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Who will help you, "Sailors Spiridov"?


Russia needs frigate "Admiral Spiridov"

There is in Pereslavl-Zalessky, where Peter the Great began to master the naval business, a unique military-patriotic club "Sailors Spiridov". He is already 28 years old. For the last twelve years, Irina Leonidovna Konopleva has been its permanent leader.

Boys and girls from all over the city and its environs come and come to the club to learn the skill of naval art and learn the basics of applied military sports. They knit sea knots, learn the art of boat rowing, raising sails, accurate shooting from an air rifle and a Baikal pistol, assembling and disassembling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, throwing knives and sapper shovels.

And they also simply temper themselves, become courageous and hardy - real genuine patriots of Russia. Because the idol for young sailors is Admiral Grigory Andreevich Spiridov.

Future admiral fleet Russian, like them, from childhood he brought up in himself all those unique qualities that he needed in battles with enemies. This helped him to win a glorious victory in the famous battle with the Turkish enemy in the Chesme Bay, which glorified the Russian sailors and the Russian fleet for centuries.

More recently, the club learned that the Russian Navy wants to establish patronage work with naval clubs. For this (in addition to all data about the organization), the questionnaire required the name of a military vessel or a naval educational institution with which young sailors would interact in the future.

Here Irina Leonidovna was puzzled, remembering how the day before her daughter Maria (a graduate of the club and currently a student of the marine college) asked:

"Is there a frigate named Admiral Spiridov among Russian warships?"

Who will help you, "Sailors Spiridov"?

And then Konoplyova senior had to answer:

"No. There used to be one armored turret frigate in Russia that defended Kronstadt with that name. It was built at the end of the XNUMXth century and was scrapped long ago. Then they laid down a light cruiser at the Putilov shipyard in St. Petersburg. But the revolution broke out. And the ship was converted into a tanker with a completely different name - "Grozneft".

"Is it possible that over all these years no ship in Russia was lucky enough to acquire the name of Admiral Spiridov, who once drowned the entire Turkish fleet in a sea battle?"

- Maria insisted.

In the article "To frigate" Admiral Spiridov "- to be, but ..." Alexander Vitko clearly stated a possible answer to Maria:

"No. And, apparently, it will be so for many years. Alas, at the Military Council of the Navy, all the valid names of the surface ships under construction are scheduled until 2033. "

Maybe, of course, hope will flash, but it will be some kind of miracle ...

There is something to think about. After all, I so wanted the young sailors to step on the deck of a warship, proudly bearing the name of this illustrious admiral.

However, there is no such frigate in the Russian navy. Although during the naval parade in St. Petersburg in 2020, the name of Admiral Grigory Spiridov sounded first.

A friend from Kaliningrad recently called me and boasted that he had bought a good yacht, but he just doesn't know what name to give it. Without thinking twice, I suggested that he name the yacht "Admiral Spiridov".

And he immediately agreed. After all, the name of such a famous naval commander can only be proud of.

But for some reason they forgot about it in the high offices of the Ministry of Defense and the Main Command of the Russian Navy?

Do you know Admiral Spiridov?

Yes, it seems, they really forgot, and not only in the offices. Once, after the Victory Parade, a descendant of Admiral Valery Stegnin, who worked as a driver on buses carrying parade participants, told me the following:

- We had a little respite, - he was amazed, - in the cabin I have passengers - military officers and sailors, and I take it and ask:

- Do you know Admiral Spiridov?

There was an oppressive silence before one of them asked an unexpected question:
- You tell me, who is it, when and where did he serve?

It turns out that we do not know history the Russian state. Like those Ivans who do not remember kinship ...

As for the pupils of the "Sailors Spiridova" club, Irina Leonidovna is pleased with them. Those who have already graduated are confidently walking along the path of life. And today, for the most part, they have become successful people.

Snezhana Shuvalova, Artyom Chizhov and Nikita Zizin are cadets of the Rybinsk River School. Evgeny Matveev is a student at the Police College in Yaroslavl. Maria Konopleva is a college student at the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport and receives a scholarship named after Admiral Fyodor Ushakov. Yegor Selekhov studies in Moscow at the FSB College. Mikhail Shatalov and Ilya Putintsev, future commanders-defenders of the Fatherland, are learning the military profession at the Serpukhov military school.

But every year fewer and fewer girls and boys come to the club. The transfer of the organization's activities to a commercial basis has an effect, now parents have to pay for each stay of the cabin boy in the classroom. Where can they get this money with small salaries in a small old town.

So the children sit at home or just hang out wherever they go. And nobody cares about this. The state turns a blind eye to the activities of such clubs, the heads of local officials are busy with their work, only Irina Leonidovna herself is busy with everything. However, parents and acquaintances are also running around in various instances, knocking out funds somewhere. But those more simply sympathize.

Give me your hand, I'm waiting ...

But there is something to think about. In fact, the "Sailors Spiridov" has only a magnificent water surface of Pleshcheyevo Lake and a small room for classes, given to them as a kind of donation. It's a shame to say, but the club does not have a simple ordinary boat (as such). Even a model of a Kalashnikov assault rifle has to be taken on bail.

Party members from United Russia and the Communist Party help, but only when you come to them with a request. Irina Leonidovna does not want to hear about the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia - these are the bureaucrats. And there was no firm long-term sponsor in the club.

And this is a shame, because at all competitions where "Sailors Spiridov" perform, boys and girls usually take only prize places. They were applauded by admiring fans in Sevastopol, Narva, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Serpukhov and Rybinsk. More than 47 victories, medals and prizes won. Not every Russian city can boast of such pupils.

To be honest, a lot is expected from the patronage of the Russian Navy in the military-industrial complex "Sailors Spiridova". Here the chiefs will come to them, they will bring a real boat, models weapons, other gifts that are so necessary for conducting full-fledged classes. This year, due to the pandemic, all competitions were canceled. But it was also the case that before the next performances the Pereslavl cabin boys had to go to Narva to practice rowing skills in a boat.

As usual, boys and girls in the club are engaged on Saturdays and Sundays. Everyone knows them in Pereslavl-Zalessky, they are a kind of visiting card of the city. But the administration looks at them without much admiration. Well, there is and is, we will not interfere yet, we will also fix obstacles, we will invite you to various events, but we will help - sorry, look for sponsors yourself.

Ay, heads of the best enterprises of the city near the ancient and beautiful Pleshcheyevo Lake. How many of you will finally think about the future of the younger generation of the glorious Pereslavl?

But you really want these children to have everything, as it should be. Once in Narva I had to go to the local maritime club, where the President of Estonia himself once came to an old and shabby barn. He walked around, looked and offered to demolish everything and build a new one.

So they erected it. Yes, such that you look at everything and only admire. And who will come to the best city of the Golden Ring - Pereslavl-Zalessky and look into the club "Sailors Spiridov". And not just come in, but also extend a friendly helping hand?
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  1. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 13 November 2020 15: 08
    And who will come to the best city of the Golden Ring - Pereslavl-Zalessky and look into the club "Sailors Spiridov". And not just come in, but also extend a friendly helping hand?
    ... I know such a person ... Chubais ...
    1. seacap
      seacap 13 November 2020 16: 02
      Gref and Kudrin are constantly looking for someone to help empty their pockets, what other bum to rip off, what child to take away candy. A state built with the help of treachery and criminality, on the basis of total hypocrisy and cynical lies, as a state policy with the sole purpose of plundering and clearing these territories, where the measure of everything and everyone, material and spiritual, is loot, has no future and the fate of his people is sad.
    2. Stas157
      Stas157 15 November 2020 07: 26
      ... the President of Estonia himself once arrived in an old and shabby barn. He walked around, looked and offered to demolish everything and build a new one.

      So they erected it. Yes, such that you look at everything and only admire. And who will come to the best city of the Golden Ring - Pereslavl-Zalessky and will drop by the club "Sailors Spiridov".

      And you invite the Estonian president. Maybe he will build a new club for you too.
  2. Nikon OConor
    Nikon OConor 13 November 2020 15: 32
    In the Battle of Chesme, a truly grandiose victory was won over the "invincible" Ottoman fleet. But all the laurels went to Prince Alexei Orlov (Chesmensky), the brother of Catherine the Great's favorite Grigory Orlov.
    But this should in no way be an understatement of the feat of the sailors of the Russian Imperial Navy, and even more so the actual commander of the squadron.
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 13 November 2020 15: 35
    The leader, apparently from the police, should know that you need to go to the education department and register there, some money is allocated for this case. When working on water, there must be a lot of tolerances. at least the same money saved.
  4. boris epstein
    boris epstein 13 November 2020 16: 24
    In the same way, the Russian Air Force did not find an aircraft to name it after three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin.
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 14 November 2020 13: 23
      Quote: boris epstein
      In the same way, the Russian Air Force did not find an aircraft to name it after three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin.

      There are not enough boards for the Heroes of Russia. For example, father and son Kadyrovs without registered ships / planes. The son is more alive than all living things, he is already an academician, and a hero, and a navigator, and a carpenter - it's just a shame that they have not named anything until now (in honor of papa, at least a bridge in St. Petersburg).
      Or the Yamadayev brothers - at least one RTO for three should be given.
  5. Constanty
    Constanty 13 November 2020 16: 44
    Then they laid down a light cruiser at the Putilov shipyard in St. Petersburg. But the revolution broke out. And the ship was converted into a tanker with a completely different name - "Grozneft".

    Light cruiser "Admiral Spiridov" of "Svetlana" class under construction.

    The nano-oil tanker "Grozneft" (Displacement 6800 tons) was restored. In 1934 the tanker "Grozneft" was renamed into "GROZNY". In 1934, it was converted into a non-self-propelled tanker barge in Mariupol

    It was flooded in the port of Mariupol in October 1941.

    Raised by the Germans and rebuilt as a non-self-propelled tanker "GROZNYJ"
    Later the name was changed to WM202 Self-flooding by the Germans in Mariupol on September 20, 1943
  6. Garm
    Garm 13 November 2020 17: 22
    But now we have an icebreaker with the proud name "Viktor Chernomyrdin". I wonder what other names are planned until 2033, I hope Yeltsin and Gorbachev are not among them.
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 14 November 2020 04: 03
      Well, the icebreaker "Arktika" from 1982 to 1986 was called "Leonid Brezhnev", so what?
      Quote: Viktor Chernomyrdin
      They wanted the best, but it turned out as always.
  7. marchcat
    marchcat 13 November 2020 18: 11
    How many of you will finally think about the future of the younger generation?
    Local "nobles" have their own growing up, so they will take care of him. Foreign countries will help them with this.
  8. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 13 November 2020 19: 44
    In general, large ships are tight in our country, but there are enough worthy admirals in history. And you won't call any minesweeper by that name. You can remember Fyodor Apraksin, the hero of Gangut is the same, one battleship in history. It's just not fate, and that's it ... by the way Spiridov was born in Vyborg, what does he have to do with Pereslavl-Zalessky ?! There is not enough chief ship, they would call themselves "sailors of Nakhimov", or "sailors of Ushakov" - with all due respect hi
    1. Ryazan87
      Ryazan87 14 November 2020 14: 01
      But there is a BOD "Admiral Levchenko". He was a glorious naval commander:
      "..In November 1941, after the surrender of Kerch, he was arrested, pleaded guilty to defeatism and panic, testified against G. I. Kulik. On January 25, 1942, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but on January 31, 1942 he was pardoned and demoted in the rank of captain 1st rank ...
      He led the landing operation to capture Sommers Island in the Gulf of Finland on July 8, 1942, which ended in the complete death of the landing force and significant losses in ships (8 boats were sunk). "
      BOD "Admiral Kulakov". Also the sailor is not one of the last:
      "... In January 1944 he was removed from office for the unsatisfactory work of the Military Council of the Fleet, which resulted in the death of a detachment of warships of the fleet in November 1943 and heavy losses during the Kerch-Eltigen landing operation in Crimea. For three months he was at the disposal of the Political Directorate of the RKKF USSR. Was demoted to captains of the 1st rank (2.03.1944). Since March 1944 - head of the Higher military-political courses of the Navy. "
      Eagles, an example for generations, are ideologically correct. And here, you know, some kind of Spiridov, it will also be uncomfortable in front of the respected Turkish "partners".
  9. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 13 November 2020 21: 10
    Alexei Grigorievich Spiridov (son) Russian admiral in September 1813 was appointed Governor-General of Revel and the main commander of the Revel port and held this position until his death. He died in Reval on March 18, 1828 at the age of 74. He was buried at the Alexander Nevsky cemetery in Revel. The grave is still preserved in Tallinn. The family of great sailors has not been forgotten.
  10. north 2
    north 2 14 November 2020 08: 20
    So what's the trouble? Or the fact that the glorified naval commander-admirals for three hundred years of Russian history
    the fleet is too large and there are not enough frigates to assign the names of those great naval commanders, or the problem is that too few new frigates have been built and we are building too little?
    in the number of new ships of the first rank. But when they built new MRKs or new corvettes, the idea might have come to call one of these new ships by the name "Mercury", in honor of the brig "Mercury", or to call it Alexander Kazarsky, honor of the commander of this ship. I say that even before the Soviet
    period, the history of the Fleet of Tsarist Russia has left so many famous names that now just come on
    build new ships, and the names will line up and one brighter than the other. This is the legacy to descendants
    left the history of the Fleet of Tsarist Russia. Left a full galaxy of great names for the fleet and Russia.
    But there is one thing ... When in his youth, in the service during this political study, the political officer
    for an hour he chased and mixed with dirt both Tsarism and Tsarist Russia. And then in the smoking-room in unison by
    broadcasting the sounding song "Wide Country My Native" whistled this melody. And I, under the impression of a recent political study, asked this lieutenant-captain, - ... so who, if not Tsarist Russia, her Army and Navy, collected and left us in inheritance this wide country, in which there are many forests, fields and rivers .. ...
    In short, the next day a special officer already spoke to me ... So something like this with the legacy that the history of Russia passed on to the descendants ...
  11. Sibguest
    Sibguest 14 November 2020 16: 19
    3,14zdets ... what else to say?
    Without a doubt: it is easier for the oil thief officials to pretend that the club does not exist - perhaps he himself will die.
    And then the street will happily embrace good boys and girls ....
    Yes, not everything was good in my country - the USSR - but such clubs tried not only to support, but even to control their development.
  12. nemoXX
    nemoXX 17 November 2020 20: 16
    Correct trend! Tsarist admirals, whose names they named ships before the revolution, are known for real victories at sea that made Russia great. And a large series of cruisers of the 70s with the names of Soviet admirals, whose rotten belch takes place to this day is a shameful phenomenon in the fleet. Because "heroic" admirals such as Zozuli, Vinogradov, Chabanenko and Gorshkov are not noticed not only in victories, but even in any notable naval battles. And verbal camouflage "made a great contribution to development ..." this regrettable fact cannot be canceled.