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Northern confrontation: a review of US forces in the Arctic

Northern confrontation: a review of US forces in the Arctic

It is no secret that for a long time Washington has been seriously concerned about the growing influence of Russia in the Arctic region, especially militarily.

The White House has repeatedly announced plans and intentions to weaken the Russian presence in the northern territories. In the past, 2019, the United States even announced the "strengthening of US military power" in the Arctic as a response "to some countries to their excessive claims." What can the United States oppose to Russia?

Plans, plans ...

This is not the first year they have been talking about the development of the Arctic in the USA, and the Accounts Chamber has even compiled a report on the optimal development and development of the polar territories. True, in this document, American experts for some reason did not rely on the deployment of the American Arctic group or the construction of an icebreaker fleetbut global warming. However, even global warming will open access to American ships in the Arctic only in the summer, and in the winter icebreakers will still be needed.

In the USA, of course, they understand that they are catastrophically behind Russia in the icebreaking fleet. If Russia has the largest fleet of icebreakers in the world, including nuclear, and it continues to build them, then the United States in its arsenal has only two already "not quite young" icebreakers. However, they have already adopted a program for the construction of six icebreakers and even concluded a contract worth $ 750 million for the detailed design and construction of a diesel-electric icebreaker, which should be the first. But all this will take effect not even within 10 years, but much later.

In the absence of the Arctic fleet in the United States at this stage, they rely on military bases in this region. This mainly concerns Alaska and the islands. In 2019, the American media wrote that the military base on the island of Adak, which is part of the Aleutian archipelago, operating from 1942 to 1997, will resume its work. The island has a runway, but there are also opportunities for the development of the port to receive warships. On the island can be placed patrol anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

In addition, the United States is considering the creation of an advanced naval base in the Arctic region. The port of Nome in Alaska, located near the Bering Strait, is considered as a base. However, military experts consider the creation of such a base too expensive, since it can only work in the summer, and the possible thawing of permafrost can turn this area into a swamp.

What is there at present?

At present, several military bases are located in Alaska, on which various units of the American army are located. Guidance is provided by the Joint Command of the US Armed Forces in Alaska (ALCOM), part of the joint Pacific Command. The structure of the ALCOM includes ground forces, the air force and coastal defense. The headquarters is located at the base of Elmendorf-Richardson.

The air forces of the Alaskan command are represented by the 11th Air Army, parts of which are located at two air bases: Elmendorf - in Anchorage, and Eielson - in Fairbanks. Armed with fighter interceptors, AWACS, BTA aircraft and tankers. Far aviation no. Fifth generation F-22 fighters are deployed here, and 54 F-35A Lightning 2 fighters are expected to be deployed. The command plans that this will significantly strengthen the US position in the Arctic region.

For training pilots flying in arctic conditions, the Eyelson Air Force Base is used, in the territory of which F-16 fighter jets, A-10 attack aircraft and KS-135 refueling tanks are deployed.

There is also a Clear base in Alaska, it is designed to detect launched ICBMs and missiles launched from submarines. In service with the airbase radar SPRN AN / FPS-132.

Ground forces are represented by two brigades from the 25th Infantry Division, the army aviation brigade, as well as the rear brigade. The coast guard has no ships; only boats are in its arsenal.

Thus, it can be stated that at present the United States in the Arctic direction has only an aviation component, while the naval component is almost completely absent. The lack of an icebreaker fleet, as well as logistic support for ships in this region, so far put an end to the ambitions of the Americans. However, Washington does not intend to backtrack on its plans and will bring all its plans to fruition.

It is clear that this will take some time, but the first attempts to show their strength have already taken place, but on the other hand - in the area of ​​the Norwegian and Barents Seas. In 2018, as part of the Trident Juncture exercises, an aircraft carrier group led by aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman entered the Norwegian Sea. Just a few days ago, three US destroyers and one Great Britain entered the Barents Sea (for the first time after the end of the Cold War). An alarm bell, don’t you?
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  1. nikon7717
    nikon7717 14 May 2020 07: 37 New
    The battle for the Arctic is only just beginning. Maps of the USSR with borders to the North Pole, we have all remembered more than once. Now there is a tendency towards the ruin and division of Europe, and here is one of the consequences, repeated urgent proposals for the "purchase / rental" of Greenland. Another huge undeveloped territory in the north
    1. Aleks2048
      Aleks2048 14 May 2020 08: 23 New
      I think that besides Russia, nobody is going to seriously grab the natural resources of the Arctic. I think that in the current state of our country and trends in the world, any sane politician in the west simply has to say for his electorate “Russia is a strong and dangerous enemy with ambitions far beyond its territory. Evil Russians and their nuclear weapons threaten to the whole enlightened west ... "and, as it were, other heresy in this spirit ... the Western people are decoying. In fact, excuse me, Russia is not particularly seen in the competition. And here everything is simple and clear, there is Africa and South America as a resource base for which the USA will fight with a new enemy in the person of "vile and treacherous" China. I think that with investments it turns out that the income from Africa in South America will be more than from the Arctic, where the fate of the catcher is destined for the west.
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 14 May 2020 08: 24 New
    Just a few days ago, three US destroyers and one Great Britain entered the Barents Sea (for the first time after the end of the Cold War). Wake-up call, don’t you?
    Log in simply, how can I get out if something happens?
    1. Cowbra
      Cowbra 14 May 2020 08: 44 New
      Alex, you are categorically wrong. And the Penguins have no icebreakers, but. oddly enough, here are the technologies of the platform-erm ... Moreover, the ice class. No icebreakers, yes.
      By the way. you still forgot ... There is CONTINET not quite divided, and there have already found a lot of things, though the pole is different) So what ... There are still resources ... Not yet grasped)
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 14 May 2020 08: 57 New
        Quote: Cowbra
        Alex, you are categorically wrong

        You missed the comment. )) Plus, just in case.
        1. Cowbra
          Cowbra 14 May 2020 12: 54 New
          Quote: Alex2048
          Strange another why

          ... you generally live. Russians are patient. But patience is exhaustible
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 14 May 2020 09: 27 New
        Quote: Cowbra
        And the Penguins have no icebreakers, but. oddly enough, here are the technologies of the platform-erm ... Moreover, the ice class. No icebreakers, yes.

        With such a powerful shipbuilding industry as in the USA, riveting icebreakers is not a problem. Even during the war, they riveted Libertos and Victories for a week, but for modern shipyards there is no problem, the main thing is to want.
        1. Cowbra
          Cowbra 14 May 2020 09: 32 New
          Problem, and fucking like a problem. An icebreaker is not an Afromax kettle. Even just an ice-class vessel - the complexity of the "Hipper" type, by the way, is not an icebreaker. And the atomic icebreaker is a priest.
        2. Private-K
          Private-K 14 May 2020 09: 54 New
          Quote: tihonmarine
          With such a powerful shipbuilding industry as in the USA, riveting icebreakers is not a problem.

          Absolutely right. For industry - not a problem.
          But as the extreme 20 years show, another outlined in the USA megathe problem is managerial (managerial) brains. Formally, having all the prerequisites for creating anything, the Americans endure a file in half of the most important critical programs in Lendu, Air and bulk.
      3. Aleks2048
        Aleks2048 14 May 2020 09: 30 New
        Alex, you are categorically wrong.

        What exactly?
        oddly enough, here are the technology platform-rm ...

        Another strange thing is why do companies from Russia and who actually want to engage in the development of Arctic resources lack such technologies?
        1. Cowbra
          Cowbra 14 May 2020 09: 49 New
          Slowly - and answer - like in general, for example, in the USA with the development of the northern territories? What is the analogue ... Quietly, quietly, start small? Murmansk? Dixie ... Now - that's just if you know where he is - Norilsk? Salekhard is simpler. Well - at least one analogue? You do not understand, they never knew how to run through the snow)
          Yes, about Norilsk - there Fenya is that it is geographically complex, and in theory life cannot be there! There, even lichens do not live very well
          1. nikon7717
            nikon7717 14 May 2020 20: 42 New
            He visited Norilsk, more than once. Of course not Sochi. But they also make yukola from local venison from the Putorana plateau. So it’s frail, but there is vegetation to feed deer, mice, and other animals, which Arctic foxes eat enough. It's cool when you see a polar fox waiting for transport next to the road.
            Well, the little coal on Magadan and the mammoths you understand are not from the cold ancient climate that came from there. It was warm there, by the standards of planetary recently hi
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. nikon7717
                nikon7717 14 May 2020 21: 21 New
                By the way. You are a cow bra, now you have dialed your chat message thanks to the very hard work of people in Norilsk, Monchegorsk, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities. Where metals were extracted for the batteries in the phone, gas and oil is the plastic of the case.
                Tsvetkov’s development of liquid crystal theory is a display.
                And around Norilsk there are mountains where ore mining is going on.
                Even thanks to the military on round-the-clock duty there, you sleep peacefully and are protected about a strike from Alaska.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 14 May 2020 09: 42 New
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Log in simply, how can I get out if something happens?

      Anglo-Saxons just do nothing.
  3. knn54
    knn54 14 May 2020 08: 29 New
    Covered on all sides.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 14 May 2020 09: 37 New
      Quote: knn54
      Covered on all sides.

      Everywhere they overlaid, only the North remained. But already trying on.
  4. ZaharoFF
    ZaharoFF 14 May 2020 08: 33 New
    Wake-up call, don’t you?

    We do not find. Demonstrative demonstrations for voters and vassals. They will go with a bang.
  5. Free wind
    Free wind 14 May 2020 08: 39 New
    America supplies its north with winter roads and ice trails; they used icebreakers in Antarctica. They prefer ice roads to crush their part of the Arctic Ocean into rubbish.
  6. really
    really 14 May 2020 09: 29 New
    NDA, a serious mistake for the Americans, they are not ready for the battle for the Arctic. They can only bomb, but like this, first an icebreaker, then a landing on the ships to capture Norilsk with its mines, they’re not ready, or maybe they don’t need it at all, maybe it’s easier to buy there or in another place. lol
  7. Wedmak
    Wedmak 14 May 2020 09: 49 New
    We have signed a contract for the latest icebreaker Leader. This is a 209-meter monster, capable of breaking 4 meter ice. There will be two such icebreakers capable of navigating vessels along the Sermorput all year round. The United States has two ruins and is trying to make a new diesel, after a long break in the design of such ships. This nifiga is not an aircraft carrier, there are other technologies. It is unlikely that they will quickly increase the number of icebreakers, and without them in the Arctic anywhere.
  8. cniza
    cniza 14 May 2020 13: 30 New
    Just a few days ago, three US destroyers and one Great Britain entered the Barents Sea (for the first time after the end of the Cold War). Wake-up call, don’t you?

    As we went and went, it’s a common thing, everything is back to square one ...