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India says MiG-21 was shot down due to outdated communications system

The reason for the destruction of the Indian MiG-21 in the clash with Pakistan in February this year may be due to an outdated communication system and the absence of an jammer. About this writes the portal Indian Defense.

The Indian MiG-21 "Bison", shot down by the Pakistani F-16 during a confrontation on the Kashmir border in February, probably had an outdated communications system that was not equipped with anti-jamming technology. According to sources from the Indian Ministry of Defense, this could be the reason that wing commander Abhinandan Warthaman was shot down by the enemy and captured.

The problem with communications systems in the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been around for years. For the first time, the air forces of the country requested a replacement of systems in the 2005 year. There is a high probability that the pilot of the Indian MiG-21 did not hear the instructions, since his communication channel was blocked by the enemy. Due to this, the fighter could not turn around in time, and fell under attack.

Communication failed

February 27, in response to attacks by the Indian Air Force on a terrorist camp located on the territory controlled by Islamabad, the Pakistan Air Force bombed on targets in India. IAF fighters got involved in the pursuit. At some point, they were ordered to "cool down" - that is, to abandon the pursuit of enemy aircraft. The wing commander Warthaman, as stated, did not hear the order and continued to pursue the Pakistani fighter. The Indian pilot was shot down and captured. The reason is called the interference that Pakistan allegedly created aviation.

For four years, from 2008 to 2012, the country's Ministry of Defense tested new communications systems and, as a result, presented its recommendations to the government. In 2013, at the Halware Airbase in Punjab, senior government officials were shown the options available to highlight the need for this project.

When the government made the decision, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) companies applied for the design, development and local production of these communications systems for the Indian Air Force. Although both companies did manufacture such equipment, they did not meet IAF requirements.

Communication systems produced by DRDO cannot be installed on the aircraft due to their own dimensions, which may require major changes in the design of fighters

- quotes the portal of an anonymous government official.

New equipment must be certified by agencies such as CEMILAC, RCMA, etc. This is a lengthy process, one procedure is a prerequisite for installing communication systems on any Indian aircraft.

Senior officials in the security agencies emphasized that a variant of new communication systems for the Navy is being introduced, while work on a version for the Air Force is ongoing.

Fighters, unlike warships, have very little space. In addition, the equipment must not disturb aerodynamics.

- noted another source of Indian Defense.

Desert walking

The Air Force has repeatedly appealed to the Indian government, asking for permission to buy several sets of advanced communications systems for front-line fighters. In the period from 2014 to 2016, there was no response from New Delhi.

Among other things, objections were expressed regarding the acquisition of anti-jamming technology from foreign manufacturers.

- added a third senior official. Again, on condition of anonymity.

In 2017, the government finally authorized the IAF to purchase communications equipment from international companies. Almost immediately, a $ XMNX million contract was signed for the supply of BNet systems from the Israeli company Rafael. However, the first delivery under this agreement is planned only in the current year. It is noted that the Rafale fighters, which are due to enter the Indian Air Force in the near future, have no such problems.

Our communications systems are outdated compared to our neighbors. I must emphasize that the main delays come from the machine of the bureaucracy, which does not understand how important communication systems can be. Organizations such as DRDOs must also be held accountable, and they must deliver equipment on time.

- emphasized Vice Marshal of Aviation Sunil Ceyvant Nandokar.

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  1. Rwmos
    Rwmos 14 August 2019 16: 50
    Nothing new ... Time again overslept behind their lobbyism. Less need to twist-twist arrange. New fighter jets have been buying 20 for a dozen years, and only their own cunning is interfering - that's why the connection is outdated
    1. Kolbi
      Kolbi 14 August 2019 19: 13
      Quote: RWMos
      New fighter jets have been buying 20 for a dozen years, and only their own cunning is interfering - that's why the connection is outdated

      You explained everything correctly .. hi This their Bollywood with packs will last forever .. And these purchases, like bazaar women, grab everything bright and in a row .. And the Soviet obsolete are allowed into battle, they still believe .. negative
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 14 August 2019 16: 55
    It is strange to compare Mig-21 with Rafal .... It is clear that in avionics, the Frenchman is a cut above. And it’s even stranger to send not the newest aircraft into battle, with a stronger opponent, knowing his problems. request
  3. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 14 August 2019 16: 57
    Now, if the Indians did not suffer from garbage, and did not spray the Air Force on a variety of aircraft, then there would be no problem.
    Kroilovo always leads to the popalov.
    1. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin 14 August 2019 17: 45
      Quote: Lord of the Sith
      Now, if the Indians did not suffer from garbage, and did not spray the Air Force on a variety of aircraft,

      They already don’t know what they need.
  4. Avior
    Avior 14 August 2019 17: 13
    It’s impossible to understand from the test article that Indians consider only the MiG-21 connection, or all Indian planes except Rafal, to be outdated.
    It seems that they are talking about Mig-21, but at the same time, only Rafal is singled out as trouble-free for some reason.
    If the latter, then this is a stone in the direction of the Su-30.
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 14 August 2019 17: 44
      And what is better than Rafal Su-30MKI? Only the presence of AFAR in Rafal comes to mind, and so it is essentially an analogue of the Mig-35. (In a complete set with AFAR). Well, the year of production of Rafal is not as distant as that of the Su-30MKI, and even more so the MiG-21.
      1. Avior
        Avior 14 August 2019 20: 52
        Not a question for me.
        I just noticed that for some reason only Rafal was highlighted in the article as having good communication, they did not mention Su.
        What I wrote about
  5. paul3390
    paul3390 14 August 2019 17: 14
    They would have sent La-5FN to intercept .. And then they complained - like the machine is out of date ..
  6. Elysium
    Elysium 14 August 2019 17: 45
    Bad dancer ... something always bothers.
    KVU-NSVD 14 August 2019 17: 55
    In short, at first everyone knew everything for a long time, then they chose - they lobbied for a long time, then sawed-bought, then they did not have time and the plane fell like a leaf in the autumn. In general, everything, in principle, is understandable and not new (not only for Indians) ... But what I can’t understand is WHY did they bring the brains of their Air Force out into the public eye (read about it)? It’s not just stupid, it’s just dangerous .. If they happen to have a fight with packs in the near future, they will throw everything they can into jamming. It would be better if they would deny everything ... Publicity in military affairs is a dangerous thing, and for many it is the cause of death ..
  8. usr01
    usr01 14 August 2019 19: 04
    Communication is not "like that" for you ????
    But nothing that the 21st was developed in the 40s (?) - 50s ????
    "First flight - June 16, 1956"
    So upgrade, or pay for the upgrade!
    A "Bollywood" with dances and songs to arrange, why ???
  9. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 14 August 2019 21: 26
    Yes, they cling to everything new and effective.
    Bargaining was arranged for our planes.
    As a result, we chose the French Rafale.
    MIG-21 aircraft with history, the grandfather of aviation and not a modern aircraft.
    Hindus have been shaking their whole lives.
    Although they are well aware of the excellent characteristics of our technology.