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Multi-purpose "Family Guy" and OH-58D as a threat to the "Shell-C1." How high are the chances of the CBP brainchild?


As you know, the AGM-2008A Block I “Griffin-A” multi-purpose guided tactical ammunition, which reached operational combat readiness in 176, was developed by the military-industrial corporation “Raytheon” as a relatively inexpensive, high-precision, small-sized air attack weapon, which must be integrated into special aircraft ammunition destination MC-130W "Dragon Spear", as well as aircraft support artillery family AC-130W "Stinger II" and strike reconnaissance UAVs MQ-9 "Reaper / -ER" Command of the US Special Forces and the United States Air Force.

Small-sized multi-purpose tactical missiles of the A / BGM-176B family - a flexible percussion instrument in modern theaters of war

The sufficiently high efficiency of the early airborne Griffins, demonstrated during the filing of precision-guided attacks on terrorist enclaves in remote areas of Afghanistan in late 2010 - early 2011, served as the main argument in favor of the start of designing more advanced and long-range modifications of tactical guided munitions family "Griffin" equipped with single-mode solid propellant solid propellant rocket engines with different periods of burnup of solid propellant charges, and, accordingly, range.

The most famous of them is the BGM-176B Block II "Griffin-B" multipurpose tactical missile, which is part of the ammunition of the Mk 60 multipurpose tactical missile systems deployed on Cyclone-class patrol boats. Missiles of this type are placed in quadruple rotary cylindrical transport and launch containers and have a range of about 5500 m when launched from a surface carrier (ultra-low height). The main purpose of these products is to cover patrol ships and orders of small KUGs from massive boat attacks of a potential enemy during operations carried out in the littoral zone. Meanwhile, tactical missiles BGM-176B Block II can be easily adapted for use in weapons control systems of ground units, attack reconnaissance helicopters and UAVs, as well as tactical aircraft aviationThis is facilitated by the ability to synchronize the inertial navigation system of the rocket with the MIL-STD-1760 multiplex data bus.

The most eloquent proof of this is the software and hardware integration of Griffin-B missiles in the weapon control systems of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior attack and reconnaissance helicopters. Due to the minimum weight and size parameters (weight - 20 kg, hull length - 1140 mm and diameter - 140 mm), two quad transport-launch modules with 58 tactical missiles AGM-8B Block can be placed on the suspension nodes of each OH-176D attack and reconnaissance helicopter II (no more than 200 - 220 kg together with transport and launch modules).

Possibilities of the shock tandem "OH-58D -" Griffin-B "and" Shell-C1 "in a duel situation. The situation is not in favor of the US Army Aviation

Against this background, the assessment of the ability of the most advanced domestic anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Pantsir-S1" to withstand tactical missiles "Griffin-B" and their carriers is of particular relevance. After all, it is not difficult to assume that in the coming conflicts, the OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior" operating at ultra-low altitudes of the US Army Aviation, or strike and reconnaissance drones "Reaper", under certain operational and tactical circumstances, may well enter into a "dive" with enemy air defense units that have air defense systems 96K6 "Pantsir-S1" (the brainchild of the KBP).

On the plains of military theaters without mountain ranges, hills and gorges, any attempt to launch precision missile strikes against Panzirai-C1 batteries using Griffin-B tactical missiles would be fraught for OH-58D Kiowa Warrior crews fiasco, since when launched from an average height of about 3500-4000 m, the range of the AGM-176B will be no more than 12,5-15 km, while the range of targets intercepted by 57E6E anti-aircraft missiles is 20 km. We observe a confident defeat of OH-58D 5-7,5 km before reaching the AGM-176B Griffin-B tactical missile launch line.

And even in the case of elevated or mountainous terrain, where crews of OH-58D helicopters will be able to get to the positions of the Pantsire-C1 battery 5-7 km away, hiding behind folds of terrain, hills and other natural obstacles in ultra-low altitude mode, It is not necessary to talk about any dominance of Army aircraft of the United States. Launching AGM-176B Griffin-B tactical missiles from ultra-low altitudes to a distance of 5-7 km, in accordance with the demonstration scheme for using Griffin-B missiles from Raytheon published on, provides for the implementation of ballistic or flat trajectories flights with access to more rarefied layers of the troposphere to reduce aerodynamic drag and maintain the necessary speed qualities at the terminal portion of the trajectory.

As a result of this, on the ascending branch of the trajectory, the AGM-176B missiles will have a perpendicularly oriented position relative to the radiation patterns of radar detectors RLM SOC and guidance radars 1RS2-1E Helmet of the Pantsir-C1 complexes. In simpler terms, they will be turned to the “Armor” radar systems with a side projection having the maximum possible EPR of about 0,15 square meters. Due to this, the Helmet guidance radars equipped with passive phased arrays will be able to instantly detect, “tie up tracks” and capture Griffin-B missiles for the immediate transfer of appropriate control commands to 57E6E anti-aircraft interceptor missiles and azimuth-angle bearing 30-mm twin automatic guns 2A38M.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 20 February 2020 15: 14
    Everything will be improved, the process is continuous.
    Shit and sword, who is ahead?
    We are betting on a reliable shield, but no one expects that in response to the threat, a smashing ... spear, for example, will not fly. We also have it ready and very effective.
    In general, advertisers, manufacturers will "croak" for their product, this is guaranteed ... but how it really is, no one dares to check it!
    1. Stalllker
      Stalllker 20 February 2020 16: 45
      We have a good "sword" too. For me, Russian troops are more balanced
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 20 February 2020 18: 03
        I never doubted our WARRIORS ... but as for the rest, there are questions, I hope they will be solved, eliminated as far as possible.
        1. Stalllker
          Stalllker 21 February 2020 01: 29
          There are questions to all the armies of the world, not only in our troops problems
  2. Lopatov
    Lopatov 20 February 2020 15: 15
    Something is not clear.
    And what is the generally possible scenario in which an army aviation reconnaissance and attack helicopter and an element of rear air defense can intersect? Moreover, in a "duel situation"
    1. Sanichsan
      Sanichsan 25 February 2020 17: 29
      Quote: Spade
      And what is the possible scenario in which the reconnaissance and attack helicopter of the army aviation and the element can intersect rear Air defense?

      and why the rear? it's kind of like near-field defense. and why did they teach him to work on the fly if he is in the rear air defense structure? does not add up ... request
      about the collision itself, I think the outcome of the collision of an air defense complex with a detection range of 40 km and a range of 20 km with a helicopter with a range of 5.5 km is completely predictable ....
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 20 February 2020 15: 49
    Eugene, can you tell us more about the "efficiency" in Afghanistan? Something I do not remember about the information about the air defense systems, or even more so the missile defense of the Taliban! To hit an armed Bedouin, as if on a field, does not mean hitting a more or less equivalent enemy! Of course, it is necessary, of course, to constantly improve not only military equipment, but also the training system, however, there is a huge difference between a war against a weak enemy, especially without air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems, and a war with an enemy equal in capabilities.
    1. Nikolay3
      Nikolay3 20 February 2020 16: 10
      Multi-purpose "Family Guy" and OH-58D as a threat to the "Shell-C1."

      Dear Eugene! Chances not only do not have “Griffin”, but could not be a priori. And with the appearance of the Pantsir-SM air defense system, there will be no chances for hypersonic targets - within the reach of the Pantsir-SM.
  4. V.I.P.
    V.I.P. 20 February 2020 16: 10
    Judging by the video in "Military Acceptance", which shows the work of the "Pantsir" cannons on the drone about which they knew for sure that it would fly now and three rounds were unsuccessful, and they shot it down only with a rocket. (while the drone costs $ 500, and the rocket was shot down from $ 10000). An attempt to shoot down a griffin is possible only with rockets ...
    1. sen
      sen 21 February 2020 05: 11
      Now the development of 30-mm shells with remote detonation and cheaper missiles - "nails" is underway.
      1. V.I.P.
        V.I.P. 21 February 2020 10: 24
        We have a lot going on for a budget cut. Only the T-90, which they decided to buy at the Moscow Region, comes with an old cannon, with old ammunition, with an old automatic loader, without a KAZ ... And at exhibitions and for sale to others, it’s directly shown an unrealistic pepelats ..))))
  5. Oleg83
    Oleg83 20 February 2020 16: 14
    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior? The last helicopters of this model of the USA were written off in 2017. Damantsev already switched to some kind of fiction
  6. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 20 February 2020 16: 38
    Hello comrades!!! "perpendicularly oriented position relative to the radiation patterns of radar detectors" - a song!
    1. Nikolay3
      Nikolay3 20 February 2020 16: 52
      nov_tech.vrn (Michael)! Evgeny Damatsev sings so often, melodiously, and pleases the soul ... In this case, not everything is lost!
  7. gmb
    gmb 20 February 2020 16: 45
    They'll take a bigger rocket and shoot it farther away, but rather a few.
    1. Nikolay3
      Nikolay3 20 February 2020 17: 26
      Quote: gmb
      They'll take a bigger rocket and shoot it farther away, but rather a few.

      In Russia, the Pantsir-C2 air defense system with a range of 40 km is in service. Your script will fail.
      1. gmb
        gmb 20 February 2020 19: 28
        Based on a simple assumption, on the other hand, they also know something and know the data of your equipment. So they will be preparing and looking for weaknesses, any equipment they have.
  8. lucul
    lucul 20 February 2020 22: 12
    served as the main argument in favor of the beginning of the design of more advanced and "long-range" modifications of tactical guided munitions of the Griffin family, equipped with single-mode solid propellant rocket engines with different periods of burnup of solid fuel charges, and, accordingly, range.

    All the same, our very timely pulled up to the world level their development of solid fuel engines.
  9. riwas
    riwas 21 February 2020 05: 04
    And even in the case of elevated or mountainous terrain, where crews of OH-58D helicopters will be able to get to the positions of the Pantsire-C1 battery 5-7 km away, hiding behind folds of terrain, hills and other natural obstacles in ultra-low altitude mode

    To spot helicopters operating in this way, drones can be used in tandem with the “Shell-C1” - a top view behind an obstacle. Only they should be automatically tracked by SAMs as their own.
  10. 5-9
    5-9 21 February 2020 12: 38
    Some kind of epic battle ... on the one hand, the air defense missile defense system (located in the depths of the territory near important objects or at least tens of kilometers from the front line around the S-400, on the other - a reconnaissance helicopter with an ersatz racket "nur-s-bolted -gsn "