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Polish Air Force replenished with two M-346 Master combat training aircraft (UBS)

Polish Air Force replenished with two M-346 Master combat training aircraft (UBS)

The Polish Air Force has been replenished with two M-346 Master jet trainer aircraft (UBS). Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced this on his Twitter page.

Both planes reportedly arrived at the Damblin air base on their own, just over two weeks apart. The first plane arrived on October 5, the second on October 20. Taking into account two additional aircraft arrived as part of the 4th training aviation wing (4 Skrzydło Lotnictwa Szkolnego) on the 41st aviation the base in Demblin currently has 10 UBS M-346 (Polish name Bielik).

In total, within the framework of the agreement concluded in March 2018 between the Italian company Leonardo and the Ministry of Defense of Poland, the country's air force should receive four additional M-346 Master UBSs with delivery by October 2020. In addition to aircraft, under the terms of the agreement, Poland will receive seven ground simulators, spare parts and technical support.

Also under this contract worth $ 115 million, in addition to the delivery of four aircraft, the Polish Ministry of Defense has converted the option for four more aircraft into a firm contract worth $ 130 million for delivery in 2022.

The same contract provides for bringing 12 other Polish M-346 aircraft to the so-called NATO STANAG 4193 Edition 3 IFF standard, which is the latest version of the M-346 onboard equipment and software developed by Leonardo.

Earlier (2016-2017), the Polish Air Force received eight M-346 UBS from Leonardo under a contract from 2013 for a total of about 280 million euros. The aircraft are intended for advanced flight training of AJT (Advanced Jet Trainer) pilots and replacement of the outdated TS-11 Iskra trainer.

Thus, by the end of 2022, the Polish Air Force, after exercising the option for another 4 UBS M-346, will become, with 16 aircraft, the third largest M-346 operator after Italy and Israel.
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    DEVIL LIFE`S 27 October 2020 16: 22
    Very similar to Yak 130, but M 346 has AFAR
    1. figwam
      figwam 27 October 2020 16: 25
      Quote: DEVIL LIFE`S
      Very similar to the Yak 130

      So the Yakovlevites did it for the Italians.
    2. ultra
      ultra 27 October 2020 16: 34
      This is the Yak-130.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 27 October 2020 16: 39
      Quote: DEVIL LIFE`S
      Very similar to the Yak 130

      M-346 - a modern Italian training aircraft (TCB). It was originally developed jointly by the Russian Design Bureau. A.S. Yakovleva and Italian L'Alenia Aermacchi. Due to disagreements with the Italian partner, the joint development at the final stage has stopped. Each of the companies received documentation for the basic version of the future aircraft (glider), after which they released their own versions of aircraft: Aermacchi built the M-346 TCB, and the Design Bureau named after Yakovleva - combat training aircraft Yak-130. L'Alenia Aermacchi retained the rights to distribute and market the aircraft worldwide, with the exception of the CIS (including Russia).

      There is another twin brother
      this machine thanks to the OKB them. A.S. Yakovleva, this is the Chinese Hongdu L-15
    4. Adimius38
      Adimius38 27 October 2020 18: 54
      so this is the Yak-130) under a different name. worked on the plane together, so everyone got their portfolio with the project. But of course in the western version they saturate the plane with their equipment
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. figwam
    figwam 27 October 2020 16: 24
    at the moment there are 10 UBS M-346 (Polish name Bielik).

    And the Russian name is Yak-130.
  4. pytar
    pytar 27 October 2020 16: 35
    Probably suitable for UAV shooter! good
    1. novel66
      novel66 27 October 2020 17: 01
      turboprop "toucan-class" are better suited for this; lower possible speed and longer loitering time, but radar and optical devices must be at a height
      1. Well done
        Well done 27 October 2020 17: 59
        Just wondering. And how to shoot down home-made products such as a quadcopter with a suspended grenade? After all, a copter with Ali + F-1 costs a penny, unlike aircraft missiles, MANPADS and ZUShek firing. Electronic warfare? But they are not everywhere.
        1. novel66
          novel66 27 October 2020 18: 29
          toucano - turboprop, an hour of flight is not so expensive, and suspended machine gun containers (there are 7.62 and 12.7) it is most against such drones
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. Thrifty
      Thrifty 27 October 2020 16: 49
      Prevolsky - the planet is too small, stop playing with words! A nuclear strike is possible only if you firmly decided to bury all life on the planet!
      1. Pankrat25
        Pankrat25 28 October 2020 07: 38
        Thrifty, learn the materiel from the beginning, these are horror stories for ordinary people, and military equipment is not just built taking into account the hostilities in a nuclear strike. There are not so many super-powerful thermonuclear bombs, mostly warheads of sufficiently low power to lead to an irreparable result for the planet. And if we take into account the presence of weapons based on new physical principles (lasers and beam weapons are a cover for amateurs) and nuclear charges with "complete combustion", then a nuclear war is quite possible, it is simply unacceptable from a financial point of view for any government.
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 27 October 2020 16: 46
    Yes, Yak130 is his relative, actually a dad! !!