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Frontier Guard of the air borders: Day of formation of the radio-technical troops of the Russian Air Force


December 15 in the Russian Armed Forces is celebrated as the Day of the formation of the radio-technical forces of the Russian Air Force. Recently, the Air Force has become an integral part of the Russian Aerospace Forces, while the Air Force's Radio Engineering Troops (RTV) have actually migrated under the new command, remaining an integral part of the Air Force.

RTV is a branch of the Air Force, the activity of which allows to obtain reliable information about the air situation. The troops provide radar reconnaissance, transmit the necessary radar information to the combat calculations of command posts of units and formations aviation, Air defense, electronic warfare.

Radio engineering troops are a kind of border guard of the air borders of Russia. Any aircraft approaching the air borders of our country is “caught” by a radar field, identified, and then a decision is made as to what danger it poses. It is after receiving information about the appearance of combat aircraft of a potential enemy in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Russian Federation that a decision is made to use certain military aviation options, including interceptors.

The RTV Air Force of the Russian Federation is armed with a variety of radar systems and electronic systems that allow for operational monitoring of airspace. For example: medium and high altitude radars “Opponent-G1M” and “Sopka-2”, low-altitude radar systems - “Podlet” of various modifications, low-altitude radar stations “Casta-2-2”, etc.

To date, the share of modern weapons (as part of the modernization program) of troops in the Russian Air Force RTV has been brought up to more than 60 percent. The target figure is 70 percent.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 14 December 2019 04: 11
    December 15 is celebrated in the Russian Armed Forces as the Day of the formation of the radio-technical forces of the Air Force of Russia.
    Happy holiday.
    But I also read a lot of questions, but didn't RTV refer to the country's air defense? It is in the aspect of "border guard"
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 14 December 2019 05: 14
      Happy Holidays! And on July 16, 1997, by presidential decree, they were united. hi
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 14 December 2019 07: 57
        That combined forces - yes for the holiday table! good And - for the clear sky above your head! drinks
    2. spectr
      spectr 15 December 2019 11: 00
      Their tasks are slightly different. Air defense - shoots down, and RTV - tracks. And not only air targets. For example, the massive use of electronic warfare, which can currently precede an attack.
  2. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell 14 December 2019 07: 30
    All involved in the holiday drinks
  3. knn54
    knn54 14 December 2019 10: 40
    Colleagues, Happy Holidays. RTV GRU.
  4. AAK
    AAK 14 December 2019 12: 22
    Colleagues! Happy holiday to all!
    RTV air defense
  5. Piramidon
    Piramidon 14 December 2019 12: 30
    It looks like they decided to fill the whole calendar with holidays. There is, after all, the date "Radio Day" - May 7, which is celebrated by all those involved in this industry. request

    In our crew only 4 people were associated with the radio. This is a shooter-radio operator, and the operator of the RTR, and the operator of the PP and the operator of the database. It is possible for them to arrange an individual holiday for everyone. And another day is the service of the long-distance drive, the short-range drive ... But why?
  6. seregin-s1
    seregin-s1 14 December 2019 14: 51
    Happy holiday to all of us!
    OBAU, airfield Limanskoe.
  7. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 14 December 2019 18: 22
    Congratulations to colleagues on Ai Petri 1984-2000!
  8. The comment was deleted.