Kommando Spezialkräfte. Bundeswehr under the influence of right-wing extremists

Kommando Spezialkräfte. Bundeswehr under the influence of right-wing extremists

In Germany, a loud political and military scandal erupted. The scandal that has been waiting for a long time and which the Germans themselves feared, having well learned the lessons of the Second World War. The Bundeswehr, according to official reports by the German Ministry of Defense, was partially influenced by right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis. This applies to the most elite units of the German army. In particular, the secret part, which is known as Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK).

Frau Minister of Defense clearly got excited

Unlike other armies of the continent, the Bundeswehr in its modern form is a parliamentary army. Simply put, the order to start hostilities or the use of the army in some conflicts outside of Germany is not given by the chancellor, but by parliament. The German soldier is territorially limited in his actions by the territory of the countries that are part of the NATO bloc.

Accordingly, the majority of military issues, including the appointment of the Minister of Defense, are coordinated by the leadership of the Defense Ministry with parliament. Yes, and reports for his actions also in parliament. Hence the actions of the frau minister. At a press conference in parliament on July 1 this year, she told reporters about the beginning of the reform of special forces, in particular Kommando Spezialkräfte.

Moreover, the statement of the Minister Frau Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer) sounded quite radical. One of the units will be dissolved immediately, and the fate of the rest will be decided by the ministry based on the results of the investigation of the military counterintelligence of Germany (MAD).

What is the reason for this harsh statement by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer? If we discard unnecessary words, it turns out that the main fault of the German special forces is "a kind of elitism, isolation from other parts of the Bundeswehr," which helps to spread radical sentiments among the fighters! At the same time, probably understanding how the specialists will react to such a statement, the Minister said that most of the special forces are “loyal to the constitutional system of the FRG”.

What is Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK)

To understand what KSK is, it is enough to quote one document of the Bundeswehr. it

"Part of an army unit for conducting military operations in the framework of crisis prevention and crisis confrontation, as well as in the framework of the country's defense and the defense of NATO allied states."

Hence the tasks of this unit. Reconnaissance, sabotage in the deep rear, destruction of political and military leadership, guiding missiles at targets behind enemy lines, work against enemy sabotage groups, releasing prisoners of war and other tasks that “cannot be performed by ordinary army units due to their specificity or insufficient training” .

KSK is part of and reports to the Special Operations Division (Div. Spezielle Operationen). The headquarters is located in southern Germany, in Calw. The unit is top secret. Moreover, the secrecy is so high that even family members do not have the right to know about the officer’s service.

According to leaks through the media, the total number of KSK fighters is between 1000 and 1100. By experts, it is estimated as 200-300 directly operating fighters. Units are divided into 4 companies. The division is rather arbitrary: according to the method of penetration into the territory of the enemy. Accordingly, the 1st company - on land, the 2nd - by air, the 3rd - from the water, the 4th - in difficult climatic or geographical conditions.

In addition to combat units, there is a support company. An interesting unit whose mission is reconnaissance, countering enemy snipers, distracting actions, etc. Consists of veterans of the unit and specialists of the highest level. And the last division is management. There is no real structure in open access.

Usually they work in a group of 4 people, approximately equal in training: a signalman, a sapper, a medic and a specialist in arms. As necessary, attract other specialists from the support company.

Training a fighter usually lasts from 2 to 3 years and takes place in real conditions for which the group is intended. Currently, 17 “schools” are known around the world. In particular, in Norway they prepare specialists for the Arctic, in Austria - mining specialists, in Israel and the USA (Texas) - for work in the desert, in San Diego - at sea, in Belize - in the jungle.

Why counterintelligence in Germany will be difficult to work with KSK

It is difficult to imagine a situation that the German media once mentioned in their materials. Information then passed quietly and imperceptibly. In April 2017, counterintelligence received materials on the wires for the resignation of one of the officers (according to other sources, commanders) of the 2nd KSK company. The soldiers listened to the music of right-wing radical rock groups (as in the MAD report), raised their hands in a Nazi salute and had fun throwing pig heads to each other! Here is what Der Spiegel reports on this subject:

“The 45-year-old chief staff sergeant sergeant major [senior non-commissioned officer rank in the German army] Philip S. participated in a party with other soldiers. The festivities were accompanied by neo-Nazi music and regular demonstrations of greeting from the time of the Third Reich. In addition, during the party, guests were offered contests, in particular, throwing pork heads. ”

During a search in the house (three years after the incident), a Kalashnikov rifle, cartridges and plastids were found in the specialist’s house! Moreover, the fighter himself claims that he received weapons and ammunition in the Bundeswehr. Agree that for a specialist who has served in a special unit of this level for at least 20 years, taking into account age restrictions on admission, who practically began his service at the very beginning of the formation of KSK (officially formed in 1996), all this looks rather funny.

MAD’s statement about the suspicion of 20 commandos in radical right-wing looks looks just as funny. Either the counterintelligence officers are joking so unsuccessfully, or their boss Christoph Gramm deceived the German parliamentarians at the June 29 hearing when he announced the “wall of silence” at KSK, or both, as agreed with the German Ministry of Defense.

“When investigating these reports, employees stumbled upon a wall of silence, but still managed to breach it.”

Shout out loud to quietly hush up the problem

The same head of the German military counterintelligence Christoph Gram said at a parliamentary hearing that his department is currently investigating about 600 cases of a possible connection between the Bundeswehr military and the right-wing radicals and the informal association of the Reich Citizens. Naturally, 20 commandos from Kommando Spezialkräfte are also included here.

Moreover, the Gram Office today is investigating yet another alarming fact. From the arsenals of the German army 82 thousand live ammunition and 62 kilograms of explosives disappeared without a trace! This is what MAD already knows.

From a political point of view, a scandal is needed today. Special forces are suitable for this as well as possible. Imagine what a report on conducting training in a secret unit for a civilian government body might look like? “In the period from ... to ... unit N conducted a planned lesson on the topic ..., in the area ... The following military equipment and weapons were used in the classes: 1 ..., 2 ..., 3 ..., 27 .... In the course of practicing combat firing, it was used: 1 ... - ... pieces, 2 ... - ... pieces, 3 ... - ... units, 45 ... - ... sets ... ”And so on.

Reformation of the German Army

The fact that the United States has changed its attitude towards the Bundeswehr is already obvious. Previously, the German military was convinced that it was the German army that was the basis of the NATO bloc and the main ally of the United States, but today the Americans in every possible way show the Germans that the East European armies “love” more. In particular, the Poles. The withdrawal of some units from Germany is openly discussed, as is the relocation of nuclear weapons to Poland.

It is no secret that numerous NATO exercises showed the weakness of the German army. Her inability to carry out combat missions without the help of allies. And this is with a fairly decent investment in the army. It turns out a paradoxical situation: Germany contributes huge amounts of money to the alliance’s budget, but at the same time its own army, as the basis of the bloc in Europe, leaves much to be desired.

And the emergence of ideas of revenge after the defeat in World War II among the new generation of Germans is understandable. Germany has no territorial claims to its neighbors ... Germany may not have, but specific Germans have. History It doesn’t invent anything new, it simply repeats events in new historical conditions. In history, as in classical literature, the plots are similar, but the surroundings are different.

I get the impression that Germany is really starting a serious reform of the Bundeswehr. Look at what the Secretary of Defense says between the angry exclamations about the radical right. And Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer says not about the destruction of German special forces or units. Not even the eradication of radicalism in the army. Although everything looks exactly like that.

Minister Frau speaks of the unification of elite units and the bulk of the Bundeswehr. Simply put, to increase the combat readiness of the Bundeswehr! On the change of the selection system to the elite of the armed forces. The fact that the first stage of training of specialists now needs to be carried out precisely in the troops, and not at special training grounds. Even the fact that the airborne division is proposed to be disbanded is well within this scheme.

Germany does not want to be on the sidelines.
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  1. +8
    5 July 2020 16: 25
    Frau Minister talks about

    I will probably express the opinion of all the military, former and acting ... it would be better if Frau was silent, and even better if they WAS NOT, the very Frau of military ministers!
    1. -3
      5 July 2020 16: 38
      Well what are you. There, democrats celebrate democracy, and the Nazis found application - democracy-ss.
      Special services and the army as well as the police, the prosecutor's office, the court, etc. in the FRG were put by the Nazis who faithfully served Hitler. There, if someone and * was persecuted * then only the most odious, whom they could not hide.
      I remind you: the German Social Democrats obsequiously congratulated Hitler on his appointment as chancellor before anyone else, even before the rest of the Nazis.
      Today in Germany, social democrats of various stripes are apparently again covering for someone
      1. +18
        5 July 2020 17: 37
        The number of right-wing radicals has grown since Merkel opened the borders to "refugees".
        These so-called refugees, basically, young healthy guys who did not work anywhere, and did not want to work.
        How should the local population relate to them now?
        Hence the negative attitude and right-wing views in society.
        1. 0
          5 July 2020 18: 03
          Everything is logical, songs must be protected from the past. If the Bundes grandmother scored on her bolt, there are others and this DO NOT STOP.
        2. +2
          5 July 2020 18: 38
          It began when Gorbachev surrendered the GDR. And the "refugees" only added to the problems.
        3. 0
          6 July 2020 22: 52
          Quote: Blacksmith 55
          The number of right-wing radicals has grown since Merkel opened the borders to "refugees".
          There have simply been more of them since then, and they appeared much earlier - after the reunification of Germany, oddly enough! And guess who the West Germans don't like? Your eastern brethren! This is such nonsense. And the Bundeswehr began to bend for a long time and steadily. At first an alternative service appeared, the nurse became overwhelmed, then they began to serve next to the house, etc. .. But the East Germans were not a burden, as was the prestigious work, which made relations with the West even more strained. But black migrants enjoy great love, but this will be as long as there are relatively few of them.
      2. 0
        5 July 2020 18: 04
        History is rolling in a circle!
    2. 0
      5 July 2020 16: 49
      Quote: rocket757
      and even better if they WAS NOT, the very frau of military ministers!

      When any "khau mianistr" begins to teach a soldier how to twist footcloths, there will be no order in this army, especially in the German one. "Khrau is a kinder, kuchen, kirkh", although this is already a thing of the past.
      1. 0
        5 July 2020 18: 01
        When Frau has never worked anywhere for a second .... only in the language of grinding, it’s already complete.
        Poor "Mowgli" ... the northern fur-bearing animal came to visit the kitten.
        1. -1
          5 July 2020 20: 59
          Quote: rocket757
          When Frau never worked anywhere for a second .... only in the language of grinding,

          She was taught for centuries.
          1. +1
            5 July 2020 21: 11
            Yeah ... how this should be familiar to us.
            Formerly a pioneer-Komsomol-party and forward to the heights.
            Now no better
      2. +1
        6 July 2020 10: 02
        What is the Federal Ministry of Defense responsible for? For supply and security. In order for the soldier to have an assault rifle, to have cartridges, he was dressed up, delivered to the battlefield, he had a warm barracks, and so on, the list goes on and on. And the direct command will tell him where to run and shoot the soldier, from the sergeant to the general, who are not related to the Ministry of Defense. So, in such conditions, the main requirement is personal devotion. Secondary - the ability to steer financial flows. In such circumstances, the floor is unimportant,
        1. -1
          6 July 2020 19: 36
          And who decides what kind of machine gun a soldier should have? Aren't these civilian "procurement financiers"? That was the scandal with the G36. Moreover, HK proposed a solution to the problem in advance, which, naturally, was not free, but no one in the Moscow Region lifted a finger, but then "suddenly" they inflated the problem to the scale of a universal tragedy and stupidly closed the well-deserved rifle. Instead of upgrading it to the required requirements. Here I find out the approach of effective managers, spending a penny for the sake of a deeply incomprehensible combat effectiveness is from their point of view unacceptable spending, but when the issue moved from the military plane to the public one, then they did not feel sorry for any money, instead of a logical cost upgrade, they defiantly began to waste money on a complete rearmament, demonstrating to the layman, not versed in nuances, his "effectiveness".
    3. 0
      8 July 2020 19: 15
      I will support. Of course, you can think of a Frau, but Frau says that it is necessary to disperse the insolent special forces, who today throw pig heads and show the sun to each other, and tomorrow they will not kneel for BLM. So no place in the slender ranks of the Bundeswehr.
      1. 0
        8 July 2020 20: 01
        Spetsnaz, among other things, is designed to protect the foundations of the state, citizens ..... sho it does not inspire me, if someone succeeds in our special forces kneeling negative
  2. +2
    5 July 2020 16: 29
    It has now become widely known. Further, to keep all this a secret has already become impossible, so they made a fuss. Do not be very surprised if something like this was in KSK before.
    1. 0
      5 July 2020 16: 50
      Quote: NF68
      Do not be very surprised if something like this was in KSK before.

      Maybe, after all, they are descendants of Otto Skorzeny.
      1. 0
        5 July 2020 16: 52
        Quote: tihonmarine
        Quote: NF68
        Do not be very surprised if something like this was in KSK before.

        Maybe, after all, they are descendants of Otto Skorzeny.

        Messages in the German media and neo-Nazis appeared earlier. Apparently the scope was not the same.
  3. +11
    5 July 2020 16: 34
    Well, the fact that Nazism sooner or later in Germany will be reborn was not written only by the lazy. And given the dominance of all kinds of refugees who plant their own culturally, the emergence of Nazism is not inevitable. For all the so-called tolerance, some EU states are very not tolerant. Well, if you recall the entire short history of Germany, then the transformation from a harmless country into a powerful power did not take much time for her, and just the same three phrases were the slogans
    1. +7
      5 July 2020 17: 26
      Quote: Nehist
      For all the so-called tolerance, some EU states are very not tolerant.

      The rulers are tolerant, but their tolerance hits the people on the head and can afford it. I do not think that Europeans (the people are not the authorities) are thrilled with happiness to see another batch of immigrants robbing their shops, turning cities into garbage dumps, raping their children. When that edge of patience will burst, and then a new "St. Bartholomew's night" will begin. And the rulers bring the people to this.
    2. +2
      5 July 2020 17: 47
      The militarization of Germany is inevitable. A question against whom it will be directed this time.
    3. +2
      6 July 2020 02: 19
      The best cure for internationalism is to live in a black or mexot area, go to a black or mexot school, it is especially nice if your younger sister or daughter is with you. All internationalism will take off at 2-3 weeks. I recommend it. Sensations will remain for life.
      1. 0
        8 July 2020 08: 24
        Exactly. Blacks and Hispanics do not stand on ceremony with whites of any nations. Directly humiliate and hammer into a corner. They have racism - an empty word, the main thing there is to survive and preserve life and health, because, as a rule, for example, in the USA, no one protects such black and Mexican schools from drugs and violence. This is not a white elite gymnasium for the elite. Look in Russia what is going on with Russian students in Caucasian schools and in schools of those regions where the dominance of large-scale Central Asians, for example, is also complicated there. Therefore, tolerance, democracy, the fight against racism - this is a balloon flying in the sky, which is looked at by suckers at a time when their pockets are being cleansed by tycoons and power.
  4. +7
    5 July 2020 16: 42
    Merkel wanted to import hundreds of thousands ,,, untouchable, and the local population to cry with emotion!
  5. +2
    5 July 2020 17: 03
    One smart person said - as long as Germany is divided, there will be no war in Europe ... However, now Germany is united. It took Hitler only 6 years from coming to power until September 1 of the 39th. Bad thoughts appear, however ...
    1. 0
      5 July 2020 21: 06
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Bad thoughts appear, however ...

      Thoughts are not bad, but it’s dangerous to speak or write them, liberals will peck.
    2. +1
      8 July 2020 08: 34
      Germany does not yet have a person or a political force that would unite those who still remember the old Prussian traditions and the life of the Germans before the migrant crisis and rampant tolerance. But it will certainly appear. Germany is not a country in its depths that will allow strangers to impose their orders everywhere. In the United States, with the filing of democratic governors and functionaries, the racial split and the civil war of two parties are heated up by the hands of citizens, while donations are being collected through Internet sites positioned as BLM that go into the pocket of the Democratic Party and its presidential candidates.
      In general, the patience of the Germans is amazing. It is second only to Russian patience.
  6. +15
    5 July 2020 17: 20
    I often communicate with Germans who are between 30-50 years old. This is a complete nation, with brainwaves endlessly on the topic of liberalism, and so on. They don’t even understand when I tell them logically and against liberal practices, against refugees or NATO. They cannot comprehend that I am a citizen of the EU in general and suggest that they throw all the refugees and all Americans to hell and make the European army.

    They know English very well, but the feeling is that they meanders instead in the brain in the ass. It’s a pity that sometimes it becomes a once powerful nation. But I’m wanging that from liberalism they will again go to extremes. This liberal rape of the brain will not pass without the reaction of new generations of Germans. In fact, the liberals will revive fascism, but it will not be soon.
    1. +1
      5 July 2020 23: 46
      Fascism was in Italy. There was no fascism in Germany, there was Nazism in Germany, and Europe dances to the tune of Germany. The fact that the brains of Germans (and Europeans) were "washed" by "liberal fascists" only means that the Nazi "washing" will be carried out quickly.
      1. +1
        6 July 2020 07: 28
        liberal fascists "only means that the Nazi" flush "will be carried out quickly.

        Will not be fast. But there will be. Europe is now dominated by the greens. And they are left neoliberals. But in the 21st century, the concepts of right and left have already lost relevance. Otherwise, yes, with fascism you are right, my mistake. drinks
        1. 0
          6 July 2020 07: 38
          Quote: Keyser Soze
          Europe is dominated by green

          And in which European countries are greens the ruling party?
          1. -1
            6 July 2020 07: 46
            And in which European countries are greens the ruling party?

            And where did I write that they rule?
            The Greens won, a few days ago, the local elections in France against the Macron party. In the Bundestag and in the local authorities, they magnificently increased their influence. So yes - they are in trend and in power.
            1. +1
              6 July 2020 10: 06
              Quote: Keyser Soze
              And where did I write that they rule?

              Quote: Keyser Soze
              Quote: Keyser Soze
              Europe is dominated by green

              In the European Parliament, the greens are less than 10%
              Quote: Keyser Soze
              won a few days ago local elections in France

              In the French Parliament, the Greens have 1 (one) deputy.
              In Germany, the last election is 9%.
              In Italy, gaining 0, hell tenths
              1. -1
                6 July 2020 10: 15
                The day before yesterday, the greens in France unraveled Macron's socialists in local elections.
                In Germany, the support of the greens is several points higher than the Merkel party.
                While they were in the German government, they stopped nuclear energy.
                They are at sunrise.
                1. +1
                  6 July 2020 11: 00
                  You have some kind of alternative reality)
                  Macron since when is a socialist? That would not concern the rest of your fantasies
  7. wow
    5 July 2020 17: 23
    Yeah, Brandenburg 800, ...!
  8. +11
    5 July 2020 17: 46
    Previously, there was an "analyst" on the site, Kamenev, who took his "analytics" mainly from the ceiling, sucked it a little and interspersed with forecasts from a lantern. Today it has been successfully replaced by Staver, whose publications have approximately the same informational foundation.
    The scandals involving members of the Kommando Spezialkräfte have been going on for three years.
    In April 2017, details of a party surfaced, at which one of the company commanders was escorted and which was organized in the Waffen-SS style with the corresponding songs, Nazi greetings and throwing pigs' heads.
    In 2018, the Bundeskriminalamt uncovered the real conspiracy. The conspirators from Kommando Spezialkräfte planned the elimination of some "liberal" politicians (Claudia Roth, Heiko Maas, Joachim Gauck) and terror among immigrants in order to spread panic among them and "discourage" from going to Germany.
    Naturally, such a state of affairs in such a specific unit, with its level of training and its closeness, could not but cause concern for both the leadership of the Bundswehr and the leadership of Germany as a whole. Therefore, the author's inventions about any "intrigues" with the aim of "uniting" and "strengthening" have no basis.
    It’s just that normal Germans can no longer calmly watch Germany turn into a garbage dump for all sorts of African wimps and if the situation continues, the escalation of right-wing radical moods in society is a matter of time.
    1. 0
      6 July 2020 00: 15
      Quote: Undecim
      In 2018, the Bundeskriminalamt uncovered the real conspiracy. The conspirators from Kommando Spezialkräfte planned the elimination of some "liberal" politicians (Claudia Roth, Heiko Maas, Joachim Gauck) and terror among immigrants in order to spread panic among them and "discourage" from going to Germany.

      Excuse me - but this is chukhnya, either the "Gestapo" does not catch mice (I never believe in anything), or there was a "combination" to displace unwanted ones ...
      1. +2
        6 July 2020 06: 00
        All questions - to the German media. By the way, there were no shifts.
        1. 0
          9 July 2020 17: 21
          Quote: Undecim
          All questions - to the German media. By the way, there were no shifts.

          We will never know about this (there will be internal displacements with the subsequent dismissal, moreover, as an option with honor), at least in this life ...
  9. +4
    5 July 2020 18: 07
    Quote: smith 55
    The number of right-wing radicals has grown since Merkel opened the borders to "refugees".
    These so-called refugees, basically, young healthy guys who did not work anywhere, and did not want to work.
    How should the local population relate to them now?
    Hence the negative attitude and right-wing views in society.

    totally agree with you and it really is! the local population, unlike the prevailing cliche about a prosperous and well-fed Germany, does not live very well, it’s worth looking only at housing and communal services prices, housing and everything else. And when some Arabs are settled there for free in cheap social apartments that local Germans cannot get and even pay them courses and allowances that (Arabs) begin to become impudent, paw girls for no reason (because they never saw girls with open faces and in short dresses) it is not surprising that the local population has a radical mood. Moreover, these moods are by no means directed towards the Russian-speaking population of Germany, of which there are many
    1. +6
      5 July 2020 20: 04
      I am one of the Russian speakers. In the early 90s, some (really some) also reacted negatively to us. But the attitude has changed, the locals saw us working, paying taxes, not living at the expense of others, learning the language. And this is the main thing.
      At the same time, there are other nationalities living in the second, or even third generation, and not wishing to work or learn the language. It is difficult for a healthy person to understand. Hence the problems in relations with the indigenous population. If we take into account that many of the visitors are involved in crime, then ..... understandable yes?
      1. +1
        6 July 2020 09: 26
        I live in Weil am Rhein, since 1998 (south (Baden Württemberg) although I am Russian. drinks
  10. -1
    5 July 2020 23: 58
    Minister Frau speaks of the unification of elite units and the bulk of the Bundeswehr.

    And yes there are more LGBT members there so that they are not taken prisoner. and if they had taken it, then they would have masochists, so that they could stand the interrogation ...
  11. 0
    6 July 2020 00: 14
    The modern tragedy of Western "civilization", and this is the United States, Europe and Canada and Australia with Zealand, this is a specific split. There are two sides, one is the ultraliberals. They call themselves Marxists but they are not. Among their demands is neither the abolition of private ownership of the means of production / finance, nor the responsibility of the individual to the community. These are demanding people: a) Freebies. b) Abolition of borders. c) abolition of statehood, d) destruction of the institution of the family, e) destruction and humiliation of one's own history and culture f) rabid propaganda of LGBT people, g) imposing "feelings of guilt" on whites (pay and repent, both Jews and blacks and Mexes, and Asians and to the Arabs). h) filling countries with migrants of other "cultures" that are not comparable to European American ones, and which REFUSE to assimilate. A good example - Arabs and Negroes in Europe, in the USA - the same Arabs, Negroes and Meks. These are social liberals, leftists. Their leaders feel quite comfortable in fenced-in estates surrounded by armed guards. On the other hand, there is a completely different audience: these are hard workers - highly qualified workers, technicians, including doctors and doctors, small business owners - the petty bourgeoisie. Traditionalists and patriots. "THIS IS MY COUNTRY, and no one is given the right to pour crap on it, maybe somewhere we were wrong, everyone makes mistakes, but we are ALL the best."

    Along with the liberals, the leftists who radicalized, the nationalists also radicalized. If 15 years ago it was unheard of for a black person to say "You are white, we owe everything and you are all purely racist because you are white, you are racist from birth", now they say it. And blacks, and Arabs, and Jews and Meks. Of course, action equals counteraction, and therefore the traditionalists also radicalized. "Trump is too soft, we need someone who will use all this human waste." Well, the further the different slogans are heard. More or less disguised from "Heil Keck" (I mean the mythical country of the ultra-right Kekistan ", to" Heil Hydra "(I mean the Nazi organization Hydra from the Marvel comics), from" Heil Trump "to" Heil Hitler ".

    People read about the fact that "Jews have taken over the media, banks, universities and are working to corrupt the minds of German Youth", then they watch what is happening in Hollywood, universities and banks, what is said there and what young people are taught. and start scratching their turnips. They hear that the owners of Facebook, Google and others, want to recruit those personnel in India and the Arab countries, and clearly understand that they, white Americans, will be fired because foreign workers are CHEAPER. Considering how NAFTA hit small and not small American companies, it is hard workers who enjoy internationalism as much as colonoscopy without anesthesia. Banal radicalization is taking place. Americans and Europeans see that "newcomers" and "oppressed minorities": a) They do not work. b) commit a HUGE number of crimes, especially murder, robbery and rape (especially against whites), c) constantly demand more freebies and even privileges for themselves. Of course, NOBODY likes it. And there is only one way out, either you are with the liberals or with the Nazis and Nazis. There is no third choice. Liberals were the FIRST to throw a cry if you do not help us solve the problem - you are part of the problem and our enemy. The nationalists replied that liberalism is the cancer of the soul, and the cancer of the country. Well, cancer can be cured with fire and steel. And they also answered that they say “the problem needs to be solved and if you don’t solve it, you’re part of it,” so it’s just not possible to sit out.

    People see chaos in the streets, looting, murder, rape, arson and see that a DEMOCRATIC society, a tolerant society simply cannot deal with it. Because all these terrorists are well aware of their rights, and all the tricks and use them. And it begins in response "America was created by WHITE people for WHITE people", and continues "Since democracy cannot provide us with safety, then instead of these talkers and thieves in the Senate, we need a REAL Leader who will either restore order or unleash us and we we will do everything ourselves and He will remain clean. Distribute tomorrow the call "Above all America - cloudless sky", this will be enough for the nationalists (I consider them PATRIOTS, since they do not make the difference between what shape your nose is, or you are FOR Tratsional USA or you are an enemy), they simply shot and hung all this liberal scum. Fortunately, everyone has lists of who is who and who lives where and whose business supports ANTIFA and BLM. Liberals, in their desperate manic desire to seize power, released the genie of liberalism from the bottle - he is - color revolutions, but action is equal to resistance, nationalists of different stripes have risen, from fascists to Nazis (different things).

    When I was on 70000 tons of MEtal, I met many musicians from Germany, along with a police officer who also came on this cruise. And they all said that "Publicly" they all condemn nationalism and the ultra-right, but how and for whom they vote is a completely different matter. In the United States, the same thing, hypocrisy is our everything. We nod, condemn in public ... but when the "singers" get together, the songs are sung completely different (beginning with "Erica") ... It will not end well.
  12. +3
    6 July 2020 04: 20
    What is Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK)

    In Germany, the 26th and 31st airborne brigades are an integral part of the special operations division, i.e. they are part of the special operations forces (MTR).
    Since the military-political leadership of the Federal Republic of Germany believes that the Airborne Forces are not needed for the army, because the airborne division (helicopter infantry) is better able to cope with the tasks that were previously assigned to them.
    26th ("Saarland") and 31st airborne brigades. In each: 2500 people, headquarters, two airborne battalions (950 people each), one airborne support battalion, reconnaissance company, engineering company, headquarters company. The battalion consists of a headquarters, a supply company (platoons: special, service dogs, communications and medical), three airborne companies, a heavy weapons company and a training company. The support battalion consists of a headquarters company, a heavy and light supply company, a medical and sanitary company. The armament of the brigade: 44 ATF2 "Dingo" armored vehicles, 30 tracked armored personnel carriers "Wiesel-Mk20", sixteen 120-mm self-propelled mortars based on "Wiesel", 48 portable launchers ATGM "Milan", 60 portable launchers ATGM "Tou", 20 self-propelled launchers ATGM.
    In addition to the 26th and 31st airborne brigades described above, the German DSO includes: a battalion of headquarters and communications, the 200th company (226 people) of deep reconnaissance, 100th anti-aircraft missile battery, an airborne communications battalion The Lion of Hesse, the 300th Military Band and the 900th Special Operations Command (KSO, KSK). The latter was created on the basis of the 251st paratrooper battalion. The CSR includes: headquarters; development group; support forces: headquarters and supply company, logistic support company, medical and sanitary company, communications company; operational forces: four special forces companies, a combat support company and a training and research center. The number of CSR is 1100 people. In each spetsnaz company there is a company command and four platoons (about 20 people), each of which is intended for delivery and actions in certain conditions: the first platoon - on land, the second - from the air, the third - delivery from the sea and actions in the coastal zone ; the fourth - in mountainous areas and arctic conditions. The platoon is divided into patrols - 4 people of various specializations (expert in light weapons, sapper, specialist in information technology and communications, orderly; additionally, the group can be staffed with other specialists: translator, expert in heavy weapons, etc.). The combat support company performs the tasks of electronic reconnaissance, special mining, air guidance and fire adjustment.
    There is a special squadron for the transfer and landing of the MTR. She is armed with aircraft: HFB-320, VFW-614, C-140A, Do-28, Boeing 707 and UH-1D helicopters. For the landing and fire support of the DSO units, multipurpose helicopters NH-90, CH-53 and attack helicopters AH-64 from the airmobile operations division are also used. It is assumed that the T3F parachute system, which includes three parachutes and allows jumping from a height of 80 m, is most widely used for landing. The DSO is armed with tracked armored personnel carriers "Monzel" and tracked articulated vehicles Bv-206 with various weapons depending on the purpose. When operating on the water, inflatable boats with low-noise outboard motors, underwater tugs such as SEABOB DIVEJET 414, SEABOB BLACK DIVEJET 730, ST-36-180, UWSH and light diving equipment are used.
  13. 0
    6 July 2020 12: 23
    "82 thousand live ammunition and 62 kilograms of explosives disappeared!" ahaha, chord, how great it contrasts with the exploding warehouses in the early 2000s ..
    Modern Germany is eroded in the Eurozone and migrant flows, the activation of the right-wing elements is what should be expected. Elitism and a certain isolation have always been a part of the German military environment - and there have always been, since colonial times, these thoughts of the right wing ..
  14. 0
    7 July 2020 12: 06
    In vain they complain. Prepared saboteurs
    From the arsenals of the German army 82 thousand live ammunition and 62 kilograms of explosives disappeared without a trace!

    5k task. The fact of property loss was most likely detected during the inspection, it is already too late.
    This is what Mad already knows.

    And how much is unknown?
    So the fact of preparation is on the face.
    And by the way, what do the Germans want? This kind of special forces is an extremely specific people, they are not Americans to die for democracies, not English to be a queen. The main thing is that the specialists’s Nazism does not whip over the edge, and the leadership policy somehow aligns with the views of the personnel and then Nazism is not a problem, but an engine, a motivator. (I do not advocate anything, this is irony, Nazism - very bad, inhuman and disgusting)
  15. +1
    8 July 2020 08: 19
    Ultimately, all this Bundeswehr will consist 100% of blacks and Arabs.
  16. 0
    8 July 2020 13: 31
    82 thousand live ammunition and 62 kilograms of explosives disappeared without a trace from the arsenals of the German army

    Soon there will be a fire in the warehouses ... Until we find out that there is still a lot of missing :).
  17. +12
    9 July 2020 07: 14
    it seems that Germany is really starting a serious reform of the Bundeswehr

    If Japan was able to concoct an army under the guise, then why not Germany?
  18. 0
    9 July 2020 11: 30
    The final article was pleased.
    Germany does not want to be on the sidelines.

    Who wants to? But the topic of Natsik in the special forces is valid. And who is a patriot? He is a nationalist. Germans, they live in Germany, and blacks in Africa. Or where I want there and live? Or patriotism, this is from the Middle Ages ... Even then it's not that. Here the Zionists are more likely to blame for the migrations. The national feelings of the patriots are teasing. The more people flutter in any ideas, the greater the income of globalists. That begs this. And they come up with various parties of blacks in Germany. Do not forget who brought eugenics there?
  19. +12
    10 July 2020 15: 41
    The more Islam flows into Europe, the more right-wing radicals will be.
  20. 0
    12 July 2020 15: 39
    Everything is natural ..... the Germans exchanged Great Germany for the LGBT community ........

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