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Geopolitical mosaic: if he wins the election, Mitt Romney is ready to attack Iran, and Ksenia Sobchak has become a revolutionary star of the American press.

Geopolitical mosaic: if he wins the election, Mitt Romney is ready to attack Iran, and Ksenia Sobchak has become a revolutionary star of the American press.New day for Greece? The Conservative New Democracy Party won the 30,1% of votes on the preliminary results of processing ballots. This means that she will get 130 parliamentary seats from 300. Reports about it "" with reference to the Associated Press agency.

The majority of the seats of the New Democracy are ensured by the rule in Greece, according to which the party gaining the most votes receives additional 50 mandates.

The radical left coalition SYRIZA is picking up 26,5% in the elections and can count on 70 seats. Socialists from PASOK get 12,6% and 34 places.

However, it seems that the majority of the seats that conservatives will receive as a result of the elections does not at all indicate an upcoming stability in Greek politics, including financial. The fact is that the “New Democracy” and SYRIZA are polarly diverging on the issue of economic assistance and cooperation with the EU. If conservatives, as noted by Lenta, are in favor of accepting financial aid in the amount of 240 billion euros and for maintaining Greece as part of the EU, then leftist radicals, on the contrary, are calling for renunciation of financial assistance agreements. Moreover, they believe that in the country it is necessary to cancel the cost saving measures introduced in the last two years. Finally, the leaders of the party SYRIZA have already refused to participate in the coalition with the New Democracy.

Therefore, observers in Greece fear that the political anarchy in the country may recur. If at the beginning of May, after the elections, the negotiations on the formation of the government were stalled and they had to call new elections, then the current situation, in which the coalition is unlikely, is again alarming.

However, as reported in the early morning "Vesti", in Brussels welcome the outcome of the Greek elections. The EU leadership hopes that the Greeks will not pull with the formation of the government.

As for the Greek Coalition of Radical Left Forces (SYRIZA), which, according to the preliminary results of the elections, will become the second most significant party force in parliament, its leader Alexis Tsipras has openly declared his opposition mood (ITAR-TASS, Yuri Malinov): “We will be actively present in the political life of the country from the position of the main opposition party. Everyone should be aware that the austerity measures and the sale of state property cannot continue, because the people have deprived them of the rule of law. ” The leader of the left-wing radicals believes that "the people gave a clear mandate to terminate the agreement with international creditors." Moreover, Comrade Tsipras is sure that only a rejection of austerity measures is “a viable solution for Europe.” Therefore, SYRIZA will continue to fight. The future, according to Comrade Tsipras, does not belong to those who are intimidated by foreign creditors. “A new day will come for Greece!” Says Tsipras.

We will return Constantinople, Smyrna and the Black Sea! There is another vision of the “new day” for Greece. Other Athenian politicians, for example, the leader of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party, Nicholas Mikholiakos, spoke about the immediate prospects of Greece - well, rather, about what he represents them. He writes about it

At a meeting with the voters of Thessaloniki, Comrade Mikholiakos shared his plans to restore the former power of Greece to the borders of the Byzantine Empire. The politician said: "We will return Constantinople (Istanbul), Smirna (Izmir), we will return the Black Sea."

Mikhololiakos also voiced what his opponents expected to hear from him: “Yes, we are racists, yes, we are nationalists. We do not hide it. "

The people of France voted for socialism. Not only is a socialist president in power in France, so now the socialists will set the tone in the lower house of parliament.

RIA News" reports that the Socialist Party of France won a major victory in the parliamentary elections, for the first time since 1981, having achieved an absolute majority in the lower house and received power in the amount in which no other party had previously received it.

Last Sunday, the French elected the 577 deputies of the National Assembly, which has the last word in legislative procedures. According to the country's interior ministry, the Socialist Party and its closest allies won 314 mandates.

Political commentator for the BFMTV channel Olivier Mazrol said on this occasion: “The Socialist Party gained power, which stories The fifth republic has never been one party. She not only led the National Assembly. Together with the Allies, she has a majority in the Senate, controls 21 from 22 regions, most major cities and departments. ”

The National Front also celebrates victory. As reported yesterday from Paris ITAR-TASS correspondent Ilya Baranov, the ultra-right NF candidates for the first time since 1998, will become part of the National Assembly. Representatives of the "National Front" will receive from two to four mandates in the new composition of the Assembly.

Party leader Marine Le Pen said: “This is a sensational result for the National Front. We have achieved incredible success. ” Marin hailed the victory of her 22-year-old niece Marion Marechal Le Pen.

Marin herself lost to the socialist opponent Philip Kemel in the second round of the parliamentary elections, with the least votes she had by 0,22%. According to her, the reason for the defeat is "changing the boundaries of constituencies in favor of the Socialist Party."

Killed the founder of special forces in Poland. June 16 was found dead (with a gunshot wound to the head) by the founder of the Polish GROM special forces, General Slawomir Petelitsky. He writes about it "" with links to Polskie Radio and Rzecz Pospolita.

The body of the military found his wife in the garage of their home around half past six in the evening. Currently investigating the causes of death Petelitsky. So far, the investigation considers suicide as the main version.

Protests of the miners in Spain. "", referring to the website of the newspaper El Mundo, reports that four policemen and three photojournalists were injured last Friday during collisions of law enforcement agencies and miners in Asturias.

For more than two weeks, the miners have been protesting against job cuts in the industry. Thousands of miners are involved in strikes. The strikers are building barricades on highways and railways and attacking police officers trying to clear the rubble.

The protesters, Lenta writes, use signal flares with homemade launchers, flares, nuts, and the police use tear gas and rubber bullets. One policeman was injured to the eye, three others were burned. The photographer corresponded with rubber bullets, the rest escaped with bruises.

Tony Blair understood who the fate of the euro depended on. Understood - and said to others. In an interview with the BBC, reports corr. ITAR-TASS Yuri Mikhaylenko, Blair noted that the euro will not be able to remain the main currency of the EU if the EU countries do not take the path of fundamental reforms. He emphasized that the single currency can save Germany.

He said: “Almost all European countries are now faced with a difficult choice - to take measures of economy and carry out structural reforms or to achieve economic growth without conducting reforms. You can get out of this situation only by maneuvering between these extremes, trying to pursue a policy aimed at supporting growth, and at the same time implementing reforms. ”

According to Blair, it is the guarantees of the fundamental economic transformations, and at the same time their implementation, that is, in word and deed, other eurozone participants will be able to convince Germany to continue saving the euro.

Billionaire million fines do not scare! Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili told his supporters that he is not afraid of multi-million fines and will continue the political struggle. At the rally of the “Georgian Dream” in Ozurgeti, where thousands of people gathered around 30, Ivanishvili said: “Saakashvili will not scare me with his fines. Don't worry, they won't scare me with it. We will not be stopped because we are together. ” This is passed "Vesti".

Fines to a comrade billionaire were written out for what. 11 June The Tbilisi City Court fined Ivanishvili 126 million 220 thousand lari (over 77 million dollars) and ordered him to be fined 22 million 429 thousand 941 lari (about 14 million dollars). 77 million is for the fact that the Georgian Control Chamber did not like the free distribution to the population of the million antenna dishes purchased by 12 for broadcasting its TV channel “TV-9”. The control chamber decided that there was a bribe of voters.

The second fine was also initiated by the Control Chamber. It was about the fact that the party "Georgian Dream" were provided at discounted prices 239 cars.

It should be noted that the Tbilisi Court of Appeal partially satisfied the claim of Bidzina Ivanishvili, reducing the size of the fine by almost half.

As for the rally in Ozurgeti, Ivanishvili told the whole truth about Saakashvili there: “Saakashvili is trying to convince the people that the West, and especially the US, support him and his team, and our foreign partners, Saakashvili, proves that only the current authorities are progressive, and The population of Georgia is uneducated and backward. But now, when the opposition has an opportunity to tell the whole world about what is really happening in Georgia, everyone saw who Saakashvili really is. On our side, the truth is, on our side are democratic countries. They support the development of our country, not Saakashvili and his criminal gang. ”

The Muslim Brotherhood announced their victory in the elections. The Islamist Brotherhood Muslims movement announced the victory of its candidate for the presidency of Egypt in the second round of elections. Reports about it "" with reference to Reuters.

According to the headquarters of Mohamed Mursi, 52,5% of voters voted for him, and for Ahmed Shafiq, the ex-prime minister in the Mubarak government, 47,5%. The Muslim Brotherhood claims that the data was obtained after processing the 98% of ballots.

Lenta specifies that there is no official data on the results of the elections in Egypt.

Explosions in Nigeria. Over the past day, three churches were blown up in the most populous country in Africa, 36 people were killed and about a hundred were injured. The crimes were committed in the north of the country where most of the Muslims of Nigeria live. Acts of violence were directed against Christians. Reports about it correspondent ITAR-TASS Pavel Miltsev.

The bombings of the temples were carried out by suicide bombers in Zaria and Kaduna. The terrorists sent cars with dynamite to the church, overcrowded on the occasion of Sunday worship.

The UN believes that it is time for the Libyan government to stop fighting. As transmits correspondent ITAR-TASS Vladimir KikiloThe UN is demanding that the Libyan authorities cease hostilities, primarily in Kufra and Zintan. A statement by the head of the UN Mission in Libya, Ian Martin, says: “The government needs to take urgent measures to resolve these conflicts and ensure the protection of civilians.”

According to reports from Tripoli, the NPS of Libya declared the mountainous terrain in 150 km west of the capital a “war zone” and sent troops there. For a week in Zintan, Mizda and Shegaydzhe 16 people were killed in tribal clashes, 89 civilians were injured.

Twenty arrested in the murder of Iranian nuclear physicists. The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence reported on June 17 that a total of twenty people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the killing of two nuclear physicists. NEWSru.

The arrested are suspected of killing Majid Shahriari and Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan. According to Minister Heydar Moslehi, the detainees were organized into two terrorist groups, whose members "traveled from Iran to Israel and back through the neighboring country." What state is meant, he did not specify. Earlier, reminds NEWSru, Tehran accused Azerbaijan of harboring terrorists linked to Israel.

America’s attack on Syria is a matter of time. This is reported by the Iranian channel. Press TVreferring to the Israeli resource DEBKAfile, which is believed to be closely associated with the Israeli intelligence services.

“Will there be an intervention? This is not a “if” question, but a “when” question, as DEBKAfile quotes an unnamed source.

It is reported that a delegation of Syrian anti-government militants is currently in Washington. The purpose of their visit is to negotiate the supply of heavy weapons from the US government. Rebel leaders handed over to the State Department for approval lists weaponsable to resist the armed forces of Bashar al-Assad, as well as intended to be used for individual targeted attacks undertaken to destabilize the Syrian government.

Sources also reported that most of the weapons were purchased by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are ready for shipment.

The US was afraid that they would be bombed by "opponents". Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Martin Dempsey 13 of June, during a hearing in the Senate subcommittee on military allocations, said that if America reduced its military spending, the risk of conflict with other countries would increase. He writes about it ""referring to the Fox News channel.

According to Dempsey, with large-scale reductions in the defense budget, US superiority over their opponents will decline, and this may encourage the latter to reconsider their policies.

"Lenta" notes that last year a similar statement was made by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. He also argued that a reduction in military spending in the country could provoke aggression. Speaking with Dempsey 13 on June 2012, Panetta, fearing the senators with an external threat, warned those in the appendage that reducing the cost of the army could lead to an increase in unemployment in the country by 1%.

The American space plane ended its experiments. The experimental X-37 B space plane of the US Air Force, having spent more than 15 months in near-earth orbit, landed the day before yesterday in an autonomous mode based on the American air force Vandenberg in the state of California. This is reported "Vesti".

The X-37 mission is classified by the Americans. It is only known that the device "conducted experiments in orbit throughout 469 days during the mission."

Vesti provides the following information about the drone: X-37B was developed by Boeing Corporation. It has a take-off mass of almost 5 tons, reaches 8,9 meters in length, 2,9 meters in height. The scope of its small triangular wings is 4,5 meters. Equipped with solar panels, which when deployed in orbit serve as a source of electricity. According to the data previously set forth by the Pentagon, the spacecraft is designed to operate at altitudes from 200 to 750 kilometers, is able to quickly change orbits and maneuver. It can carry out reconnaissance missions, deliver small loads to space, and is convenient for testing new devices that can be used, for example, on spy satellites. A number of experts see the X-37B as a prototype of a future space interceptor, which makes it possible to inspect and, if necessary, disable enemy satellites, and possibly launch missile and bomb strikes from orbit. The Pentagon denies this, assuring that this device is just a "platform for testing new technologies." According to Shelton (the head of the US Air Force Space Command. - O. Ch.), The Pentagon at this stage has neither plans nor financial capabilities to “increase the size of fleet"X-37V devices. However, the chief of the Space Command did not begin to clarify whether the US military department really now has only two such devices. As Shelton explained, he is not sure that information about the exact number of these spaceplanes does not have a secrecy stamp. ”

Obama is ready to talk with Putin. How to pass from Washington RIA “Novosti” correspondents Denis Voroshilov and Maria Tabak, US President Barack Obama went to Los Cabos, where 18 and 19 numbers will pass the G20 summit.

Vladimir Putin will meet with Obama for the first time after the presidential election in Russia. They had met before in 2009, when Putin, as chairman of the Russian government, received Obama during his visit to Moscow.

The meeting of the two presidents will be held before the summit. During the talks, relations between Russia and America, as well as international topics will be discussed. The central themes of the meeting may be Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. Probably, the issue of EuroMD will be discussed.

While Obama is thinking about how to talk with Putin about Syria and Iran, Mitt Romney has already decided the Iranian issue. And not only decided, but also voiced his decision on TV.

ITAR-TASS correspondent Dmitry Kirsanov reports from Washington that Mitt Romney, who secured his nomination as a candidate for the US presidency from the Republican Party, if he wins the election, will be ready to use military force to prevent the appearance of nuclear weapons in Iran. With a warning to Tehran, Romney spoke in an interview with CBC, which was shown on Sunday. Romney not only warned Iran, but also said that in the event that Congress did not need approval of the Congress: “I can assure you: if I become president, the Iranians will have no doubt about my readiness to take military action if necessary to prevent them becoming a nuclear threat to the world ... I do not think that we need the approval of military authority or a separate permit to use military force if I become president. The president currently has this authority. ”

Mr. Romney thus acknowledged that the president of America is not much different from the autocrat-emperor. It remains to cancel the Congress and abolish the vote. However, with US laws and regulations The congress in emergency situations can become a purely formal structure, and elections, in which American families and entire states traditionally vote for a Republican or a Democrat, have long become the world's ridicule. If you do not believe, read Autobiography Mark Twain (episode "Presidential Election").

Oppositionist from Playboy. Citizen Ksenia Anatolievna Sobchak, who was seriously interested in those bodies that just protect the rights of citizens, after searching for hours in her apartment on the “swamp” case of 6 in May, finding millions there in the safe and the interrogation that followed, became a revolutionary celebrity not only in Russia, but also in the advanced Western world - namely, in the American. Oppositionist Sobchak from now on - the Russian star shtatovskoy press.

They write about it "New Yorker", «Bloomberg», The Washington Times. Our Moscow artist, spoiled by the attention of the press, even refused an interview to the latest newspaper. I don’t know if the editorial board was offended at the famous Moscow oppositionist or not, but they still wrote an article about her.

Journalists Natalia Vasilyeva and Laura Mills (Associated Press, The Washington Times) told about Ksenia Sobchak the following.

The invasion of 30-year-old blonde, socialite and television anchorwoman into politics turned out to be "shaky." Miss Sobchak, they write Vasilyeva and Mills, was met with ridicule and suspicion caused by the close personal ties of her family with Vladimir Putin. However, six months later, Miss Sobchak was admitted to the ranks of the leaders of the Russian protests, which, according to journalists, reflected the civil awakening of millions of young Russians after a decade of political passivity. These “millions”, the co-authors write, were formed from young “Internet-savvy” employees, students and members of the so-called “creative class”. All of them took to the streets of Moscow after the December parliamentary elections, when Mr. Putin’s party won, due to the fact that observers recorded widespread fraud.

But now Mr. Putin has become much harder to approach the opposition. Only during the last month hundreds of demonstrators were detained, and Miss Sobchak learned this week that she really has something to lose. The journalists write that those who searched her apartment read her personal correspondence, grabbed her passport and confiscated at least 1,3 million dollars in cash.

But Miss Sobchak was considered "untouchable" because Mr. Putin was loyal to her late father, who, being the mayor of St. Petersburg at the beginning of 1990, provided the future president of Russia with his first job in the government and gave, thus starting his political career. According to rumors, Putin was even the godfather of Ksyusha.

Journalists point out that Ksenia did not criticize Mr. Putin himself, but called for more open criticism of the government, fair elections and the fight against corruption, which infiltrated the whole of Russian society.

Since early youth, Miss Sobchak has become one of the most famous figures in the Russian entertainment industry. She is a pop star and co-author of the best-selling book "Marry a Millionaire." She dictated fashion and style “from above”. Her most famous and controversial project in Russia is “House-2”, a scandalous reality show, modeled on “Big Brother”. Also Xenia is known for starred in a half-naked form in 2006 for Playboy magazine.

So, continue the journalist, lived for 2000-ies “this intolerable child, personified the hedonism and materialism that began after the oil boom. According to her, she earns more than $ 2 million per year. ”

In an interview with the newspaper Izvestia in 2008, according to journalists, Miss Sobchak said: “I don’t understand why they all hate me so much ... I don’t call for murder, riots or the overthrow of the government. I'm just the owner of an entertainment show. ”

Miss Sobchak, sigh authors, did not respond to interview requests.

In recent months, they continue, Russians have watched the restrained romance of Miss Sobchak and Ilya Yashin, one of the opposition leaders.

To those who question the sincerity of her “transformation”, Miss Sobchak replies that her transition to the side of the opposition has been preparing for a long time. In January, 2012, she declared that she made a choice consciously - to build her career and make a name for herself. In an interview with Novoye Vremya, she said that she opposed bureaucratization and corruption and did not want to see the same people in power. But she also told Novoye Vremya: “But I personally am not against Putin.”

Stepping onto the stage at an opposition rally, Miss Sobchak was visibly nervous. “The most important thing is to be able to influence the government, and not to try to destroy it,” she told the crowd, who yelled to her “bitch” and worse words. However, journalists note that at meetings that took place later, she was even greeted with applause.

Changes have occurred in her social life and television career. Previously, she was a welcome guest on entertainment shows on all national TV channels. And now, according to Miss Sobchak, she, in fact, is on the black list controlled by the Kremlin. Her attempt to make a political program for a young audience was doomed: in Russian “MTV” the program was removed from the show after the first show.

About the search, Miss Sobchak said it was humiliating, but stated that he would not change what she called “moderate” political views.

“I still hold the same opinion,” she said in an interview on the radio. - We should not chant: “Putin, go away!” - because there is no point in this. We must chant: “Putin, give our votes!”

A month before the debut of the protest action, the journalists write, Miss Sobchak appeared in a talk show dedicated to her 30 anniversary. Wearing a long and dark black dress, Miss Sobchak said she was ready for a new life.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    good review, only too much about the dog
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      The girl would have been nothing if her mouth had not opened
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        Dmitry, on the contrary, the girl would not have had anything if her mouth had not opened.

        Damn, a double interpretation of some sort happened.
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          Quote: vorobey
          Damn, a double interpretation of some sort happened.

          Yeah. It turns out she uses her only chance
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        about Doggie - also sounds ...

        Among the liberal opposition, an intraspecific struggle has begun. Their leaders turned into spiders in the bank, directing their destructive energy at each other and trying to drown their neighbor.
    3. Kaa
      Kaa 18 June 2012 21: 19
      Not a dog, but Miss "Obshchak": "The tax declaration of Mrs. Sobchak should also be made public immediately - the people have the right to know all the ins and outs of those who lead him to the barricades.

      In the circles of the Moscow elite, they began to call her "Ksyusha Obshchak", hinting that the cash at her disposal went to the needs of the Orange Fronde. We don't know if this is the case. The daughter of the late mayor of Leningrad-Petersburg, who privatized half of the city not without interest for himself and escaped from prison only by fleeing abroad, can certainly finance the revolution herself, although she is unlikely to. She grew up in a criminal group that made Russian politics with copier boxes full of dollars ".http: //
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        it’s too much honor for a horse’s face to tidy it up already in places not so distant ..

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      1. phantom359
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        altviper, How else is it? Clowns, you are able to "fight" with countries such as a weakened Iraq, impoverished Afghanistan, and Iran, if left without support. And most of all, Americans love to rake in the heat with someone else's hands. To fight with a serious enemy, just bzdite, because there is something to lose. And with a strong state, the number will not work with impunity.
  2. vorobey
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    Wearing a long and gloomy black dress, Miss Sobchak said she was ready for a new life. A grab to the braid is a victim.

    creative class- who are they. What kind of inventors. The trick is that they come up with shows, advertising, PR campaigns. slogans and other destructive elements. But there are no breakthroughs in Skolkovo or in technology. stupid creators or just quick dibs earn.

    Obama swill more and more strongly. And you want and pricks and mom does not order. cannot prekdyavu already (elections) means asking for something to happen.
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    Overview, as always on top. I put a plus !!! If amers are going to supply heavy offensive weapons to mercenaries and bandits in Syria, then why not Russia and China help the legitimate Syrian government with heavy weapons. And at the same time help Iran ...
    The opposition-revolutionary activity of the Ksenia-dog-horse is very amusing.
  4. AK-74-1
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    Oleg, many THANKS! Everything about the case. It makes my soul sad. The desires of the aggressors and their hangers-on are striking.
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    If Romney wins the election, then a big warrior in the Middle East is ensured, but with Romney, let’s see what our government stands for, whether we will hand over Iran and Syria or not.
    1. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 18 June 2012 14: 46
      If Romney wins the election, then a big warrior in the Middle East is provided.

      It may very well be that this is only pre-election self-promotion designed for the category of voters "America_Cool_All", but Obama, on the contrary, is promoting himself among the population with a very tender attitude (thu, yaka gydota)
      Romney, if he has even a little brains, must understand: if America starts And loses the Iranian war, then America is the end.
      However, the question is, does he have brains (?), Looking at his friend Bush Jr., how difficult it is to answer ...
      Oh, good luck and peace to all of us.
    2. wolverine7778
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      Romney won’t win, now Obama needs a teddy bear. They forgot that before that there was George W. Bush Jr., so with one click of his fingers he could start a war with any enemy. the whole world from this pissed boiling water. bully Obama will have another term. What does not suit Russia, Europe, the Arab world, Asia. It suits everyone. Everyone loves him, everyone respects him, he acts beautifully in jewelry, unlike George W. Bush. For the first term he withdrew troops from Iraq. For the second term, he will withdraw troops from Afghanistan. From now on, Assad will remove Assad with the help of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other allies. Iran is surrounded. Strengthen the grouping of US troops in Southeast Asia. By this time, Obama’s term will end, the economy, arms and weapons will grow even stronger. Romney will come, and he will have the opportunity to sign an order to be applied by coalition forces for Iran’s intended goals. winked
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      Obama also promised a lot of things, but desires do not always coincide with opportunities!
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    5. altviper
      altviper 19 June 2012 08: 33
      Is there a choice? Someone will ask? In my opinion, Libya was not asked when the troops entered. The people are suffering - it is necessary to help.
  6. Yozek
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    According to rumors, Putin was even the godfather of Ksenia.

    Already I see posters of American cinemas next summer:
    "Putin's clan"
    Al Kaputin
    and finally, the parody comedy "Lock, Stock, Two Terms, and Then One More"
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        I joked about how Americans suck up any sensation, how they make idiotic films on it, and then a simple layman hawks these films. And you saw only what I mentioned the name of Putin in a non-patriotic sense. Yes, he is not my president at all, and judging by your flag is not yours either.
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          But the flags have nothing to do with it. I'm allergic to swamp rot. wink and gum club laughing
      2. altviper
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        Here everyone loves to talk about Putin’s charms. Let me say something ... Putin is so cool that my grandmother, a veteran of the great Patriotic war, did not want to live in such a regime for the last years of her life.
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      They didn’t understand the Hedgehog, but it’s a pity, because he wrote it with irony. You know, a lot of humor is bad, but its absence is also not good. Well, you can’t take everything very seriously, look at Napoleon, Hitler, Bush Jr. in Agan and Iraq, these people controlled empires, but at the same time they did utter nonsense with the most serious people)))))
      Hedgehog, and I plus you;)
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    In an interview with Novoye Vremya, she said that she was opposed to bureaucratization and corruption, and did not want to see the same people in power.
    All my life I lived there and used the blat and probably gave myself money, but here it turns out against corruption belay
  8. nokki
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    Oleg, thanks for the next review! I was very saddened by the American spaceplane: before that, only our "Buran" landed on the machine. Oh, ruined the state! ..
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      Quote: nokki
      Oh, ruined the power!

      Nothing, there will be a holiday on our street!)
      1. Goga
        Goga 18 June 2012 14: 18
        Timonf - Colleague, I really want to believe in this holiday on our street! But the problem is that over the past 20 (twenty!) Years Roscosmos has not given birth to anything new. We fly on the Korolev R-7s, the greatest "achievement" - they replaced the Soviet electronics of the 70s with Chinese chips - a serious scientific and technical "victory" ... and, apparently, there is no need to expect the appearance of new Korolevs, Yangels, Glushko.
        So all that remains is to believe, contrary to everything, that not everything is lost and our cosmos will come out of a stupor ...
    2. Goga
      Goga 18 June 2012 14: 04
      nokki - A colleague, I agree - from the already familiar selection of news - this one, about a spaceplane, is the most serious.
      Thousands of enterprises all over the country worked on the creation of "Buran" - many of them have been closed for a long time and now, not only to improve, to modernize Buran - simply to recreate it using the available documentation will not work. recourse
      YUS clearly wanted to spit on restrictions on the placement of weapons in space. And such spaceplanes with nuclear weapons are above our heads, but complete with missile defense - something turns out gloomily ... And we slowly but surely "merge" our space ...
  9. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 18 June 2012 13: 48
    An interesting point ------------------ with large-scale cuts in the defense budget, the superiority of the United States over its opponents will decrease, and this may induce the latter to reconsider their policy .--------- --------- This is the "domino effect". They understand how much they got everyone. Thanks for your review.
  10. Ruslan
    Ruslan 18 June 2012 13: 48
    A good porn star can come out of Sobchak - she is not capable of more in this life.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 18 June 2012 13: 52
      Political prostitution is more profitable.
      1. vadimN
        vadimN 18 June 2012 14: 01
        That would have blamed the states .... Maybe, finally, her moronic House-2 will end ... :) Let his amers watch - they’re just intellectually ...
      2. RUSmen
        RUSmen 18 June 2012 14: 51
        I agree! Political prostitutes live curly.
    2. Marat
      Marat 18 June 2012 19: 41
      Usually I support your comments Ruslan - but I can’t agree with this - this Ksenia is so-so - and she won’t pull a porn star
    3. Born in USSR
      Born in USSR 18 June 2012 21: 00
      Her appearance does not reach a porn star, she would have to appear a lesbian, then the State Department will definitely make a super star out of her!
  11. patriot2
    patriot2 18 June 2012 13: 55
    Oleg +
    Tired, of course, about Sobchak - the lady is promoting again. But what if the money interferes with her normal life.
    Yes, and the problems are all revealed well. Particularly surprised by the inadequacy of the nationalists of Greece.
  12. Kamilla
    Kamilla 18 June 2012 14: 01
    At a meeting with Thessaloniki voters, Comrade Mihololiakos shared his plans for restoring the former power of Greece to the borders of the Byzantine Empire. The politician said: "We will return Constantinople (Istanbul), Smyrna (Izmir), we will return the Black Sea." (c)

    Dreams ... Dreams ... Greece is in a grave crisis ... and all the same, it was about to return the land ... who needs a restructuring of the world ?? what the hell ..... (((
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 18 June 2012 15: 20
      The trick is precisely in the fact that the history of the 20th century gave the world of the empire rose from its knees after tremendous devastation, be it Nazi Germany after the defeat and deliberate humiliation of France and England, or poor Russia after all the upheavals, revolutions, hunger, etc. Everywhere there appeared passionate people who sought to rehabilitate their country, restore it, to prove to everyone that they had not gone to the margins of history. By the way, China is a rather dark horse at heart, too, asserts itself after the Opium Wars, when the Anglo-Saxons were published over it as they could. So it’s not a fact that the Greeks, after all these European humiliations with cutting costs and pointers from the top, would not have the idea to restore the Byzantine Empire and the glorious city of Constantinople, etc.
      1. Marat
        Marat 18 June 2012 19: 52
        There is a paradox! If the Byzantine Empire would be restored by us and under our control - in order to ensure control of the straits for our Eurasian Empire - this is one conversation. But this is not yet feasible - and even Stalin abandoned this plan.

        And the statements of the Greeks on this issue do not cause any enthusiasm. All these supposedly "Orthodox brothers" are very unreliable allies - and Russia has endured enough in all the Balkan wars and received only ingratitude and an alliance of Bulgaria with the Germans in the first and second wars. The same Greece is a member of NATO and the European Union.

        Would such an initiative by the Greeks turn out to be an integral part of the plan to end chaos and war? It may be better for now to find a common language with the Turks - the war with Iran is not beneficial for them. They detained at the time the pent-up ships during the war in Ossetia. In any case, no large-scale conflicts at our borders are beneficial to us now!
        We need time - to reunite the country - for now, cover Syria and Iran
  13. nsr1950
    nsr1950 18 June 2012 14: 01
    Interestingly, what if one of the American TV presenters had found their home in this safe one and a half million? According to the so-called "civilized" laws, it is forbidden to keep such amounts in cash, and the person guilty of this is subject to punishment, and the money is confiscated ...
  14. Cadet787
    Cadet787 18 June 2012 14: 11
    Good review, article plus.
  15. aksakal
    aksakal 18 June 2012 14: 15
    Though Sobchak had enough brains not to give an interview to this lousy newspaper. She would give an interview - everyone would have kept it below the mcfol, just opened her mouth - everyone would have simply neighing, otherwise she could not be perceived. Some remnants of the thought apparatus remained, to my surprise
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 18 June 2012 15: 15
      Quote: aksakal
      Sobchak had enough brains not to give an interview

      Yes, probably not with her, but with a lawyer or someone else. She herself would hardly have guessed
  16. Kamilla
    Kamilla 18 June 2012 14: 17
    According to Minister Heydar Moslehi, the detainees were organized into two terrorist groups, whose members "traveled from Iran to Israel and back through a neighboring country." Which state is meant, he did not specify. Earlier, reminds NEWSru, Tehran accused Azerbaijan of harboring terrorists associated with Israel. (c)

    straight, just that, so oblique !!! and not tired of these Iranians ....
  17. Ruslan
    Ruslan 18 June 2012 14: 18
    Here is a good movie, see,23775
  18. Nechai
    Nechai 18 June 2012 14: 21
    Quote: vorobey
    ... the girl wouldn’t have had anything if her mouth hadn’t opened. Damn, a double interpretation of some sort happened.

    Hi, this is not a twofold interpretation; this is a FULL and FRIENDLY description of the methods of using one of its working bodies, just. And VERY CLEAR!
    "Ksenia Sobchak became revolutionary a star American press "
    . Yes, she was the same (with a different letter) a long time ago in the Russian establishment. Nature, genes. Having priviv them you will not trample.
  19. Fox 070
    Fox 070 18 June 2012 14: 32
    Colleagues, notice how the alignment in international political life is gradually changing. Now our leaders do not go to ask for something over the hill, but more and more they are reaching out to us with requests. So Abama is going to ask Putin for something. Everything is more interesting and interesting every day ... And Syria, with our support, does not bend under the amers. So finally got to the swamp devils. What, gentlemen peysatye liberalists, is becoming less and less a reason to laugh? And this is just the beginning. You look and we will soon laugh ... Get ready !!! angry
  20. SPQR1977
    SPQR1977 18 June 2012 14: 39
    The opposition-revolutionary activity of Ksenia-dog-horses is very amusing

    good laughing drinks
  21. borisst64
    borisst64 18 June 2012 14: 46
    "the crowd that shouted at her" "and worse words. However, the journalists note, at the rallies that took place later, she was even greeted with applause."

    We understand that Sobchak has not changed, so the composition of the crowd has changed.
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 18 June 2012 15: 17
      Quote: borisst64

      We understand that Sobchak has not changed, so the composition of the crowd has changed.

      So, fans of Dom-2 pulled themselves up.
  22. party3AH
    party3AH 18 June 2012 14: 49
    Blair noted that the euro will not be able to remain the main currency of the EU if the EU countries do not embark on the path of fundamental reforms. He emphasized that Germany could save a single currency.
    Well, of course, Merkel will put on the shoulders of the Germans all the hangers-on, no matter how it is, there, too, people are rebelling about helping those who do not want to "live easier."
  23. Luginin
    Luginin 18 June 2012 15: 00
    ... It is now very easy to make a career on anti-government motives, which is what people actually do. This is generally a trend: said "bloody regime" or "freedom of speech" - and you are already a hero. The action has become minimal. Shevchuk asks one unpleasant question - he is a hero, Parfyonov makes a speech - this is discussed by the entire Internet. It all became like in the days of dissidents, only now they don’t put it in prison. Any elitist movement at some point becomes mainstream. And I predict that the mainstream of the next segment of the life that we will live will be scolded by the authorities. This will do the most opportunistic and vile people. Previously, the intellectual elite abused the power, educated people, now the power began to scold the entire Russian bydostan. And precisely at the moment when it becomes mainstream, power will acquire value for truly thinking people and will become a sacred force that will hold back the cobbled-up Lochowski mainstream.
    From an interview with Sobchak K., December 23, 2010.
    1. Luginin
      Luginin 18 June 2012 15: 27
      I see that citizens are snoozing in consumption. Tired of a quiet life, since you are turned on by characters such as dog, bulk, etc.
      They are nobody at all without you!
      It is you who consume them so deliciously and become participants in their shows, according to their scenario. You make them more popular by leaps and bounds. They are not a force without you and are not able to influence, threaten, or disseminate their information. Do you know why the media write about them? Because you like it. And if you don’t come to your senses, then you will not raise your children any better. Or do you expect that some Fursenko will take responsibility for raising the next generation for you? Is there really no worthy deed for you in this life, except ...
  24. Ataturk
    Ataturk 18 June 2012 15: 08
    Saakashvili’s brains are out of order. Who damn so fine? With everything crazy.
    almost half a billion fine. Ah ... eaten with everything!
    1. scrack
      scrack 18 June 2012 20: 35
      Misha Galstukoed should produce and buy guns for something
  25. StrateG
    StrateG 18 June 2012 15: 16
    The world is going crazy, it has long been noticeable. Saakashvili works for Amer as a loyal doggie, Amer is trying to take over the world (recalls the cartoon about Pinky and Brain, in our case, Bush and Obama, IMHO), there is a threat of global conflict, which has not yet turned language to call a possible war.
  26. CC-20a
    CC-20a 18 June 2012 15: 47
    Ksenia Sobchak became a revolutionary star of the American press

    Haha This ugly ... in principle, in the United States almost all are fat and ugly so this horse is probably a beauty for them laughing

    Fines to a comrade billionaire were written out for what. 11 June The Tbilisi City Court fined Ivanishvili 126 million 220 thousand lari (over 77 million dollars) and ordered him to be fined 22 million 429 thousand 941 lari (about 14 million dollars). 77 million is for the fact that the Georgian Control Chamber did not like the free distribution to the population of the million antenna dishes purchased by 12 for broadcasting its TV channel “TV-9”. The control chamber decided that there was a bribe of voters.

    And we have belolentochnye swamps shouting that 1 million fine for breaking the law at the rally is a lot. At the same time, these bogs which, against a 1 million fine, each time indicate as an example either Georgia or Europe or the United States ...

    What are all the same piled on and the dogs are shameless / unscrupulous, arrogant and immoral.

    Do you want to live in a democratic Europe? so you go to x .... daredevils bulk with a chirikova in a pre-trial detention center, serve a couple of years for violation of law and order, then wake up to say about some rights of citizens and duties of the state, do not want to sit by law? then it’s not necessary if you yourself are against the law.

    The UN believes that it is time for the Libyan government to stop fighting.

    Come on O_O.
    But go bombing again and "defend" is already weak? Or we no longer touch our proteges in Libya, let them arrange atrocities better than the Gaddafi ...
    Tsuki Tsuki Europeans Tsuki NATO am
  27. VEKT
    VEKT 18 June 2012 15: 56
    Blair said bluntly - "The Germans are working, it's still far from sunset." Romney - “when I’m becoming president, I’ll throw out all my childhood complexes and fantasies, and no one can tell me.” And Sobchak got money from Yashin, he paid her with the opposition common fund for services.
  28. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 18 June 2012 16: 01
    Well, I don’t know about money in envelopes, it’s convenient to store them))) although someone in the banks from buckwheat under the buckwheat was lucky that she didn’t store it in the toilet bowl))) otherwise it would be like that for the whole country))
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 18 June 2012 17: 17
      Quote: alex shnajder
      Well, I don’t know about money in envelopes

      I don’t know either!
      Please note that they also gutted other similar characters!
      Bulk and others like them.
      According to the statement of SK in their safes, cash was found in small quantities (several hundred rubles)!
      Yes, any worn out office has many times more cash for urgent needs!
      And Ksyusha has one and a half lemons of currency !!!
      Yes, they were waiting for checks / searches and no one simply believed that Ksyusha would be searched !!!
      So they handed over the finances for storage.
  29. Nechai
    Nechai 18 June 2012 16: 02
    Quote: SPQR1977
    The opposition-revolutionary activity of Ksenia-dog-horses is very amusing

    The whole family is good there. And not only the qia is not a stray but a vicious mare. Papania made Peter the capital of the land, Mom rassyavka on the Bundespayments to prisoners of the camps. Like what a fig for them all denyuzhki (not so great and far from all) at once - "buy their grandchildren and great-grandchildren of motorcycles and computers, and will be left with nothing." But if all the Deutsch loot is in the fund, the natural Madame Narusova is headed, then they will be happy. Broken, though with this idea. And blown away from publicity. The Deutsches don't need scandals in FIG. So destruction is the genetic version of this family. However, not only this one. And all the temporary workers, while reigning in our open spaces. A little creativity began, degradation slowed down. They are all OP-POSITION!
  30. Odessa
    Odessa 18 June 2012 18: 24
    Thanks to Oleg, as always, for the review! yes good
    And on the example of Ksyusha (plush skirts), I am once again convinced that a woman has no place in politics, for women this is not a profession, but a craft. '' It would be better to cultivate on TV, and Timoshenka would sometimes remember, then she would live humming along.
  31. Ghenxnumx
    Ghenxnumx 18 June 2012 18: 32
    "Obama is ready to talk with Putin."
    I don’t know, I don’t know - after Obama's expressions of obvious sympathies towards minorities, Putin should definitely beware of a private meeting with Obama. winked
  32. alexanderv
    alexanderv 18 June 2012 19: 06
    Something "Golden Dawn" went too far. Constantinople, give them Smyrna. First, they would have dealt with their problems in the economy, and then they were eager to fight. As if not the other way around, the Turks did not take the islands in the Aegean Sea away from them.
  33. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 18 June 2012 19: 36
    About Greece. Do not forget that this is the only country in the world in which Orthodoxy is the state religion. Russia has always had, on this basis, a special relationship with Hellas. And look, who are being destroyed by the Anglo-Saxons in Europe? Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria-all countries Orthodox and have long-standing friendly relations with Russia. One military force, others economic genocide. I recall Russia, as a power-leader of world Orthodoxy, has always provided military and economic assistance to brothers in faith (this is our role as a guardian country of Orthodoxy). If Russia were RUSSIA, not the Russian Federation and the patriots of Russia were in power, and not the puppets of our enemies, we would have to provide military-political support to Serbia, economic Greece and Bulgaria, with their further involvement in the orbit of the Russian World. And the Greek intentions to return Constantinople and the straits are in our interests, and we should do our utmost to help in this in Greece. But - Russia itself is now a country not completely independent, power not Russian and liberal ...
    1. Scutum
      Scutum 18 June 2012 22: 33
      like again and on the old rake - "military-political support" ... the Serbs themselves climb into the EU without soap - they surrendered Kosovo - Milos Obilich probably already made so many turns in the ground .... to help Greece - why? what is Russia's interest? for Bulgarians, first we are "brothers" (Shipka, Plevna, then the Great Patriotic War), and themselves in NATO ... Russia apparently did not throw off the dough in time ... does not look like prostitution ??? Greece was apparently driven into the EU with kicks or with a nuclear baton)))) Well, you entered - live, choose your own path .... friendship does not mean playing "with one gate" ...
      1. Prophet Alyosha
        Prophet Alyosha 19 June 2012 06: 55
        That is why they are now climbing into NATO because the traitors in power in Russia, at the time they were TRIED and given to the pro-Western forces to be torn to pieces. Don’t surrender Russia (or rather non-Russian power) to Serbia, Bulgaria, they would be with Russia now, but how would they resist if they see that even Russia Licks the West? And Greece is our geopolitical ally, both in the struggle against the Turks and in the Mediterranean Sea (and the division of Turkey between Greece, Armenia and Kurdistan is in our interests). Learn the story ...
  34. Common sense
    Common sense 18 June 2012 21: 08
    Alexis Propagandopoulos issued another masterpiece for the school mind.
  35. bremest
    bremest 18 June 2012 21: 11
    The air smells of gunpowder, we are on the verge of World War 4 and schizophrenics such as Mitt Romney are ready to make a world fire. I hope that Putin will be able to moderate the schizo-idiots from Yuski ...
  36. arkgrz
    arkgrz 18 June 2012 21: 27
    we have a lot of cadres ... politicians and other celebrities ... but the only little dog is disgusting ... why I don’t know, maybe others are bad in their own way but it’s possible to understand somehow ... the same as in his world doesn’t give a damn she is at all ... absolutely does not understand what can be done ... my desire is to plant a curvy and be taken away ... and look at what will happen next.
    1. Scutum
      Scutum 18 June 2012 22: 38
      sharp "ochucheniyu" club apparently lacks ... well, get it and sign. At the same time, she was promoted over the hill - they say a new Novodvorskaya or Alekseeva ... a human rights activist of "mink-like" ...
  37. StrateG
    StrateG 18 June 2012 22: 26
    bremest, I apologize in advance for ignorance, but when was the third world?
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 19 June 2012 19: 15
      Quote: Sergey Yeroyan
      when was the third world

      Is the date and place familiar? ! 947, Fulton.
      This is the beginning .
      The CCCP collapse date is still a rumor / memory. This is the ending.
      Alas, we have nothing to brag about here.
      Russia lost the First World War.
      I won the second.
      I lost the third.
      It turns out the fourth win!?
  38. Sergey Yeroyan
    Sergey Yeroyan 18 June 2012 23: 46
  39. Afftar
    Afftar 19 June 2012 01: 27
    Well, Ksenia. Now America knows you. Fly already! And do not forget your house.
  40. passmel33
    passmel33 19 June 2012 17: 16
    What is being done with the country where the authorities are looking?
    Somehow I stumbled upon a site to search for people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
    I'm really scared - twist like that any nit-picking can come in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, relatives, above all, for example, there are my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete, find your page - pass the check and delete
    And then there is nobody who is looking for ...
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 19 June 2012 19: 19
      So .
      Interesno, does anyone follow what is laid out on the forum?
      Is the administration called or is my hut on the edge?
  41. Deniska999
    Deniska999 19 June 2012 21: 56
    If Mitt Romney becomes president, America’s foreign policy will be tougher, especially with regard to Russia.
  42. jenifer
    jenifer 21 June 2012 07: 22
    Even the truth should be silent if it brings misfortune.
  43. jenifer
    jenifer 21 June 2012 08: 45
    . All our affairs, thoughts and speeches follow us - do the good!