin suddenly became interested in teaching history at school when an entire generation grew up on liberoid textbooks.
    1. Lynx2000
      Lynx2000 April 30 2021 11: 17
      When I was studying, about Kuznetsov N.I. we knew there were extracurricular activities. Moreover, he graduated from school in 1994. For the other generation to know, parents must tell their children. This is what I do. I know about my great-grandfathers, how they lived, what they did ...
    2. Richard
      Richard April 30 2021 23: 13
      Well, what is the minus for? Than minus would be better expressed in what Sergei do not agree.
  6. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle April 30 2021 14: 57
    The degree of risk in the work of Kuznetsov was prohibitive. The very first request to the unit in which he was registered and on behalf of which he carried out "procurement" activities, made it impossible to work under the name of Siebert, tk. he was listed, if not among the dead, then among the missing. Kuznetsov's talent primarily consisted in the fact that he did not give rise to suspicion of his legend.
  7. Catfish
    Catfish April 30 2021 15: 50
    After another drink, it turned out that this Skorzeny was assigned only to the most responsible of the special assignments. He is a high-flying bird. The highest.

    And what kind of "... only the most responsible of the special assignments." instructed Skorzeny until the fall of 1943? And none, except for the abduction of Mussolini. request
    1. Richard
      Richard April 30 2021 17: 39
      British counterintelligence did not differ in unprofessionalism, even more zealous than their Soviet counterparts, cleaning Iran since 1941. As a result of their coordinated, as well as not coordinated actions, no real agent network of the Reich in Iran existed already by the beginning of 1943. The final cleansing was carried out by the British noisily and swiftly on August 14 and 15, 1943, neutralizing Franz Mayer's group in Tehran, seizing radios, ciphers, documents, and even arresting, in addition to German agents, 170 Iranian officers along the way - just in case. Without too much publicity, the Soviet special services carried out an equally (or even more) harsh action. In August 1943, the Iranian capital was already completely cleared of German agents. That is why Stalin chose Tehran: it was clean there.
  8. Old26
    Old26 April 30 2021 17: 06
    Quote: Lynx2000
    For example, SS Sturmbannführer Hans Ulrich von Ortelmogh be a career officer in the Abwehr, documents in the name of an SS officer could be a legend (cover).

    Whether von Ortel was an Abwehr officer or an SS officer is not so important. He was too "omnivorous". In December 1942 there was the first drop from the FAU-1 aircraft, and in November he already tells Kuznetsov ...
  9. sibiryouk
    sibiryouk April 30 2021 17: 24
    Nikolai Kuznetsov was an excellent intelligence officer, as can be seen from the results of his intelligence work, but an amateur liquidator who did not have professional training in this area, this is also evident from the method of his actions. He never used a weapon with a silencer (although the BRAMIT device was supplied to the NKGB and special groups and partisans), did not use an optical sight for firing from a certain distance, did not use special explosive devices, once used grenades, but he himself was wounded by their fragments when retreating after actions, premeditated ways of diverting the chase were not used, even the use of the same pistol cal. 7,65 in different cities by a person of similar appearance created a certain handwriting by which the Gestapo calculated it. While Kuznetsov was engaged in reconnaissance, he was invulnerable, he was not figured out or exposed. But when he became a liquidator, he failed as a scout!
  10. Richard
    Richard April 30 2021 17: 42
    On December 17, Roosevelt, who returned from Tehran, at a press conference said about the reason for his strange decision to settle in a foreign embassy, ​​this version caused frank Homeric laughter from journalists and Roosevelt himself, who joined them. The conspiracy theory about Hitler's Tehran conspiracy in America did not take root. In Britain, according to Churchill's memoirs, Stalin's version was politely silenced. In the USSR, ordinary citizens were naturally kept in the dark. Until, in 1948, a hundred thousandth edition of the book was published by Colonel of State Security D.N. Medvedev "It was near Rovno", who commanded in 1942-1944. special detachment of the NKVD "Winners" subordinate to the Sudoplatov administration. Publications continued in the next year, 1949, in addition to the release of his own play "Strong in Spirit", another version of the book with the same title. It would be naive to even imagine that in 1948 (and later) a state security colonel could write and publish unauthorized memoirs about special operations during the war! In his opuses, simply by definition, there could be nothing but information agreed with the "competent" authorities (or even simply dictated by them) - that is, the then MGB.
  11. Richard
    Richard April 30 2021 18: 13
    Another thing is important: so far not a single archival document has been published - neither German, nor from our side - confirming that Operation Long Jump was in fact being prepared. All Soviet documents related to the security of the conference participants in Tehran are still kept in archives under the heading "Top Secret" and can be declassified no earlier than 2043.
    Not a single German document on Operation Long Jump has been found, including in the captured German intelligence archives.
  12. zimzinov
    zimzinov 1 May 2021 00: 19
    For us, this is another reason to bring down Bandera (the last ones). And do it carefully and consistently. Not letting anyone pass by. Alive. You, Banderas, will also answer for Kuznetsov.
  13. zimzinov
    zimzinov 30 May 2021 22: 41
    To use such a level of intelligence officer as a saboteur is utter folly. How to heat with banknotes.
  14. Petrik66
    Petrik66 24 June 2021 09: 58
    Regarding the Kursk Bulge ..... reports from the "Cambridge Five" were based on the data received from the intercepts of the "Enigma". naturally, this was the most important and high-quality information. Everything else is from the field of "hunting stories". blacksmiths was a great scout, saboteur. His work with the Germans before the war is very interesting. James Bond smokes puff. A great person does not need popular prints and fictional articles for the Red Star. In 16 months, kill 11 high officials and military men, and in a city full of all possible GUFs, the Abwehr and just good Ukrainian people. Green berets - how many stories, but Medvedev's detachment will be more abrupt, not to mention Botyan. We do not know how to untwist our over proffies. Here is Skorzeny, "a man with a scar" - the whole biography is muddy, but he is recognized as a hero - Mussolini stole it. Kuznetsov's ashes must be redeemed, exchanged, stolen, but he must be reburied with the highest honors and Russians must be taken there for education and our "partners" for edification.
    1. tank64rus
      tank64rus 13 July 2021 20: 23
      NI Kuznetsov back in Moscow before the war, being in the role of a Soviet lieutenant pilot who allegedly tested secret Soviet planes, carried out such operations with German "diplomats". Bond smokes on the sidelines and sighs nervously.