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Ukrainian defense industry in anticipation of the "big driban"

Ukrainian defense industry in anticipation of the "big driban"
The main battle tank of Ukrainian production "Bulat". Photos from the official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

All manufacturers of weapons and military equipment in one concern.

Recently, in the Ukrainian military-industrial complex (MIC), strange things are happening. By taking steps to reform the defense industry of the country, which can be considered objectively useful and even necessary, the Ukrainian leadership at the same time demonstrates a very specific understanding of this sphere.

A dream come true

In particular, as you know, after Viktor Yanukovich came to power in Ukraine, the new leadership of the country without delay did what, under Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko, remained in the gunsmiths dreams or was carried out only on paper — created a single structure represented by the Ukroboronprom state concern which unites the backbone of the defense industry complex, coordinates the activities of enterprises and is responsible for the centralized trading of their products.

The step is objectively necessary, given that for many years of independence, the Ukrainian defense industry was a certain set of enterprises and companies, united only by the output of military or dual-use products and scattered in subordination across various departments. In particular, at the time of Viktor Yanukovych's coming to power, the 161 enterprise belonged to the Ukrainian defense industry, of which the later disbanded Ministry of Industrial Policy included 76 enterprises, the Defense Ministry - 44, the State Property Fund - 14, the State Space Agency - 13, Ukrspecexport GC - XUMUM, Ukrspecexport GC , The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection - 6, the Security Service of Ukraine - 4 and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 3.

The de facto activity of these enterprises was not coordinated by anyone, and they resolved the question of survival on their own, without special government assistance. True, trying to rectify the situation, when he was President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko tried to organize a National Agency for the Defense and even signed the relevant orders (on their basis, the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on 20 July 2007 was made to create this agency). But this initiative, like many other impulses of Yushchenko, remained at the level of declarations.

However, for Yushchenko, the creation of such a structure was not only and not so much a matter of defense development, as an attempt to solve a very piquant issue with financial flows that go through the defense industry (which is about $ 1 billion annually). After all, the management of these flows in the Ukrainian defense industry was carried out simultaneously by presidential decrees and decrees of the Cabinet, while the legislative base contained many gaps that allowed the manipulation of finances.

The problem, over which Yushchenko struggled unsuccessfully, was quickly and effectively solved by Yanukovych, creating the state-owned concern Ukroboronprom, which included 125 enterprises. Many Ukrainian experts saw in this step the irrepressible desire to control all financial flows in the Ukrainian economy demonstrated by the current Ukrainian government and in other areas. But it is also difficult to deny that this simple, seemingly, step was a serious breakthrough in the development of the Ukrainian defense industry.


At the same time, the work style of the new military-industrial complex leadership appointed by Yanukovych was puzzling. In particular, the universally demonstrated desire to remove various foreign intermediaries, without going into the details of specific contracts. The first light scandal (it did not cause a serious resonance in the country, obviously, only because not everyone understood its essence in Ukraine) was about the already legendary "Iraqi" contract for the supply of armored vehicles. According to Ukrainian media reports, the new OPK leadership attempted to remove the American intermediary firm from this contract. Given the fact that the financing of the contract in the context of the overall rearmament of the Iraqi army was carried out by the United States, Kiev’s demands to remove this intermediary initially looked silly.

The second oddity is that, in fulfilling the contracts concluded by the predecessors, the leadership of the defense industrial complex of these very predecessors criticized and criticizes everywhere: they say that nothing was done under the previous government, while we are making a real breakthrough in the arms and military equipment trade. In fact, the largest weapons contracts (in particular, for the supply of armored vehicles to Iraq and Thailand) were concluded under Yushchenko. But the current leaders of the Ukrainian defense industry, so far, alas, cannot boast of their own agreements comparable in volume.

But be that as it may, the gunsmiths stirred up the new rules of the game, according to which the defense industry - in particular, the largest manufacturers of weapons and military equipment in the country - began to be controlled by a single center. The confidence was added by the removal of Dmitry Salamatin from the head of Ukroboronprom and his appointment as Minister of Defense of Ukraine, because a solid state defense order is an old dream of Ukrainian arms manufacturers. Prior to this, it did not exceed $ 200 million a year, and the Ministry of Defense sought either to pay with old equipment or to get into debt altogether. A striking example is история with supplies of a dozen new Ukrainian tanks T-84, which were adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the tenth anniversary of the independence of Ukraine in 2001, they were held during the grand military parade in Kiev. Later, the same tank company on brand new tanks served as a decoration for the 72nd separate mechanized brigade in the White Church for several years. And then the cars nevertheless returned to the manufacturer, since the Ministry of Defense was unable to pay for them.


Certain progress really went. As Dmitry Salamatin reported, in 2012, the defense budget provided for 2,343 billion hryvnias (293 million) for the development of weapons and military equipment, while 1,48 billion hryvnias (185 million) would be allocated by the state defense order. But only a part of these funds is allocated for the general fund of the Defense Ministry, that is, from the state budget, and part of it goes through a special fund, that is, at the expense of the funds that the army must earn by itself. Thus, it is still a big question how much the Ministry of Defense will be able to allocate for the purchase of weapons and military equipment until the end of the year.

And here on the agenda was the second question - the privatization of the Ukrainian defense industry. This problem in Ukraine has been discussed for a long time, but earlier everything ended exactly the same way as the story with the national defense industry agency: under Yushchenko, the Minister of Defense spoke about the coming privatization (then Anatoly Gritsenko), this issue was raised at meetings of the relevant parliamentary committee, analysts from the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) were working on it. But in the case talk and died down.

Under the current government, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov was the first to declare defense privatization in August last year during a visit to the state enterprise Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress that the privatization of defense-industrial enterprises of Ukraine was possible, but its conditions were to attract a strategic investor and preserve research and production potential . “Taking into account the influx of investments in this sector, privatization is a necessary thing ... We will look at those enterprises that will find a normal investor who will invest good money in renewal and modernization,” he stressed. At the same time, Azarov noted that if the company is of strategic importance for the economy of Ukraine, the government will with particular attention to analyze the feasibility of privatization.


In this context, in Ukraine, at the end of June of this year, the appointment of Sergey Gromov, the head of Ukroboronprom, the former executive director of the Bulgarian rolling company Promet Steel, which is part of the Metinvest holding company, which is under the control of Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, was accepted. According to Ukrainian experts, as well as according to information from sources included in the "Ukroboronprom" companies, this step was made just in anticipation of the upcoming privatization.

And immediately after Gromov was appointed head of the Ukroboronprom, July 6, 2012, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law regulating the issues of debt repayment and the development of enterprises of this state concern. This law with "Ukroboronprom", or rather, with its enterprises, written off all debts for natural gas, electric and thermal energy, water supply and drainage, as well as debts to the Pension Fund and state social funds in the total amount of 819 million hryvnia. We agree that it is difficult not to link this law that has emerged in parliament with talks about privatization.

Actually, the Ukrainian MIC needs privatization itself for a long time. Although, as world experience shows, a single holding company for the production and sale of weapons, which is in private hands, will focus on the export of weapons to the detriment of their production in the interests of national defense. Moreover - and this is the main thing - it is not clear which of the defense enterprises will be privatized, which will become private-public, and which will completely go into private hands. In their minds, such giants as monsters belonging to Ukroboronprom, like the State Enterprise “Plant named after VAMalyshev” or the state-owned enterprise “Kharkov Design Bureau of Engineering named after Morozov”, should belong to the state, and small enterprises (it’s worth remembering, for example, The curving repair factories of the Ministry of Defense, some of which in the last two years have been removed "from under the wing" of the military department, can also be privatized.

But hardly Ukrainian oligarchs, the same Akhmetov, for example, are particularly interested in "defense trifle." Considering how famously the Ukrainian parliament is working today in the interests of the oligarchs, there is a serious threat that the upcoming privatization will simply turn into a “big deriban” of the Ukrainian defense industry.

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  1. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 27 July 2012 07: 16
    Who would doubt that. Everything is being taken over by criminal oligarchs from a gang of one region. This is a people without a tribe and without a tribe with greed and ostentatious luxury, with minimal upbringing and maximum arrogance, with one goal, to snatch as much as possible for yourself today, and leave patriotism and love for the motherland to the people. You cannot be so selfish. It is necessary to leave something to the people.
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 27 July 2012 07: 51
      The process of sharing can not be completed, it can only be stopped, but there is no one to do it so far.
      1. Winter
        Winter 27 July 2012 09: 26
        That's it - now Ukrainian day will begin here! Brigade of popular anger - good luck!
  2. valokordin
    valokordin 27 July 2012 07: 32
    although this is not our dog business, but a pity
  3. DeamonFIre
    DeamonFIre 27 July 2012 07: 36
    it’s a pity .... It’s a shame when hundreds of new armored personnel carriers and tanks are sold abroad, and the state itself cannot buy anything = (((
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 27 July 2012 07: 59
      THE PROCESS IS UNFAMILIAR TO THE FAMILY. As the genius of CAPITAL (KARL MARX) used to say, new-made CAPITALISTS, both UKRAINE and RUSSIA, are ready to sell MOTHER'S MOTHER and for one and their own country for 300 percent.
  4. Delink
    Delink 27 July 2012 08: 10
    Who would doubt that. Everything is being taken over by criminal oligarchs from a gang of one region. This is a people without a tribe and without a tribe with greed and ostentatious luxury, with minimal upbringing and maximum arrogance, with one goal, to snatch as much as possible for yourself today, and leave patriotism and love for the motherland to the people. You cannot be so selfish.

    Yes, a truly Ukrainian oligarch and patriot with the surname Akhmetov. And such a thing for Ukraine will not do anything. Call a spade a spade.
  5. Kaa
    Kaa 27 July 2012 09: 21
    Somehow, they started talking about privatization in the defense industry, in Russia - Rogozin, on the 24th there was discussed, in Ukraine - Salamatin. The most interesting, in my opinion, is the following in the biography of Salamatin:
    09.1991-04.1993 - consultant of JV SITEK, Moscow
    05.1993-12.1994 - Commercial Director of AOZT Russian Fuel, Moscow
    01.1995-08.1996 - chief expert of ROL CJSC, Moscow metro
    08.1996-12.1997 - Chief Consultant, Milder International Ltd., Moscow
    from 04.1999 - permanently resides in Ukraine.
    Who knows, where did they cross the thread?
  6. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 27 July 2012 09: 23
    PIE BIG AND TASTY. The affair begins.
  7. IRBIS
    IRBIS 27 July 2012 09: 27
    Ukraine stepped on a rake that Russia also did not pass by.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 27 July 2012 10: 58
      For Russia, this is the lot ahead. You’ll not see everything in the dark. But Ukraine is not studying. Pride probably does not allow the error M O rocks to take into account.
  8. Nechai
    Nechai 27 July 2012 09: 32
    The caption under the photo elution to the article - "The main battle tank of Ukrainian production "Bulat" (?!?!?!). Photo fromthe official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (?!?!?!) " - Nope, not "Stronghold". This beauty "64-verochka" .... If the photo is really taken from the official site of MO Nezalezhnoy, then it’s the same with us. All the same EFFECTIVE (or EFFECTIVE?) Managers, not a fig not versed in anything, except for stuffing their own purse .....
    1. Splin
      Splin 27 July 2012 10: 20
      I did not understand the meaning of the reprise, but this is Bulat and it is considered the main tank of the Armed Forces, although the T-64BV is more in the army.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 27 July 2012 10: 42
        Dumps hi. And why if our T90 is then a golem 72, and if your 64 is albeit an abgdeyka, then no, then Bulat ??

        Just kidding, I do not start.
        1. Splin
          Splin 27 July 2012 10: 56
          Quote: vorobey
          Just kidding, I do not start.

          And I wasn't going to. It’s just that BM Bulat, Oplot, Yatagan were given these on purpose so that they would not be confused with Russian cars on the export market, because for a long time in the world no one knew Ukraine as an exporter, they believed that they were selling junk or making Russian copies. "Slingshot" will be given an official name - we will call it that. And "Ural", "Vladimir", "Birch" is only we "Russian" people dignify them so.
          1. vorobey
            vorobey 27 July 2012 11: 00
            But the slingshot didn’t please. Cool. I don’t want to get from such a slingshot into a lobeshnik.
            1. Splin
              Splin 27 July 2012 11: 10
              If they give it the name BM "Slingshot" - we will call it that, but for now it's T-72B2. In Kharkov, there are also T-72AG and MP and they have no other official names.
  9. Splin
    Splin 27 July 2012 10: 33
    We have been living in the world of capitalism for 20 years, and we expect that our military-industrial complex will be able to compete with the world, where private firms are engaged in the production of weapons. Of course, you need to make tight control and keep the package with a gold share at home, but let a private investor into that trough. There are two shipyards in Nikolaev, and one became private, the other under state control. Above the private trader (Russian) constantly "Domoklov's sword" kntrol. But the shipbuilding plant lives and produces something and even won a tender for corvettes. And the state plant. who built the aircraft-carrying cruisers is bent. It may really be time to give private capital the opportunity to earn money from manufacturing, and not illegal sale of junk.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 27 July 2012 10: 54
      let this state plant continue to cooperate with China, rather be bent.
    2. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 27 July 2012 10: 55
      Uv. Splin! There are 3 powerful shipyards in Nikolaev. Chernomorsky, 61st Kommunara and Okean have been safely ditched by the "far-sighted" policy of the authorities. There are still some orders for two, then the Black Sea (the most powerful) has turned into a bush of primitive artels, and specialists, especially corpus welders and argon workers, work at shipyards in Romania and Turkey. Who will invest and raise shipbuilding? Nobody. The policy of the ruling bandits is based on attacks on successful businesses. If someone successfully started a business, bandyukovichs immediately appear and impudently take it away. You are from Odessa and you see where "Tavria" is, Under whom the markets, slopes, etc., etc.
      1. Splin
        Splin 27 July 2012 11: 04
        If you discard all the political disturbances that you put in each remark, then you are right, but still you need to look for some way out. The Chinas are sleeping and seeing to release their fighters in Odessa, maybe they will buy a plant, otherwise they will not seriously repair three repaired a year.
      2. vorobey
        vorobey 27 July 2012 11: 04
        Guys by the way with the upcoming holiday, tomorrow is the day of the baptism of Kievan Rus. We are all the heirs of the Dnieper font.
  10. Cadet787
    Cadet787 27 July 2012 11: 19
    Happy Epiphany of Russia GREAT.
  11. vikdik
    vikdik 27 July 2012 12: 22
    How sad, a thousand years ago, our ancestors, with their suspicion, disunity, lack of roads, understood that we were one people together, only together princes could be called Kievan Rus
  12. serge
    serge 27 July 2012 14: 17
    A third of the articles are in headings in capital letters and even in font size 15. It's hard to read. The author (like everyone with a lot of headlines) considers readers to be fools who cannot understand the author’s bright thought or the place where the next sections of the article begin.
  13. Stasi.
    Stasi. 27 July 2012 16: 21
    Unfortunately, the privatization of the defense industry is not the worst. It will be scary if Ukraine joins NATO, then there will be a strong reduction in defense enterprises, because the Ukrainian defense industry does not fully meet NATO standards, all of its products.
  14. Orey
    Orey 27 July 2012 16: 37
    Quote: Stasi.
    Unfortunately, privatization of the defense industry is not the worst. It will be scary if Ukraine joins NATO, then there will be a strong reduction in defense enterprises, because the Ukrainian defense industry does not fully meet NATO standards, all of its products.

    1. Ukraine is not going to join NATO
    2. And they still will not take her there (Germany, France)
    3. Greece and Turkey purchased and are purchasing weapons of the USSR / RF without any problems ...
  15. df34edgf
    df34edgf 27 July 2012 18: 28
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can remove yourself from the site.
  16. 16
    16 27 July 2012 23: 41
    sort of like in the USSR !!!!! ukr-, growing-defenseexport !!! that is, we still need a centralized policy in this matter !!!!!!! on heh ...- this democracy !!!!! maybe an ordinary person will breathe !!!!!!