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Article by Vladimir Putin in the newspaper "People's Daily"

The full text of the article by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the newspaper Zhenmin Zhibao on the eve of a state visit to the People's Republic of China.

Russia and China: New Horizons of Cooperation

On the eve of the state visit to China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Beijing, I am glad to have the opportunity to directly appeal to the multimillion audience of one of the world's most authoritative print media, Renmin Ribao. To share our assessments of the prospects for the partnership of our countries, the role of Russian-Chinese relations in the modern world, which is undergoing a complex transformation process, faces serious challenges to global and regional security, attempts to blur the principles of international law, and economic and financial upheavals.

All these topics are discussed in the framework of leading international forums, occupy a special place in the negotiations at the highest level. I am confident that reasonable, collective approaches to solving the pressing problems of our time will prevail. The main thing is that any sober-minded politician, an expert in the field of economics and international relations today is aware that the global agenda cannot be formed and implemented "behind the back" of Russia and China, without taking their interests into account. Such is the geopolitical reality of the twenty-first century.

Under these conditions, we are aware of the overall responsibility for the further building of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership for the long term. The importance of joint efforts in the framework of the UN and other multilateral organizations, regional structures.

And therefore, I associate high expectations with a rich program of upcoming meetings with the leaders of the PRC. I also look forward to the fruitful work of the next summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will complete the successful chairmanship of China in this union.
Relations between Russia and the PRC are deservedly called an example of a new type of interstate relations. They are free from all sorts of prejudices and stereotypes. And this means that they are exceptionally stable, not subject to momentary conjuncture — which is very valuable in today's world, where there is an obvious lack of stability and mutual trust.

The global financial crisis in the 2008-2009 year showed how important it is for us to understand, to hear each other, to draw a common, agreed line. Joint infrastructure, energy projects, large orders and contracts, reciprocal investments became the resource that allowed our countries, our business communities to overcome challenges, create new jobs, and ensure the workload of many enterprises.

In 2011, the trade turnover between Russia and the PRC reached a record level - 83,5 billion. Today we set a goal in the medium term, by 2015 - to reach the level of 100 billion, and by 2020 - in 200 billion. Moreover, today's dynamics shows that such a bar can be overcome ahead of schedule.

What should be done for this. First of all - to optimize the structure, improve the quality of bilateral trade by increasing the share of high value-added products in it. There are objective conditions for this: the national markets of the two countries have a large capacity, the demand for modern goods and services is growing. We have good basic positions in education, science, technology. The experience of close industrial cooperation has been gained.

We intend to actively promote major joint projects in civil aviation, astronautics, and other high-tech areas. And also - in the area of ​​technoparks, industrial clusters, special economic zones - both in Russia and in China. I believe that we should talk about the present technological alliance of the two countries. About building industrial, innovative chains that will connect our enterprises, scientific, design, engineering centers. On joint entry into the markets of third countries.

We also need to rebuild the “modern building” of the financial, investment infrastructure of bilateral business relations. It is already obvious that we must quickly implement the decisions taken on the transition to settlements in national currencies in the implementation of mutual trade, investment and other operations. Thus, to insure yourself against all sorts of currency risks and strengthen the position of the ruble and the yuan.

I want to note the strategic nature of the dialogue between Russia and China in the energy sector. Our joint projects are seriously changing the entire configuration of the global energy market. For China, this is an increase in reliability, diversification of energy supplies for domestic needs. For Russia - the opening of new export routes to the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Among the results already achieved, I will single out the launch of the Russian-Chinese oil pipeline, which last year supplied 15 million tons of oil. Conclusion of a long-term - for 25 years - contract for the supply of Russian electricity to China. Growth in 2011 to 10,5 million tons of Russian coal exports to the Chinese market and plans for the joint development of coal deposits. We hope that in the foreseeable future we will be able to begin large-scale deliveries of Russian gas to the PRC.

Wide opportunities are opened by teamwork in the field of use of a peaceful atom. With Russian participation, the first stage of the Tianwan NPP has been built, which is recognized as the safest in China by the results of stress tests. Last year - with the help of our specialists - an experimental fast neutron reactor was put into operation in the PRC. Thus, China has become the fourth country in the world, after Russia, Japan and France, which has similar technology. The construction of the fourth stage of the uranium enrichment plant was completed ahead of schedule. We count on continued cooperation in the second and next phases of the Tianwan station, as well as on participation in the construction of other energy facilities in China.

The driving force, the source of Russian-Chinese relations is friendship and mutual understanding between nations. The exchange of national Years, years of the Russian language in China and Chinese in Russia was a great success. Now this year took the baton of Russian tourism. I am sure that the coming Year of Chinese tourism in Russia will attract increased interest.

I believe that the time has come to come to grips with the development of a long-term Action Plan for the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the humanitarian sphere.

Naturally, during the upcoming visit, topical international problems will be discussed. These include strategic stability, disarmament and non-proliferation. weapons mass destruction, counteraction to the whole complex of challenges and threats to sustainable development, life and well-being of our citizens, including terrorism, separatism, organized crime, illegal migration.

On all these topics, the positions of Russia and China practically coincide, based on the principles of responsibility and adherence to the basic values ​​of international law. On unconditional respect for the interests of a friend. And therefore - it is easy for us to find a common language, to develop a common tactic and strategy. At the same time - to make constructive beginnings in the international discussion on the most acute, topical issues. Whether this concerns the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, the situation around Syria and Afghanistan, the problems of the Korean Peninsula and the Iranian nuclear program.

I stress once again that the strategic partnership of Russia and China is an effective factor strengthening regional and world stability.

It is in this logic that we are working on strengthening cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the decade of which was celebrated last year.

I happened to stand at the origins of the creation of this association. Time has convincingly confirmed that our choice - to take a step from the "Shanghai Five" to a full-fledged interaction structure - was correct.

Today the SCO is a dynamically developing multilateral organization. Of course, its enormous potential has yet to be fully realized. But today, looking back at the path we have traveled, it can be said with certainty that the SCO has gained considerable authority, its voice sounds confidently in the international arena.

The SCO brought a lot of new and useful things to world politics. First of all, she proposed a partnership model based on the true equality of all participants, on their mutual trust, on respect for the sovereign, independent choice of each nation, on its culture, values, traditions, on the desire for common development. Such a philosophy - in fact, best embodies the basic, and in my opinion - the only viable principles of international relations in a multipolar world.

Largely thanks to the SCO, the efforts of its members, their cooperation with a wide range of foreign partners, it was possible to significantly reduce terrorist activity in the region. But the challenges we face today are becoming ever more multifaceted, they are becoming more complex and modifying. The bearers of the ideas of terrorism, separatism, extremism improve subversive methods, recruit new fighters into their ranks, expand sources of funding.

All this requires us to build the capacity of the SCO in matters of security, effective adjustment of interaction mechanisms. That is why we pay special attention to the approval at the upcoming summit of the Program of cooperation of the SCO member states in combating terrorism, separatism and extremism for 2013-2015 and the new edition of the Provision on political and diplomatic measures and mechanisms to respond to situations that threaten peace, security and stability in the region.

Another serious challenge is the link between terrorism, drug production and drug trafficking. The fight against this evil requires concerted collective action. Such cooperation should be actively developed, first of all, in line with the SCO Anti-drug strategy.
Our common concern is the situation in Afghanistan. The SCO is making a significant contribution to helping the Afghan people in their efforts to revive this long-suffering country. Another concrete step will be the decision at the summit to grant observer status to Afghanistan. With Afghan leader Hamid Karzai, we will discuss further prospects for joint work within the framework of the SCO.

The SCO was created as a structure designed to ensure stability and security in the vast Eurasian space. And we consider it counterproductive to any attempts by third countries to take any unilateral actions in the region of the responsibility of the SCO.

At the same time, the SCO is an open organization, ready to interact with all interested partners. That is the principle enshrined in its Charter. Participating in the activities of the SCO are observer states - India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan. The status of the SCO dialogue partner has been granted to Belarus and Sri Lanka. At this summit, Turkey will join them. Taking into account the growing attention to the activities of the SCO, issues are being addressed to further strengthen the legal framework for the expansion of the Organization.

The experience of the SCO suggests interesting, very promising and promising solutions for the entire world community. I mean the development of common, suiting all approaches, as they say, “from below”. First - within separate regional structures, and then - through a dialogue between them. Of such regional building blocks, the more stable, predictable nature of global politics and economics can emerge.

In our opinion, the future of international relations is largely associated with the development of just such a “network diplomacy”. The tendency of the SCO member-states was perspicaciously perceived by the tendency to form an extensive partner network of multilateral unions in the Asia-Pacific region in 2004. Today, the SCO is energetically building up cooperation with the United Nations, the CIS, the CSTO, EurAsEC, ASEAN, ESCAP and other international structures.
We see the establishment of cooperation between the SCO and the Eurasian Economic Community, and later the Eurasian Economic Union, as a new and very promising vector of work. I am convinced that the activities of these associations can mutually enrich and effectively complement each other.

There is no doubt the need to back up political cooperation within the SCO framework - active cooperation in the economic sphere. Organizations are able to implement the largest joint projects. Why should it not be in our common interests to take advantage of such obvious advantages as the possibilities of the dynamically developing Chinese economy, the technological potential of modernizing Russia, the richest natural resources of the countries of Central Asia? I think that it is necessary to pay special attention to cooperation in the field of energy, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, high technologies, primarily information and communication.

But for this, we need to create really working mechanisms for financial support and management of project activities within the SCO. There should be platforms where joint plans will be formed, a kind of "assembly point" of multilateral programs. As an example of such an approach, I will mention the SCO Energy Club, the formation of which reached the final stretch.

The significant potential for further development of the SCO lies in the development of direct links between the business community and companies of our countries. I am confident that the business forum to be held in Beijing during the days of the summit will demonstrate the wide possibilities of public-private partnership for the promotion of economic cooperation. It is important to energetically connect the industrial and banking circles of our countries to the implementation of our plans. This will require more efficient and persistent work of the Business Council and the SCO Interbank Association, which have a fairly substantial package of proposals.

It is also in our common interest to increase cooperation in the field of healthcare, culture, sports, education and science. One of the brightest undertakings of the SCO, the Network University, which today unites 65 universities of the Organization’s member states, convincingly demonstrates the opportunities that are here. His rector's office will be located in Moscow. We are ready to actively promote this promising and necessary project in the most active way.

Entering into the second decade of their storiesThe SCO continues to evolve and improve. The guidelines for its activities will continue to be determined by the immutability of the key principles and the continuity of goals, naturally taking into account the dynamics of the rapidly changing international situation. This approach will be reflected in the main areas of the SCO development strategy for the medium term - in the basic document that we intend to discuss and adopt.

We associate really high expectations with the upcoming Russian-Chinese summit talks and the SCO summit in Beijing. After all, a prosperous China is needed by Russia. In turn, China, I am convinced, needs a successful Russia. Our partnership is not aimed against anyone, but aimed at creation, at strengthening justice and democratic principles in international life. And therefore - claimed by time.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: "common aspirations are common forces." We are ready to work together - in the interests of our states and peoples. And it will definitely bring worthy results.
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  1. Igor
    Igor 5 June 2012 09: 59 New
    Soon, the whole Far East will give the Chinese as a sign of friendship between the Russian and Chinese people.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 June 2012 10: 06 New
      Igor come to us, look at new equipment, tanks, planes and more. You’ll think that it’s not so simple.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 5 June 2012 10: 28 New
        Here is the transition of payment to national currencies, it is advisable to accelerate. I like the irony of Putin:
        Our partnership is not aimed at anyone

        only $ grief will be completely lost when the entire SCO goes to its currencies. Poor fellow Gaddafi was striving for this ... but here, just as in Africa it will not work, the spring is tenderly stiff, if the amers pull it away, they won’t hold it, it will tear it, it will demolish the whole of America.
        1. hrych
          hrych 5 June 2012 14: 00 New
          China holds 3,3 trillion dollars in its assets, and the US debt as of December 30, 2011, the debt amounted to $ 15 trillion, the bulk of this debt is secured by securities. As of June 2008, the value of US securities in the hands of foreigners amounted to $ 10,3 trillion.
          In general, if they give up the dollar, then the United States will only laugh at her debts, but whoever suffers is other countries, especially China.
          1. Vadivak
            Vadivak 5 June 2012 15: 20 New
            Quote: hrych
            In general, if they give up the dollar,

            Refuse debt in dollars? Well this is already 5 column. , Debt in dollars, and settlements among themselves in their currencies
          2. Ross
            Ross 5 June 2012 19: 27 New

            In general, if they give up the dollar, then the United States will only laugh at her debts, but whoever suffers is other countries, especially China.

            In such matters, sharp movements are not made. China has already begun preparations - is developing its market. It is time for us to get rid of our dependence on oil, and then we can destroy the dollar.
          3. Averias
            Averias 6 June 2012 10: 40 New
            I’ll correct you, it’s already 17 trillion and they still want to borrow.
            1. cc-20
              cc-20 6 June 2012 19: 33 New
              And how to get debt out of them ...
      2. makarich26
        makarich26 5 June 2012 11: 27 New
        To you, where is it, if not a secret?
        1. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 5 June 2012 12: 14 New
          I will support your question to Alexander Romanov))
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 5 June 2012 13: 28 New
            Vladivostok! Far East - Russia!
            1. Igor
              Igor 5 June 2012 13: 36 New
              Quote: Alexander Romanov
              Vladivostok! Far East - Russia!

              And I live in Novosibirsk.
        2. jo_lik
          jo_lik 5 June 2012 18: 19 New
          To the Far East.
      3. Cadet787
        Cadet787 5 June 2012 14: 00 New
        Alexander Romanov.
        Greetings to you, Alexander. On duty, I had to visit the PRC, in particular the Shanghai Military District, and so, on the adjacent side there are three millionth, trained and well-armed army, which is waiting, only a “green whistle”. Unfortunately, apart from “friendship” today we can’t compare anything, even those tanks and planes that are in the BBO are not enough to defend the Homeland.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 5 June 2012 14: 21 New
          This is not true. In 90x, the case was that the officers were transferred to the barracks position due to the concentration of the PRC military on the border. But then they dumped, ours made it clear to them about the possibility of a preemptive strike with the use of nuclear weapons. After that silence.
          1. Cadet787
            Cadet787 5 June 2012 15: 41 New
            Dear Alexander. You do not equal the 90s, I mean their beginning, in the Far East was 1 million. 800 thousand l / s, about 40 divisions and over 7 thousand tanks, and now how many ????????? and with what they can be compared.
            1. Averias
              Averias 6 June 2012 10: 48 New
              No one canceled the installation of infrasound radiation superimposed on a microwave field. As stood from the 70s, they are.
        2. shim
          shim 5 June 2012 21: 40 New
          Let us remember that the Chinese are not wars, they don’t have it in their blood, and therefore the Japanese fought quite successful wars on the territory of China, and even the Mongols, although it was a long time ago too.
      4. vezunchik
        vezunchik 5 June 2012 16: 25 New
        Russians have always been friendly with the Chinese.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 5 June 2012 16: 40 New
          Quote: vezunchik
          Russians have always been friendly with the Chinese.

          Until the moment Nikita removed Stalin's body from the Mausoleum.
          1. SSR
            SSR 5 June 2012 22: 13 New
            the most sucks ... I googled for half an hour ... and could not find those outposts that the Chinese attacked in the 1920s to 1940s ...
            but I still remember in my childhood there was a krta .. of the Kyrgyz Republic .. indicating monuments, etc. .. dedicated to the dead border guards with a description ...
            I can’t stupidly name ... it’s a pity there isn’t a map ... they jumped to the outposts of the young USSR (it’s a little other Kuomintangs)
            but .. the ashes of four wars, if you read ... then here they are the earplugs in red.
            I hope .. that our corrupt ... and they lay the straws and show the gingerbread and beat them with a tarpaulin in the ass .. for it is not possible for a friend. for not fucking.
    2. Michael 9999
      Michael 9999 5 June 2012 10: 36 New
      we will now have almost FER and indeed Kazakhstan is much more preferable than eastern Russia a better climate wink
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 5 June 2012 12: 39 New
      An armed skirmish occurred on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia

      A shootout occurred early this morning on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. According to preliminary data, four Azerbaijani soldiers and three Armenian soldiers were killed. There are wounded. Officials of the two countries have completely different points of view on the causes and circumstances of the conflict.

      According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, the servicemen stopped the Armenian saboteurs trying to penetrate the Azerbaijani positions near the village of Ashagi Askipara in the Gazakh region, Interfax reports.

      In turn, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia stated that the Azerbaijani side once again violated the established ceasefire, trying to penetrate the strongholds deployed in the direction of the villages of Berdavan and Chinar of the Tavush region of Armenia. As a result of the measures taken and the actions of the Armenian Armed Forces, the sabotage attack was stopped and "the enemy, having suffered losses, was thrown back."
      1. Oleg0705
        Oleg0705 5 June 2012 19: 57 New
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        An armed skirmish occurred on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia

        in countries of economic and social instability the best medicine is war
    4. Committee
      Committee 5 June 2012 12: 55 New
      I support. These games always come to us sideways. What is initially conceived as a beautiful multi-pass operation is not fully brought to terms, and as a result, we have torn away territories and human losses.
    5. Neighbor
      Neighbor 5 June 2012 17: 14 New
      Today on the news showed about Putin.
      Here - well done man! belay wink
      61 year yes - looks like a cucumber - does not smoke, does not thump - like some before him.
      Dangles all day around the world - across the country - solves issues, problems. It takes decisions. The country - raises from its knees - we can say !!!
      Production, factories, important construction projects, strategic facilities, exercises - everywhere in time !!! good
      In general - WORKS specifically !!! good - as it should be !!!
      Therefore, I am sure that the fate of Russia is in the strong, working hands of our President. And for her - you can be calm !!!
      For - Russia has a great past and a great future !!! yes
      Glory to Russia!!! drinks
      Glory to Putin !!! drinks
      Shame, disgrace and 2 meters underground - the orange-green Judizna - to the traitors of the Motherland !!! Although they - and 50 cm - enough !!! belay laughing am
      1. Ribwort
        Ribwort 5 June 2012 17: 41 New
        Quote: Neighbor
        61 years old - looks like a cucumber - does not smoke, does not plump - like some before him.

        But Peter I smoked tobacco, and he could have drunk so what ...
        Quote: Neighbor
        Dangles all day around the world - across the country - solves issues, problems.

        It only says that the system he built doesn’t work. Once without his personal intervention, things are not done. Traveling around the country and resolving issues such as putting computers at school or delivering wood to a grandmother is not the level of the president. Local officials must answer for this and be tough.
        PS Stalin, for example, almost did not leave the Kremlin.
        1. sinandju
          sinandju 5 June 2012 18: 00 New
          Traveling around the country and resolving issues such as putting computers at school or delivering wood to a grandmother is not the level of the president. Local officials must answer for this and be tough.
          PS Stalin, for example, almost did not leave the Kremlin.
          Plus. And the fact that Putin does not drink is not an indicator. Hitler also did not drink or smoke. You just need to work competently and select the appropriate people, then the gears will spin without it. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair and lifted the country. Churchill drank, smoked in black, and the British are still grateful to him. And vanity is not a sign of the mind and statesman.
      2. SSR
        SSR 5 June 2012 22: 24 New
        I myself am from Naukograd ... still yes .. well done ...
        and now .. I’m just describing ... a science city ** for ... employees of city-forming enterprises receive (but not all for? 12000 rubles) (physical education) shopping centers are being built in the city .. the whole of Moscow is in charge of the son of the permanent city Merina here and the locals are breaking into Moscow .. for sn in the city ... roughly 15000 and renting 15000
        and mister ** oh 23 years a permanent leader. You can write a lot ..
        I gave my vote for PU .. but this was the last time ... because all the trash was collected under the bucket ...
        create visibility without effort. I can at the prof level ....
        (All this was written off by a drunk, not inadequate, etc. people, please do not break the Moscow).
        and if so read ..
        the history of the city is not stupid to help everyone ... there 80% of the truth at least.
        1. Ribwort
          Ribwort 5 June 2012 22: 47 New
          Quote: SSR
          I myself am from Naukograd ...

          Science City is not called Dubna, land? wink
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 5 June 2012 10: 02 New
    Brzezinski probably reads this article now and swears. US positions are falling, well, there’s no reason to slap another slap in the face of Amers.
    1. Goga
      Goga 5 June 2012 10: 47 New
      Alexander Romanov - Americans from the 60s of the 20th century "fed" China against the USSR, and "fed up" - the USSR no longer exists, but China is and now the Americans will have a better headache than the Union. And the good relations of the Russian Federation with China - this US problem is reinforced many times - our joint naval exercises alone brought us so much "joy" ....
      So the SCO or BRICS, it’s not a matter of format, but of cooperation with a serious neighbor, especially in this quote - “we must implement the decisions made on switching to settlements in national currencies faster” - a good “nail” in the coffin of the American economy of air bubbles !
      1. hrych
        hrych 5 June 2012 14: 08 New
        Dear Goga, if someone fed it to the USSR, and now we sell them high technology (aircraft engines and aircraft, for example). The Americans did not give the Chinese high technology, but placed dirty production on their territory under laborers who were paid a day with a “cup of rice and a head of opium,” and they paid not with real money secured by goods, but with bonds. The main merit of this revered by many is Little Dan. But now it’s clear that either Densyaoping is stupid (like Gorbachev) or a traitor (like EBN).
        1. Oleg0705
          Oleg0705 5 June 2012 20: 01 New
          Quote: hrych
          USSR, and now we sell them high technology (aircraft engines and aircraft for example)

          still a class lower, and proceeds from the sale go to the development of new tennologies
  3. GSH-18
    GSH-18 5 June 2012 10: 13 New
    Quote: Igorek
    Soon, the whole Far East will give the Chinese as a sign of friendship between the Russian and Chinese people.

    The VO site is not a place for delirium. The Japanese how many years the islands can not vykiganit, and you-DV Chinese as a gift! laughing Have a cup of tea.
    1. Igor
      Igor 5 June 2012 16: 24 New
      Quote: GSH-18
      The Japanese how many years the islands cannot

      Why do you compare the Japanese with the Chinese? They are at least outwardly similar, but it's the same as comparing the w .. pu and the finger, now try to guess which one of them is w .. p and who is the finger.
      1. Mnemonics
        Mnemonics 6 June 2012 08: 35 New
        If you think that the finger is Japan, then do not forget that the US hairy chest is poking around behind this finger.
    2. foxhaund31
      foxhaund31 5 June 2012 18: 38 New
      And the Far East has already been donated, because it is only the owners who can take out wood, medicinal herbs, and destroy bears on such scales.
      1. Mnemonics
        Mnemonics 6 June 2012 08: 28 New
        The Moscow pack is managing all the wealth and wealth in the Far East; this is the main problem for us, the Far East. More provocateurs of all sorts ...
      2. Michael 9999
        Michael 9999 9 June 2012 13: 54 New
        exactly here we have the Chinese dandelions dug up he saw though a question? you then PSEKAM country mockery of common sense matter to our forests of fields and rivers what? just funny country sanitary cordon on the border of the West and Russia together with your friends (Georgia, Baltic countries) right along Ilf and Petrov Chamberlain is the head in the capital of the world (Stargorod)
  4. Goga
    Goga 5 June 2012 10: 31 New
    The SCO summit is not some kind of G-8, which it’s not a sin to “advance". The meeting is serious, and finally, albeit slowly, we are moving away from the one-sided orientation of foreign economic relations towards the "west". The 21st century is the Asian century in this direction and a complete turn should be made - which is apparently gradually happening. good
    1. Crumbumbes
      Crumbumbes 5 June 2012 11: 25 New
      plus BB still manages to visit a couple of European countries and put pressure on their leaders, who have to agree to certain conditions
    2. Sergh
      Sergh 5 June 2012 11: 27 New
      Goga, yes, Putin threw the whole crowd of G-8s where he knew in advance that Obama wouldn’t go to the G-20 in revenge, everyone knows that he’s been confused, even the pretext is the same. Tricky move!
      1. Goga
        Goga 5 June 2012 11: 33 New
        Sergh - Greetings, Sergei, well, it’s hard to suspect BB of innocence - he correctly designated where his place is - First Belarus and only then Germany and France, defiantly ignoring the "pan-European" structures and then immediately the SCO - correctly and very "revealingly" for everyone else.
    3. prophetic
      prophetic 5 June 2012 11: 52 New
      I think that with the West we were always on the wrong track, but we got along with Asia. Well, the West often struck in the back of Russia. It was especially funny to hear, against this background, Prokhorov’s statements about Russia's integration into Europe in his election campaign. the feeling is that he does not know the history of the country.
      1. Goga
        Goga 5 June 2012 12: 34 New
        prophetic - Colleague, - quote - "... the feeling is that he does not know the history of the country at all." - for this “miracle” with the letter M knows that Courchevel is exactly in Europe - that’s what “integrates” with him ... wassat
  5. anchonsha
    anchonsha 5 June 2012 10: 44 New
    This is the only way to move on. GDP rights. Friends are needed, even if sometimes they are also “on their minds”, as they say, for pike so that crucian carp do not doze off.
    Russia needs investment. Therefore, interaction with China is needed. Yes, and you need to breathe in unison in global politics .... otherwise Russia will not be able to stand alone against the aggressive West in its false democratic and aggressive aspirations.
    1. Nick
      Nick 6 June 2012 00: 51 New
      Quote: anchonsha
      Russia needs investment.

      Russia needs to rely on its own forces, first of all. No foreign investment will be enough to raise such a bulk. No one will give us deliverance ....
  6. pavlo007
    pavlo007 5 June 2012 11: 07 New
    I do not quite understand the wild delight in the comments regarding the eternal friendship with China. China at the moment has become for us perhaps the biggest threat, much larger than the United States, and talking about Europe is ridiculous. To chop off the Far East from us is only a matter of desire for China - can you say that, if something happens, the Chinese army will be able to keep separate disparate demoralized parts of the Russian army armed with scrap metal under the general artistic direction of Serdyukov Putin? Just don’t say that we’ll crash with a nuclear bomb - they have their own revolvers.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 5 June 2012 11: 38 New
      Quote: pavlo007
      Separate, demoralized units armed with scrap metal

      Agent pavlo007, we won’t tell you anything, but you’re better not to listen to anything, it’s harmful to you.
      1. pavlo007
        pavlo007 5 June 2012 13: 04 New
        It's nice to obviously have an idea of ​​life through the point of the first channel.
        You guys obviously don’t understand something, the Chinese army is not at all 1 Mosin rifle to platoon already. And look at the latest Chinese exercises - all of them are aimed at developing logistics in our direction.
        Putininoid’s remark especially smiled on the 500 million Chinese sailing across the Amur River.
        Yeah ... Investment from the Chinese is very boring for us, especially in the Far East.
        You can hardly rebuild consciousness in a real way. You confuse today and the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, when Russia was a Great Empire with the most powerful army in the world, and on the other side of the Amur was a once-great country, degraded and mired in corruption.
        Now we see a decaying Russia, practically without an capable army, gradually losing space and nuclear technology with a traitor at the head of the country and next to it China, which will soon have aircraft carriers like the USA no one will be considered an aircraft carrier, although there are such comrades who look like a mean tear at the sight of a special officer flying on a TU-160).
        It is necessary not to arrange all kinds of SCOPS, but to destroy the corruption system built by putinoids, and then try to raise practically destroyed industry, science, education, while it is still possible, though with great difficulty, it will be too late in 2-3 years.
        In the current trend, our country, alas, is doomed to soon become a colony of the EU and China, even if formal sovereignty is maintained.
        The country of sales managers and guest workers is doomed in a battle with the country of engineers, military, scientists and workers.

        PS It seems that on this site a good half of the bots from our movement.
        1. Crumbumbes
          Crumbumbes 5 June 2012 14: 35 New
          Pavlo007, I think it's you, look at the world through some point there ...
          I see a developing country, after the 90s (when a lot of American-western shit poured straight for us with something good) when there really were most factories put on their knees because of the opportunity to sell and weld the dough ...
          Now a lot of things are being modernized, etc. and SCO are needed both in the foreign political and economic terms. the budget is not only based on taxes and oil sales ... investments are needed, etc., so that it would be possible and faster to rearm to build new ships, etc., etc. and for other needs of the Russian Federation
          1. Ribwort
            Ribwort 5 June 2012 14: 49 New
            Quote: Krumbumbes
            I see a developing country, after the 90s (when a lot of American-western shit poured straight for us with something good) when there really were most factories put on their knees because of the opportunity to sell and weld the dough ...

            I absolutely agree with you! I also see a developing country after the civil war of 1918-20. When the factories were not really there and strained with food, the country was drowned in blood. Bravo, Putin!
            READ OUT! More than 20 years have passed since 1990!
        2. Ribwort
          Ribwort 5 June 2012 14: 40 New
          Quote: pavlo007
          It seems that on this site a good half of the bots from our movement.

          Sometimes this impression also appears. What can you do: putinoid is a diagnosis. Viral infection transmitted through the media. May God grant that Putin finally "takes up the mind" and that the time does not come when the diagnosis will become a sentence ...
          1. Nick
            Nick 6 June 2012 01: 04 New
            Quote: Ribwort
            What can you do: putinoid is a diagnosis

            Not seeing changes for the better is also a sign of disease, perhaps a whole bunch of diseases, from myopia to multiple sclerosis ...
        3. Katran
          Katran 5 June 2012 19: 09 New
          Today I read on one site that the Russians built a new optical laser telescope that only Amer has an analogue, Glonass is slowly but surely reaching the level of JP&S, the Russians launch more rockets into space annually than all other countries combined, a new eastern launch site is being built for launch missiles of a new development, this is about the loss of space technology, I’m not talking about the atom, there’s no need to go far, the article mentioned 4 countries having fast neutron reactors, Russia among them (the United States, no). loafers get rid, then maybe life in the country and get better.
        4. Don
          Don 7 June 2012 18: 19 New
          Quote: pavlo007
          It's nice to obviously have an idea of ​​life through the point of the first channel.

          But we don’t need to tell these tales.
          Quote: pavlo007
          Now we see a decaying Russia, with virtually no capable army, gradually losing space and nuclear technology

          Did you dream about this? Where did you see the decomposition? The economy has grown several times over the past 10 years, the sixth in the world. The army has already proved its combat effectiveness, especially since rearmament is in full swing. In space, Russia also plays a leading role. Most satellite launches are still carried out by Russian missiles, primarily Soyuz and Proton launch vehicles. And about the Strategic Missile Forces and is completely ridiculous.
          1. Commissioning of a new generation of missile attack warning systems in the Leningrad Region and Krasnodar Territory
          2. From 2006 to 2008, the launch of the four Cosmos satellites into orbit of the Eye early warning system.
          3. All of the submarine missile carriers of Project 667BDRM and part of the missile carriers of Project 667BDR have undergone medium repairs over the past few years with modernization elements and the replacement of missiles with the Sineva R-29RMU2.
          4. The resumption in 2007 of regular strategic aviation flights to remote patrol zones, which were interrupted since 1993.
          5. The resumption of the production of strategic bombers, missile carriers Tu-160.
          6.Modernization of the strategic bombers, missile carriers Tu-95MS.
          7. Development, the beginning of tests in 2007 of the new intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 with the RGCh IN and its adoption.
          8. Russian complexes have a zero flight task, it takes several minutes to enter an object from the "catalog" into a flight task.
          9. Introduction of the 4th generation automated combat control system: orders are delivered directly to the launcher.
          10.In 2011, the Strategic Missile Forces planned 10 combat training and test launches of strategic missiles (in 2008 - 11 launches, in 2010 - 5).
          Quote: pavlo007
          virtually destroyed industry

          And where is it interesting that I regularly go on business trips? To destroyed factories? For your information, now at the metallurgical plants of the Russian Federation, new, most modern technologies are being introduced in full swing.
          Learn the economy of your country kid, and only then think what to write.
    2. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 12: 28 New
      Learn Geography.
      1 is not so many places that can be reached by multi-million tank columns of China, more precisely there are practically no such places, and those that are in the strategic plan can be covered with far less force.
      2-If these quirky guys of 500 ml rush on foot swim through the amur, well then. We will watch the reality show "The Last Hero" Those who manage to get there, meet with the orchestra, heat them, give them hot tea, hand in the icon "Tourist of Russia" and send them back.
      And on account of the fact that we don’t crave, we crave, God himself ordered, they don’t need much, a couple of cones in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and other arteries, nature itself does everything further. The only exception is the Harbin area. there is the Amur basin.
      But just do invasion from China by military means to Siberia is logistically not feasible PLA at the moment, you need to understand this, it is not so easy to throw a 15 ml man detachment detachment into the village of Vedenyapino. You try to evacuate the entire population of Moscow from the city at least a month, and I'll look at you ...
      1. hrych
        hrych 5 June 2012 14: 15 New
        I absolutely agree with you. The Chinese, of course, expected that they chop off from us without a fight something that was in the form of a mainland plate, when all sorts of Rosseli, Dudaevs, Shaimievs, and so on, were dividing Russia, but they missed the sea route. It was not necessary to wait for the death of Russia, but to build aircraft carrier groups, otherwise they came to their senses with one former “Varyag” and even without the technology of aerofinisher. It seems a trifle, but p ... dec.
        1. volcano
          volcano 5 June 2012 14: 41 New
          Grunt ... What did he say? He probably didn’t understand.
          Why should China fight the fleet with us, if the land border hell knows what size? What a damn carrier groups? You probably confused with Russian-Japanese smile
          And what sea route missed? I do not understand. Again, the land border is rather big
          1. hrych
            hrych 5 June 2012 19: 03 New
            I mean, more than 85% of the oil goes to China by sea, and the Yankees take control of the wells in Africa and the Middle East, oil is left for 10 years, but someone needs everything. And the words of the political commissar of the elite Academy of Military Sciences of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), General Wen Zongren, in a report on the military power of the people's republic, said: "China must break the blockade by international forces against its maritime security. Only when we break through it can we talk about the rise of China. For the rise to be rapid, China must go across the oceans and emerge from it in its future development. ”
            And America also throws 60% of its fleet to block China.
            The Russian Federation with the PRC in the Oka Sea is full of lyuboff, because Well, no where do we intersect.
  7. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 5 June 2012 11: 11 New
    The SCO shows how important and true real partnership, equal, mutually beneficial relations are in the world right now.
  8. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 5 June 2012 11: 22 New
    while Russia will have modern ones meeting the time of the Strategic Missile Forces, external invasion is not threatened, although there is a danger from white tape worms
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 5 June 2012 11: 56 New
      A cat is not a danger, but a direct threat, a national threat. And let ours agree with China, India. let time drag. The market in Russia is large, and almost all major Western exporters of engineering products have their own facilities in China. And China will trade directly with us since it is beneficial to him and to us. Because the enemy is still common with us. The dragon will not climb until it resolves all its issues in Asia. And with Japan, he has long-standing graters if someone forgot how many Chinese were killed at their hands.
    2. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 12: 31 New
      About the helminths, you bent it cool, but I was thinking, I was racking my brains, with what this ee I associate this crowd of marginals in white clothes, and there really are similarities between roundworms)))
    3. Srgsoap
      Srgsoap 5 June 2012 15: 44 New
      About belolentochnyh .... it's thin 5 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  9. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 5 June 2012 12: 02 New
    One could speak more boldly with China, if the Russians were at least 300 million. person. But Russians prefer, like Western Europeans, the quality of life, and they are in no hurry to give birth to whiter than one or two children.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 12: 37 New
      Unfortunately you are right. Our government does everything only in words to increase the birth rate, I myself faced this problem, my wife and I would be happy to give birth and raise, but working in a medical institution with appropriate salaries does not allow this, and it’s not even a matter of thinking about their quality of life would be enough for food clothing and utility bills. Damn, they would give a piece of land, at least 10 acres and a subsidy of 1.5 ml, I would put a good log house without frills and buy a fret grant without breaking that would get to work. 1.5ml is it a lot, do we get top managers at 600-700k per month, do we have a little land on 1/6 of the globe? Is it a pity for the state to give 200-300t to the family for a car, because I am for free, I am ready to return? The return would be many times greater ((((But no, we’re sitting in 40m2, we have a different mentality, “all by yourself, you have to be ambitious and creative, to flounder yourself so as not to drown,” but I’ll say that, only G
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 5 June 2012 13: 37 New
        Sorry, of course. But it is necessary to consider and think less. We’re waiting for the fourth. Well, you have to work four times more on weekends and without holidays. If I thought and thought about everything, too, hell when they decided. And where two there and the third will fit without problems. Turn on a word already passed. And the state has nothing to look back at. Children are my retirement fund and my roof.
      2. sinandju
        sinandju 5 June 2012 17: 23 New
        It’s strange - you want the state and elevate Putin and that means edrosov, as if they were different authorities. Khaite belolentochnikov, although there the Orangemen and the State Department provocateurs will gain 10% from the force, but the rest are the same people as everyone who wants the same as we are. So that the state helps, or at least does not put the wheel in the wheel. We just sit on the Internet, and they still go outside. And do not tell that these are officials. After all, under Putin, the bureaucratic apparatus almost doubled. With his light hand in 2005. And now almost all taxes and, therefore, most of our salary goes to feed them.
        1. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 5 June 2012 23: 07 New
          You are right, I can blame my state because There is a reason. But in the same way, I respect with respect to some (I emphasize the word "for some") points in Putin's activities. Life is much more complicated than dividing into White (from Navalny) and Black (from bureaucratic Mercedes with a flasher) Life is somewhere in between.
  10. SoVIet ZiMBo_O
    SoVIet ZiMBo_O 5 June 2012 12: 08 New
    Vladimir Putin just surprises me and makes me happy, I missed the G8 as if it was a gradually ending party, but I’ll go to the prestigious young SCO, well done, applause :)
  11. Committee
    Committee 5 June 2012 13: 06 New
    Not funny. Not at all funny, but very sad. "Friends". Tell me who your friend is ...
  12. Starksa
    Starksa 5 June 2012 14: 21 New
    was in China. Good, kind people. many who live in cities such as Heihe, etc., just dream of living in Russia and marry a Russian woman, this is a fact. Our retirees mostly go there with our pensions to live, as they say happily, because everything is very cheap and affordable, including housing
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 5 June 2012 15: 04 New
      Fuck them, not our women.
      1. Starksa
        Starksa 5 June 2012 20: 33 New
        this is understandable, but it is difficult, since not every girl will agree. The joke is that in China, a lot of men simply do not have the opportunity to marry due to lack of affluence, their girl is trying to choose the most affluent. the average salary is about 1-2 thousand yuan, this is about 4-5 thousand rubles, the rich - 10 thousand yuan or more, this is from 40 thousand rubles
        We can immediately identify wealthy Chinese by skin color. tanned - it means it plows from morning to evening and earns little, white - it gets a lot of work.
        Quite a lot of Russians are moving there. it’s really difficult to live without knowing the language in farther cities from the border, because you won’t meet Russian there and they will look at you like they see it for the first time, and that’s true. And in border cities, many street names, etc. are mandatory in two languages ​​(Russian, Chinese)
    2. Starksa
      Starksa 5 June 2012 22: 00 New
      negative so funny, as if I'm guilty of something xD
      1. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus 5 June 2012 23: 13 New
        Do not pay attention, you are saying everything correctly))) Get used to the State Department intrigues. Of course, you don’t know, or maybe Mrs. Novodvorskaya herself put a minus to you or even cooler Bzhizik and McCain for a couple))))
    3. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 23: 11 New
      StarkSA is my plus to you.
      Speak everything as it is, a Chinese brother really sleeps and sees how to marry a Russian woman, so that men, everything depends on us, we won’t drink and we will hang around for women, so our women will clutch for us and send Chinese themselves .. .
      At the expense of retirees for the first time I hear this, but damn, this is logical. Especially if they also rent an apartment in Moscow.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 6 June 2012 09: 34 New
        Baskaus about retirees is true. not the first source that confirms.
  13. volcano
    volcano 5 June 2012 14: 36 New
    The trouble is that the Goose pig is not a friend.
    No matter how we shake the air about good neighborly relations, partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperation, this is all nonsense and a game for the public.
    China sleeps and sees its Far East and Siberia and the Urals as well, and we hope only "pretend" that we do not understand this.
    All these curtsies towards each other, nothing more than a good mine in a bad game. As the saying goes, "I know, you know, and I know what you know."
    China has nowhere to go. Its population inevitably grows, territories become smaller and smaller, and here there is such a red rag-irritant, almost half of the country called Russia, and even with a population density of 1 person. for 500 square meters. km Beauty damn it !!!!
    I hope that our leadership will nevertheless calculate the consequences of such interaction and on the sidelines evaluate neighboring China differently.
    because betting that we will make friends of China until blue in the face, and he will never raise his own .... us ..... ghkm .... well, you understand, there is a height of stupidity and naivety. I hope the events of the last hundred years have cured us of this (naivety) disease.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 5 June 2012 15: 19 New
      Volkan, I agree with you that he sleeps and sees, but not now, later. The last battle will be with them.
    2. prophetic
      prophetic 5 June 2012 16: 08 New
      Of course, China should not trust wholeheartedly. As they say, from love to hate ...
      and the fight with them will surely be, so you need to prepare, prepare hard.
      Nobody loves Russia, it has long been understood, I hope our rulers also understand this, otherwise we will remain living within the borders of ancient Muscovy
    3. Ascetic
      Ascetic 5 June 2012 19: 57 New
      Quote: volkan
      China has nowhere to go. Its population inevitably grows, territories become smaller and smaller, and here there is such a red rag-irritant, almost half of the country called Russia, and even with a population density of 1 person. for 500 square meters. km Beauty damn it !!!!

      China’s military actions against Russia are impossible without direct or indirect international support. The interest of the United States in the conflict is XNUMX%, since China and Russia are potentially one of America’s most powerful competitors in the international arena. At the same time, the States do not want to strengthen China at the expense of Siberian natural resources. Instead of two monsters get one, but more powerful than the former - the Americans will not agree to this. Another thing - support a protracted conflict exhausting both sides. They will not refuse from this.
      In light of the fact that the military conflict between Russia and China promises to be bloody and merciless, it does not matter which way the PLA advance goes. Wherever this happens, one thing is clear that there will be oceans of blood and a serious blow to the economies of both countries. It is unlikely that the Chinese are so eager to chop off Siberia from Russia with weapons in their hands.
      Therefore, the option is being carried out now “Quiet” occupation Russian Far East by increasing the percentage of Chinese emigrants. The process is protracted, but reliable. The Fifth Column inside the country can do more than a well-equipped army. And this path is most likely if the Russian authorities do not take appropriate measures to help squeeze the Chinese out of the Russian Far East without spoiling relations with China. On the part of Russia, this should be a very delicate and skillful policy.
      Therefore, all contacts with China must be reduced to the formula - "kiss, but not sucking" (You can’t remember the unforgettable Leonid Ilyich here.) In this situation, it’s not embarrassing to hug and embrace a fist in the liver - everyone will understand
      The issue of China’s snitching over the regions of the Far East from Russia is more a question of international political intrigues and legal crocheting on a global scale, rather than war. At the moment.
      One must look at the mistakes of Europe in Kosovo. An aging and dying Europe is gradually being filled with emigrants from Africa and the Muslim world. Imagine that Arabs will become the majority in Italy or France, and this can happen sooner or later - what then? These states and their indigenous population will not be protected by acts of international law from the territorial claims of other states just because their fathers and grandfathers once allowed the independence of a small region or they did not say anything when China seized its territory from Russia on seemingly legitimate grounds.
      1. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus 5 June 2012 23: 14 New
        the Chinese had a couple of thousand years, it was definitely in reserve to develop the northern territories, and in fact they were in no hurry
    4. Starksa
      Starksa 5 June 2012 20: 36 New
      about sleeping and seeing, a Chinese man is thermophilic, many people don’t want to freeze something. the Chinese himself hardly thinks about this in order to grab a piece of himself, but no one knows what their government thinks.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 5 June 2012 21: 17 New
        Quote: StarkSA
        but no one knows what their government thinks.

        What the Rothschilds think of the "supervising" Chinese economy I don’t need to explain.
        1. Starksa
          Starksa 5 June 2012 22: 01 New
          Well, they think och globally)))
  14. Bezarius
    Bezarius 5 June 2012 15: 05 New
    People! Damn it! It’s sick to listen to you! Where is your self-esteem and brains? Understand already, on our coat of arms is not just a two-headed eagle. Our policy should not be directed either west or east. And in general, our country is unique and therefore it requires a unique political system with 2 leaders. One will conduct business with the West, the other with the East. Honestly, I am not a supporter of power, but for a moment it seemed to me that our government was ripe for this decision. Take the latest developments. Personally, I got the impression that the West was left for Medvedev, because he is a more democratic politician, and Putin to the East, since he is a tougher politician. And I think that is right.
    1. sinandju
      sinandju 5 June 2012 17: 07 New
      Take the latest developments. Personally, I got the impression that the West was left for Medvedev, because he is a more democratic politician, and Putin to the East, since he is a tougher politician. And I think that is right.

      All this can, of course, be good, only when playing in the international arena, our rulers forget about Russia. I will not say anything - Putin does not look bad in foreign policy, but as an internal ruler he is much worse. And he does not understand many realities. Unfortunately. Or worse, it builds everything for itself.
    2. Karabin
      Karabin 5 June 2012 23: 53 New
      Quote: Bezarius
      Personally, I got the impression that the West was left for Medvedev, because he is a more democratic politician, and Putin to the East, since he is a tougher politician. And I think that is right.

      No matter how the country is torn, from such multidirectional actions.
  15. Gocha kurashvili
    Gocha kurashvili 5 June 2012 15: 24 New
    Let everyone who threatens China write on their forehead Strategic Missile Forces !!! We will die, China will evaporate in any case. And he China knows that ....
    1. Nick
      Nick 6 June 2012 01: 12 New
      Quote: Gocha Kurashvili
      Let everyone who threatens China write on their forehead Strategic Missile Forces !!! We will die, China will evaporate in any case.

      This is true! The theory of nuclear deterrence on the principle of guaranteed mutual destruction works.
      Glory to the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia!
  16. volcano
    volcano 5 June 2012 15: 37 New
    Listen to Gocha.
    For the thousandth time I say - "The Strategic Missile Forces will be considered a mistake by a lifesaver." Think for yourself and make yourself known. Already how many copies are broken, how many thoughts are voiced.
    Strategic Rocket Forces is cool, but if more professional, then strategic nuclear forces, but this is not the only component of success. China also has nuclear weapons. And its quality and quantity can be assumed, but not argued.
    But we must act wisely and not bring to a cowboy nuclear showdown.
    1. Nick
      Nick 6 June 2012 01: 16 New
      Quote: volkan
      But we must act wisely and not bring to a cowboy nuclear showdown.

      This is precisely the strategic nuclear forces that do not allow starting a big war. Thank God, suicides are not taken to the top.
  17. Bezarius
    Bezarius 5 June 2012 15: 42 New
    As for nuclear defense, we have Buk.
  18. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 5 June 2012 15: 48 New
    Good day to all!
    Here I read komenty and think! China has the largest army, the nuclear potential (I can assume) is no less than that of Russia or the United States. BRDS he is ahead of the rest. There was Damansky, when China did not have an army and they were not afraid. So here’s the paradox, China has everything in chocolate (and the weapons so that they don’t say very bad things in terms of quantity, and the number of male population, which isn’t enough), but isn’t in a hurry to attack ?! Only in Tihari uses our resources (you can swear about this, panic, beat in pots, in any case how). BUT! I think that besides nuclear weapons there is something else that China is afraid of like fire, I think the amers too. And this “Something” has very strong arguments. You can guess how much you want from genetic selective weapons to nuclear charges, for example, geostationary (or whatever is better for satellites) charges. I mean, not knowing the whole “Picture”, it’s just stupid to butt and insult each other!
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 23: 18 New
      I agree, it’s still unclear what kind of “Chinese plague” you can pick up on the load to other bacilli living in the aquatic environment during Amur’s boarding.
  19. prophetic
    prophetic 5 June 2012 16: 00 New
    Quote: Krumbumbes
    now a lot of things are being built being modernized

    on the example of my own village I don’t see much reason to talk about any kind of modernization. Quite the contrary, all livestock farming collapsed, if in 2000 there was still work to do, then by 2010 there was only the foundation from industrial buildings and farms, people are drunk from idleness and hopelessness, young people are moving away, wherever they are to the nearest cities, and the village is dying out, there are only old people living on the streets. And all this coincided with the years of Putin’s rule, so these years are the worst for our village for a 100-year existence and few can say a good word to him.
  20. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 5 June 2012 16: 04 New
    Sparrow, on the bill "... my children are my pension fund ..." I agree completely, the strength and wisdom in these words is immense. Thanks to this, I understand the life of Russia-USSR and always stood up!

    Regarding good-neighborly relations, these are really good-neighborly relations — they can only be with Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and even a couple of three states in the former Union. Historically, we are united by mental ones as well (as is customary in the West), and in our opinion, to the marrow of bones, we are one nation. It’s just a pity that there will be no “mentality” with Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc. peoples (except Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) for another 10-20 years. They are taking leaps and bounds to the old "good" feudal relations. They stepped from feudalism to the Far Future under the Soviet regime (so that the anti-communists would not speak there), and now forward to the past! This is because the east is a delicate matter and China is a separate country and hu is a friend, and hu is not a friend!
  21. Bezarius
    Bezarius 5 June 2012 16: 06 New
    Quote: Oleg147741
    China has the largest army

    Not. Sir, learn the mate part.

    Quote: Oleg147741
    And this “Something” has very strong arguments.

    This is our spirit. Russians, this is a nation that cannot be defeated and captured - only destroyed.
  22. Nursultan
    Nursultan 5 June 2012 16: 13 New
    Tuesday, 05.06.2012/17/34, XNUMX:XNUMX

    Border guards. Photo by RIA News ©
    The names of all the dead border guards from the Arkankergen outpost called up from Atyrau, Almaty, Aktobe, Karaganda, Zhambyl, Pavlodar and West Kazakhstan regions became known, KazTAG reports.

    So, the squad leader was 27-year-old captain Altynbek Kereyev, who was born in the Aktobe aul district of Taipak district of the Ural region. In 2006, he graduated from the Military Institute under the National Security Committee of Almaty, receiving the rank of officer. Kereyev served on the Kazakh-Chinese border of the Usharal district of the Almaty region and in a short time from the rank of lieutenant he rose to the rank of captain.

    From the Karaganda region, 21-year-old Nurlan Mukashev served at the outpost. From the Aktobe region in the fall of 2011, 21-year-old Aganas Kambar from Aktobe and 20-year-old Ali Maksatov from the Uilsky district were called up. Private 19-year-old Zhanat Ilyasov, a native of Shu, Zhambyl Oblast, and 21-year-old Nurzhas Usipaliev, a native of Akkum village, Zhambyl Oblast, served at the frontier post from the Zhambyl Region.

    From the Atyrau region, 19-year-old Meirkhan Imanov from the Inder district, Zhenis Dauletuly from the Kurmangazy district, and two from the Maktsky district, Daniyar Balgabaev and Bekzat Amirgaliev, were called up. In November 2011, 19-year-old Denis Rey was called up from the Pavlodar region to serve in the border guard of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was sent to Usharal. Three residents of the Alakol district were contracted out of the Almaty region at the Arkankergen outpost: a 23-year-old junior contract sergeant, dog training instructor Yerlan Akishev, a 28-year-old ordinary contract service, marksman Talgat Sarsenbayev and 21-year-old ordinary contract service Rustem Akylbaev.

    The deceased huntsman was called Ruslan Kim, he is a reserve major, previously served in the Usharal squadron. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old border guard Vladislav Chelakh, who was still alive and detained on Tuesday, was called up from the Karaganda region. He was found on the eve of one of the wintering grounds in an inadequate condition.

    More details:
    Any use of materials is allowed only if there is a hyperlink to
  23. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 5 June 2012 16: 49 New
    Yes, I would like the Chinese army to be not the largest, but taking into account missiles and nuclear weapons, it is still the largest, and even taking into account the number of troops during mobilization.
  24. sw0i
    sw0i 5 June 2012 17: 44 New
    Something terribly caught up from China. So from the outside they seem to be fine, why they need these problems with the war, they have something to lose. Yes, and they are warriors, judging by history.
  25. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 5 June 2012 21: 01 New
    Information has passed - in the border areas of the PRC, occupation administrations have already been created and are successfully operating to develop Siberia and the Far East. Official information from the Chinese news agency.
  26. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 5 June 2012 22: 19 New
    Relations between China and the US are very warm lol
    1. cc-20
      cc-20 5 June 2012 22: 36 New
      Looks like dirty harassment.
  27. Simon
    Simon 6 June 2012 13: 04 New
    Friendship is necessary, but one must be on the alert. As the saying goes: "we are peaceful people, but our armored train is on the siding!"