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On the verge of a massive conflict. Big Idlib checks Moscow for military-political stamina

A number of significant and extremely alarming operational-tactical events in the area of ​​the so-called “Idlib de-escalation zone” marked the third week of August 2019. In particular, just three weeks after the successful finalization of the 2,5 billionth contract between the Turkish Ministry of Defense and Rosoboronexport for the supply of four anti-aircraft missile systems (2 x anti-aircraft missile regiments) of the S-400 Triumph in the interests of the Turkish Air Force controlled by the General Staff Turkish Armed Forces paramilitary groups "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham", "Islamic Party of Turkestan" and "Tahrir Suria" sharply increased the intensity of artillery attacks on the fortified areas of the Syrian army and its friendly forces.

The degree of hypocrisy and the firmness of Ankara’s imperial ways does not cease to amaze even after a significant “incentive” deal

Moreover, as if by magic, the firing work on the military infrastructure at their disposal was resumed aviation operational brigades of the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed at the Khmeimim airbase. The environs of a key Russian air base in Syria began to be subjected to enviable constancy by the BMZ-21 Grad batteries deployed by idlib militants on the dominant heights in the western part of the “de-escalation zone”, which ultimately forced the command of the Russian air forces and the Syrian armed forces to leave the absurd ceasefire agreements and embark on a new phase of the offensive against pro-Turkish militants.

Based on what is happening, we can come to a firm opinion that Mr. Erdogan and the high-ranking representatives from the defense structures supervised by him, having obtained the desired high-tech “buns” in the form of the S-400 long-range air defense systems, and without any fear of disrupting the defense deal, decided continuing to use tough military-political instruments to maintain control over the northwestern provinces of Syria in general and the “Idlib adder in particular.”

And in this case, it would be extremely naive to talk about the absurdity and counterproductiveness of this military-political line of Ankara, because the 5-year period of comprehensive control over the "Idlib Viper" and part of Aleppo governorate eloquently illustrated a huge range of military-political, operational-tactical and economic benefits for the turkish side.

Firstly, it is an opportunity to dictate harsh conditions during numerous “backstage multi-walk-throughs” and “undercover games”, which are an integral part of the summits of the “Astana troika” and other negotiations between the leaders of the Central Asian states, one way or another involved in the formation of a road map to resolve the situation in "Idlib de-escalation zone." Secondly, it is the opportunity to use the territory of the Bolshoi Idlib as an excellent testing ground for testing prototypes and serial prototypes of the advanced weapons of the Turkish defense industry (from jamming communications and tactical information exchange to the T-155 Firtina self-propelled guns, RTR / EW systems) Koral ”and Bayraktar TB2 strike reconnaissance UAV) in close to combat conditions.

And finally, thirdly, the receipt of significant economic dividends consisting in the regular supply to Idlib of tanks with liquefied gas for the domestic needs of the local population and tens of thousands of militants “Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham”, “Tahrir Suriya”, etc. So, according to the Telegram channel Ebaa-Agency, an unspoken contract for the supply of liquefied gas to the Idlib Hadyushnik was signed between the local authorities of one of the Idlib districts and an anonymous Turkish oil and gas company back in March of 2018. Three of the above factors can be considered a fundamental argument in favor of maintaining the presence of regular Turkish army units in Big Idlib.

The success of the operation to expel the Turkish military contingent from the entire territory of Big Idlib depends on Moscow’s readiness to put on the back burns commercial issues of Russian-Turkish cooperation

Meanwhile, talking about the former inviolability of Turkish control over Idlib is no longer necessary. In the course of a rapid two-way offensive throw by the n. Kafr Naboo Umm-Kharyatein in the direction of the city of Khan-Sheikhun, the SAA units (including the elite units of the "Tiger Forces") were able to take control of more than 12 villages and two strategically important dominant heights - Tall As and Wadi al-Davrat. Deployment of Grad MLRS batteries, barreled artillery and ATGM systems equipped with Kornet-E complexes at these heights (and their environs) allowed the Syrian pro-government forces not only to organize fire support for the Tiger Forces that occupied the Sakayuk village, but also establish total fire control of the M5 “Hama - Aleppo” highway, overnight depriving the Turkish Army of the opportunity to carry out the safe rotation of military personnel at observation post No. 9 (near the town of Morek).

The further stage of the SAA offensive operation on Khan Sheikhun made it possible to completely cut off the key Turkish opornik No. 9 and a number of fortified areas "Tahrir al-Sham" and "Jeysh al-Izza" (in the cities of Kafr Zeyt, Morek and El-Latamna) from the vital arteries ”M5, which finally called into question the feasibility of the presence of our Turkish so-called“ colleagues ”in the southern part of Idlib, because this area was in the next tactical“ cauldron ”to be liberated and returned to Damascus control. And here an important question arises: what are the further actions of Ankara?

Based on the loud statement of one of the Turkish officers in Moreka, made on condition of anonymity of 17 on August 2019 and published in the news block of the tactical online map syria.liveuamap, we can conclude that we are talking about another undisguised bluff of Erdogan and senior representatives of the command of the Turkish army, because it announced a firm refusal to leave the Turkish contingent from the 9 observation post even in the case of the worst-case scenario, and also announced a plan for the construction of two more analogs Other strong points between Morek and Mount Shahshbo.

In the context of comprehensive military-technical and operational-tactical support of the SAA units advancing on Khan Sheikhun by the Russian Air Force, as well as the 24-hour ultimatum put forward by Moscow and Damascus demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the Morek region, the above statement of the Turkish officer turns into an absolutely utopian and the suicidal action of Ankara. Moreover, the first warning, consisting of a massive point strike by the Syrian Air Force against a Turkish convoy heading for Khan Sheikhun, was made as early as the morning of August 19. Unfortunately, this extraordinary step did not have the necessary sobering effect on the “hotheads” in the Turkish General Staff, motivated by the myriad imperial ambitions of the higher leadership.

So, by the evening of 19 on August 2019 of the year, according to the same map, to the area of ​​the border Reykhanli KPVV (Il Khatay, on the border with Bolshoi Idlib), under the strict supervision of reconnaissance UAVs and the cover of multi-role fighters F-16C / D Block 50 +, additional Turkish armored units advanced with the M60T Sabra Mk 1 / 2 MBT and other equipment, while FSA groups arrived from occupied Afrin under cover of night. Therefore, in spite of the expected information about the departure of Turkish troops from the 9 observation post against the background of the cleansing of Khan Sheikhun, the acute phase of the confrontation for control over the rest of Big Idlib will begin in the foreseeable future. Here, everything will depend on Moscow’s readiness to act in spite of the emerging "massive" contracts for the supply of dozens of Su-35С and other types of promising weapons to the Turkish side.
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  1. Mikhail Drabkin
    Mikhail Drabkin 21 August 2019 05: 48
    The true face of Turkey is in Syria.
    The will, determination and wisdom of Russia!
      DEDPIHTO 21 August 2019 05: 58
      The mustache is in order with will and determination, the gas pipe is pushed to the tomato partner, despite its frills. The image of the country is nothing, ALL oil and gas pipe will be wiped out, your pocket. Such is wisdom
    2. Ugolek
      Ugolek 21 August 2019 06: 44
      This example shows well how complex a policy can be. I immediately recall Greens with their bracelets and a lesson in politics from Erdogan.
      1. bandabas
        bandabas 21 August 2019 14: 58
        And I remember Gulliver's Travels. And Lilliputia. Unfortunately.
    3. Civil
      Civil 21 August 2019 08: 40
      Rajap friend bought his brass knuckles,
      walks like a big authority.
      He is only afraid of me
      I have a bad head.
    4. Ramzay121
      Ramzay121 21 August 2019 10: 39
      It’s mean to beat the convoy, the cat route. was agreed with the Russian side, as I understand it, the true face of Russia. They will warn you a couple of times, then the VKS cat will begin to fall. bombed. And then again screams and tomatoes will go. You cannot make a mistake twice, moreover, a vile mistake
      1. Украинец
        Украинец 21 August 2019 12: 23
        To the people! Some scolded the Russian leadership for being honest and advised to act cunningly (meanly) like the Anglo-Saxons, others scolded for being cheated with the Turks.
        I believe that in this case they did the right thing. Turks understand only power
        1. Gardamir
          Gardamir 21 August 2019 15: 46
          they behave honestly
          This is politics! Since when did the Russian bourgeois behave honestly? Or what without Turkish tomato in any way? While the sanctions of Turkey were booming on TV, vegetables from Turkey were on the shelves in Moscow stores. Turks, by the way, can easily abandon Russian gas and cover the south stream. Why did they start to drive the S-400 to Turkey, that the money ran out, did not know to whom to sell? Only (sorry Mr. Administrator), they may think that Turkey will go against NATO. I understand Turkey, they have state interests. Let the French at least ask Putin whether Russia has public interests!
      2. Dmitry Nikolaevich Fedunov
        Dmitry Nikolaevich Fedunov 21 August 2019 17: 43
        Well you and an eccentric laughing
    5. Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi 21 August 2019 20: 47
      The degree of hypocrisy and the firmness of Ankara’s imperial ways does not cease to amaze even after a significant “incentive” deal

      Our government did not need to sell the latest weapons to the Turks. After all, they knew perfectly well who the Turks were, but still they hoped for something.
      And since they sold, so now let them not be surprised. The Turks will not suit us like that either.
      They also found "friends" for me. Such friends, for one place and a museum !!!
    6. Grits
      Grits 22 August 2019 05: 45
      Quote: Mikhail Drabkin
      The true face of Turkey is in Syria.

      The true face of Russia is in Syria. The face of a grabber in whose eyes money shines from possible defense contracts. And do not give a damn about everything. Including the country that they undertook to protect.
  2. samarin1969
    samarin1969 21 August 2019 06: 10
    Hmeimim already fired from the ancient BM-21? Does Russia really have no political will to disassemble all adjacent equipment and organics into molecules?
    1. 210ox
      210ox 21 August 2019 06: 24
      "Partnership" (ugh!) Is above all.
    2. bayard
      bayard 21 August 2019 23: 25
      Quote: samarin1969
      Does Russia really have no political will to disassemble all adjacent equipment and organics into molecules?

      Everything is fine with the will, otherwise there would be no offensive.
      East is a delicate matter ... from one end. East respects STRENGTH, East loves STRENGTH, East feels and always takes advantage of someone else's weakness.
      Erdogan decided to check Russia for weak? Considering that he tied Russia with contracts (nuclear power plants, a pipe, C-400, a possible contract for airplanes, trade contracts)? This is in vain and he is already beginning to understand it. Russia came to Syria seriously and for a long time - a naval base and lease of a trading port in Tartus, an air base with serious infrastructure, the upcoming development of the gas shelf ... This is not selfless help from the compassionate USSR, but serious investments. And a tool to protect their interests.
      Turkey has a good / good offer from Russia, financially and politically advantageous, and there are bad ideas that can worsen everything ... And what will win, pragmatism and a healthy calculation, or Turkish nonsense, which only the Poles can compete with ... time will show.
  3. simara
    simara 21 August 2019 06: 18
    Salvage will defeat everything!
  4. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 21 August 2019 06: 20
    C400 of the Russian Federation was supposed to deliver the ATS, it was very important to protect the country, but it wasn’t, because of the sanctions.
    Now the C400 complex is supplied to Turkey, which has its own views on the dismemberment of Syria, and which takes advantage of militants, thereby strengthening the position of Turkey, but Syria does not have protection. The Russian Federation is present in Syria, the Russian base has protection, but representatives do not sit exclusively on the base. It turns out that Russian business is acting against the interests of Syria, exposing the military to additional danger ???
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 21 August 2019 07: 10
      S-300s were delivered to Syria. The Russian Federation covers Syria through diplomatic channels. First of all, to stabilize the situation in BV. Well, the commercial component request
      If not for the Russian Federation, Syria would not have existed for a long time. Is that the "government in exile" and the mention in history books
    2. Flatter
      Flatter 21 August 2019 07: 21
      Fuel was supplied to Ukraine for the army and spare parts for diesel engines in an open conflict with the Donetsk republics. Turkey is not Ukraine, and money does not smell
    3. lukewarm
      lukewarm 21 August 2019 08: 37
      Quote: olimpiada15
      It turns out that Russian business is acting against the interests of Syria, exposing the military to additional danger ???

      And business always acts exclusively in its own interests, and only against whom - it does not give a damn (except for the interests of the strong, who can swat this business like a mosquito). And it is not the first time for Russian business to play against its own people. So they like to remember the First World War - please, "Shell Hunger" and the role of Russian business in organizing it.
    4. Normal ok
      Normal ok 21 August 2019 11: 34
      Quote: olimpiada15
      It turns out that Russian business is acting against the interests of Syria, exposing the military to additional danger ???

      And why Russian business should act in the interests of Syria ?? By definition, he must act in the interests of Russia. What the zombie box says about "helping the people of Syria" and "restoring peace" has nothing to do with reality. The war there is for economic interests. Moreover, ultimately all wars are fought for economic interests.
      1. Swordserg
        Swordserg 22 August 2019 16: 30
        Business never acts in the national interest. Traders have no nationality. They act only for their profit. This applies to both American and Russian companies. All the wars of the last century were somehow unleashed in the interests of traders under a mutually beneficial mutually beneficial agreement, especially World War II.
    5. Storog dvornik
      Storog dvornik 21 August 2019 15: 16
      But what are the military’s actual problems with Russian business? The armed forces of the capitalist states protect the interests of the capitalists, for which they receive a salary, specifically in the SAR these are the interests of the fuel monopolies of the Russian Federation, as a way to fight Arab competitors, and the monopolists from the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation experiencing in the field and selling weapons with those who buy (Turkey, for example )
      In the USSR, the Armed Forces and the Navy defended the interests of the people's state, which means the entire people, that is, money from the sale of oil / gas, weapons, EVERY penny went to the general budget, free apartments, sanatoriums, kindergartens were built on them, plus numerous free or cheap nishtyaks , but already for 32 years we have been living under capitalism ... therefore, the problems of the military and everyone else, Miller, Sechin and other heads of "state enterprises" with salaries of several million a day ... on the side ...
    6. bayard
      bayard 21 August 2019 23: 48
      Quote: olimpiada15
      It turns out that Russian business is acting against the interests of Syria, exposing the military to additional danger ???

      Russian business acts in its own interests in Syria. And this is in the interests of Syria. And Russia. Lease of the trading port of Tartus, the exclusive right to develop the richest gas shelf, the Navy under construction, capable of receiving 11 large ships, an air base ...
      I don’t understand what to cry about?
      The cleansing of the idlibian viper began.
      Why not before?
      Before, barmalei from all over Syria were brought there to the so-called zone. de-escalation. And left there. For a long time.
      But why?
      And then, because there are a lot of barmaley there, they need to be maintained. And who is in charge of the Idlib zone? On the line of special services and financially? Drum roll .... Britain. America controls the east and the south.
      And now all this time, all this wild gluttonous mass is forced to feed ... England. Without receiving any bonuses and profit for your beloved.
      Yes, let it be spent for itself - the country is rich, Braggit has them, a flag in their hands.
      The Turks also had their interests. But. They apparently forgot on what conditions Idlibshchina was left alone ... Now the agreements are violated and are no longer valid. And they took up the barmaley.
      Will Turkey persist?
      Some time will be in order not to lose face.
      And then he will count, weigh the tomatoes ... and make the right decision.
      A very favorable solution for her. Bearing considerable profits and strengthening their own status in the region. But not at the expense of Russia and Syria.
      And if nonsense prevails ... the worst-case scenario for the Turks is hard to come up with.
      And Erdogan is not crazy.
      He just decided ... to try.
  5. Old tanker
    Old tanker 21 August 2019 06: 35
    Massive point strike laughing
    author zhzhot smile
    1. simara
      simara 21 August 2019 06: 53
      Well, they didn’t finish the academies) I directly imagine the volley of howitzers in a passenger car without hitting pedestrians)
    2. Grits
      Grits 22 August 2019 09: 04
      Quote: Old Tankman
      Massive point strike

      Either ten planes were hit at one point, or ten planes were hit at one point.
  6. VicktorVR
    VicktorVR 21 August 2019 07: 25
    In the photo, a Toyota Dean with a launcher from GAZ66 or a self-propelled gun directly attached to the boom of a lift from a hail?
  7. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 21 August 2019 07: 37
    this is a significant economic dividend consisting in regular deliveries of liquefied gas tanks to Idlib for domestic needs of the local population

    Oil supply to Turkey was quickly stopped .... and it is unlikely that Turkey will prevent the videoconferencing from doing this again. There is rather a difficulty in occupying and maintaining positions on the ground.
  8. rocket757
    rocket757 21 August 2019 07: 38
    Here he is such a "friend" Sam Brooke, bypassed me in a circle!
    East business .... thick. Boom see who Faberge cast iron more?
    1. kanskebron
      kanskebron 21 August 2019 07: 56
      Boom see who Faberge cast iron more?

      U nedosultan of course. The oligarchy of the Russian Federation Faberge where his grandmothers and children, that is, in the West.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 21 August 2019 08: 43
        Quote: kanskebron
        U nedosultan of course. The oligarchy of the Russian Federation Faberge where his grandmothers and children, that is, in the West.

        Oh, I don’t want to think so .... BUT !!!
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 21 August 2019 07: 38
    By and large, Turkey has nothing to do in Syria, as they say the Turks go hom ... together with the Americans ... This is an internal matter of Syria ... But "they let the goat into the garden" .. it just won't go away ...
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 21 August 2019 08: 25
      in the north-west of Syria ethnic Turks live - Turkoman! Turkey is patronizing them, plus a bunch of refugees settled on Turkish territory, whom Erdogan wants to move to controlled buffer zones in Syria, and the PKK, which regularly makes attacks on the territory of the Turks, should also not be forgotten. Objectively, the Turks have much more interests in Syria than Russia. With your logic, you can say about Russia that she has nothing to do in the Donbass, an internal affair of Ukraine
      1. lukewarm
        lukewarm 21 August 2019 08: 39
        Quote: Stirbjorn
        about Russia to say that she has nothing to do in the Donbass, an internal affair of Ukraine

        So officially they say. And the last 3-4 years and do.
      2. parusnik
        parusnik 21 August 2019 09: 58
        And now, what are the Turks and Kurds living in Syria? What does Syria give these territories to Turkey? Syria is a multinational country, not only Arabs live, can it even arrange a sale of territories? Do not offend the Turks Idlib and Kurdistan and the others, too? .. And what do you equate the terrorists supported by Turkey with the militias of the Donbass?
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 21 August 2019 10: 40
          It feels like you are a regular visitor to political talk shows on the country's main television channels hi
          1. parusnik
            parusnik 21 August 2019 16: 21
            No ... Not guessed ... But apparently you are looking at them if you are referring to them ... You know what this is about .. hi
      3. Grits
        Grits 22 August 2019 09: 07
        Quote: Stirbjorn
        With your logic, you can say about Russia that she has nothing to do in the Donbass, an internal affair of Ukraine

        It may not be a completely correct comparison, but for the Turks, Idlib is really like Donbass for us. This is part of their former Omani Empire. Like Ukraine, it is part of our former Russian Empire. Phantom pains both in us and in us.
        1. anykin
          anykin 22 August 2019 12: 05
          Quote: Gritsa
          for the Turks Idlib - really, like Donbass for us

          Ukraine is an anti-Russian project. What is the anti-Turkish Syria?
    2. protoss
      protoss 21 August 2019 09: 55
      The internal war of Syria, the civil war ceased to be when half of the Syrian population was supported by neighboring countries, which sheltered millions of refugees.
  10. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 21 August 2019 08: 20
    And finally, thirdly, the receipt of significant economic dividends consisting in the regular supply to Idlib of tanks with liquefied gas for the domestic needs of the local population and tens of thousands of militants “Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham”, “Tahrir Suriya”, etc.
    You might think that there is such a rich local population that generously pays for these supplies - at their own expense the Turks supply them with everything, as well as Russia Donbass
  11. lukewarm
    lukewarm 21 August 2019 08: 45
    Some kind of interesting HPP and a multi-way movement turned out ... But they said, right here they said ... It's not enough for us downed Su-24. Of course, business interest comes first. Loot does not smell. If they did not expect anything else from the gas and poor oil workers, these "national wealth" of ours, then what is left for us when the defense industry goes there too?
  12. protoss
    protoss 21 August 2019 09: 53
    somehow everything is described in unambiguous black and white. the de-escalation zone was composed together. the Turks had to drive the irreconcilable deep into Idlib, although the Assadis had to stop bombing. Assad did not stop bombing, Julani decided to stay in this situation. Well, then - we bomb the towns of Idlib in the morning, they bombard us with Khmeimim in the evening. and everyone says "you are not doing". In such a situation, the Turks do not feel any guilt on their part, so attempts to push them by force and take on a show-off may end in the same way as in 2015.
  13. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 21 August 2019 10: 06
    Yes, with these shaitans, the main battle is ahead.
    Those who survive will be thrown from the Idlib gadushnik to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Xinjiang Uyghur region of China.
  14. Xenofont
    Xenofont 21 August 2019 11: 33
    Maneuvering between the foreign policy interests of the state and the wishes of corporations is a difficult task, and you can lose your "trousers"; both in image and in economic and strategic terms. All our partnership with the Sultancheg hangs on a thin thread of Putin's patience, despite the fact that the Turks do not hesitate to spit on our interests.
  15. raki-uzo
    raki-uzo 21 August 2019 15: 42
    Disappointment ... The convoy was moving to reinforce the ninth post, because when the regime began to attack, it was closer to the rest of the shootings. There was an agreement with Russia (convoy route and time of departure). What can I say - trust and Russia, what a laugh ...
    1. Dmitry Nikolaevich Fedunov
      Dmitry Nikolaevich Fedunov 21 August 2019 17: 47
      Turks are superfluous there. Now the number of extra has decreased. Kismet they turned out to be so lol
    2. Garris199
      Garris199 22 August 2019 01: 35
      The Syrians bombed, did not agree with them.
      1. Rostislav Bely
        Rostislav Bely 22 August 2019 12: 03
        The defense of the militants' mountain fortress in Kaban is about to collapse. Confirmation of this can be found in the material of the Arab news portal Almasdarnews (AMN), which tells about the fierce battles of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the northeastern part of the Syrian province of Latakia. The source notes that the Syrians were provided with powerful air support. Pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces, whose airbase is located in the same province, also took an active part in these hostilities.
        The Russian aces unleashed a hail of their attacks on the positions of terrorists of the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) organization banned in the Russian Federation. According to AMN, the raid of Russian helicopters and jet aircraft on the TIP position will allow the soldiers of the 4th SAA Panzer Division to get close to the defensive lines of the mountain fortress of the jihadists, into which they have turned the settlement of Kabani.
        At the same time, to illustrate the powerful onslaught on the militants by the SAA, the publication published a video, which also included the active work of the Mi-28N pilot hunting militants in Latakia, who often try to attack the Russian Khmeimim airbase. As a result, the Arab media noted that thanks to the successful purposeful work of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the most important enemy targets, a large number of terrorists were destroyed and the defense of the militants was significantly weakened. This ultimately allowed the Syrian army to come close to Kabani. It is expected that after opening this line of defense of this mountain fortress, government forces will be able to turn the Islamists to flight.
        Earlier, attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Latakia province cleared the way for the Giaf Forces from the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Panzer Division, providing support for their advance near Mount Zuweikat.
  16. Rostislav Bely
    Rostislav Bely 22 August 2019 11: 32
    The main hostilities will unfold in Syria in 20-21, now this is just a tactical fuss to save face (and then, among other things, an ultimatum may follow to remove its checkpoints from the sovereign territory of the SAR) - Turkey cannot sit on several chairs, "fur "you can break it, but the S-400 does not make the weather (it solves a narrowly tactical problem) ... The desire to develop gas fields in eastern Cyprus with the confrontation between Greece and Israel can be added to the Kurdish problem (you can separately thank Trump for withdrawing from the INF Treaty) .. ...
  17. Begun725974
    Begun725974 26 August 2019 23: 40
    judging by the comments, the theory of controlled chaos has been studied and is being introduced by Russia. No wonder they want to see us everywhere. It's just that no one understands anything and the West is sitting in a movie like on the front rows and trying to understand, and then what will happen ... And then it will start up slowly Nord Stream 2. And everything else is an imitation of activity. Although progress is evident there too.