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British planes follow the Falklands bypassing Ascension Island

The contract for the repair of the 3000 meter runway on the Ascension Air Force Royal Island has not yet been signed. Under these conditions, the British military believes that in the best case, the corresponding work can only be completed in the 2022 year.

The runway has stopped accepting the bulk of aircraft since April 2017. At the same time, as explained in the Ministry of Defense, within the framework of existing military plans, it has a key role in ensuring the safety of the Falklands in the event of a threat. However, runway repairs continue to be delayed.

Ascension Island airfield is critical to our ability to hold the Falkland Islands.

- Secretary of Defense Mark Lancaster explained in May 2018.

The runway is owned by the US military despite the fact that the Royal Air Force has an air base at the airport. Therefore, the implementation of repairs depends on the Pentagon. The resumption of the tender for the relevant work is expected in August. If it takes place, then the conclusion of the contract should be expected by the end of 2019 year. As predicted, the work will take 24 months.

Under the current circumstances, the Falklands Air Bridge, starting in Bryce Norton (an air base near London), is currently passing through Cape Verde (West Africa).

Ascension Island, located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean, played an important role in the course of the armed conflict with Argentina, being the main base for the British aviationdirected against the forces of the enemy.

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  1. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 14 August 2019 05: 14
    Colonial phantom pains. And they reproach us with the Crimea, which is next to the Russian Federation and is full of Russian and Russian history.
    1. svp67
      svp67 14 August 2019 06: 23
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      Colonial phantom pains.

      Yeah. There is such a thing. In the conflict that was between Argentina and Great Britain, the base on Ascension played a very important role in the victory of Great Britain. That would be in such conditions when it does not function, Argentina claim their rights to the disputed islands
      1. Nycomed
        Nycomed 14 August 2019 10: 12
        Argentina has already stated once, it still cannot come to its senses.
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 14 August 2019 05: 50
    Britain grabbed a lot of things at the peak of its power! Falklands, Gibratar will never give up. But Singapore, Hong Kong returned to the owners.
    Never say "never" - the objection to yourself was successful!
    1. svp67
      svp67 14 August 2019 06: 24
      Quote: andrewkor
      Falklands, Gibratar will never give. But Singapore, Hong Kong returned to the owners.

      So the sizes, and most importantly the capabilities of those "owners" are different ...
      1. andrewkor
        andrewkor 14 August 2019 06: 34
        So I pointed out "at the peak of my power", and this is the 19th century.
        Singapore-1819, Hong Kong-1842, Falklands-1842 (final).
    2. Nycomed
      Nycomed 14 August 2019 10: 21
      Well, with Hong Kong everything is clear, but who has Singapore?
    3. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 14 August 2019 18: 56
      Quote: andrewkor
      Gibratar will never give up.

      After leaving the EU, the fate of Gibraltar is in the hands of Spain. If the Spaniards introduce a visa regime for the inhabitants of Gibraltar, then very soon the British will lose it.