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Sports pistol "Aspid" is sent for approbation before testing

Sports pistol "Aspid" is sent for approbation before testing

The sports self-loading pistol RG120 "Aspid" before testing will be tested in law enforcement agencies and sports clubs of the Shooting Federation. This was reported by the press service of Rostec.

At TsNIITochmash, which developed weapon, explained that approbation is necessary to familiarize potential consumers with the characteristics of the new pistol, and the feedback received will help identify shortcomings and modify the weapon before preliminary and acceptance tests.

As the press service explained, both modifications of the pistol - RG120 and RG120-1 - will be sent for testing. Pistol "Aspid" RG120 is equipped with a magazine for 22 rounds of 9X19 mm caliber, RG120-1 - for 18 rounds. The light version is equipped with a collimator sight mount and does not have external mechanical fuses. The standard pistol RG-120 is equipped with a Piccatini rail. Weight (without cartridges) is 1100 gr. for the standard version and 800 gr. for "lightweight".

In December 2020, Rostec announced that the RG120 Aspid sports self-loading pistol had passed the final stage of certification.

The manufacturer guarantees that the resource of a 9-mm weapon is at least 25 thousand rounds. For the store, this figure is 7,5 thousand shots. The gun is able to function smoothly at temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 28 January 2021 10: 48
    More good and different pistols!
    But comparative tests are necessary before being put into service.
    Although an army pistol is not what the police or the FSB need.
    So, that "adopt" can be several times.
    For different services.
    1. Constanty
      Constanty 28 January 2021 11: 54
      I confess that I do not fully know the rules of gun ownership in Russia, but I am surprised by a whole galaxy of new and not entirely different pistols.
      I wonder about their potential for success, whether export or domestic.
      They are rather dubious (especially after the tender for the army in favor of the "Udav" was resolved), although, of course, they often show the capabilities of Russian designers or factories.
      1. Hunter 2
        Hunter 2 28 January 2021 11: 59
        This pistol has a very "specific" circle of customers, and the price tag is not childish at all, that is, it is not even considered as an army pistol! It may be quite interesting for special forces (under Solutions of certain problems), shooters - Athletes! Pistol - Sports !!!
        1. Constanty
          Constanty 28 January 2021 12: 16
          we understand another term sports pistol - for me it was always 22LR, but here it is more like IPSC. The recipient group is small and dominated by other companies.
          It is not always a matter of technical characteristics - fashion, advertising, etc. are important.
          I wish this weapon all the best, but I don't expect much commercial success.
          1. Bad_gr
            Bad_gr 28 January 2021 13: 07
            Quote: Constanty
            for me it was always 22LR, but here it is more like IPSC.

            And what class does Efimov's PE-10 pistol in caliber .40 S&W (10x22) belong to?

            [/ Center][/ Center]
            1. Constanty
              Constanty 28 January 2021 13: 16
              Although from the very beginning Evgeny Yefimov designed this pistol PE10 in accordance with the IPSC requirements, for me it is a kind of "sport" designed to imitate the use of this weapon for non-sporting purposes.
              There are, of course, modified manipulators, they have specific features that distinguish them from combat weapons, but they are still common central fire weapons.

              Moreover, the existence of the PE-10 further undermines the economic rationale for another IPSC pistol - is the need really that great? Maybe PE-10 didn't work?
              1. Bad_gr
                Bad_gr 28 January 2021 13: 28
                Quote: Constanty
                PE10 designed this pistol in accordance with the requirements of IPSC
                Thanks for the information.

                Quote: Constanty
                Maybe PE-10 didn't work?
                I think the concern is looking for a niche where to make money. Although not a big penny (compared to the Army), but still money.
                And according to Efimov, from the information that there is nete, it releases its products on the sly. If the price, as promised, drops to 70 thousand rubles, then, probably, production will have to be expanded.
                In addition, he also made a pistol in caliber 9x19 (PE-119)
  2. Dimide
    Dimide 28 January 2021 11: 13
    A kilogram of 100 grams in the standard version, a lot of glass for constant wear.
    Even today I read that the Mayak plant has developed a multi-caliber Kalashnikov
  3. potap6509
    potap6509 28 January 2021 11: 54
    Guys, what kind of adoption, what kind of wearing, this is a SPORTS pistol, for athletes.
  4. senima56
    senima56 28 January 2021 14: 30
    Why isn't the Poloz being tested? It was specially created as a "lightweight version for law enforcement agencies"!
  5. John22
    John22 28 January 2021 15: 21
    And there was also Lebedev's pistol, recently advertised as an outstanding sports one. And now everything is quiet. Shooting from a pistol in the Russian Federation is not encouraged and is expensive.
    1. Catfish
      Catfish 28 January 2021 16: 43
      “Lebedev” seems to be undergoing a “run-in” in law enforcement agencies, but somehow it all drags on for too long, with “Boa” they immediately decided. Lobby?