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Shield and sword, or How to use power wisely



Modern international life proceeds in conditions of precarious balance. Not only the magnetic poles are changing, but also the centers of civilizational attraction, former fulcrum and signal landmarks. The times of relative peace on the planet are a thing of the past. Everything begins to mix into a motley mass, where the general behavior and steps seem unpredictable.

Old concepts and political attitudes are dilapidated and stupefied. Tips and organizations lose public confidence. Much suggests that the international balance of the last century ordered a long life. No, formally it still exists, which we know from political News. But this is just his shell, which is no longer able to hide reality. It is being replaced by a time of anxiety, uncertainty and risk.

It is already difficult for the Western community, the “golden billion” (that is, the billion claiming to be all valuable), to remain at the top of the economic food chain of the world. The king of the mountain is increasingly being squeezed from there by India, Brazil and China. At first, their timid struggle gradually bore fruit on this slippery road. And China, for example, no longer hides that it no longer intends to be a labor concentration camp for America and the European Union. He is already openly (well, or in Chinese openly) trying to manipulate the West.

Africa from the former colony is also getting its mind. It is as easy to rob it as 100, 200, 300 and 400 years ago, most likely, it will not work. The fate of the Arabian monarchies, generally loyal to the West, fluctuates depending on oil prices. To maintain the external illusion of well-being, even it becomes increasingly difficult for them.

Sometimes it seems that there is nothing definite and even sacred in this world, where the old world order has already faded and the new one has not yet escaped. There are no principles or ideas under the cover of fallen leaves. Separate, albeit not so harmless, problems are still superimposed on this.

America cannot cope with the pressure of excessive money supply in the face of gigantic domestic debt. There is already a neat default not to do. China, no matter what it says, is unable to meet the population growth rate with the pace of production. And it begins to boil without work. In addition, the foreign product market is still limited. Even for a global factory like China.

England is tormented by old complexes, it is going through hard times. She does not want to turn into Spain, and can no longer take the place of America. France still has a good scientific and technical potential in comparison with it. Especially in commonwealth with close Italy. But Germany, on the contrary, sank. A former troublemaker in the first half of the twentieth century, Germany has long settled down. The current German Chancellor, if able to frighten the neighbors with anything, is lectures on the need to fight corruption. Imagine what kind of reaction these speeches evoke in Southern Europe: in Italy or Greece. Germany in its usual European field is already crowded by Poland.

Nevertheless, the international situation does not at all lead to a playful tone.

The West loses its leading role on the planet in the evolutionary development of affairs. He still controls the main trade routes, except for the Northern Sea Route. He also has farmland. But on the horizon, apart from the financial one, the resource crisis is clearly visible. Especially when the true extent of the shale fraud in America is revealed. And for all to see, an empty slurry of deception will surface. It’s unlikely to hide it endlessly under Saudi oil and Qatari natural gas. This means that energy prices will creep up again.

The West still has natural resources, but they are no longer enough to satisfy their own appetites. And they are growing regardless of the fluctuation of the dollar or euro.

An agitated and in its own way hungry West will not be idle to sit and watch as all the most valuable floats past him. And how can you change the course of an unfortunate match in the arena? Of course, a conflict, a fight on the field. If your game does not go, you should try to spoil the game for others. Make them play by their own rules.

The cultural beginning of the conflict

At first you can try to do it culturally. In order not to risk yourself just in case. Those. resort to intrigue, quarreling other countries. Or try to weaken them with disputes of their poisonous intentions.

You remember history about obscure mosquito bites in Brazil, with a disease previously unknown to science? Or about a fever walking in Africa, threatening peace, which then somehow disappeared? Apparently, because Western missionary scholars dealt with it. Well, and thanks to them for that. Now we, at least, know what they do in their laboratories!

But insects and infections are indiscriminate, at least for now. In addition, they can shoot the wrong way, depending on the vagaries of the weather. And in general, it is not so easy to fight others with the help of epidemics. They work for the future, and the result is needed today, now. Within three, a maximum of five years.

The West has such or such a term to save the economic foundation of its democracy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to speculate in democracy, even within itself. Democracy and human rights are good when they bring benefits, not poverty. Not only well-being is at stake, but the Western way of life itself, instilled into everyone as the only right and possible for the world.

The stubborn West will try its best to prevent its debunking. But we will not stop only in the West. Because on the world map there is also the East.

And this is dynamically growing China, and not only. In Japan, it seems, have already experienced the syndrome of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima. Tokyo dreams of more in the rays of the rising samurai spirit. The Kuril Islands alone, apparently, are already few samurai. But, in addition to Japan, there is also Korea, a country that is volatile in itself.

And in the Middle East, between the two seas, Turkey claims to be the regional leader. She is blackmailing the European Union by handing over the keys to the European gate to refugees. For this, Turkey wants to receive tribute from Europe. Ankara is talking with the European Union in a capricious tone. Turkey contains a large army for itself with debt and a shortage of sources of growth. But, apparently, she has big plans. This pushes her into political and military adventures.

Take off the rose-colored glasses

I did not list these problems in order to shock someone. But is it time to take off the pink glasses from the nose? You need to see a picture of a real, not imaginary or desired world, in which the universe is supposedly fertile, and its love is enough for everyone. No, it is not. There are always threats in life that need to be countered, or better yet, anticipated. But in no case do not respond to threats with cheap herbivorous peace. This is the most dangerous and wrong line of behavior when faced with problems and threats. And to meet them in today's world is an option for everyone.

No country or union, no matter how powerful they are, in our world is safe from disasters. The old logic of nuclear deterrence, unfortunately, is losing strength. Especially for those who did not participate in the atomic competition. How do they know what the destructive effect of nuclear weapons. They did not deal with him, and they hope they will not. Or, on the contrary, it is believed that a large uncle in a cylinder will present them with several atomic bombs in order to get them out of their dung. It makes no sense to them to prove that you can pay for it.

Stupidity, greed and irresponsibility are more and more constrained by prudence in politics. The calls for prudence no longer solve the problem. Therefore, do not apply your logic to someone else's head. An alien and not always sober head is always darkness.

In fact, even the great countries do not have insurance, while the smaller ones never paid for it. Is this a cause for alarm? No. But a reason to think.

Someone else's inappropriate behavior, too, must be laid in the global estimate. The estimate then turns out hoo! Many are interested in: who will pay for the banquet? Keeping in mind that someone has to pay for others. The fate of such scammers is unenviable, and it is not necessary to pity those who do not know how and do not want to answer for themselves. They themselves must be responsible for everything.

Please note: in our conversation I have never once mentioned the word "Russia". Russia’s turn is ahead. And before while on the table we see solitaire, where, in addition to aces, kings and princes, there are other cards at face value. Agree, a multi-colored deck comes out. Sometimes explosive, like an explosive mixture. However, I hasten to reassure the impressionable part of the public.

The glass is half empty

Various negative phenomena, natural and political-social, fall on our heads as if from a cornucopia. The real ones that concern us personally are in a hurry to snuggle up from the news, rumors and the Internet. Reflected in the mind, like a mirror room, all this contributes to the growth of pessimistic moods. When we start not to want the bad, but to wait for it. This is mistake.

You say a tough time. And before it was better and easier? Of course, we did not live then and did not bear the burden of worries. But today it’s our turn, and miss it will not work. As much as I would like.

The experience of centuries shows that it was precisely at the change of eras that people most often thought about the end of the world. Having for good reason. However, they lived and survived. Really this time should be completely different?

I have strong suspicions that the “apocalypse” (nuclear and otherwise) still will not happen. The terrible end of the world will have to be postponed somewhat. If the end was required, it would come much earlier. I don’t know what is the reason, but the earth, like water and the sun, apparently still has a credit of trust in man. As to all of humanity. Or everything is simpler: they still need it. So there is a continuation of the story with you, my friends.

But the common future will not be the same for everyone, but different. Mostly depending on the effort. Everyone has yet to compete for a happy ticket there. To do this, you already need to take care of yourself, instead of thinking about humanity.

You have to have your strong arguments ready, and, on the contrary, hide the flaws. Make sure that they do not interfere, or do not dare to use them. Deftly forge iron when it suddenly becomes hot. Do not yawn or relax, which you should already forget. Hoping for the best, but nonetheless be prepared for everything. Lean on a clear and cold head. And one more thing: be sure to keep the powder dry. It never bothers, but it can always help. Something like that.

With a vision for the future

And now, friends, we will move on to Russia. What is she? What are the challenges facing her with an eye to the future? I have already listed some, but it’s worth adding a few.

In my opinion, the main thing for her is to preserve her territories, resources and subsoil. Rid the economy of liberal reforms. To finally achieve demographic growth, creating all the prerequisites for this. Build roads, develop the Northern Sea Route. Fully control the airspace and the entire adjacent sea zone.

Other tasks, also urgent, will be solved later. I have already talked about the most important.

No, I do not call for passivity. Sometimes in the interests of your field you need to be able to play on someone else's. But these are issues of tactics, not strategy. And our strategy is this: Russia should remain Russia, no matter what happens around. This, by the way, is quite up to her.

We have no allies? So what. You might think they used to be. Are we not allies ourselves?

All our opponents have long been known, we have an accurate idea on their account.

The NATO bloc goes around the bush, relying on political pressure, an indirect struggle. NATO avoids direct clashes with Russia. In his principles in relation to Russia, nothing strange is visible. China is careful. His leadership is smart enough to refrain from military-political adventures. Especially when the strength of Chinese weapons and the army is not clear. The Chinese Communists still have enough internal problems, not external ones. Here, as I said, more surprises are to be expected from Japan and Korea: both North and South. Turkey should also be kept in the spotlight. And, proceeding from her steps, it is not at all necessary that this attention will be kind to her.

In the current situation, there is nothing supernatural for us, something that we would not have encountered before. All you need is to use the cards at hand. We will talk about how to do this.

In the meantime, a smoke break. Hey, do not go far, to be continued!
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 28 October 2019 06: 03
    For rent, gentlemen, it was an introduction .... We will not disperse, we will wait for the continuation .. smile
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 28 October 2019 08: 04
      how to do this, we will talk.

      In the meantime, a smoke break

      How to make Russia strong, powerful and invincible? There is only one way - that the people become the master.

      And he has already been tested. It led to fantastic results in Soviet times. It was then that Russia, in its entire thousand-year history, was at the zenith of its power.

      Everything was in history, nothing had to be invented.
      1. Krasnoyarsk
        Krasnoyarsk 28 October 2019 10: 30
        Quote: Stas157

        How to make Russia strong, powerful and invincible? There is only one way - that the people become the master.

        I don't understand those who gave you a minus. Most likely, in their heads immediately arose: - gulag, repression ... and other horror stories. They don’t understand that repression (prosecution according to the law) is just a reaction of the state (authority) to its defense. Humanity has not yet invented other ways to protect itself. But .., the function of protecting the authorities was performed by thousands of people, and each of them did it by virtue of his skill, experience and, alas, the goals he pursued. And these goals, for a fairly large number of "defenders", did not always coincide with the goals of protecting the authorities, but, on the contrary, pursued the goal of overthrowing the authorities. Hence the so-called "kinks".
        Regarding your words - "... for the people to become the master." I propose to replace the word "owner" with the word "power". The essence does not change, but then it is easier to explain the purpose for which the people should become the master.
        Our opponents will now screech - "Oh-oh-oh, again they want to take everything away and share ..." No, not dear, not for that. In short, then ... There are two people, one wants and knows how to work, but if they give him a job, they pay him so that he does not die of hunger (eat macaroons) and can continue to work in the hope of a better future ... Another, either does not know how to work, or he does not care for work and he does what he knows how to do - to steal. But he is also paid for his "work" in amounts that cannot be compared with the work of the former. He buys yachts with a helipad and could buy the Solomon Islands, yes, what a pity, they are not sold. In order to prevent this from happening, the people must become the master, i.e. become power.
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 28 October 2019 10: 44
          Krasnoyarsk In order to become a power, the inhabitants only have to become a people.
        2. Stas157
          Stas157 28 October 2019 10: 52
          Quote: Krasnoyarsk
          Our opponents will now screech - "Oh-oh-oh, they want to take everything away and share... "No, not dear, not for that.

          I completely agree. This is not the main thing. Hundreds (if not thousands) of billions withdrawn abroad, offshore, can no longer be returned or taken away. But another thing can be changed - the distribution of the final product of labor. Make it more fair.

          The worries and worries only about the safety of their untold wealth are greatly exaggerated. Everything is insured and reinsured in "safe hands". These "hands" are more worried about continue to have excess profits taking advantage of his privileged position in an unequal society. hi
        3. NBV
          NBV 2 November 2019 14: 14
          You contradict yourself. On the one hand, you want people to have power, and on the other, you blame democracy for all the troubles that happen to you. Democracy means "people's power." You cannot claim Great Power if people are poor. Tell us why the USSR could not “buy out” the victory in the Second World War? Why do you, as winners, now work for the losers, and not vice versa?
          1. Krasnoyarsk
            Krasnoyarsk 2 November 2019 19: 37
            Quote: NBV
            Democracy means "people's power."

            What does it mean - people's power? This is a simple verbiage. The people either have power or not. There is no third. If the people have power, it means that the president and the government are hired by the people to perform certain functions and the people have the right to punish them for the poor performance of these functions, or, on the contrary, to encourage them for the good performance of these functions. How can your boss do this to you? Because he has POWER over you. If the people can neither punish (suspend at any time and, if the court proves their guilt, imprison them), nor encourage their subordinates, then there is no democracy. but there is empty verbiage.
            Quote: NBV
            You cannot claim Great Power if people are poor.

            And people are poor because neither the president nor the government is afraid of the trial of the people. Because the people do not have such an opportunity to judge them (to give an official assessment of their activities), there is no power over them.
            Both the president and the government and the Duma must constantly be under the "domocles sword" of the people's court. The term of the president has ended, the people are assessing his activities. If there is a minus, - the consequence (why did not the life of the people improve during the reporting period?) Court, bunk.
            Only in this state of affairs, when the people have power, our people will live well. Not individual citizens, but the whole nation.
  2. samarin1969
    samarin1969 28 October 2019 06: 08
    "... No, I do not call for passivity. Sometimes, in the interests of your own field, you need to be able to play on someone else's. But these are questions of tactics, not strategy. And our strategy is this: Russia should remain Russia, no matter what happens around. This is she, by the way, is quite on the shoulder ... "

    Interestingly, the author of this "tolerant besogon" writes here about Donbass or Syria ??
    And so, political information in the spirit of "TV": "We" - tasks, opponents - problems; the "West" groaning with problems and the mighty "Third World". laughing
  3. Far B
    Far B 28 October 2019 06: 25
    So far, it is clear from the article that nothing is clear. Although it became clear from the first part that the West continues to decay safely. And from the second - that Russia does not need to squander its wealth. Well, as it were, both statements are not news for a long time (although both are not quite at odds with reality: the West is somehow very slowly decaying, and Russia continues to squander). Well, let's wait for the continuation, maybe, and what the new author will give out.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 28 October 2019 07: 07
      The global redistribution in favor of the poor and the numerous has been and remains the main threat to the existence of mankind. And in this you can not discover America. The world has long been planted on a powder keg, and played with matches. negative
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 29 October 2019 13: 36
        Nevertheless, the international situation does not at all lead to a playful tone.

        The West loses its leading role on the planet in the evolutionary development of affairs.
        And is it bad and dangerous? request
    2. Armata T-14
      Armata T-14 28 October 2019 09: 04
      EU industry -2.8% y / y German industry -6.2% y / y RF industry + 3.1% y / y. Keep living in a parallel world
      1. Far B
        Far B 28 October 2019 09: 16
        Keep living in a parallel world
        You, as a resident of the perpendicular world, of course, will be able to bring me the source of such blessed indicators? (Rosstat does not propose - he somehow famously knows how to count everything in a month so that officials feel good).
        1. Armata T-14
          Armata T-14 28 October 2019 17: 44
 Читайте, образовывайтесь, чтобы не выглядеть посмешищем, когда через 2 года Россия станет хозяином мира, а вы по инерции будет продолжать гавкать но свое Отечество
          1. Far B
            Far B 29 October 2019 00: 58
            when in 2 years Russia will become the master of the world, and by inertia you will continue to bark
            And you have the audacity, I’ll look, more than Khrushchev and the Sword, combined lol Those when they promised that "the current generation of Soviet people will live under communism" and "by 2000 every Soviet family will have their own apartment," at least a 20-year time lag was laid (according to the principle of Khoja Nasreddin, apparently - "after 20 years, either the shah dies, or the donkey dies "). And you - no, you - in just two years Russia will become the master of the world. With three percent economic growth, which even Kudrin does not believe in? Why not in 2 months? Why waste time on trifles? This, my friend, is not even optimism, it is called differently wassat
            PySy. I myself dream of "kirdyk to your America", but you really need to look at things.
            1. 2 Level Advisor
              2 Level Advisor 31 October 2019 20: 16
              the most interesting - what kind of words about 2 years this friend received 10k pluses)))
      2. NBV
        NBV 2 November 2019 14: 34
        These percentages mean nothing unless they are in the context of BWP.
        United States - 20
        European Union - 18 750 052
        China - 13
        Germany - 4000 386
        Russia - 1 326 015
        Bulgaria - 64 963
        This is measured in dollars.
  4. Jerk
    Jerk 28 October 2019 07: 17
    Well, yes, for now, political information, but the author has done a good job of isolating the essence in the general flow. Although briefly. what he said was said at a meeting of the Valdai Club: we are entering a time in which there will be no rules, and no rules at all.
  5. nikvic46
    nikvic46 28 October 2019 07: 28
    The term "herbivorous peacefulness". Is it aimed at internal consumption or external consumption? Of course, you can excite your society to the point of impossibility, but then with a positive effect we will get a negative one. America, and all its criminal cases.
    1. Dizel200
      Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 26
      Have you ever wondered, why did humanity invent religions? And why is there so many religions in America and the state encourages it or closes its eyes?
      1. Alexey LK
        Alexey LK 5 November 2019 03: 47
        Quote: Dizel200
        why are there so many religions in america

        Churches, as a rule, have a special taxation regime.
  6. Zhenya Khazarsky
    Zhenya Khazarsky 28 October 2019 08: 42
    Still very interesting are the issues of changing the ethnic and religious paradigms of the world caused by the "new migration of peoples". It would be nice to cover them too.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 October 2019 08: 53
    For some reason, I remembered one "author" from 2014-15, "Sofa General", who, in response to criticism against him, always asked how many articles you wrote on VO.
    1. Dizel200
      Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 20
      These are phantoms))
  8. Armata T-14
    Armata T-14 28 October 2019 09: 02
    The United States will collapse during the last liberal global financial and economic crisis of 2021. And Russia has a bright future
    1. Dizel200
      Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 19
      Fi. Is this banter?))
    2. NBV
      NBV 2 November 2019 14: 46
      It's funny and looks like a quote from a textbook on political economics from the 50th year, but pray that this does not happen. Now you have only one U.S. adversary with nuclear weapons, and then you will have 50.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Chersky
    Chersky 28 October 2019 10: 07
    We all will die!!!
    1. Dizel200
      Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 18
      not today))
  11. faterdom
    faterdom 28 October 2019 16: 03
    You can try to predict the future, but you can’t predict the future. The other day I was reading a curious book dedicated to Phenicia and Carthage. So I really liked the comparison: the beginning of the campaign of the Macedonian king Alexander against Persia, the first victory, the second - but the whole of Oikumen still does not believe (including Tire and Carthage) ... The news has been going on for a long time, and they are strange - like some kind of king has come down from the mountains , and heaped on the Persians (superpower of that time) !!!
    But smart people understand that this is an accident, it coincided, because the resources, both human and material, and financial, are simply not comparable! Right now, the Persians will wake up, gather themselves - and then woe to these mountain kings and those who dare to overtake them!
    For Tyr, these "sober assessments" ended very badly. Alexander did not reach Carthage - he died at a very young age.
    And the comparison that I liked - imagine that in our time, Castro with the "barbudos" detachments landed in Florida, and begins to smash the Americans, destroy their divisions, shoot down planes and capture cities, and captures the Trump family ... And the whole world waiting - now the impudent gets what he deserves ... And the whole world is unanimously mistaken - the whole history turns to the "Hellenistic" path of civilization, and whoever slept through the turn - to the sidelines!
    1. Dizel200
      Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 18
      The revolutionary is dozing in your soul))))
    2. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 2 November 2019 20: 39
      "the whole history turns on the" Hellenistic "path of civilization"
      Kanechna thought interesting, but there is a small BUT:
      To begin with, the dad of this mountain king reigned for his son, well, almost all of Greece, ...
      And only then, this united Greece went, under the chairmanship of, by that time an orphaned son, to pile on everything, at that time known, the rest of the world ...
      And yes, now together, one by one, the Greeks quite successfully opposed the then hegemon, but without excessive fanaticism ...
      Well i.e. heaped up heaped up with more or less variable success, but the truth was that before Alexander they won’t even try to win the thread from the Persians ...
      So far from nothing, the mountain king began his campaign ..!
      And even to the Pacific Ocean it wasn’t fate ...
      But Volfovich’s dream is to wash his sandals in the Indian Ocean, for which he completely fulfilled ...
      But it seems that his dreams were still much more scaled ..!
      And about Castro it’s interesting, interesting ..
    3. Alexey LK
      Alexey LK 5 November 2019 03: 51
      Quote: faterdom
      Before Carthage, Alexander did not reach his hands - he died at a very young age.

      Have Carthage got to Alexander? wink
  12. Sibiriya
    Sibiriya 28 October 2019 16: 17
    An interesting point of view of the author of the article. I think we need a unifying idea for the majority. For example, the unification of Slavic peoples, the construction of a just society, that is, for the sake of what and around which to unite. And at present they are only trying to divide people by imposing a cult of the golden calf.
    1. Polymer
      Polymer 2 November 2019 07: 24
      Quote: Siberia
      need a unifying idea for most. For example, the union of Slavic peoples

      Forced to disappoint you - Slavic peoples are not the majority in the world. And what about the rest? Genocide? But then the whole world will unite against the Slavs ... and some Slavs are not even against joining the opponents.
      Quote: Siberia
      building a fair society

      Of course - yes! Only the "unifying idea" should be international. Otherwise - impasse and defeat.
  13. Dizel200
    Dizel200 28 October 2019 21: 16
    And I liked the article. The author tried, quite unsuccessfully, to dot the and. Of course this is his opinion, but I am impressed. In many ways I agree. Although someone outlined a vector for the country. although I suspect that the vector is already clear to the leadership, it’s just a game, a big game. The main thing is to bet correctly and not lose. so far succeeds.
    1. Alexey LK
      Alexey LK 5 November 2019 03: 55
      Quote: Dizel200
      the vector is already clear to the leadership, just a game is on, a big game

      The game is always on. But it is desirable that the "vector" is clear not only to the management. And then, here Gorby, for example, was the vector clear? Or EBNu?
  14. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 29 October 2019 09: 37
    The author speaks smoothly and streamlined, apparently trying to make a "favorable impression". This form of hypocrisy is not typical for me. Once a friend of mine announced the decision to organize a trade union. I explained to him that all over the world the real working trade unions are strictly mafia organizations. He didn't understand. Then I began to express myself directly.
    Imagine a situation, I said. You put together a constituent assembly. And suddenly, from the back rows, a cheerful little voice is heard - the chairman d ...! You try to continue, and here again - CHAIR D ... !! So what are you going to do? Ignore? They’ll stop listening to you, you won’t establish anything. Trying to verbally win (hello to the hoplophobes!)? Fun naughty character spit on your words. Kick him out? But as? It is necessary to be able to use violence every day, otherwise nothing.
    In general, there is no power in the world right now. For the simple reason that power is not an armada of tanks or the sky black from airplanes. Strength is determination, willingness, ability and ability to give an opponent a hat so that blood from his ass splashes from his ass. And so that everyone knows. The United States is trying to show such power, but with its approach, such superiority is needed, which even they are not always able to achieve. So it acts badly, the cowardly meanness is very clearly visible. It’s possible to be afraid of a coward, but he won’t get any respect, but what power is without respect?
    What is the world situation on? At one point. T.N. The "Western world" is largely built on lies. He is completely dependent on her. One of the most important components of this lie is belief in the goodness of the West. And now everyone is waiting - who will twitch? Who will inadvertently declare himself to be the World Evil, risking seriously projecting power? Then the whole West will rush to this very "World Evil", thereby confirming its superiority, having received an object for robbery, etc. etc. It is to this role that Russia has been pushed for the last 20 years.
    Putin is really cool, not giving the West such an opportunity. But if there is no World Evil, and in the near future, then the following scenario will be used, and it is much worse than that ...
    1. Polymer
      Polymer 2 November 2019 07: 51
      An interesting example. Only here the key role will be played not by the readiness to use violence, but by the organizational skills of the "chairman". If he does not have a suitable idea and a clear plan for its implementation, or he could not convince the audience, then really
      Quote: Mikhail3
      CHAIR D ...

      If both the first and the second are available, the meeting itself will deal with this "merry fellow", it will itself give the right to use violence to the "chairman", and it itself implements it.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 4 November 2019 12: 42
        And if there is? A cheerful and slightly mild character will not give an idea to expound. He didn’t give a damn about ideas; he came to have fun.
        1. Polymer
          Polymer 4 November 2019 15: 01
          Quote: Mikhail3
          He didn’t give a damn about ideas; he came to have fun.

          If all the conditions I have listed are met, then those gathered will throw out this "merry fellow" by themselves - let him go to another place to make fun of. This is at its best.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 4 November 2019 15: 51
            Do not throw out. I know that. what am I talking about. That's right - there are simply no non-mafia unions. Well, except for the Russian guys who freely live on the union property left by the USSR and are not interested in any hard workers at all. The conditions you set will not be fulfilled (are you a programmer? Respect). To interest people, you need long-term communication with them, and this applies only to smart ones. With not very smart, other methods of influence are needed.
            But there are approximately 2% of people who do not receive joy from anything other than destruction. And the better the destroyed, the more pleasant they are. And I'm not talking about competitors, and about the owners of enterprises ... And I'm not talking about the fact that if those present throw someone out, he will gladly sue them. Throwing him against his will is an illegal act, and it is easy to prove. And the fact that he insulted the speaker is extremely difficult to prove, even with a mass of witnesses.
            Organizational talent is not enough. We have no fair world, and quite a while ago ...
            1. Polymer
              Polymer 4 November 2019 16: 21
              In principle, I agree with all your arguments. And I also know very well about trade unions. If you act within the framework of existing laws - yes, the situation is hopeless. Therefore, any new trade union is useless.
              But we must remember that a century ago and more, there was much less justice in the world, but then there were people who were able to lead the masses and impose their own, more just laws. Unfortunately, such persons are not currently visible from the word at all.
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 5 November 2019 09: 06
                It was like that. But how did these people lead the masses? With "outstanding organizational skills"? They did what they did with very serious violence. To put it mildly, I would not want to repeat that bloody river. Unfortunately, no new management methods have emerged. We can't cope ...
                1. Polymer
                  Polymer 5 November 2019 16: 07
                  Quote: Mikhail3
                  With "outstanding organizational skills"?

                  Exactly. The organizers didn’t personally use violence. The simplest people were shooting and slaughtering each other ... But at that time the position of the lower classes was so bad, there was hatred over the edge, there was nothing to lose - therefore, people easily went to the most cruel reprisals. Now everything is not so bad, and most of us have something to lose.
                  I agree, no one wants to get into such a meat grinder - including me. That is why I wrote above that we need not only an idea, but also a suitable plan for its implementation, which will suit the vast majority. Because "let's kill all those who disagree" is a very bad plan, no one will support it.
    2. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 2 November 2019 20: 20
      "then the following scenario will come into play, and it's much worse than that ..."
      I venture to suggest, based on history - a provocation!? ...
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 4 November 2019 12: 43
        No. Biological warfare disguised as an epidemic, or mass poisoning.
  15. sleeve
    sleeve 29 October 2019 10: 46
    The author is great. Ideology, constructive doctrines, all of this is fighting on the fronts with equal efficiency. Maybe even more effective than cannons and tanks. Inspires and explains why force is used in this way and explains primarily to the elements of this force-people. However, please ask the author. Times change with people. The New Rules of Life (hereinafter referred to as NPW) dictate new contents of seemingly familiar concepts. What is victory now? As a political and historical act. WWI did not imply genocide. WWII was conducted by his instruments and in TMV (cold) they were preparing for this very thing. But the WWII flared up according to completely different rules. Not without blood, not without the same genocide, but within the framework of the NPW, where destruction is no longer the measure of victory. What's on the agenda now? What is the purpose of "practical engineering of earthly dominant natural centers" according to the author? I'd like to find out ...
  16. 1536
    1536 29 October 2019 12: 25
    And how well it all started in the 1980s. "New thinking in the nuclear age for the USSR and the whole World" marched across the planet with leaps and bounds, Soviet Russia, like a pelican bird, tore its chest into small and not very pieces, and fed all those suffering around it, and, of course, beyond the Ocean. But the food in the suffering soon ran out ... and the appetite was kindled. When food runs out in the West and in the United States, there comes either the time of "epidemics" or the time of the "Crusades". With epidemics in the XX-XXI centuries. somehow it does not work, and on some you can even make good money. The second remains - the "crusade" against pain ... oh, Bolshevism is gone, then it is possible against the same "new thinking" or the nuclear age, or against the victory over fascism, in a word, against Russia and the people inhabiting it. Ukraine quickly ended, and the Ukrainians are cunning people, they quickly went to different corners and abroad to survive as a people. Belarus, apparently, is left for dessert for gourmets. You can, of course, wait until a generation of mankurts comes to power in Russia, and the new "uncle Gorby" will give him "new-new thinking" or "new-new order", lead him by the handle into "perestroika 2.0", but you can't even wait want - do they really want to eat?
    1. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 2 November 2019 20: 15
      "But they don't even want to wait - they really want to eat?"
      good what crying
    2. Alexey LK
      Alexey LK 5 November 2019 04: 05
      Khrushchev and Stalin, Gorbachev and Gagarin, Putin and Chubais are about a couple of peers. Not in generations.
  17. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 29 October 2019 13: 24
    Modern international life proceeds in conditions of precarious balance. Not only the magnetic poles are changing, but also the centers of civilizational attraction, former fulcrum and signal landmarks. The times of relative peace on the planet are a thing of the past. Everything begins to mix into a motley mass, where the general behavior and steps seem unpredictable.

    It is interesting when modern international life took place in conditions stability? In 1939, 1953-1959, 1962, 1964-1975, 1980? repeat request
  18. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 2 November 2019 20: 13
    Maybe better about the reactor,
    About your favorite moon tractor!
  19. Alexey LK
    Alexey LK 5 November 2019 04: 51
    Interesting look, thanks for the article.
    1. In addition to fairly general reasoning, this "struck my eye":
    Especially when the true extent of the shale fraud in America is revealed. And for all to see, an empty slurry of deception will surface. It’s unlikely to hide it endlessly under Saudi oil and Qatari natural gas. This means that energy prices will creep up again.

    Yes, this is a very specific presentation! I am not saying that all this is not at all true, but ... evidence in the studio! For if they give out ordinary Saudi oil for Amer’s shale oil (although Iraq would be more logical for me), then this topic outweighs everything else published on the site in a week. Or in a month. Only now - why are prices necessarily going up? If the volumes of supplies to the market continue and the price nomination continues in dollars, I see no reason.
    2. It somehow escapes the author’s attention that the main world players are not always countries.
    3. In my opinion, now the considerations of the well-known strategist A.A. Svechin about the reasons for the collapse of the Republic of Ingushetia is very relevant - namely, the thesis that the main threats to the country are internal, i.e. "internal political unpreparedness for war." And since then, the means and methods of information-psychological operations have gone far ahead.
    4. In any case, if the government wants to strengthen, strengthen the country by "finding mutual understanding" with the people, mutual respect and support, in order to pass the turning point without shocks, then it is necessary to clearly, clearly, understandably state its coordinate system, vision, program of action, the idea - albeit without secret details, but so that people could "penetrate", and would not ridicule "corrupt officials" with undisguised anger. Or the last one - without quotes.
    5. History teaches that in "periods of change of eras", success is achieved, as a rule, by those who come up with and implement something new, innovative - not only in technological terms, but also in socio-political, socio-economic. Scientific and technological progress, the main driving force of the development of civilization, forces the way of life of human society to change, and these changes occur mainly in leaps and bounds. But before that, such ideas "are in the air", "roam in the form of ghosts" and "disturb the minds." The big question is - are there such really revolutionary, innovative ideas at the moment? Chiping? Social ratings? Total digitalization and the Internet of things? Yes, but this is not the main direction, these are technical details. What will be the role of man in the future? How will the value of human capital grow? How can society be organized so that people are not just "redundant eaters" but "value-generating assets"? How to correlate material values ​​with intangible ones? Within what concept of the future, how do we want to achieve what goals? Any specific ideas? Without this, any planning is "to be ready for anything just in case." But a sensible concept of the future social order can very likely become a decisive advantage of the country in the global competition. And to unite supporters around us - countries, peoples and other forces.
  20. faterdom
    faterdom 5 November 2019 11: 13
    Quote: Alexey LK
    Quote: faterdom
    Before Carthage, Alexander did not reach his hands - he died at a very young age.

    Have Carthage got to Alexander? wink

    Perhaps yes. During a long siege of the Phoenician Tire, the Carthage fleet actively prevented Alexander's soldiers from making a mound across the strait. He brought to the besieged all the supplies necessary for supplying residents and the garrison. He took a significant part of the nobility. But the main thing that infuriated the commander, having taken this city, accumulating untold wealth of the city for centuries, he did not find them there. At least in the descriptions of his campaigns, the seized property, precious metals, pearls, purple, fabrics are always described in detail - this, along with the victory itself, is the pride of the conqueror.
    And here, such a rich city - and zilch!
    So, Alexander even officially declared war on Carthage. But she didn’t get to practical actions, he fought on another theater for the time being, and then he died and very long wars broke out between his heirs.