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U.S. Congress: developing new MDBs more important than coronavirus drugs and vaccines


The House of Representatives Armed Forces Committee in Washington on Wednesday “stabbed” a proposal to reduce funding for the US Air Force’s program to create a promising lightweight ICBM GBSD to replace the outdated lightweight ICBM Minuteman-3. The vote was bipartisan and was held with a score of 44: 12.

Replacement for an old but not decrepit rocket

Why is it "morally obsolete" and not physically? Because physically, precisely because of its archaic design, it cannot be said to be out of date: its design allows for the replacement of steps, and a number of other operations that, say, on Topol-type ICBMs would be impossible. Or rather, financially and technically disadvantageous. Yes, and unnecessary, because in our country the production and development of new missiles did not stop, so what's the point of updating for the same money, “Topol” or “Topol-M”, when the Yars have long been on the line, and now also Yarsi-S, "and not only them? But the Americans just the point.

But back to the ballot proposal. The proposal was to transfer $ 1 billion to the KOVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Fund (which should be used to develop new drugs and vaccines for the virus) from the GBSD program, of which Northrop-Grumman is the only participant. This is after Lockheed-Martin was kicked out of the competition very much, and Boeing, after acquiring Orbital ATK by a competitor and, in general, seeing what was going on, simply lost the track. In general, the invisible hand of the market decided everything. The proposal to transfer money from the light ICBM program was put forward by California Congressman Democrat Ro Hannah, and although Committee Chairman Adam Smith supported him, most committee Democrats did not. Strange enough, given the fact that the same Democrats enthusiastically tried to kill this program earlier. Apparently, the guys from Northrop-Grumman pressed all the buttons so that their money would not go for treatment from some kind of COVIDA.


"The United States does not need to modernize ICBMs," Hannah said, citing experts who believe the presence of the sea and air legs of the nuclear triad is sufficient. This is a very popular point of view among Democrats. And even in the ranks of the US Armed Forces there are supporters (for example, among naval). “If there is an accidental launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, you cannot take it back. On the other hand, you can recall the submarine, you can recall the bomber. " Honestly, it is possible to recall a SSBN, but the missile launched from it is no easier than an ICBM. So Hannah's reasoning is rather strange. If we talk from a neutral point of view, then, of course, the refusal of the United States from a full-fledged triad, of course, to the detriment of the United States itself and the combat stability of nuclear forces, so, if we reason from our point of view, let them refuse.

This wording would probably be a stumbling block in negotiations with the Republican-controlled Senate Committee on Armed Forces. President Trump has requested $ 1,5 billion for the GBSD program for fiscal year 2021, and Hannah has proposed trimming it three times. But this time, the eternal struggle for the reduction of nuclear weapons or their financing, which the Democrats were engaged in, was largely ignored by their leaders in Congress, seeking to avoid the bloody guerrilla warfare of last year on this agenda. These fights, however, may still come to the surface when there will be a stage of amendment by congressmen at general chamber meetings. Recall that in the USA it is Congress that decides how much to give (or not to give at all) the funds approved by the Senate program, and, given the control of different parties over the chambers, the massive cuts in funding for the programs dragged by the other side in the upper house, it was there- it’s kind of a new sport in the current conditions - in the context of a sharp aggravation of the political struggle in the USA, when both sides are moving further away from the eternal rules of the game, switching to a game without rules with Maidan technologies and other “taboos” (applicable in other countries, but not at home - it was like that before).

“I do not agree with this, but I put all this aside for now,” said Committee Chairman Smith about the president’s nuclear plans. - We already discussed this last year. Everything turned out exactly as it turned out. Nothing will change this year. ”

At the Committee meeting, Republicans argued that shrinking the GBSD program would undermine America’s nuclear deterrence, as Russia and China build up their arsenals. They also said that the country had already allocated sufficient resources to respond to COVID-19. The buildup by the Chinese of nuclear arsenals, as has already been written here more than once, mostly occurs at meetings in the Capitol, because in reality the Chinese nuclear arsenal is almost not growing. Russia, of course, is a completely different matter, but on the whole, the Americans could really well once again drag out a new program for a year. Fortunately, with the help of the “Maidan” inspired and supported by the Democrats, which we are witnessing, the situation with the incidence of coronavirus in the USA begins to break all records. And, as they say, whether there will be more.

“This amendment helps America’s foes,” said Liz Cheney, a spokeswoman for Wyoming. Yes, this is the daughter of the very same Dick Cheney, a famous leader of the Bush Sr. administration (Secretary of Defense) and Bush Jr. (vice president, often called the “most influential” of all who sat in this position), known primarily for the troubled affairs, for example, on the "restoration" of Iraq, turning through the Haliberton company, where he once worked. In the United States, real democracy, and the simple daughter of such a simple person, will certainly be able, and could, break through to the political heights.

War of intrigue

The Air Force intends to announce the winner of the GBSD tender before the end of September, which is required by law, although the result itself contains exactly as much intrigue as the election in Turkmenistan. Northrop is expected to win about $ 85 billion in the design and construction of initial shipments of new missiles. GBSD are going to start replacing ICBM Minuteman-3 from the mid-2020s, although the deadlines are almost guaranteed to “leave” to the right. At the same time, Pentagon officials, in particular, Ellen Lord, say that “there is no way” to conduct another LEP program (Life Extension Program; we also call them PSE, that is, “extension of service life”) for Minuteman 3 , which appeared half a century ago and passed only minimal updates during this time. Which, incidentally, is a lie: there, in addition to the stage engines, the warheads themselves and the guidance system taken from the ICBMs are replaced. So PSE, this missile would have passed, moreover, earlier and its operation was planned until the 2040s. Why did the Pentagon's point of view change? Here, besides the desire to grab funds for a new program, there can be two reasons. Or it was suddenly revealed that, despite the replacement of components and assemblies, there are some components that cannot be replaced, but their expected life was much lower than expected, and the missile in service until the 2040s simply will not survive. This has already happened: the fate of the advertised, but very briefly stood in service aviation KR AGM-129A is an example of this, and even the Americans abandoned the MX ICBMs somehow suspiciously easily. Another reason may be the receipt by the Americans of information that this ICBM simply will not be able to fulfill its tasks in the current situation and as a result of the actions of a potential adversary (read: Russia).

But, most likely, there is a combination of all three reasons, plus the full use of the lobby associated with Northrop-Grumman, including senators and generals. Evidence of this could be "torpedoing" on the same Committee amendments to conduct an investigation into whether PSE is unrealistic for Minuteman or Pentagon officials "dared to lie to Congress." It is curious that the proposal put forward by the well-known representative from the Hawaiian Islands of Tulsi Gabbard to postpone the withdrawal from the INF Treaty was also voted. But they accepted almost unanimously (49: 7) the proposal to ban the reduction of the number of US troops in Germany by up to 180 days after the Pentagon’s report to Congress that this withdrawal of troops would not harm the interests of the United States and its allies. Moreover, the Senate also puts forward a similar proposal to ban - a bipartisan (!) Group of senators led by Mormon from Utah Mitt Romney. In general, these people do not understand whether America really needs it or not, the main thing for them is to ruff Trump and torpedo any of his actions.

U.S. Congress: developing new MDBs more important than coronavirus drugs and vaccines
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Miguel Á. Padriñán; United States Air Force,
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  1. military_cat
    military_cat 6 July 2020 05: 15
    The classic "it would be better if they gave it to pensioners." Giving bad advice to the enemy, of course, is a nice thing, but only American senators do not read VO. And who then goes to these tips, who is their audience?
  2. Courier
    Courier 6 July 2020 05: 24
    As part of the first aid package from Covid, the United States allocated 2.2 trillion. dollars, and then another 2.2 trillion.
    What is the conversation about? Democrats just went crazy.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 6 July 2020 07: 33
      Quote: Courier
      The United States allocated 2.2 trillion. dollars, and then another 2.2 trillion.

      Not allocated, but in fact painted green candy wrappers. Debt is growing, but no one is shaking the debtor, because he has the largest and most equipped army in the world.
      1. Keyser soze
        Keyser soze 6 July 2020 07: 59
        Not allocated, but in fact painted green candy wrappers.

        Drawn, printed - it doesn’t matter. My friend in Shchati received a good check from Donald for every member of the family. I got zero from my power.
        1. NEXUS
          NEXUS 6 July 2020 08: 31
          Quote: Keyser Soze
          Drawn, printed - it doesn’t matter. My friend in Shchati received a good check from Donald for every member of the family. I got zero from my power.

          You know, an interesting question. I often think, and what is money? The question seems to be simple, but ... look, you get a salary for your work. After you pay for services, buy products, etc. That is, an exchange takes place in fact, the time spent. Money is the time we spend to earn it. And in this regard, the question arises - isn’t the time in the USA the same as in Guinea or Bulgaria, or the Russian Federation? Don't you think that somewhere in this way we have been cunningly fooled?
          1. Keyser soze
            Keyser soze 6 July 2020 10: 06
            Isn't the time in the USA the same as in Guinea or Bulgaria, or the Russian Federation? Don't you think that somewhere in this way we have been cunningly fooled?

            Be sure to cheat. But I have no claims for 1200 green on the face and 500 for children. It is clear that Bulgaria is not rich like the USA. I don’t even have claims for helicopter money. My claim is that they did NOTHING to really help people. But stolen not childishly ...
          2. forest1
            forest1 6 July 2020 10: 58
            The time is the same. But everything else is not. Starting from qualifications (you can rest assured that American neurosurgeons will be better than Guinean ones) and production equipment. Finishing infrastructure (in all Guinea, and even Latin America has many roads where there are no roads at all) and the sphere of intellectual services (roughly speaking, Americans receive billions of dollars from their microsoft and Facebook, and these same bastards are not even able to give bricks to a shed, but in Guinea - But in Guinea, there is no facebook or microsoft and the brick is worse there, although the brick is not really popular in America by the way.)
            1. NEXUS
              NEXUS 6 July 2020 16: 57
              Quote: forest1
              Starting from qualifications (you can rest assured that American neurosurgeons will be better than Guinean)

              Guinea and the neurosurgeon in one sentence should not even meet.
    2. Cowbra
      Cowbra 6 July 2020 11: 17
      Quote: Courier
      As part of the first aid package from Covid

      The conversation is not about the mythical "help" in the form of money from a helicopter, whipped up on a printing press, which only led to inflation - and the whole effect. but to fight the disease, for which absolutely nothing has been done in the United States except mobile morgues in cities and mass graves in three layers in New York
  3. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 6 July 2020 06: 20
    White kneels before black. To what degree of stupidity and insanity it is necessary to reach both of them. This is for the striped-terrible cove, China and everything else ... ..
  4. Mitroha
    Mitroha 6 July 2020 06: 21
    It wasn’t suggested to the Negroes that the minutemans were white. It looks like a mockery of the black inhabitants of America. laughing
    1. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin 6 July 2020 07: 28
      Quote: Mitroha
      White kneels before black.

      Plus black demolishes the white monuments.
      Maidan virus penetrated the puddle.
      Okraintsy demolished the monuments to the man who gave them the original Russian cities.
      There are demolished monuments to the founders of America.
    2. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin 6 July 2020 07: 31
      Quote: Mitroha
      It wasn’t suggested to the Negroes that the minutemans were white.

      And in space there are white dwarfs.
      Well, just like in Ukraine
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 6 July 2020 07: 22
    Babosiki, wheels of the military-industrial complex strip ... however, it is everywhere like that.
    There is no peace and prosperity on this planet until some of the hechemons finally calm down \ of course!
  6. Doccor18
    Doccor18 6 July 2020 08: 36
    But who needs this coat now? Money has already been made on it, questions have been resolved. Now we have to fight for billions of military-industrial complex .. Development of ICBMs is a klondike ...
  7. Fedorovich
    Fedorovich 6 July 2020 08: 49
    Indiscreet question: did the specialists capable of developing this ICBM remain in the USA? ..
  8. Maks1995
    Maks1995 6 July 2020 08: 50
    Right! And the comments are correct.
    Covid, not Covid, a rocket is not a rocket, the main thing is that USAA has a charm
    1. demiurg
      demiurg 6 July 2020 13: 39
      Well, go to the censor, there are RF hayut.

      Why not blame the USA? There are real clans in the Senate and Congress. Kennedy, Bush and others. Change of power in action. They completely democratically transfer the seat in the Senate from father to son. Son-basket, well, that is, daughter pushed into the Senate by Dick Cheney, you have not caused any reaction, right?

      Biden climbed into the Senate the year I was born. And now he is climbing to the presidency, and he is 78 years old !!! If he becomes president, and holds two terms, he will be 86. When he died, Brezhnev was 75, and Freedom Radio called it gerontocracy.

      5 trillion handed out to American retirees, Rothschilds-Morganam-Rockefellers. Quantitative mitigation, it is. After these figures, the distribution of $ 1000 to ordinary Americans looks a little different. A bunch of bankers 5 trillion, 300 million Americans, 300 billion.

      Why not repent then?
      1. bk316
        bk316 6 July 2020 15: 00
        If he becomes president, and holds two terms, he will be 86.

        Now you will be answered "I am interested in what is happening in Russia, and let those who concern discuss it"
        The whole trouble is that specifically this applies to every person on the planet.
        I'm not even talking about senile dementia of a person with a nuclear suitcase. The fact is that in the United States a gerontocracy has already formed. This is not limited to the president, the leaders of the congress and senate are the same, as are the shade leaders like Soros. And people think differently for 75, this is a kind of milestone, the life of others for them generally loses value, and even if initially this value was insignificant .....
        So for the elderly elite of the United States to start a war is not so difficult psychologically. And this applies to everyone.
      2. max702
        max702 6 July 2020 20: 08
        It's all very simple because ..
  9. Old26
    Old26 6 July 2020 15: 24
    Quote: Fedorovich
    Indiscreet question: did the specialists capable of developing this ICBM remain in the USA? ..

    Are there doubts?
  10. bad
    bad 9 July 2020 22: 54
    We realized that. They decided to catch up with us - we will have newer missiles.