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Chinese Air Force pilots talked about the most difficult stage of the WZ-10 helicopter flight exercises

Chinese Air Force pilots talked about the most difficult stage of the WZ-10 helicopter flight exercises

It marks 10 years since the start of mass production in China of the first "own" attack helicopters WZ-10. The word "own" in this case is enclosed in quotation marks because the developers purely formally indicate the Chinese CAIC, but initially the development belongs to the Russian "Kamov" - project 941. The external "Kamov" appearance is quite recognizable, except that the helicopter is completed not by coaxial screw design, but by classic.

Recently, the Chinese Air Force decided to conduct large-scale training of helicopter crews.

In maneuvers, army brigades were involved aviation 72nd Air Army. The exercises were divided into two components: daytime and nighttime. They were performed in two groups - “red” and “blue” (their own and others).


Chinese Air Force:

Workouts were carried out in such areas as air combat, secretive penetration into the enemy’s area and an attack by ground forces and weapons. Information about the actions of flight links flocked to the maneuver control center and broadcast on screens.

Chinese pilots noted that the most difficult stage in the training of helicopter units was the operation in conditions of the use of electronic warfare by a conditional enemy. However, it is not reported which electronic warfare equipment was used in this case. According to some reports, DJG8715G electronic suppression and defense systems were used. These systems are designed to counter aviation and are in service with the ground forces of the PLA.

Chinese pilots said that one of the stages of the exercises is air combat "on the opposite courses." One of the PLA Air Force officers on Chinese TV reports that the air battle of the crews took place “in such a way that the helicopters converged almost face to face”.


Training and combat missions were carried out at extremely low altitudes - with the goal of reducing the threat of shelling from MANPADS. To counter man-portable air defense missile systems, maneuvering “with maximum operating conditions” was used.
Photos used:, Ministry of Defense of China
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  1. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 15 May 2020 16: 22 New
    What are the "recognizable features of the Kamovsky KB" in the Z10?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 15 May 2020 16: 48 New
      It does not matter.
      Milevtsy Kamov Design Bureau finally finished off. He is no more. A great victory.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 15 May 2020 17: 24 New
        One design bureau is no longer able to make airplanes and helicopters ..... The same thing happened in the world
    2. V.I.P.
      V.I.P. 17 May 2020 09: 58 New
      Kamovites had a turntable for the Turkish tender. It was called Ka-50-2 Erdogan. But with a little like Chinese
  2. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 15 May 2020 16: 25 New
    The Chinese helicopter is similar to the MI-24 executed in the X-design, which is like Lada Vesta versus Kalina.
  3. FIR FIR
    FIR FIR 15 May 2020 16: 28 New
    '' The Kamov Design Bureau (Kamov Design Bureau) took part in the creation of a new Chinese helicopter WZ-10. This is reported by the "Canvas Defense" magazine. As the newspaper notes, earlier between the Kamov Design Bureau and the PRC a dispute arose over the ownership of the intellectual rights to the new WZ-10 combat helicopter. Representatives of the Russian company insisted that the rotorcraft was created about 10 years ago and bore the designation "Project 941" in Russia, while the Chinese side denied this and reported that the WZ-10 was its own development of the PRC. A representative of the Kamov Design Bureau told the Canva Air Defense magazine that his design bureau made a significant contribution to the development of the project to create a helicopter, which later received the designation WZ-10. “Earlier, Kamov Design Bureau and the Chinese side created a joint design group and worked on Project 941 for about 2,5 years. A drawing catalog has been created. The main technical requirements - weight and dimensions - were put forward by the Chinese side. KB Kamov performed design work in accordance with these parameters, "- said a representative of the Russian company."
    Source: MTC "NEVSKY BASTION" AVKarpenko
    1. strelokmira
      strelokmira 16 May 2020 05: 46 New
      I'm just wondering if "According to Mikheev, the project was developed strictly in accordance with the requirements of China and is not based on the designs of any Soviet attack helicopters. As the general designer said, Kamov's participation was limited only to the preliminary design stage and ended after The Chinese side accepted the concept of the 941 project for further development, after which China independently conducted the rest of the development work on the Z-10, including the creation and refinement of prototypes and production helicopters, "what disputes can there be about the ownership of intellectual rights?
  4. loki565
    loki565 15 May 2020 16: 56 New
    Well done, they bought the project and put it into series. We would still have passed tests like the same Ka-62
  5. Kosh
    Kosh 15 May 2020 17: 11 New
    Well, they are their own, since all rights to the helicopter belong to the Chinese side. The general designer of "Kamov" Sergei Mikheev himself said that in 1995, by order of the Chinese government, a preliminary design of the helicopter was created, which was not based on any existing helicopters and was executed strictly according to the requirements provided by the Chinese side. After the completion of the work and testing the design of the project, it was handed over to the customer, on this the contract was completed and "Kamov" did not participate in the further development of work on the Z-10 helicopter. All other development work was carried out by the Chinese designers themselves.
    1. Zeev Zeev
      Zeev Zeev 15 May 2020 17: 18 New
      "The external" Kamov "look is quite recognizable, except that the helicopter is made not according to the coaxial screw scheme, but according to the classical one."
      As for me, this is one-to-one "Eurocopter Tiger" or "Augusta A-129".
      1. missuris
        missuris 16 May 2020 00: 03 New
        Yes, it seems like Augusta was asked to copy, it was funny time to copy a combat helicopter of another country to order)