Sergey Bogdan. Interview about life, about the profession, about the combat use of aviation


Many know the Hero of Russia test pilot Sergei Bogdan. Recently, on September 4.09.2019, XNUMX, several video interviews with him were published on Denis Snetkov’s YouTube channel. In them, Sergei Bogdan talks about his childhood, choice of profession, military service aviation and test pilot service.

The interview is quite frank and interesting, contains many interesting facts. The concept of modern air combat and combat use of combat aircraft from Sergey Bogdan is also quite interesting. Some foreign combat aircraft and their capabilities are also mentioned from the point of view of the chief of the Sukhoi flight service.

About the roots

About business trips

About combat use

Video interviews taken from the YouTube channel Denis Snetkov.
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  1. +3
    7 September 2019
    Still, the camouflage from the T-50-5P (pictured) I like a lot more than pixel.
  2. +2
    7 September 2019
    In the third video, during a discussion of long-range combat, passing into the melee, Sergey Leonidovich, with all due respect, is a little disingenuous. Considering the spherical situation of the collision of fighters, the advantage will be the same for the one that first saw the enemy and first attacked, because with the subsequent entry into close combat, in addition to death maneuverability, the quantitative component also plays a role.

    Therefore, work on reducing visibility and detection tools is still underway in our program.
    1. +5
      7 September 2019
      Quote: Voyager
      Therefore, work on reducing visibility and detection tools is still underway in our program.

      It is being fought, but ... in close combat, Bogdan correctly said that you can see the enemy, just like you, but you can’t turn your weapon in his direction ... that’s why you need extra maneuverability to turn to a critical angle and work out on the enemy.

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