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Certification of the new Czech training aircraft L-39NG was postponed for a year

The new L-39NG training aircraft, developed by the Czech company Aero Vodochody, will not be certified this year, but in the third quarter of next year. Reports about it "Nplus1" with reference to Flightglobal.

Certification of the new Czech training aircraft L-39NG was postponed for a year

The Czech company Aero Vodochody decided to postpone certification of the L-39NG training aircraft for the next year. The reason for this was the company's desire to skip the intermediate stage of certification for the aircraft of the initial flight training and immediately enter the stage of certification for the aircraft of the expanded pilot training.

The company pushed the number of those who received orders for L-39NG to change certification plans, as on an extended pilot training aircraft. At the moment, the 26 aircraft have already been ordered, of which the American company RSW Aviation, 12 - the Portuguese Skytech and 10 - the Senegal Air Force should receive the 4.

L-39NG (NG - next generation, new generation) is the newest version of the Czechoslovak combat-training aircraft L-39 Albatros, made the first flight in the 1968 year and produced for the Air Force of the USSR and the countries of the socialist camp. Its updated version of the L-159, developed in the 90-s, is in service with the Czech, Hungarian, Iraqi air forces, and is also used by the US private military company Draken International.

The new aircraft received a composite wing and lost additional fuel tanks, which were located on the base Albatros wingtips. Instead of the Soviet jet engine AI-25TL, the upgraded American FJ39-44M was installed on the L-4NG.

Also on the L-39NG installed new avionics of the company Genesys Aerosystems and the indicator on the windshield Speel Praha. In total, more than half of the components and assemblies of the aircraft are replaced by new ones.

The length of the L-39NG is 12 meters, and the wingspan is 9,6 meters. The maximum take-off weight of the training aircraft is 5,8 tons. It can reach speeds of up to 775 kilometers per hour and fly over a distance of thousands of kilometers to 2,6. The aircraft is equipped with five suspension points for different types. weapons total weight to 1,2 tons.
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  1. Pivot
    Pivot 2 August 2019 15: 02
    If they produce it, then someone needs it, now everyone needs a new training aircraft with digital devices, analog ones have gone down in history.
  2. PValery53
    PValery53 2 August 2019 15: 03
    How competitive it will be both in the aircraft market and in the battle with our Yak-130, time will show after the certification of the "Czech".
    1. yehat
      yehat 2 August 2019 15: 10
      in battle? this is a training plane
    2. Nycomed
      Nycomed 2 August 2019 15: 19
      Suppose it makes no sense to compare it with the Yak-130, these are machines of a completely different class. But it seems to me that this "baby" will win his place under the sun. TCB, especially in the UBS version, over the past 2-3 decades "recovered" in weight (and at the same time in price) so much that they can already be equated to full-fledged combat aircraft, South Korea (KAI T-50 Golden Eagle) is an example of this. So what will we do to see.
    3. loki565
      loki565 2 August 2019 15: 25
      100% will be cheaper than the Yak130 and also easier to operate (one engine) In battle, they will mainly work on the ground with NURSs and small bombs.

      1. rayruav
        rayruav 2 August 2019 17: 57
        the yak-130 is an excellent combat training machine, it is also great for returning pilots after long interruptions in flight work, I would call it a combat training machine somewhere and no SR-130s are competitors (I understand a different class of vehicles) another question is the Smolensk aircraft plant refers to tactical missile weapons and there are no specialists left in Smolensk
        1. loki565
          loki565 2 August 2019 18: 03
          The Yak 130 can simulate the control of various aircraft, this is its great advantage. And the restrictions on icing were removed from him, corrected ???
          1. rayruav
            rayruav 2 August 2019 18: 04
            you know I'm not aware of such nuances sorry
      2. Piramidon
        Piramidon 2 August 2019 19: 00
        Quote: loki565
        100% will be cheaper than Yak130

        Do not compare the incomparable. These are two different class aircraft. Why don’t you compare it with the price of Tu-160, for example?
        1. loki565
          loki565 2 August 2019 19: 22
          Both combat training aircraft (the main training function) and if the L-39 had not remained behind the hill, we would continue to operate it.
          1. Piramidon
            Piramidon 2 August 2019 19: 46
            Quote: loki565
            Both combat training aircraft (main training function)

            The Yak-130 is more combat than training, which can simulate most Russian combat aircraft .. A L-39NG is purely training
            1. loki565
              loki565 2 August 2019 19: 53
              Combat??? With air targets, maybe with helicopters))) For earthly uncontrolled NURSs and bombs, Lka can do the same. All his imitation is only for training pilots, in real life he will not be able to replace any combat aircraft.
              1. Piramidon
                Piramidon 2 August 2019 19: 57
                Quote: loki565
                Lka can do the same

                "Niva" can also become a jihadmobile, but it is more suitable for fishing and hunting.
                1. loki565
                  loki565 2 August 2019 20: 00
                  Clearly))) the dialogue has lost its meaning)))
    4. Avis-bis
      Avis-bis 2 August 2019 15: 34
      Quote: PValery53
      How competitive will it be in the aircraft market

      Normally he is quoted. The predecessor of the L-159 was built in a number of 70 boards. Yes, and the L-39 of the old series still flies and is maintained in airworthiness.
      And no one prepared him for an air battle. This is a training machine or for hitting the ground. Well, maybe, maybe send him to chase the helicopters or the shock version of the PC-9 ...
    5. Sergey39
      Sergey39 2 August 2019 16: 10
      We urgently need to refine our CP-10.
  3. Avis-bis
    Avis-bis 2 August 2019 15: 06
    12 should get the American company RSW Aviation

    Interesting ...

    RSW Aviation specializes in military flight training and light attack aircraft.
  4. rayruav
    rayruav 2 August 2019 17: 38
    They try to squeeze everything out of the old car, Nov I think Alphadgets and Hokies will be better for comparison such a handsome as the Yak-130 is something Martian
  5. Holsten
    Holsten 2 August 2019 19: 03
    I can believe that the plane is not bad, but I cannot believe that it will be successful. A training plane is needed as a "desk" for pilots and this is a fact. But for some reason I cannot admit that the Mattresses will share software from the F-35 with the Czechs, but we have already heard about the decisive role of this product (F-35) in the struggle for "democracy". Was he supposed to sell it to Zambia, Nigeria, Ukraine?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 2 August 2019 23: 33
      "Mattresses will share software from the F-35 with the Czechs
      , but we have already heard about the decisive role of this product (F-35 "////
      What does it have to do with it? F-35 software is only suitable for him, even on
      Typhoons and Rafali it is impossible to establish.