Legendary Ram

"At dawn 6 July, pilots gathered at loudspeakers at different parts of the front. The Moscow radio station spoke, the voice announcer was an old acquaintance — he was at once breathing home, Moscow. The Informbureau report was broadcast. The announcer read a brief message about the heroic feat of Captain Gastello. sections of the front - repeated this name ...

Long before the war, when he and his father worked at one of the Moscow factories, they said about him: "Where you put it, everywhere is an example." It was a man who stubbornly educated himself in difficulties, a man who had saved up strength for a great cause. Felt Nikolai Gastello standing man.

When he became a military pilot, this was immediately confirmed. He was not famous, but quickly went to fame. In 1939, he bombed Belofin military factories, bridges and pillboxes, threw our parachute landings in Bessarabia to deter Romanian boyars from plundering the country. From the first day of World War II, Captain Gastello at the head of his squadron smashed the Nazis tank columns, smashed military objects to smithereens, broke bridges in chips.

Captain Gastello already had fame in the flight units. People of the air quickly recognize each other. The last feat of Captain Gastello will never be forgotten. June 26, at the head of his squadron, Captain Gastello fought in the air. Far below, on earth, there was also a battle. Motorized units of the enemy broke through to Soviet soil. The fire of our artillery and aviation restrained and stopped their movement. Conducting his battle, Gastello did not lose sight of the ground battle. Black spots of tank clusters, crowded gasoline tanks spoke of a hitch in the enemy’s fighting. And the fearless Gastello continued his work in the air. But here the shell of an enemy anti-aircraft gun breaks the gas tank of his plane. The car is on fire. No exit.

So, to end up on this way? Slip, before it's too late, on a parachute and, once in the territory occupied by the enemy, surrender to shameful captivity? No, this is not an option. And Captain Gastello does not unfasten his shoulder straps, does not leave a flaming car. Down to the ground, to the crowded tanks of the enemy, he is racing a fiery wad of his plane. The fire is already near the pilot. But the earth is near. Eyes of Gastello, tormented by fire, still see, scorched hands are hard. The dying plane is still listening to the hands of the dying pilot. So life will end now - not an accident, not a captivity - a feat! Gastello's car crashes into the "crowd" of tanks and cars - and a deafening explosion with long peals rocks the air of battle: enemy tanks explode.

We remember the name of the hero - captain Nikolai Frantsevich Gastello. His family lost a son and a husband, the Motherland acquired a hero. In memory will remain forever the feat of a man who has calculated his death as a fearless blow to the enemy. "

Pravda, 10 July 1941 of the year

Legendary Ram

The man who actually accomplished this feat was called Alexander Maslov. On the place where 70-pood monument of Gastello now stands, the remains of Maslov and his crew once rested.

And Gastello himself, forgotten by all, rests in a completely different grave - with the inscription “to unknown pilots”. The remains of two more, who were then with him, still not found, smolder in the Belarusian land.

“DB-3f”, on which they flew - heavy vehicles, for the bombing of cities and factories in the deep rear. And they are thrown on columns with tanks, without the cover of fighters. 15 crew killed per day. Two weeks later, nothing was left of the regiment.

In the morning, a link commanded by Captain Maslov flew out. Above the goal of the commander hit the anti-aircraft gun, the plane caught fire. Maslov gave the command "parachute" and turned the burning car to the column, he wanted to ram. Did not get - burning aircraft fell into the field.

No one from the crew managed to escape - the height was small. Local residents got the pilots from the wreckage, buried hastily.

A few hours later, a link of Gastello took off. The command vehicle did not return from the mission. And soon there is a report led by Gastello - Vorobyov and Rybas. They allegedly saw the commander’s flaming plane crash into the thick of German tanks. The fact that Vorobyov arrived on the regiment of July only 10 did not bother anyone anymore. The country had a hard time. The country needed a feat. The country needed role models. And Maslova was considered missing.

In the 1951 year, to commemorate the heroic date, the Council of Ministers of the BSSR decided to rebuild the remains of the heroes, and place the wreckage of the crashed plane in the museum. Left on the scene of the feat. Opened the grave. In the tomb of the national hero Gastello lay Maslov and his crew. But to change something in stories It was too late. The remains of Maslov were taken out of the grave in the square and reburied once more - in a common cemetery. And where he used to lie, they put a huge Gustella bust. The wreckage of Maslov’s plane was taken to Minsk, to the Belarusian State Museum of the History of War, and they began to exhibit Gastello as an airplane there.

And all the time while the pioneers were singing about him, Nikolai Gastello himself was lying in an unknown tomb with the inscription “unknown pilots”. Three hours after Maslov’s ramming, he was hit over the village of Matzki, which is in 20 kilometers from the place where Maslov’s plane crashed. In the blazing car, Gastello walked over and over the road, German wool from machine guns.

The ending of this story is still quite optimistic. In 1996, the government finally recognized Maslova. By presidential decree number 636 "For courage and heroism shown in the fight against the Nazi invaders," the entire crew was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. Again, the general wording, about the ram - not a word ... Gastallov crew members also received awards. Here they decided for some reason to do with the Order of the Patriotic War.

But still on the site of Maslov's deed stands the monument of Gastello. And until now, Nikolai Gastello, who, to the annoyance of historians, did not accomplish the feat that was needed, lies in a modest nameless grave.

Propaganda is not an easy task, but no one, thank God, denied the very fact of the heroism of our ancestors who fought for our Motherland. Anything happened in the history of our country, and forgotten feats and fabricated agitation. The name Gastello has become a household word, so we will bow to the ground to him and to all the Heroes fallen in this war. Everlasting memory!

Captain Gastello flew into battle,
Like a proud falcon, above the clouds.
On the wings of a falcon, a thunderstorm flew,
To hail steel to bring down on enemies.

But the enemy set fire to gasoline tanks.
There was an explosion, and the plane flashed ...
It seemed that a torch was flying under the sky
Like a meteor, in a single flight!

The motor shakes in the last shudder,
Around thunder and thunder rages.
There is no time for thought, for breathing,
No power to open your eyes in fire!

But the captain is all over the last
Drives the car directly to the enemy!

Tanks are burning, enemy tanks are dying,
Metal rattles, knocking down enemies ...
Dead captain and his remains
The flame goes round like a wreath.

So Captain Gastello died in battle ...
Remember it forever, my friends!
A nation capable of such courage
Neither intimidate nor win can not be!

Music: V. White Words: V. Vinnikov 1941g

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  1. SIA
    27 2012 June
    Eternal memory to HEROES of War!
    1. Aleksey67
      27 2012 June
      People died for their Motherland, performed feats and became Heroes, it is necessary, in spite of the past time and the change of eras, to properly "restore justice", establish the truth and pay tribute. The feat of Marinescu and Lunin was recognized all over the world, and only here in the USSR they were practically "hunted down". recourse
      1. +6
        27 2012 June
        On this episode, only during the existence of the Soviet Union (at the end of the Second World War) there were 4 investigations to establish the truth. Three of them were initiated by Maslov’s relatives.
        At the entrance of these investigations, the exact crash sites of the Gastello and Maslov planes were established. The downed Maslov’s plane fell quite far from the road and from the place where Gastello directed his plane to the German column .. Yes, and the crews of Gastello and Maslov flew out with a rather large (almost an hour) gap.
        In the 90s, the company began to crash the hero of the Great Patriotic War (and not only) in the Russian democratic media. It was then that this myth about Maslov surfaced again, but after Maslov’s posthumous award, the media somehow sharply forgot about him. In the late 90s, a message appeared that a new investigation had been carried out, which confirmed that Gastello had committed the fire ram. But, the decree on awarding the title Hero of Russia to Maslov was not canceled by anyone.
        The anonymous author, apparently, understands the meanness of his opus, and therefore hides his name. Nevertheless, the conscience should be with the one who takes up the pen. am
        1. 755962
          27 2012 June
          Many films, books, published diaries, essays tell about the exploits of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War. Sometimes they were the most ordinary people, not standing out from the others, but the hour of trials came - and they became the personification of courage and heroism in the fight against the threat of fascism, which today, unfortunately, has to be recalled more often.
          How many more unknown Heroes remained in the past? Often these actions remained without much attention, because those sincere and brave people who performed them did not remind after of their merits, did not require additional attention and honor. Eternal Glory to the Heroes!
        2. +1
          27 2012 June
          This material was prepared by me, my name is in my profile. By the way, your name is not in your profile. The material is dedicated to the anniversary of the feat, published in the "opinion" section, and if you have not read it in full or somehow misunderstood, then do not rush with loud words. And if you understand it in your own way, then argue, ept
  2. Yoshkin Kot
    27 2012 June
    it doesn’t matter, People needed an example to follow, the time was difficult!
    Glory to Our Grandfathers and those who received the Star and those who did not have it who returned and remained THERE!
  3. borisst64
    27 2012 June
    Those who performed feats did not think about awards, they all fought for their homeland and hoped that she would not forget them!
  4. SIT
    27 2012 June
    Both crews fulfilled their duty to the Motherland, but how we repay them for having closed us, it will be on our conscience ...
  5. vostok
    27 2012 June
    Thanks to Maslov, Gastelo and all the pilots - bombers, it doesn’t matter which one of them accomplished the feat, flying out on a mission without cover is already a feat! Glory to the heroes!
  6. +5
    27 2012 June
    Yes, even Gastello, at least Maslov, at least another pilot, at least an infantryman, at least a tankman, they are all heroes. About such cases (rams) in other armies, I never heard (except Japan of course).
  7. +5
    27 2012 June
    Who cares who was first, second or third! The main thing is that these people SAVED THE COUNTRY !!! And I need to give them the MUST !!!
  8. +3
    27 2012 June
    At the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk, guides tell the true story of the exploits of both pilots - both Gastello and Maslova. And about the fragment of the DB-3F airplane engine that is exhibited there, they say that it was from Maslov’s car and earlier had been mistakenly considered a fragment of the Gastello airplane. The WWII Museum in Minsk, with the help of volunteers and enthusiasts, is still working on searching for fragments of the Gastello airplane fragments and, they say, is likely to be found.
    And both pilots, like thousands of other pilots of those dashing times, deserve memory, fame and respect.
  9. 0
    27 2012 June
    Until 1996 (!) The authorities did not dare to admit their mistake. But the communist one did not recognize until its fall. A shame!
  10. gfd11120
    27 2012 June
    It’s hard to erase Gastello’s feat from childhood’s memory, they simply admired the heroes in childhood, let them remain forever.
  11. Odinplys
    28 2012 June
    Memory to all soldiers ... Winners ...
  12. 0
    28 2012 June
    The dead do not need earthly glory, we don’t know anything about his heavenly glory, but we guess that the Lord received him in his abode. There are plenty of examples like this, hero pioneers, underground members of the Komsomol, when the events were not interpreted accurately, the surnames changed, but the fact of a feat was, and not as important as the surname of the hero. Gastello is a beautiful surname, that's why they took it, not Maslova.
  13. +15
    November 4, 2017
    Honor and glory to the heroes

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