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Jubilee commander "singing squadron." 90 anniversary of the birth of Leonid Bykov

90 years ago, 12 December 1928, was born the future famous Soviet actor, film director and screenwriter Leonid Fedorovich Bykov. The actor passed away early, he died in a 50 age as a result of a car accident, and today we can only guess how many more roles he could play and how many films he made. For Soviet and then Russian viewers, Leonid Bykov will forever remain one of the favorite artists. Roles in the films “Maxim Perepelitsa” and “The Tiger Tamer” made him a screen star, and his film “Only Old Men Go To Battle”, in which he played one of the main roles, made his image immortal for many generations of viewers.

Leonid Bykov was born on December 12 of 1928 in the village of Znamenka, Slavyansk district, Donetsk region, in a family of simple workers. In 1938, the family moved to the city of Kramatorsk, Bykov's parents got a job here at a metallurgical plant. In Kramatorsk passed the conscious childhood of the future actor, here he graduated from high school number XXUMX. Here, for the first time, he will appear on the stage of a local recreation center named after Lenin, which many years later will be named after Bykov himself. It was here that his creative makings first manifested themselves. Already in the lower grades, Bykov played in improvised performances that were staged for other children, neighbors and relatives. Then his school friends were involved in these productions, and he wrote scripts for some of them on his own.

During the Great Patriotic War, he and his family were evacuated to Barnaul from 1941 to 1943. Here is a young man who since childhood, like many other Soviet children, dreamed of aviation, decided to enter the flight school. The first time, back in 1943, he tried to enter a flight school in Oirot-Tour (today Gorno-Altaisk), where the 2nd Leningrad Military Pilot School was evacuated. Naturally, the 15-year-old youth, who attributed himself to three years, was not taken to flight school. In addition to age, the reason was in the low growth of Bykov. The second time he entered the 2nd special school for pilots already in Leningrad in 1945. Here he managed to study for about a month, but after the war ended, the school was disbanded, the dream of becoming a military pilot was not destined to come true. Although later Bykov still implement it, but already on the TV screen.

Jubilee commander "singing squadron." 90 anniversary of the birth of Leonid Bykov

After the dream of heaven was not realized, Bykov recalled his youth and his visit to the theater group at the Palace of Culture in Kramatorsk. In the 1947 year, Bykov tried to enroll in the Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Art, but this attempt ended in failure, but he managed to become a student of the Kharkov Theater Institute, whose acting faculty Leonid Bykov successfully graduated in 1951 year. After that, for nine years he was an actor at the Kharkiv Academic Ukrainian Theater named after T. G. Shevchenko, where he drew the attention of film directors with his bright roles, including the role of dudes in the comedy “Three Nightingales Street, 17”. At the same time, he also had dramatic roles, for example, here in Kharkov he played Pavku Korchagin in the production of How Steel Was Hardened.

Bykov played his first film role in 1952, starring in the film “Marina's Fate”. His next film work was the famous comedy “The Tiger Tamer”, which appeared on Soviet screens in 1954 year. In this film, Leonid Bykov played one of the main roles - the foreman of the river tug Peter Mokina. Already in 1955, Bykov starred in the lead role in another famous Soviet comedy "Max Perepelits". These works made Leonid Bykov a famous artist in the country. He then starred in the film about the war "Volunteers" (1958 year), where he played Alyosha Akinshin and the melodrama "Aleshkina love" (1960 year), he only strengthened as one of the most famous actors in the country, who was loved by many viewers. In the film “Aleshkina Lyubov” he very successfully embodied on the screen an image of a naive geologist in love.

In 1959, the actor leaves Kharkiv and moves to Leningrad, where he will spend ten years of his life from 1959 to 1969 a year, being an actor and director of the Lenfilm film studio. In 1963, he auditioned for the role of Detochkin in the classic Soviet comedy “Beware of the car”, but was not approved for the role. In the same year, he made his debut as a director, shooting the first full-length comedy "Bunny", which was released in 1964 year. The film was not the most successful and was attacked by critics. Although even in this light and entertaining in spirit, the picture clearly enough traced the important questions about the decency and moral side of human life.

At the same time in the life of Leonid Bykov himself, as it is said in actor's circles, something simple happened. He did not take pictures and almost did not act himself. Different roles, of course, were offered to him, but in his opinion these were completely continuous works, for which he did not want to undertake and spend his time and energy on them. In one of the letters to a friend, the actor wrote that he hadn’t been removed for a year and managed to abandon the 9 scripts. In another letter, he wrote that in idle time already for three months, he refused 5 works. He noted that he seems to have lost himself and wants to return home. In the 1969 year, after succumbing to the entreaties of the directors of the Dovzhenko film studio, the actor moved to Kiev, but even here he did not receive the field he had been promised for activities, from which he again falls into a depression. Perhaps this simple in the profession and mental anguish were necessary for him and helped in further work, but they could not but affect the health of the actor who experienced several heart attacks.

For quite a long time, Leonid Bykov hatched the idea of ​​his new feature film. He decided to start working on it at the end of the 60s of the last century - it was the film “Only“ old men ”go to battle”. True, after the script was ready, the matter again stalled. Cinematic authorities Goskino Ukraine appreciated historyproposed by Bykov, as too simple, "unheroic." The script was really deprived of the Soviet pathos inherent in many military films. But this time, Leonid Bykov decided to finish his plan, he was not going to give up. Perhaps his youthful dream to become a pilot also played a role in this, as well as a desire to pay tribute to all the pilots and technicians who fought against fascism during the Great Patriotic War. Bulls did everything possible to bring his story to the viewer.

In every city of the Soviet Union, at all meetings with viewers and fans, Bulls surely read to them excerpts from the screenplay for the film "Only Old Men" go into battle. After each such reading in public, real ovations sounded from the audience. As a result, Bykov managed to convince officials that his story is real and viewers want to see it on the silver screen. In 1972, the film was finally approved, and on May 22, the filming process began on May 1973. It is worth noting that Marshal of Aviation Alexander Pokryshkin, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, who had become acquainted with the script of the painting, ordered the film crew to select five planes to help the work on the picture. For the film, four sport aerobatic aircraft Yak-18P and Czechoslovak aerobatic Zlin Z-326 Acrobat, which remotely resembled the German Me-109 fighter, were singled out. For Bykov himself, the complete absence of Soviet aircraft of the Second World War period was a big surprise; the situation was similar with German cars. The only real rarity - flying Po-2 - was discovered in Poland. During the filming of the picture, the Yak-18P aircraft tried to make them look like La-5 fighters.

The picture was completely finished in December 1973. But despite the enthusiastic reaction of the front-line soldiers and personally of Pokryshkin himself, who attended the premiere, which took place in the State Committee for State of Ukraine, literally had to fight for the release of the movie. Many high-ranking military pilots and veterans, for example, Air Force Commander, Chief Marshal of Aviation Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Kutakhov and twice Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant General Aviation Vitaly Popkov, stood up for the picture before the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. The final decision on the release of the film in wide distribution was promoted by success at the VII All-Union Film Festival, in which the film by Leonid Bykov received the first two awards - for the best film and the male role, as well as a special prize from the USSR Ministry of Defense.

In 1974, the film “Only Old Men” go into battle, ”dedicated to fighter pilots who fought the enemy during the Great Patriotic War, was released in broad distribution. The picture gathered in cinemas 44,3 a million viewers, hitting the top ten highest-grossing 1974 films of the year - 4 place. Moreover, it was the only film in the top ten, which was devoted to the subject of the Great Patriotic War. This work of Bykov, in which he invested his soul, becoming both a director and a leading actor, and one of the authors of the script subsequently received many domestic and international awards at various film festivals.

Especially it can be noted that the script of the picture formed the basis of real events, and the film characters really had their own prototypes. For example, the prototype of the squadron commander Captain Titarenko, played by Leonid Fedorovich himself, was twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vitaly Popkov. During the war, he commanded a "singing" squadron that actually existed in the 5 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. Singing it was called because it had its own choir. Upon learning of the existence of this squadron, the Leonid Utesov Orchestra was presented with two aircraft built with the artist’s own money. Zoya Molchanova also had a prototype - the legendary Soviet pilot Nadezhda Popova. In his picture, Bykov and his childhood friend Shchevronka immortalized, who died a month before the end of the war in Czechoslovakia. His image on the screen was brought to life by the actor Sergey Podgorny as “Smuglyanka”.

It was in 1970's that Leonid Bykov was at the peak of his popularity. After the release of the country's “Old Men”, which glorified the actor throughout the USSR, another successful film “Aty-Baty, followed the soldiers”, which in 1976 also hit the top ten highest grossing tapes (7 place, 35,8 million viewers) . In this film, Bykov also directed and played one of the main roles. After the release of these two films on the wide screen, the actor was called on the streets as the names of his characters. Passers-by stopped him as a pilot Titarenko or simply called the Maestro. And in the second film of the hero Bykov, the corporal Viktor Svyatkin, all viewers knew him by the nickname “Swat”. It so happened that these two films were the last to appear on the screen during the life of Leonid Bykov. In 1978, Bykov took up the shooting of a sci-fi movie called “Alien”, which was based on the story “Alien-73” by Yevgeny Shatko, but Leonid Fedorovich did not have time to complete the painting.

Shortly before his death, Leonid Bykov wrote a letter of testament to his friends. In the letter he said that he feels that he will soon leave and will no longer hold out. He also himself srezessiroval their funerals, asking them to be modest, passed without officialdom and honors. “There are no orchestras, cinema houses and funeral speeches. Otherwise, I will get up and leave - it will be embarrassing, ”wrote a famous actor. His only wish was that at the funeral sang his favorite song "Darkie" from beginning to end.

Leonid Fedorovich Bykov died 11 on April 1979 of the year. He got into a car accident on the highway "Minsk - Kiev" near the village of Dymer. Returning on his “Volga” from a summer cottage located near Kiev, he tried to overtake the tractor moving ahead of him. When overtaking a car collided with the oncoming truck GAZ-53. The blow fell in the area of ​​the right front door of the Volga, and the seat belt could not save the consequences of a collision in the oncoming lane of a famous actor. The investigation in this case was conducted very carefully, the young truck driver was found not guilty, Bykov himself was sober, but made an oversight that cost him his life, perhaps he was mistaken because of the accumulated fatigue.

Leonid Bykov was buried in Kiev at the Baikov cemetery. His achievements in creative activity were highly appreciated during his lifetime. In 1965, he received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1974, the People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. The name of the actor bears the boulevard in Kiev, as well as the streets in Kramatorsk, Kurgan and other cities. In Kramatorsk, which is considered the hometown of the artist, the Kramatorsk GDK is also named after him. In 1994, the International Astronomical Union assigned the name of Leonid Fedorovich Bykov to one of the discovered minor planets.

More information about the life and career of your favorite artist is available to everyone from the new film “No Harp - Take a Tambourine”, which will be shown on Channel One on Saturday, December 15 (10: 15 in Moscow), this documentary is timed to coincide with 90 the anniversary of the artist. Also, December 15 on the TV channel "Culture" will be shown one of Leonid Bykov's early acting works - the feature film "Aleshkina Lyubov" (1960 year), viewers can see this picture in 15: 35 in Moscow.

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  1. Conductor
    Conductor 12 December 2018 05: 31
    Eternal memory to the actor and director L. Bykov !!!!! And only old people go into battle - a Masterpiece, because there are not so many military operations and how it touches !!! And what phrases !!! Teach materiel; r I came to fight and not engage in a philharmonic society; Come out to fight one on one, we won’t beat on takeoff, Maestro .; Hitler’s headquarters are all malacholny; I still remember this white horse; And who will shoot the tambourines, I, with the yellow-bellows? And rightfully the first infantryman Vanya will sign the first. I’ll pump up Sotochka for L. Bykov.
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 12 December 2018 07: 57
      One can say only one thing about Leonid Bykov: the Great, Talented, Beloved Actor and the Man with a capital letter. All the films with his participation are real masterpieces and the Golden Fund of Soviet and World Cinema.
    2. bubalik
      bubalik 12 December 2018 09: 00
      And only some old men go into battle - Masterpiece, there are not many military actions there, and how it touches !!! And then what phrases !!!
      ,, yes the whole movie is almost some quotes
      And where are my hundred grams for downed?
      Of course, I do not drink ... but a matter of principle ..
      . ©
    3. Vend
      Vend 12 December 2018 09: 46
      Great actor, great director. He could have done so much and managed little.
  2. svp67
    svp67 12 December 2018 06: 05
    WITH HOLIDAY. Burned not with wood, but with a candle ....
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 12 December 2018 06: 12
      Maestro !!! soldier
    2. Alexander Greene
      Alexander Greene 12 December 2018 23: 31
      Quote: svp67
      WITH HOLIDAY. Burned not with wood, but with a candle ...

      No, it was not burning a candle, but a real one A star.
  3. Olgovich
    Olgovich 12 December 2018 07: 00
    The role of Bykov in "Maxim" Perepelitsa "is wonderful: young and terribly talented and original
  4. Adjutant
    Adjutant 12 December 2018 07: 12
    One of the favorite actors. Favorite films.
    In Kharkov, with whom Leonid Bykov had a special relationship, he is depicted right on the house - in the city center
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 12 December 2018 09: 06
      Quote: Adjutant
      In Kharkov, with whom Leonid Bykov had a special relationship, he is depicted right on the house - in the city center

      And didn’t get decommunization? Strange .. request
      1. Antares
        Antares 12 December 2018 23: 58
        In 2013, on the wall of the house right in the city center on the street. Sumy 26 there was a huge panel dedicated to Leonid Bykov. The famous Soviet actor and director Leonid Bykov for 9 years from 1951 - 1960 lived and worked in Kharkov. For graffiti, the artists chose a frame from the immortal film “Only Old Men Go to Battle”.

        in the yard 2018 and the ageless Bykov also looks at the Kharkiv people.
        And then decommunization?
        In the First Capital of Ukraine they will not remove symbols associated with the USSR in portraits of Leonid Bykov, Valentina Grizodubova and Petr Naboyuchenko.
        The news portal "Evening Kharkov" reports that the images that adorn the facades of houses will not be "adjusted." Recall that in the framework of the project “Pride of Kharkov”, which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazis, portraits of prominent figures associated with the city and the country appeared on the facades of the houses.

        Life Pavel Dybenko Street (Moscow District) - received the name Leonid Bykova Street
        “Not all the symbols of the Soviet era are to be dismantled,” says Maria Takhtaulova, historian and coordinator of the Kharkov toponymic group. - Under the law on decommunization, images of state flags, emblems and other symbols of the USSR, USSR, in particular, a sickle and a hammer, a hammer paired with a five-pointed star, fall. As well as images and monuments to people who held certain positions in the Communist Party
    2. silberwolf88
      silberwolf88 12 December 2018 19: 21
      just a question ... is it Sumy ???
      1. Antares
        Antares 12 December 2018 23: 59
        Quote: silberwolf88
        Sumy ??

        Sumy 26, Kharkov city, Ukraine.
        1. silberwolf88
          silberwolf88 14 December 2018 20: 20
          I began to forget the views over the years ago))
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 12 December 2018 07: 13
    Now they have forgotten how to shoot, cinema has become somehow ordinary and predictable.
    And people like Bykov sometimes put their whole souls into old tapes. "Only old men go to battle" --- this is not just a movie, he created a monument to Soviet fighter pilots. As they went to the ram, so he shot --- went Thanks to them all, thanks to Bykov.
  6. Korsar4
    Korsar4 12 December 2018 07: 46
    "Only old men go to battle." As long as different generations watch this film, the connection of times remains.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 12 December 2018 08: 59
    How I felt! ... Yesterday I accidentally watched a program about this wonderful film. Memories of comrades, colleagues on the set. He loved his work, did not allow falsehood. Everlasting memory. "Will live!..."
  9. igordok
    igordok 12 December 2018 09: 54
    Unfortunately, the image of Bykov and this Great film Bandera use for themselves.
    1. Antares
      Antares 13 December 2018 00: 13
      Quote: igordok
      Unfortunately, the image of Bykov and this Great film Bandera use for themselves

      ordinary social video, without any Bandera (there wasn’t even SU-GS, but only Glory to Ukraine)
      There is still the same with the girl

      Social commercials tell the story of two generations who find a common language, despite the raging conflict in the Donbass
      The project should show that the country is not going to forget the feat of veterans and cancel Victory Day.
      In general, by the way I liked both videos. Despite decommunization and all sorts of rejections of everything Soviet, nothing better than the Soviet one was invented in the process of patriotic education ..
      we before that heroic generation to grow and grow ...
      Leonid Bykov is an unusual person. And his films are unusual.
      And his films will and will be watched. And admire. And despite the broken bust at the Alyosha concert this year by vandals.
      A memorial to the famous Soviet and Ukrainian director Leonid Bykov was installed in Sumy on April 11, on the anniversary of his death ..

      December 12, 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of a national favorite. This date will be celebrated in Ukraine at the state level.
      at 22:00 the channel “Inter” showed the documentary project “Leonid Bykov. Will live". Friends and relatives of Leonid Fedorovich will tell about the life of an outstanding person who broke off suddenly, and his love, which withstood all hardships: daughter Maryan Bykov, film playwright Viktor Savchenko, film director Nikolai Mashchenko, actress and director Svetlana Druzhinina and others.
      And on Saturday, December 15, the Inter TV channel will show films loved by the audience with the participation of an outstanding actor and director:
      comedy "Bunny"; "Maxim Perepelitsa"; and the melodrama "Aty-bats, soldiers were coming."
  10. Mihail55
    Mihail55 12 December 2018 10: 10
    My favorite artist! For 90 years ... Eternal Memory! For 40 years, no ...
  11. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell 12 December 2018 10: 18
    There is nothing to say here - CLASSIC.
    Such people set the standards for the perception of the world for others, it's a pity that he "left" early ...
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 12 December 2018 11: 06
      Thanks to the author for the article and for the reminder of the Real Man! hi
  12. Avior
    Avior 12 December 2018 10: 19
    Wonderful actor and director.
    In 1978, Bykov started shooting a science-fiction film called “The Alien”, which was based on the novel “Alien-73” by Evgeny Shatko, but Leonid Fedorovich did not have time to complete the work on the picture.

    The film was finished. I watched it.

    As a result, Bykov managed to convince officials that his story is real and the audience wants to see it on a movie screen.

    The movie was non-heroic, such a thing about the war could not be removed. The officials reasonably feared that they would write a slander on them, that they shot the wrong movie and scoffed at the tragedy of the Soviet people. What we are actually still observing. request
    the film "Aty-bats, soldiers were coming", which in 1976 also hit the top ten highest-grossing films

    The plot of the film was based on the feat of fighters of the platoon of lieutenant Peter Shironin, who got in the way of a huge amount of German armored vehicles and knocked out 16 units in 1943 near Kharkov, but never missed the Germans.
    The whole platoon received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, who is alive, who is posthumously.
    But despite the support of the famous film, only a few knew about the feat, it was hushed up, and is still hushed up, so as not to obscure the Soviet propaganda myth about "28 Panfilovites", although in reality, and not in the writings of propagandist journalists, this is exactly the feat was accomplished by Shironin's fighters.
    1. bubalik
      bubalik 12 December 2018 11: 07
      The whole platoon received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, who is alive, who is posthumously.
      ,, as well as the landing under the command of Konstantin Fedorovich Olshansky ,,
      ... 20 April 1945 of the year for courage and heroism shown in battles with the Nazi invaders, Lieutenant Konstantin Olshansky Konstantin Fedorovich was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, as well as 55 and fallen and living paratroopers of his squad. soldier
      1. Avior
        Avior 12 December 2018 11: 20
        Olshansky’s paratroopers were also hardly mentioned in Soviet times, but they were still mentioned.
        But here the analogy is not quite the same - the Olshansky paratroopers fought surrounded by the Germans, they had nowhere to retreat.
        And the case with the Shironins is one-on-one in accordance with the Panfilov myth. In Soviet times, not a word.
    2. silberwolf88
      silberwolf88 12 December 2018 12: 01
      it’s well known that they didn’t keep silent about the feat of the Guards-Shironintsev ... in Kharkov, under the USSR, there was (maybe now) a street named after them ... there was even a museum in some school (I don’t remember the number of the school) and information was enough ...
      It’s just that the Great Patriotic War was a story of mass heroism ... someone knows some heroes ... someone else ... there are, of course, white spots of history
      1. Avior
        Avior 12 December 2018 12: 03
        in the village school the museum was. in the village near which the battle was. and this is all memory
        now compare with the number of all sorts of names associated with the myth of Panfilov’s
        1. silberwolf88
          silberwolf88 12 December 2018 12: 06
          a hero is a hero ... how much do you know for example about heroes among Ossetians ... or Yakuts ... they are probably closer to yours ... the feat of the Komsomol member Lyalya Ubiyvovk ... they also know mainly in the Motherland ... There were many heroes and different ...
          1. Avior
            Avior 12 December 2018 12: 07
            You definitely read what it is about?
            1. silberwolf88
              silberwolf88 12 December 2018 12: 13
              read it for sure ... and is attentive to comments ... I just recommend refraining from pretentious generalizations ... like "nobody knows" ... "hushed up", etc.
              1. Avior
                Avior 12 December 2018 12: 14
                I understood you. if I need your recommendations, I’ll definitely ask you, before that you can not strain.
                1. silberwolf88
                  silberwolf88 12 December 2018 19: 15
                  Well, I’m generally relaxed ... don’t worry so much about your person ... for me you are talking about nothing ...
    3. Sergei75
      Sergei75 12 December 2018 22: 26
      Well, don’t, but ...?
      How did you get this, just blurted out or who thought?
  13. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 12 December 2018 11: 50
    Lived a bit ... BUT bright ... I managed to do a lot
  14. parusnik
    parusnik 12 December 2018 12: 33
    Man is a meteor, and life is so bright ...
  15. garri-lin
    garri-lin 12 December 2018 12: 38
    Let me just say. The films of this great man are kept in my home for a very important business. Show children a simple and frank story of the feat of the Soviet people. And "Aty Baty" and "Old Men" and "Volunteers".
    "Let's live" "Men don't cry, they are upset." Eternal memory to the Actor and the Director. Thank you and bow to the earth for your labors.
  16. Catfish
    Catfish 12 December 2018 13: 13
    "Maxim Perepelitsa" is one of my favorite films. Bykov made this character absolutely perfect. Goonies, yap and fanfare, and how much charm! No, Bykov is inimitable and unique. What a pity that the best ones leave so early! But all the same - he is alive, as long as his films are on, and these pictures will always find their viewer. Rest in peace to him. hi
  17. Dmitry Bolotsky
    Dmitry Bolotsky 12 December 2018 15: 19
    It's great that "Old Men" was made in color. One of my favorite films. My son took part in the restoration of the film. And he said that they worked with a program that recognizes sepia colors. And until you choose the color exactly, the program will not give the go-ahead for further color processing. And after processing it turned out that even when shooting on black and white film, Leonid Fedorovich paid attention to any color details, as if he knew that his film would someday be "painted". This is clearly seen in the uniforms. Titorenko's tunic is faded, and the young ones have green ones ... And more. In "Old Men" you don't pay attention to modern airplanes at all, so powerful is the energy of the film, the acting. Leonid Bykov was able to collect in his roles all the qualities that are so inherent in us - boyhood and faith, romance and carelessness, courage and love ... All are so different, but somehow they fit very harmoniously into one person. Thank him for that!
  18. kvs207
    kvs207 12 December 2018 18: 59
    "It can be especially noted that the script of the film was based on real events, and the heroes of the film really had their prototypes."
    Leonid Bykov is undoubtedly a quantity, even in Soviet cinema that has no talents.
    The episode with the Grasshopper is taken from the memoirs of Sergei Lugansk.
    1. urman
      urman 13 December 2018 12: 09
      The episode with the Grasshopper is taken from the memoirs of Sergei Lugansk.
      1. kvs207
        kvs207 13 December 2018 22: 35
        Fedor Telegin patronized young, inexperienced pilots. Sometimes, he often collected us, already shot pilots, and declared:
        - That's what, lads. Today the youth will sit at home. The Germans have such animals! How to drink give knock down. Only old men have gone today! And as a rule, he led the "old people" himself.
        This incident occurred with Fedor Telegin in late autumn, when the battle for Rostov reached its highest intensity.
        In one of the air battles we managed to shoot down and plant several Messerschmitts on our field. We got the enemy vehicles completely intact. Fyodor Telegin decided to adapt one of the trophies for reconnaissance.
        Indeed, in the simple and artless plan of our regiment commander there were great opportunities. Which of the Germans will pay attention to a lone fighter with fascist markings? Nobody. And if he does, he will think - his own. You never know why the Messerschmitt can fly over the very positions.
        More than once or twice Fyodor Telegin flew into the enemy's rear on a captured plane. The Germans paid no attention to the Messerschmitt. At that time, many German pilots flew out on the so-called free hunt. They also took Fyodor Telegin for a free hunter.
        Major Telegin circled over the marching columns and headquarters, he noticed the troops concentrating for the strike, mapped the covertly preparing positions. In short, the information of our intelligence officer was so important and valuable that the front command warned the relevant services about a lonely Messerschmitt carrying out particularly important missions.
        The Germans still figured out the secret of the mysterious plane. Once, returning from the next task, the car was hit - and Fedor Telegin barely reached our advanced positions. It was here that an unfortunate curiosity occurred.
        Before the Messerschmitt had time to land, our infantrymen surrounded it. Dozens of hands grabbed Fyodor Telegin.
        - Yeah, I got it!
        - Come on, brother, get out!
        - Yes, pull him, what is he! ..
        In vain Fedor tried to prove that he was his Russian, Soviet. It only added fuel to the fire.
        - No, you look, he even has documents in store! Oh you bastard!
        And - fuck, fuck for anything.
        “Comrades,” Telegin called out, “but at least look at the form!”
        - So he also has our uniform ?!
        Again blows, even more.
        - Are you crazy?
        - No, he also barks! Beat the bastard!
        In short, Fyodor was "butchered" so that he could barely keep his feet. In this form, he was taken to the headquarters.
        When our guys arrived for Telegin, they hardly recognized the commander of the regiment in the ragged, battered man.
        “Sorry,” the embarrassed foot soldiers escorted him. “After all, what did we think?” Well, we think some reptile is dressing for ours? Didn’t it happen? ... Sorry, for God's sake. Got excited.

        I remember a young pilot Ivan Wet came to our regiment. The neck is thin, the eyes are childish. Just from a flying school. It seems that on the first day of takeoff, Ivan Mokrogo’s plane crashed into another plane - and both failed. Wild case! What was to be done with Wet? Judge! Punish myself? .. I scolded him on what the light stands. He only embarrassedly flushed and helplessly shrugged.
        - Do not shake hands! Stand as you should!
        - Guilty, comrade captain ...
        - Kru-gom! To hell, to the dugout! We'll talk in the evening.
        Imagine my surprise when, looking back after a few steps, I saw that Ivan, getting on all fours, was catching grasshoppers with a cap. This is after catching up! ..
        In the evening, at a general meeting, Ivan was penalized: to be suspended from flights, not to give one hundred grams, to be appointed eternal duty on the airfield.
        Bored Ivan Wet.
        And it is not known what would happen to the young pilot, if not for the case.
        One evening, unexpectedly and unexpectedly, four Messerschmitts flew into our airfield. We rushed through the cracks. The situation is hopeless: the Germans will shoot down any plane on takeoff like a partridge.
        "Messerschmitts" come to attack. Our planes are missing!
        And suddenly we all see: Ivan Wet, waving his arms, running headlong to a nearby Yak. And the Germans are already watering the airfield with machine guns.
        Ivan quickly jumped into the cab. The engine has earned.
        - He's crazy! said Telegin almost with a groan.
        - They will bring down as ... Ah!
        But the YAK was already scattered and took off the ground.
        - Well! .. - And Fyodor Telegin even frowned, watching the Messerschmitt attack. - Now there is only one queue and ...
        Suddenly, the Yak climbed up to meet the diving enemy, from a long distance hit with machine guns - and the Messerschmitt, without leaving the dive, crashed into the ground.
        We were dumbfounded. This is the number! How did he get the hang of it in that position? ..
        But the UC soared up and went into the cloud.
        The angry "messengers" rushed after the daredevil after. There were no planes to be seen behind the cloud.
        The first came to mind Telegin.
        - By car!
        We jumped out of the cracks.
        But then a plane enveloped in flames appeared from the cloud. Burning, he fell steeply to the ground.
        Everyone involuntarily took a step. Our Wet is gone ...
        “Flew away,” someone whispered.
        The plane crashed to the ground, an explosion rang out.
        - The orderlies! I shouted.
        An ambulance was already rushing across the field.
        I jumped on the bandwagon on the go.
        As soon as we arrived at the crash site, someone, having spotted an ominous cross on the remaining tail, exclaimed in surprise and joy: “So this is ... Look!
        And as if in confirmation of our sudden discovery, we heard machine-gun bursts crackling in the sky. There was still a battle going on. So Ivan Wet!
        The remaining two "Messerschmitts" fled shamefully "and Ivan, appearing over the airfield, again amazed us: first of all, he famously performed the traditional" barrels "- a flip over the wing - two, according to the number of aircraft shot down, and then landed the plane so cleanly, so masterfully that even the "old people" were jealous.

        Everyone rushed to Ivan - pilots, technicians, girls-waitresses. Having jumped to the ground, he fell into the frantic arms of friends. Shook it to stupefaction, Kissed, squeezed, Ivan did not have time to answer questions.
        In the evening, we honored the newly made ace. A gala dinner was prepared. And a few days later, Ivan Wet received the Order of the Red Banner for courage and bravery. Since then, he invariably flew out to all responsible heavy tasks.

        And here is another case.
        Evening after a terribly busy day. The pilots are tired and sleep in deep sleep. Sometimes slurred sleepy murmurs are heard.
        At the entrance to the dugout, right on the grass, hugging his knees, Valera Fedorovsky sits thoughtfully. Valera is young, today he was in battle for the first time and even shot down an airplane.
        “Why aren't you sleeping, Valerik?” Not tired?
        The young pilot wants to get up, but I put his hand on his shoulder.
        - Sit, sit.
        “Not that, Comrade Captain,” Valera complains. And tired, and I can’t. Just close my eyes - crosses. Crosses on all sides! A nightmare of some kind!
        Remember how in "Quiet Don" Grigory Melekhov experiences the death of the first Austrian whom he hacked to death? The pilot often does not see the enemy in the face. But the crosses on the enemy vehicle are clearly etched into the memory.

        From the book of memoirs of Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Sergei Lugansk.
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    Grateful to the Maestro Immensely ...
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    Everlasting memory.
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    In "Volunteers" was, though not the main, but a bright role.
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    eternal memory to him grew up on his roles and films
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    People’s and beloved artist and director. A film that went down in history and will live in hearts:

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    Compare the life and fate of millions of real HEROES of our land, our attitude towards them and that tear that the liber commemorates .... the party and the powerful, with them in the same ranks! Shaw do they show us these? Who still does not understand whom they managed to let rule over themselves and over us, to the heap! Shaw is the most vile, over our SHOCK!
    I do not write about the great ACTOR, DIRECTOR, but I hope that he could not think otherwise. He LOVED his country!
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    He served in the theater in Kharkov, there is a memorial plaque on the wall, a very sincere actor