US Marines land on the Saudi Gulf Islands


U.S. Marine Corps exercises were held in the Persian Gulf in response to recent maneuvers by Iranian boats dangerously close to US warships.

It took literally a few days after fleet The corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Iran and the US Marine Corps reacted with military exercises, which included the development of landing operations. The islands of Karan and Quran were chosen as the venue for the exercises. It was there that the US marines landed.

Karan Island is located 60 km north of the Saudi city of Jubail and is a coral reef 2,1 km long and 640 meters wide. At one time, Saran Arabia and then even Shah Iran argued because of Karan’s affiliation, but under the 1968 treaty the island went to the kingdom of the Saudis.

The exercises began on April 20. Under cover of darkness, the Marine Corps reconnaissance group sailed to the island in inflatable rubber boats and silently landed ashore to explore the beaches and explore the possibilities for landing the main landing forces. In a real combat operation, such a measure is aimed at identifying and destroying mines and other obstacles for landing. Also, scouts can start their own small operations to confuse the enemy’s forces on the coast.

Then, the actual landing operation began, using landing platforms, amphibious equipment and helicopters. AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters provided simulation aviation airborne landing support. The exercises showed a high degree of readiness of the Marines for such landing operations, and the head of the Central Command of the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral James Malloy, expressed sincere gratitude to the leadership of Saudi Arabia for providing its territory for such a training of the Marines.

However, from Saudi Arabia it was not worth expecting a different behavior. For the kingdom, Iran is a dangerous adversary, an economic competitor and an ideological opponent. At the same time, the Saudis understand that on their own, and even with the involvement of other Arab monarchies like the UAE or Bahrain, they will not be able to confront Iran.

Therefore, the US military presence in the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf is considered as the main guarantee against serious problems with Iran. Naturally, the Saudi leadership is interested in the fact that the US military at a high level to work out actions against the Iranian troops in the event of a possible armed conflict.

Of course, no one directly said that the actions against Iran are being worked out. But it is clear that the US military has no other enemy in the Persian Gulf. In addition, the exercises occurred exactly after the maneuvers of Iranian boats. Washington accuses Iran of constant provocative actions in the Persian Gulf, and shortly before the start of the exercises, US President Donald Trump threatened the Iranian Navy with a tough response in case of any future persecution of American ships by Iranian boats.

In addition to the activity of warships and aircraft, the Americans do not refuse from traditional landing operations in the region. Therefore, the exercises on the Karan and Quran islands aimed at working out the neutralization of Iranian military posts, which are located on the islands in the Persian Gulf, which belong to Iran. These islands are in many ways reminiscent of Karan and Quran, on which exercises were held.

Interestingly, in addition to the exercises in Saudi islands, on April 23, American special forces stationed in neighboring Kuwait conducted their own exercises, which consisted of working out the search and releasing the crew of an aircraft shot down over the bay. There is no doubt that these exercises were also aimed at practicing actions in the event of "regular Iranian provocations."
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  1. +2
    April 28 2020 12: 43
    All the same "dangerous games of big boys"!
    Would not play too much ???
    1. -4
      April 28 2020 12: 53
      This is a window dressing of big boys, with small eggs
      1. -2
        April 28 2020 13: 38
        Where did you see the eggs there? So why are you looking there ???
        In general, they do the necessary things. Since they are talking about something, we must be ready to do it. And in order to be ready, you need to train in order to minimize surprises.
        If it’s a war, then we must be prepared to act quickly, decisively and in all directions.
        1. -5
          April 28 2020 13: 39
          Another half poker
          1. 0
            April 28 2020 13: 51
            Firstly, insults on the Internet is such a thing for yourself, given that you will never have to answer.
            I think, in this case, the site administration should ensure responsibility, because they came up with the rules for using the site. Will wait...
            Secondly, it is strange to hear some hints of homosexuality from a man who, after reading an article about the landing operation and viewing photos of American soldiers, first comments about eggs. That is, not about weapons, not about technology, not about geography, but about eggs. So who is the half-poker here?
            1. -6
              April 28 2020 13: 53
              Yes, wait what you want, you are our gray-winged dove. I justified my comment and cited the argument, and here you landed a dovecote
            2. -4
              April 28 2020 13: 57
              Take the number from a friend that wrote to you, also about men's eggs in the literal sense of the word. Sit, drink some wine, cry a test for each other that you were sent to a blue wagon
    2. -2
      April 28 2020 12: 53
      I would add, no matter how hard
    3. -2
      April 28 2020 13: 25
      Quote: rocket757
      All the same "dangerous games of big boys"!
      Would not play too much ???

      They can only in the movies, and have never tried against a serious opponent ...
      1. +3
        April 28 2020 13: 50
        Tried, quite a while ago.
        Do not underestimate the enemy, it is fraught. Their confidence, it seems to us, self-confidence in the power of their state, can push them to extreme acts!
        And in the "trenches" quickly "sorting" will happen! And not all there will be sheep-rams. There are other animals there as well.
        Boom realists, consider everything and everyone!
        1. 0
          April 28 2020 13: 54
          Not once, I understand everything being prepared, though they themselves don’t know what.
          1. +1
            April 28 2020 14: 02
            Good, expensive equipment, serious training, instills in fighters the confidence that they can do everything ... can, in short. To a large extent, these are illusions, but the rest of the propaganda congratulates as it should.
            They are preparing, in fact, a car for ... expansion! But the ordinary contingent can inspire anything.
            Such things are doing now.
            1. +3
              April 28 2020 14: 05
              Quote: rocket757

              They are preparing, in fact, a car for ... expansion! But the ordinary contingent can inspire anything.
              Such things are doing now.

              It is clear that there are no botanists and everything is in order with technology ...
          2. 0
            April 28 2020 16: 43
            But wasn’t Iraq serious at one time ???
            They just found the key to the gates of their fortress. They combined money and military force, sprinkled this whole thing well with axes and air bombs.
        2. -1
          April 28 2020 13: 56
          Haters are everywhere. In Iran, they are their own, on mighty ships they terribly threaten the American fleet.
          But there are people who sincerely believe that the Iranian army and navy can oppose the United States. The reason is not in the strength of the army there. What then will the Americans do with a captured country where 95% of the population will fight against them. Fell from there have to shame unambiguously. That’s the whole reason.
          1. 0
            April 28 2020 14: 03
            Because minke whales forward a donkey with a bag of gold is launched .... sometimes it turns out, sometimes not. Anyway it happens!
            1. 0
              April 28 2020 14: 25
              Why not? If this saves them soldiers and equipment, is this not logical?
              First they bring a donkey. And then taken out of there by wagons
    4. 0
      April 28 2020 14: 46
      Quote: rocket757
      Would not play too much ???

      Crisis, sir. And the best way out of the crisis is a good war game.
      When asked about the economic downturn and rising unemployment, Gerald Ford, the un elected president of the United States, he sighed and said:
      - Nixon was fine, he had Vietnam ...
      Every American president wants to fight.
      1. 0
        April 28 2020 14: 54
        A small victorious war, this is finally a sweetie in a golden wrapper or a lottery ticket for a million!
        This is clear. Because all the small ones have to keep this in mind! and don’t speak until someone else’s cover for it is not small, of course.
  2. -4
    April 28 2020 12: 59
    Confidence on the faces of the marines is not visible.
  3. -2
    April 28 2020 13: 04
    Damn, and in the movies, they look more brutal all these cats with purple hearts what
  4. 0
    April 28 2020 13: 08
    Why, does anyone know?
    1. +1
      April 28 2020 13: 28
      -Marines are essentially an expeditionary corps, and the "seals" are special forces, conducting their own (as written in the article) exercises in Bahrain.
      -As an option, the naval blockade of Iran. Perhaps a war against "Iranian proxies" in the region, without invading Iran.
  5. +2
    April 28 2020 13: 23
    There is no doubt that these exercises were also aimed at practicing actions in the event of "next Iranian provocations."

    Almost a trigger finger ...
  6. +1
    April 28 2020 13: 27
    2,1 km long and 640 meters wide.
    Just? Amers dirtied him - a week. feel And you can report on another success.
  7. +2
    April 28 2020 13: 35
    Yet this American trash on these islands was not enough. request
  8. +1
    April 28 2020 14: 41
    a marine corps sailed to the island in inflatable rubber boats and noiselessly landed to explore the beaches

    Like in that song:
    "And there was no trick or trick at all.
    Entered without knocking, almost without sound,
    They launched a bamboo baton ... "©
    Silent, exactly? Without stomping, cackling, fanfare and timpani? Unaccompanied by ABC, SNN, NBS and other crews? Amazing!
  9. +1
    April 28 2020 15: 33
    a bunch of bitches
  10. +2
    April 28 2020 15: 35
    US military presence in Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf is considered as the main guarantee FOR serious problems with Iran
    1. 0
      April 28 2020 21: 48
      Quote: Charik
      US military presence in Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf is considered as the main guarantee FOR serious problems with Iran

      In the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the memory of Kuwait is vivid. And this, not soon and will fly. And therefore, small tensions are only beneficial to the Americans. Let the monarchies look and remember.
  11. 0
    April 28 2020 21: 30
    Maybe the U.S. ILC is conducting exercises to clear off the Iranians with the Saudis. The latter completely lost their hands, made a mess in the oil market.

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