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Eurasian Times writes about India's deployment of Akash air defense systems near the border with China


India has recently deployed Akash air defense systems in the Ladakh region along the Sino-Indian border. Akash is a modern short-range air defense system with a range of up to 30 kilometers.

The Eurasian Times writes about the strengthening of Indian air defense in the areas bordering China.

The deployment of Akash systems, according to Indian government sources, is caused by the intensification of the Chinese fighter aviation and helicopters along the actual border between India and China.

The Indian Akash rocket can simultaneously pursue and attack multiple targets. It is capable of carrying a warhead weighing 60 kilograms and hitting targets at a distance of up to 30 kilometers.

The Indian Air Force is also armed with Spyder. This is an Israeli quick reaction rocket designed to neutralize enemy air targets at a distance of 15 km and at altitudes of 20 to 9 meters.

The Indian Air Force uses Spyder along with a domestic ground-to-air missile to create a dual defensive echelon to guard strategically important sites in the country.

But with regard to the deployment of Israeli missiles along the Indian-Chinese border, there is no evidence of this information from official New Delhi.
Photos used:Минобороны Индии
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    APASUS 30 June 2020 13: 06
    If I’m not mistaken, the Akash air defense system is our modernized air defense system "Cube" ("Square")
    1. Civil
      Civil 30 June 2020 13: 30
      The battle is ripening, at least collisions for sure.
    2. Pavel57
      Pavel57 30 June 2020 13: 44
      Yes, exactly 3M9, I wonder when the license was sold?
    3. Tusv
      Tusv 30 June 2020 14: 45
      Not. This is not Our Cube. This is the Israeli system. By the way, too, danced for 6 years
      1. Tusv
        Tusv 30 June 2020 15: 05
        For comparison, the speed of the Alkasha rocket is 1000 m / s. The shell is 1200, and he is close, and the drunk is average
    4. Charik
      Charik 30 June 2020 16: 16
      Rocket - yes similar
  2. alone
    alone 30 June 2020 13: 09
    Hmm ... China and India silently gather their fists on the disputed territory, so that later in the negotiations to flex their muscles .. The Indians have a little difficult situation, because they will confront two countries .. Even if Pakistan does not get into a fight, but will do everything possible to make things easier for China .. Too many are now rubbing their hands and waiting for the "X" day .. Because the war between these two countries opens the way for arms sellers .. Especially for India
    1. Grazdanin
      Grazdanin 30 June 2020 14: 03
      Quote: lonely
      Because the war between these two countries opens the way for arms sellers .. Especially for India

      India alone outperforms the purchase of weapons in total imports of the 4 countries following it.
      In the arms market of India, France is confidently catching up with Russia, the United States and Israel are fighting for 3-4 place. Gourmet piece.
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 30 June 2020 15: 53
      Quote: lonely
      Mdaa ... China and India silently gather a fist in the disputed territory, so that later they can play muscle in the negotiations

      Both sides bring troops and weapons to the border. The Chinese boasted of their long-range MLRS, they say almost up to 300 km. And India does not seem to have such a range. What if China doesn’t like it and they hit?
    3. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 30 June 2020 17: 19
      Even one-on-one with narrow-film Indians will not be easy, but on two fronts it’s completely sad
      1. alone
        alone 30 June 2020 18: 05
        You can add here the internal confrontation with the Kashmiris. They, too, will not sit quietly ..
        1. TermNachTer
          TermNachTer 1 July 2020 06: 48
          Well, we are still considering an external conflict. Although Kashmir - you’ll understand where the hell is where Kashmir ends and Pakistan begins.
  3. Samara_63
    Samara_63 30 June 2020 13: 23
    I think Mirage 2000 is more dangerous for China, there’s not a copy of the avionics
  4. Alex_Bora
    Alex_Bora 30 June 2020 13: 24
    "Indian Rocket Akash may simultaneously chase and attack numerous goals "

    SMILE bully
  5. loki565
    loki565 30 June 2020 13: 43
    A missile the size of a C300 and near range))) Well, yes, this campaign is the reincarnation of the CUBA
  6. Soveticos
    Soveticos 30 June 2020 15: 08
    God forbid, but if a conflict arises, then, despite all the shortcomings and sadism of the Indians, my sympathies will be on the side of the Indians, since they are weaker militarily, and unlike the Chinese, they do not eat everything that moves (to put it , not prone to cannibalism), do not have explicit goals for gaining dominance over other peoples, etc.
  7. Kruglov
    Kruglov 30 June 2020 19: 13
    Apparently they want to thin out their own population. They and 500 million in minus will not be critical. To each. The left with food is easier. Solid profit.