In India, announced the development of a fifth-generation aircraft AMCA

Indian developers have decided to show that experts doubtlessly doubt the “correctness” of the authorities' refusal to create the fifth generation FGFA fighter jointly with Russia. Recall that India withdrew from this project, stating that the Russian Su-57 does not comply with the parameters of the fifth generation. Now in the Indian media there is a statement by representatives of the defense industry, which state the readiness to create a new generation fighter.

In India, announced the development of a fifth-generation aircraft AMCA

Developments are engaged experts of the Agency for the development of aeronautics (ADA). The project itself "improved combat aircraft of the middle class" is called AMCA. The material indicates the date of creation of the Indian fighter of a new generation.

From the material in the media of India:
It is expected that two next-generation technology demonstrators (NGTD) of the Advanced Medium-Duty Combat Aircraft (AMCA) will make their first flight by 2032.

Information on the use of stealth technology has been added, as well as the fact that initially GE-414 engines will be installed on airplanes.

ADA Representative:
And after we develop our own engines, we will start to install them on the latest fighters for the Indian Air Force.

It is noted that the Indian aircraft of the new generation is being developed in such a way that (this is a quote) “its geometry would allow an additional increase in secrecy for the enemy”. Due to the "geometric features" the surface of the aircraft will allow "to deflect and scatter radar waves, minimizing its radar glow."

Also noted the possibility of using special stealth materials. From India, these technologies are not reported.
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