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When otvetka goes into the sand

Very grateful to the author of the article. "When otvetka" does not work ". The man raised an important and necessary topic, although he was somewhat overdone with the “uselessness of Russian nuclear weapons”. However, not everything is as fun, healthy and rosy as many people think when they look at Russian mobile missile systems during the 9 May parade on Red Square.

The author in no way wants to impress the audience with the depth of the strategic analysis of a hypothetical nuclear exchange, and he does not have access to such information. This is a little about something else: Americans should not be considered as such naive people, and even idiots, as we sometimes do. They are well aware of the depth of the problem of the Russian nuclear retaliatory strike and are actively working to neutralize this very problem. Step by step, and yet ... History About the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, we heard everything, it was written on this subject even too much, to go deep once more is simply meaningless.

In general, it is worth noting that, as a rule, the authors of all models of nuclear strike exchanges and their consequences do not take into account two unfortunate factors: secrecy and disinformation on both sides (which is normal and natural!), And the fact that almost nothing to war never It does not go strictly according to plan. That is, the process of exchanging nuclear strikes is very difficult to predict and unpredictable, and it is unprofessional to give here some kind of reinforced concrete guarantees (both from the other side).

It’s about how to take and predict the first large-scale airplane battle before the WWI /tanks. That is purely theoretical and hypothetical. On paper. It is senseless and incorrect in the general case, although it is very interesting for the general reader.

So, in any case, it is not necessary to consider the opposite side of openly falling into insanity and laugh at its actions: first, we have repeatedly stated that the missile defense system created in Europe (and in Alaska!) Does not carry any threats (at this stage!) The Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, and then suddenly, Mr. Putin showed the general public about “cartoons” about all kinds of “hypersonic miracles” there. Why did it happen? Or do not they tell us everything? Of course, not everything, but somehow, "not very much."

It seems that today the real situation in this field and the idea of ​​the “mass audience” about it diverge very, very seriously. I remember back in the beginning of 90's (!), Leafing through magazines in English, was intrigued by the announcement: there was an active search for specialists to develop new / effective methods for detecting nuclear submarine rocket carriers in the ocean depth. And this after the collapse of the Union. That is, they are working on the "problem" for a long time and seriously, without interrupting. Do not overestimate the degree of their "naivety."

They love themselves and know how to take care of themselves. And the situation of "nuclear parity" of their never not satisfied. And they always worked and continue to work on eliminating threats from the Russian strategic nuclear forces. Enviable constancy, is not it? That is the most logical way to proceed from the option when they seek to reduce the ability of Russia to retaliate against its territory to zero.

It is from this point of view that their foreign policy in general and foreign policy in particular in Russia should be considered. In principle, this “policy” looks clear, understandable and logical. Try to take the stand of the American foreign policy leadership and imagine exactly what actions you would take to "neutralize the threat."

The very first thing that comes to mind is to “pull apart” the Russian military potential by neighbors. Well, that's it. Military resources of any state are not unlimited. And the military resources of Russia should be redirected to the neighbors. That is, the deterioration of Russia's relations with its neighbors is conducted from the American side absolutely purposefully and has a very deep strategic meaning. Most of all, Russia would be satisfied with neutral Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic states - trade, business, tourism, energy, transit. In principle, something like this and talked when these countries received "independence."

But it turned out something completely different. Does Russia "prevent" them from cooperating with the same West? For God's sake! If the super-progressive West wants to build a “heavenly life” there, then how can we interfere? We will envy! But somehow it quickly became clear that they were not going to build any “paradise life” for the US / EU, but the military programs are yes. “Educational” too - one must explain to the Aborigines that Russia is bad and the West is good.

Why is there no such thing as “respect” for the so-called “independence” of limitrophes in principle? They do not control their own territory and actively “trade the frontier”. That is, if there are American military in the territory of Estonia or Georgia, then in principle there can be no talk of “respect for sovereignty”. It is technically impossible. American forces / special services, acting from these territories, are not going to ask permission from local governments for obvious reasons.

They are going to act (for obvious reasons) against Russia (well, there are Iran, China). What the hell sovereignty is? Today, both Georgia, Ukraine, and the Baltic are “border-conflict” territories, where military confrontation takes place instead of business and tourism. And this creates enormous problems for Russia, but not for the United States. After all, if the USSR was spending huge money on "communism off the coast of America", then the United States does not deal with such nonsense in principle.

The beauty is that they keep these “cayers”, and they don’t feed them and are not going to feed them. That is, US military-political intervention creates gigantic economic and political problems for limitrofs and serious problems for Russia, and the United States has no net profit from this without incurring costs.

Under what scenarios, for example, would Russia be ready to respect the “sovereignty” of these very “mini-superpowers”? Under the conditions of 100% guarantee that no activity hostile to Russia will be carried out from their territory. So who can guarantee this? Lithuania? Georgia? Estonia?

But there is no “normal” diplomacy in this case, in general, no. The political concept of a new Europe clearly states that the West is always right, and Russia is always wrong by definition. That is, in military and political terms, America is a god, and they do not argue with it. Therefore, we don’t get any “honest discussions” that they are not going to explain something to us, report to us, keep the word given to us, and so on.

One can endlessly talk about certain “friends of Russia” in the very same Italy, but in fact (sad fact) this country is a member of NATO and constantly votes to extend sanctions against Russia. In general, the author sincerely wonders about why in our media space we are constantly trying to create the appearance of having millions of Russian friends in Europe. What for? For what purpose? So that we do not have so lonely long "sanctions" evenings?

De facto (and the Skrypal's case this clearly showed) the whole “civilized Europe” is ready (even in Brekzit's conditions!) To dance to the Anglo-Saxons' tune. That is, the degree of hatred towards Russia and everything Russian is such that even Brexit (and this is a serious conflict between Berlin and London!) Is separate, and the “containment of Russia” is separate. So it goes.

We have a “Skrypal Cat's Case” fun laughing, and, by the way, for good reason. This very "incident" demonstrated the complete readiness of Europe to support even the most absurd / absurd steps against Russia. When everyone knows that this is a blatant lie, but openly (almost all of Europe!) Supports this. I just can not understand why in Russia they laugh at this - there is very little funny here. And training of pilots of "nuclear-free" NATO countries on the use of nuclear weapons just a very, very disturbing signal. Why do they need it?

Europe is not why not. Too much. But from the US point of view ... unleash any a major conflict in Europe is great and commendable. The limited war in the European theater with the limited use of nuclear weapons solves, if not all, then very, very many American problems. It should not be forgotten that the USA became the world superpower only and exclusively as a result of two world wars (first of all in Europe!), And they remember it well.

What do Europeans remember? I do not know, to be honest, ask them. The version that the Americans are supposedly “afraid” of good relations between Russia and Europe is allegedly widely voiced and that every time it happens, an alarming red light comes on in Washington. Stay at it. Good relations between Russia and the EU are impossible by definition, “good” ones too.

The maximum possible - "cold trade". The Americans are very skillfully and competently driving the Europeans into a state of military confrontation with Russia. They need "cannon fodder" on an industrial scale, and they create it. That is, even if "Russian paratroopers suddenly land on the outskirts of Berlin," no massive nuclear strike on Russia in pursuance of 5 will follow the articles of the NATO charter (author's opinion). You do not consider American leaders "noble suicides"?

To arrange an “honest” “exchange of blows from the SNF” from the Russian Federation, all these “jumps and grimaces” are absolutely not needed. What do you think, after a nuclear war, will they have at least some significance for the cause of its beginning? Were these reasons noble or dishonest? Americans are not suicides and this option is not considered a full-scale war.

That is why they work with Europe, that is why they work with the former. republics of the USSR. No, if a person sincerely believes in nonsense about the promotion of a certain democracy, then it is useless to explain to him. In fact, before the Maidan-2, a microbiological American laboratory worked in Ukraine, as in Kazakhstan ... as in Georgia. That is why NATO is heading east. That is why, at the time of the conflict in Ukraine, the Bulgarian (!) Slovak Slovak conscripts were being tested. They need cannon fodder, no more, no less.

And in the role of such "meat" should not just separate units, but entire countries. The clearest example is Georgia. Small, poor, agricultural country. For some reason, the Russian contingent of peacekeepers attacked ... And even then, the then “first-fought” government of Ukraine tried to drag the Square into the very same war (not necessary for it). Speaking of birds and "economic assistance". So "birds", that is, propaganda much more effective direct economic assistance. Apparently, one dollar spent on propaganda brings in much more than a hundred dollars spent on direct economic assistance.

It is not at all clear who we “fooled” by helping the “fraternal” Ukraine. The Americans needed to get cannon fodder on the borders of Russia, and they got it. The fact that the Ukrainian economy went hand in hand with this is not at all important for them. Here we laugh at the low fighting qualities of the Ukrainian army, and in vain. From the "meat" is often not required high combat qualities. What for?

The role of Ukraine - at some point to provoke (try to provoke) a big war in Europe. That's enough for them! Ukraine has the honorable role of a potential kamikaze. Not the fact that she was pushed there, but ... the possibility remains. The APU is essentially a gang of scumbags. But! But! The variant with their promise to the territory of Russia is quite real. Well, were there any shelling? From the Ukrainian territory? There was a sending of sabotage groups. There was a demonstrative seizure of the Russian ship.

And you need to understand: the response of Russia and, for example, mass casualties among the Ukrainian military (in the case of an attack on the Crimea, for example) does not frighten anyone in Kiev and does not stop. The more Ukrainians die - the louder you can scream about the Russian aggression ... If it was decided to sacrifice the whole of Ukraine, the death of several hundred / thousand of its servicemen is generally a trifle.

But this “trifle” can play the role of a “Skripal cat” and serve as an excuse for the start of certain military operations. Actually ... it's sad here. No, the author is not going to shed some “crocodile tears” about the “fraternal Ukrainians”, this is not the case. The “configuration” with the “former brotherly Ukraine” has been extremely unfortunate. And now, it seems, only now they are beginning to understand this at the top.

Hope to "stabilize and negotiate" finally buried Petro Poroshenko and his ilk. We (unlike the Israelis / Anglo-Saxons) have this instinct, in a difficult situation - to negotiate. Well, negotiate. Flag in your hands. With the junta and other scumbags. Once again: the task of the glorious “ukroarmia” is not to smash the RF Armed Forces or even create problems for them, no. Everything is much simpler, and even an African-type army will cope with this task. Their task: to provoke a conflict at the right moment, with their own losses only welcome...

Are you still laughing at APU?

Despite the frank military defeat, no one left Georgia alone. And there, too, "everything on the ointment." At the right moment, the Georgian Armed Forces easily organize the necessary “picture” of Russian aggression. "Win" at the same time no one sets them the task. That is, the Americans are not satisfied with the direct conflict with the “nuclear superpower” that interests them, no, why? We have a “conflict with Ukraine”, “a conflict with Georgia” ...

Some TV channels invite some interesting personalities from Ukraine and Georgia for “TV debates”, and we hear how it could be wonderful ... Supposedly in Georgia we are loved, and in Ukraine many are not bad. Well, why all this nonsense? For what? It is clear to everyone that at the first click of the State Department’s fingers we will have armed provocations on the border. Why talk to them about anything at all?

What is this imitation of the political process? I am wrong? Well, then try to organize similar “discussions” on Ukrainian or Georgian television. Let's see what you can do and what will be done to you. And by the way, is a similar “discussion” possible on the Baltic “tivi”? And why not? Language is not a problem: both we and many of them have television / policy professionals who are fluent in English (Mutko won't let you lie).

The trouble and tragedy are precisely in this: we cannot influence the situation by non-military methods practically in any way. We do not have "serious contact" with these countries. We have no influence on them. De facto no. Before the attack of the Georgian army in 2008, Putin had repeatedly contacted Tbilisi and warned how this would end. So what helped? You see, the Americans didn’t care (by and large) how Saakashvili’s escapade would end. In any case, they would have won. We also somehow do not fully understand. Americans were not on the side Georgia, they just used Georgia, and they lose could not. Either Russia is the aggressor, or Russia suffers a humiliating defeat. One out of two.

And even then, Ukraine was actively trying to participate in all this madness. The state and the people of Ukraine this (alien!) Conflict was not needed for nothing. However, the pro-American leadership (and pro-American elites) were actively dragging out the country there. Well, and delayed in the end. That is, this very “drawing into a conflict with Russia” began much earlier than Poroshenko became president. And even much earlier than Yushchenko became.

It was very difficult to say how it was possible to work against this: all these years, under the banner of complete independence, Ukraine has been preparing for a conflict with Russia. The most interesting situation with the Baltic countries: they were accepted into NATO, despite the fact that they had unresolved territorial disputes with Russia. Although the NATO statute directly prohibits doing ... That is, here the role of the "new members of NATO" was to become a potential "rag soaked in gasoline."

And as a result of this step, NATO did not just go to the borders of Russia, no, it went to the "controversial" borders of Russia. The influence of the West in the Baltics was such that one word was enough, and Tallinn / Riga would quickly sign border treaties with Russia to join NATO / EU. But no one set such conditions.

Most recently, Kazakh reserves were arrested (which for some reason were kept behind a hill). And Nazarbayev very quickly rushed to a meeting with Trump, where he was given (and accepted) very harsh conditions. And the policy of Kazakhstan and before the voyage could not be called pro-Russian. The trouble of all of Russia's neighbors is that the US is not going to create anything there. They need these same countries as cannon fodder against Russia.

And almost everywhere the United States supports extremists / nationalists. Simply, they need "specially trained idiots" who will fight with Russia. In this case, the task of "winning" they are not assigned. Some naive personalities claim that Russia is not going to fight with Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic states ... It is so, it is certainly so. And the Americans are well aware. Therefore, the conflict is created artificially. This is what American diplomacy works for. To create a “burning border” for Russia.

It is precisely this goal that is pursued, for example, by the constant insulting cries of Mrs. Grybauskaite. Provoking conflict from scratch. From the point of view of the interests of Lithuanians, Georgians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians and other Estonians, all this is not necessary for nothing. In the sense of "artificially forcing tension."

Here, by the way, an interesting conclusion follows: there is no “sovereignty,” a myth. At least for most states. Virtually none of the former republics of the USSR was not capable of sovereignty. By the way, something similar is going on with the neighbors of China. No, there were disagreements before ... but it was in recent years that the Americans began to actively create the same “burning border”. Conflicts with South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, India ... Solid conflicts.

And by the way, this also puts the “sovereignty” of these very states under a big question mark. It is necessary, by the way, to “evaluate the skill of the game” of our American friends, their ability to use others to solve their own geopolitical problems. In fact, for example, an anti-Russian ram is being actively formed from the same Eastern Europe. If in the case of “Russian aggression” the USA is going to use all its forces and means, then why?

And they are smart people and they want someone else to fight instead. As the events in South Ossetia and the Donbas have shown, it is not at all necessary to want war in order to get it on its borders. That is, the "lose" the United States in Ukraine and could not, they did not lose. They needed a "burning border" of Russia - they got it. Well, yes, at the price of the destruction of the Ukrainian economy, I know, but for them it is absolutely not important.

That is, Russia can have arbitrarily developed strategic nuclear forces, in the conditions of permanently growing mess in Ukraine, Transcaucasia and Central Asia, this does little to help. Modern Central Asia, for example, is just the perfect place to create a “pseudochaliphat” clone. And work on this is underway. At the same time, none of the countries of Central Asia + Kazakhstan supported the Russian efforts in Syria. And even politically.

But when it “flashes” ... then they will cry out loud. In this region there is a very difficult social, political, and economic situation. Inter-ethnic / inter-clan tension also has a place to be. Americans do not care, “who is against whom,” the main thing for them is the ability to set fire, and it is there. And still what!

As for the Transcaucasus, everything is obvious: they need the Armenia-Azerbaijan confrontation as a trigger for a big conflict. In this case, "who will win" - the twentieth case. The main thing - the war, refugees and instability. The picture generally appears standard from Tajikistan to Estonia ... It seems that the Baltic states are a member of the EU and NATO, “civilized Europe”, only the behavior of the Baltic leaders and constant “teachings” are a clear marker that these “states” are actively preparing for slaughter.

If NATO plans for them to actively harness the method of responding with a nuclear strike on their occupation, then, again, all these jumps and grimaces are not needed. And they were prepared for this from the very beginning. Frankly, the cave-Russophobian policy of theirs is explained precisely by their intended purpose. Well, and how to deal with it? It is hard to say.

In general, the example of the “Baltic extinct” clearly demonstrates: it is useless to try to build “good relations” in such a case. All such attempts smashed to the frankly anti-Russian course of these republics. And even Finland, Finland (!), Which seems to be as far as possible from Kyrgyzstan / Georgia. Finland, with which the post-war USSR almost always had good relations. And which was neutral and independent, as well as a developed, prosperous country.

And even there, the desire to “cooperate with NATO” in order to ensure security was cut. It is clear that this is not a completely “Finnish” initiative. And it is clear that in case of joining NATO, Finland will completely lose control over its own security issues. Yeah, and “neutral” Sweden, which since the days of the USSR is actively being dragged into the same block. And American marines in Norway ... Another front is in the northwest.

It is clear that the attempt of modern Russia to "occupy Scandinavia through Finland" seems like a madness. Russia does not need this, but no one is going to ask her opinion, but the work is being done. But what is characteristic, the work is not to prepare joint actions, namely to provoke a conflict with Russia, in which the US will not actively participate, but will be present "in the background".

It is necessary to mention the participation of numerous Ukrainians still in the Chechen wars ... Why? What did they forget there? And in the conflict with Georgia, Ukraine was mixed up ... And there was work for the future. And so today we have a conflict in Ukraine, in which both the “volunteers” from Belarus actively participate, and even (indirectly) the Belarusian state. At the same time, the head of the Republic of Belarus almost openly sided with the junta ... In his country, there is a massive pro-Western and Russophobic propaganda ... Why would it? Strictly speaking, what are Belarusians being prepared for? And in whose interests? And on whose mill is the current leadership of the country pouring water?

That is, if you look at the map large, then principled the difference between Georgia and Estonia, Belarus and Finland is very difficult to notice. Burning cells / cells that can be set on fire. Well, how will your SNF help you? Unfortunately, on the borders we have tens of millions of fools who are ready to ride for free under the American / EU flags. Rather, we do not have them, others have them.

And even their complete and final death of Americans will not upset very much, and we will create certain problems. And without any "exchange of nuclear strikes." The absolute weapon of the third world is tens of millions of fools who are ready to die for free for “holy America” (all for “visa-free” and for “Javelin”, and for “51 state”).

The trouble is precisely in this: Russia seems to be “losing its nuclear status,” that is, if economic sanctions against the USSR were introduced rather from the point of view of ensuring the “technological backwardness” of it, then today the war is being waged for destruction, and this is openly declared. That is, for example, from the point of view of the beginning of Armageddon it is absolutely indifferent what kind of missiles (cruise, ballistic missiles) and which particular bases would have hit the United States in the Russian Federation. It is so? Then why, both in the United States and in Europe, no one is considering the option of a retaliatory nuclear strike in response to "financial javelins"?

Explain to me, dull, what is there principled difference? The economy can be destroyed by strikes of rockets at factories and power plants, using conventional warheads, using nuclear warheads (but Chubais is best to use), and you can use sanctions to achieve a similar effect ... and what is the difference? And why in the latter case it is impossible to answer with rockets? Humanism? What other humanism?

That is, forcing to impose sanctions against Russia, the United States (which themselves trade very little with Moscow) very much exposes Europe. The USA themselves while are not going to fightotherwise the whole point of the combination is lost. Here we have some naive citizens are assessing the option of “returning to the pre-sanctional state”, and if everything is just the opposite? That is, the Americans in this case act according to the principle: the worse, the better - push and push (Europe with Russia) everywhere, perhaps somewhere and blaze out.

But even if tomorrow Russian tanks enter Warsaw, there will be no global nuclear conflict. Even so? Even so. You just have to stop considering Americans as pathetic idiots. They could have delivered a global blow to Russia without casus belli. But not intending to die in radioactive debris, they very intelligently push the eastern and central “Europeans” to the front edge. At one time, the Mongols persecuted the civilian population in front of them when storming cities, reducing their losses ...

So, at one time, Britain, without fighting directly with Russia, used Turkey for these purposes. And in Europe, the Central honorary title "British soldiers on the continent" wore the Prussians. You can actually fight with someone else's hands. The main thing - to find "useful idiots." Our misfortune is precisely that Eastern Europe is settled almost exclusively by them ... But in general, by imposing sanctions, the States are teaching Europe to think that any hostile actions against a nuclear superpower are, in principle, normal.

For the past few years, normal diplomacy along the Moscow-Brussels line has been virtually absent, but it absolutely does not bother anyone in Europe. That is, there is absolutely no fear of a “nuclear retaliatory strike” there and they build a policy on the basis of this. Our ostentatious "peacefulness" does not play any role here, the fact that we "do not want war," does not make any impression on anyone. Here, the stupid nonsense of European and especially German leaders plays a serious role: they planned to use Americans to eliminate such a competitor as Russia, but the Americans from the very beginning had slightly different plans ... At least their competitors - Europe and Russia harm each other in the economy as a maximum - war in Europe (limited). And they, like, for Europe ... Well, approximately, as with Poland in 1939. There, too, the Anglo-Saxons are firmly "harnessed" for Warsaw ... they are also "harnessed" for Paris. And for Prague, and for Athens ...

Even today, the “useful Poles” are actively pushed to the “frontline”, forcing them simply to go crazy on the east ... but, oddly enough, Poland’s offer to host the US base for 2 billion didn’t cause a delight in the US base ... The task of American foreign policy is to create a universal powerful movement "to the east", and at the decisive moment elegantly jump off this tram. The problem will be that at this moment there will be no other choice for Europe, and Russia will be forced to put out its main trade partner with missiles.

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  1. KCA
    KCA 18 November 2018 06: 21
    Against the background of rumors that the number of tactical nuclear weapons in Russia may exceed 10, I very much doubt that Germany or France will begin military operations, even if Russia completely occupies the Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine taken together
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 18 November 2018 07: 00
      Nuclear charges themselves do not jump onto the carriers and into the power parts of the ammunition. Modern carriers are needed.
      1. KCA
        KCA 18 November 2018 07: 16
        "Caliber-NK", "Caliber-PL", "Bal", "Bastion", "Iskander-M", "Iskander-K", "Tochka-U" complexes have not yet been removed from service, "Msta-S" , "Hyacinth", this is so, right off the bat, which may well threaten Europe with thermonuclear ammunition
        1. 210ox
          210ox 18 November 2018 07: 43
          Dear .. So the article is not really about nuclear weapons ...
          1. My address
            My address 18 November 2018 08: 16
            You are right, Dmitry! This is not even an opinion, it is a good analyst. Do not lack proposals for a more toothed foreign policy, which logically follow from the article. But then it came to a sad and ridiculous. Trump was very serious about negotiations with North Korea, but defiantly cool towards Russia.
            Verily as a result of a radiant, victorious foreign policy, the ring of enemies of Russia has narrowed.
            1. 210ox
              210ox 18 November 2018 08: 21
              Alexander hi .Unfortunately, our foreign policy stems from our economic opportunities. And there are a lot of political risks, but you can’t answer them nuclear weapons and start to respond economically, they’ll twist them themselves in a moment. I’ll keep silent about the military response.
              1. Olezhek
                18 November 2018 16: 10
                Unfortunately, our foreign policy stems from our economic opportunities.

                The state’s foreign policy certainly depends on its economic possibilities, but it does not directly flow from them.
                1. Andrew
                  Andrew 19 November 2018 16: 24
                  Good afternoon, Oleg. Can you hope to read your Brexit article? Your vision of this process is very interesting. The reasons are especially.
              2. NEXUS
                NEXUS 18 November 2018 16: 27
                Quote: 210ox
                Unfortunately, our foreign policy stems from our economic opportunities.

                To begin with, in order to talk about the foreign policy of the Russian Federation in general, it is necessary to understand and acknowledge that our foreign policy in relation to the republics of the former USSR FAILED. Therefore, it is necessary to change it and the sooner the better.
                1. Yat
                  Yat 18 November 2018 18: 24
                  Not for that, Yeltsin was ruining the Union so that later our foreign policy with respect to these former union republics would be successful.
                2. Olezhek
                  18 November 2018 18: 50
                  it is necessary to understand and recognize that our foreign policy in relation to the republics of the former USSR has failed.

                  To some extent yes
                  1. AnderS
                    AnderS 18 November 2018 21: 43
                    To some extent yes
                    but with a bang and completely. Those leaders of the former republics who even more or less remember the USSR treat Russia more or less adequately, and even then, not all, mainly in the Central Asian republics. But who will replace them - the big question is what kind of characters they will be. As for the Transcaucasia - the complete loss of influence on Armenia, apparently, is a matter of the near future - and there is no need to "blah blah" that Azerbaijan will grind it into dust. Do you think the leadership that came to power there as a result of recent events is interesting? If a mess happens, they will run away from Yerevan in the first rows. The same applies to the Baltic states - they may well arrange a provocation on the Russian border, and if Russia reacts, the "suitcase-airport-Washington" sequence comes into play. All this is said in the article - let those who have eyes see ...
                    1. Red_Baron
                      Red_Baron 19 November 2018 20: 20
                      Quote: AnderS
                      To some extent yes
                      but with a bang and completely.

                      From the beginning with a bang and completely, and already in the next line
                      Quote: AnderS
                      e leaders of the former republics who still remember the USSR more or less relate to Russia more or less adequately

                      An interesting trick is to first make the bunch a little larger and then roll back so that they would not find fault with the words. :)))
                3. Tarhan
                  Tarhan 21 November 2018 07: 12
                  To begin with, in order to talk about the foreign policy of the Russian Federation in general, it is necessary to understand and acknowledge that our foreign policy in relation to the republics of the former USSR FAILED. Therefore, it is necessary to change it and the sooner the better.

                  And here I completely agree with you. The union collapsed, but the legacy of relations with the border nations, 150 years of the Russian Empire and 70 years of the USSR remained. That is why the CIS was created. To continue to go if not together then together. And equally politically and economically focusing on Russia. Some opposition of the EU. With difficulty, with a creak, but the CIS moved forward, but only until 2000.

                  Since 2000, the Kremlin suddenly decided to review the results of 90 years. The collapse of the ideology of communism in the vastness of the USSR, The Kremlin began to identify, and quite unreasonably, with the physical defeat of Russia. And from here revengeful moods:

                  We were defeated, but we will rise from our knees.
                  The whole world is mercantile, only Russians are spiritual.
                  We will revive the Russian world (as he never died).
                  Enemies everywhere - the USA, Europe and all their henchmen.
                  And enemies around (on the borders of the Russian Federation).
                  We will show everyone Kuzkin’s mother.
                  Propagandon began to invent spiritual bonds in everything.

                  Since 2000, the Kremlin has decided to revive the USSR (but miscarriages are never reborn), at least in a truncated form. And I decided to start with the Slavic peoples. But instead of a thoughtful, cautious, exactly equal policy, he again applied the strategy of the "big brother" - We all know. We will decide everything for you. We will do everything for you.
                  Of course, Old Man Lukashenko fled from the opportunity to become Belarus as a subject of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin decided not to speak with Ukraine at the level of equal states, but from the perspective of its stooge, Mariotneka Yanukovych, as a result of which it shed and sheds common, fraternal, Slavic blood.
                  With the revival of the "scrap", the Baltics became semi-Nazi. Central Asia is feudal-Basmachic. The northern regions should be taken away from Kazakhstan. Troops were brought into Georgia.
                  What the Kremlin invested in was completely and permanently destroyed. The CIS remains only on paper.
                  In those days, the greatness of the state was determined by bare force. Now the authority of the state will be determined by a developed economy.
                  1. Tarhan
                    Tarhan 21 November 2018 07: 33
                    Therefore, from such a policy and true friends did not remain. No, of course, they remained, but who, as in the USSR, are asking for free help, these are Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela. Which, if that is what they buy in Russia (weapons), then for loans from the Russian Federation.

                    Total. Due to the fact that in 2000 the emphasis was shifted, that is, the collapse of communism throughout the world and in Russia in particular, was perceived by the Kremlin as a personal insult to Russia. Because of this, false analyzes were made, false ideas were put into practice, and inappropriate decisions were made. It was not national dignity that was put at the forefront, but terrible patriotism, on the verge of chauvinism.
                    It turned out at the moment what was supposed to happen, with an incorrect assessment of political realities, and hence the wrong steps.

                    Russia, at the moment, pushed away all the republics of the former USSR. Russia has become an outcast on the international stage in a company with Iran and the DPRK against which sanctions from the rest of the world apply.
            2. Alekseev
              Alekseev 18 November 2018 09: 22
              Quote: My address
              not enough proposals for a more toothy foreign policy,

              About "toothy" politics the boy's speech, but not her husband's ...
              What exactly "toothy" foreign policy actions should Russia take? Break off diplomatic relations? Nobody wants to do it first ...
              Stop pumping gas in the EU? Frozen yourself ears spite grandmother? wink
              Or harsh verbal attacks a la V.V. Zhirinovsky?
              All policy is based on military capabilities and economic potential, and the only correct "proposals for foreign policy" are reasonable sufficiency in strengthening the forces of nuclear deterrence and the development of their industry and agriculture with a primary focus on the domestic market and national currency. Although there is no need to close in oneself, like a hermit crab, and there is no need, so goods and services now, unlike, say, the 40-50s of the last century, are produced not only and not so much by the United States.
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 18 November 2018 12: 44
                Quote: Alekseev
                What exactly "toothy" foreign policy actions should Russia take?

                The author of the article believes - it is necessary to capture a couple of countries. He even indicated which - Georgia and Poland. The author believes that our situation is so bad that it’s time to go to war. From the point of view of high abstractions clearly seen by analysts from their ivory towers, he is even right.
                But about the earthly reality covered with mud ... You are right in everything. This is the way to act. At the same time, "toothless" politics wins us day after day. Well, someone who, and Putin perfectly understands the consequences of military confrontation. You don't need to be an academician here.
                Now our standard of living (a little even risen to 2008 year) is again declining. But while it is declining smoothly and tolerably, although the teeth are already grinding. And in the case of serious wars, such as the capture of Poland, it will be necessary to transfer the country to military rails. And what will it look like?
                Will our valiant authorities, who have shown themselves in all their glory, demand sacrifices from the people? Without leaving the Porshak directly? Or even from summer cottages in Malta, so as not to waste time? The people's response to such "mobilization" is very predictable.
                Moreover, before all Russians had won all their wars for Russia. The very ones that, perhaps, all the same, our authorities will finally notice (but this is not accurate). And about the fact that the great and terrible Ramzan Kadyrov will put up one hundred divisions, (or at least ten. Or at least one) even our Kremlin strategists for some reason doubt it. It is strange that Chechnya consumes money as a multi-million army ... In general, from the Russian people today it is not necessary to wait for the rise of patriotism and the desire to fight for the inhabitants of the Garden Ring.
                In vain, Vladimir Vladimirovich waves a flag (a great American expression), declaring that he has a "population ready for war and hardship." Russians react badly to the fact that they are the population. And to all the other "national ideas" of our brilliant rulers too. And he knows it.
                In general, pull, while we can. And what will happen when we can’t ... Well, we know exactly who will betray us and scatter us. From this over the country blows complete hopelessness ...
                1. Olezhek
                  18 November 2018 16: 11
                  The author of the article considers it necessary to capture a couple of countries.

                  The author just does not think so.

                  He even pointed out which ones - Georgia and Poland.

                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 18 November 2018 16: 16
                    But even if tomorrow Russian tanks enter Warsaw, there will be no global nuclear conflict.
                    Over the past few years, normal diplomacy along the Moscow-Brussels line has been virtually absent, but this does not bother anyone in Europe

                    Well, how else to interpret these statements? What does the author consider, on the contrary to what he himself said in the article quite in Russian? Ah, I get it. The author believes that it is necessary to embed nuclear weapons in America. Or what? Or where? I didn’t understand anything, yeah.
                    1. Olezhek
                      18 November 2018 18: 49
                      But even if tomorrow Russian tanks enter Warsaw, there will be no global nuclear conflict.

                      Well, how else to interpret these statements?

                      If it means exactly what you need to do.
                      The author only noted that even a direct attack by paratroopers on Berlin / tanks on Warsaw alone would not cause a global nuclear conflict.
                      Americans do not need this.
                      They need another.
                      1. Mikhail3
                        Mikhail3 18 November 2018 19: 59
                        Are you an author? But do not want to clarify the issue? What an interesting approach - nothing is clear in the article, and even less so in the commentary. And if it’s not the author (nothing is clear either. Are you from the management of troubled waters?) Then it is not necessary to repeat that the author did not say anything clearly. I see this in the article.
                      2. Mikhail3
                        Mikhail3 19 November 2018 08: 34
                        The impression is that the "author" was given a text so that he would publish it on VO. But what to say in the text - he has no brain. Judging by some indications, the "author" went to the authorities with a question, what should this Michael answer? The boss did not try to answer either, he only expressed his displeasure with this Mikhail, who asks questions ...
                        Apparently, in our country there is one or a couple of people who are capable of writing these texts in half with sin. But they certainly have no time to answer questions! The true triumph of state and managerial thought. With this control, we will defeat any enemy, it is without options.
                      3. Cottager452
                        Cottager452 22 November 2018 09: 39
                        And you, probably, from those readers who read the book, and see a fig?
                2. Victor Leningradets
                  Victor Leningradets 19 November 2018 16: 10
                  As for Poland - I will not say, but to occupy Georgia - was a sacred thing. And even now it is possible to arrange an invasion under provocation with bacteriological weapons. The main thing is a war criminal hanged in the central square. In trimmed trousers, with a tongue falling out - everything for comprehending karma by "partners".
                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 19 November 2018 21: 48
                    In corporate culture, there is such a technique - indicating voting. When it is not clear that all those people on whom the business depends, think - they are gathered together, arrange a talking room and conduct voting. By all nonsense. Only proposals are made by both parties from which changes are coming. And it becomes clear who is on whose side. This technique is suitable for large gatherings, when both parties can buy and buy votes on the sidelines. A fun game, usually for a lot of money.
                    And in our case there are two sides. Power and people. All of us are known for their accomplishments, power and people. Russian. And the situation is such that on the sidelines people can’t quickly be bought. First, death can be bought for money, but there are few who want to sell their own. Secondly - the money is spent! Mostly on oneself, beloved ones. And the people watch how those who creep in everyday choke with happiness, interrupting only to make us happy with another innovation. And we only wipe the top with the physiognomy from the previous one.
                    And thirdly. The question is that you won’t replay the vote. One demand, one answer. And this answer, in the amount of the deserved, is afraid of hearing from the people. Highly. Very, very ... So it would be necessary. That would bring us victory. But there are no US.
                    The authorities have been working on this for thirty years. We are petty, despicable, disenfranchised and miserable. And the great, superpowerful and happy THEY. And these THEY are better than funny we are. They rightfully plundered the USSR, rightfully own everything and rightfully painted us as slaves. Everything is arranged wonderfully!
                    And then the question for voting. Will you go after them to fight and die? Are you small and miserable, are you following them for death? It is strange why the authorities are so afraid to ask him? After all, is the truth strange?
                3. Cottager452
                  Cottager452 22 November 2018 09: 36
                  Order 227 has not been canceled.
                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 24 November 2018 10: 09
                    What about the charter? Is the charter still valid? Something like this - the commander should not give an order if he is not sure of its implementation. Because an outstanding order is the death of a unit. And when giving orders, you must clearly understand which of them will be executed, and which will lead to the fact that subordinates (from this moment - former subordinates) will tell you - yes you went! And that’s all.
                    That is the question. "You can come to power with bayonets. But you can't sit on bayonets!" People are at their limit. And how long. Another tiny pressure and there will be an explosion. And if someone else twitches to shoot ...
              2. Wilderness
                Wilderness 18 November 2018 13: 08
                A breakup is of course too much, but it’s time for the Foreign Ministry to switch from Twitter to off. diplomatic language, not suggesting a double meaning. For instance:
                1. A statement about the dangers of finding and conducting business in certain settlements in the vicinity of missile defense facilities (for example) or other NATO threatening facilities. For citizens of the Russian Federation and friendly states. Reason: threatening statements by NATO officials. To exclude a symmetric solution, provide a statement archive. By the way, our President and the Minister of Defense do not call anyone enemies, there is a certain etiquette. Motivation: automation of the decision to retaliate in the event of a strike against Russia and the impossibility of warning our citizens about danger in the allotted time.
                2. Enter additional. insurance for tourists visiting countries whose officials make threatening statements against Russia and conduct hostile actions (exercises at our borders, for example). Motivation: the high cost of evacuating our citizens from these countries in case of a threat to their security. The cost should cover the use of the required number of landing ships, transport aircraft, marines, airborne forces, support forces, compensation for destroyed property (we are a civilized state) and other costs. In general, of course, this should be done by the association of insurers, but alas, we actually do not have it.
                3. Although probably not related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but - stop exhibiting their own citizens, in relation to foreigners, by people of the second grade.
                I think you can come up with something else.
            3. Akuzenka
              Akuzenka 21 November 2018 20: 43
              It's that simple. Trump has no influence on DPRK officials and is forced to negotiate. And on "our", it has. There is no need to negotiate with them. You just need to threaten their wallet. They will hand over everything themselves.
          2. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 18 November 2018 21: 05
            An article about the results and activities of the hostile opposing side. But the "debriefing" of our side, our responsible persons and services, is not carried out, but it is necessary to understand the whole picture of today's events ... For why the enemy plays so successfully and at one gate that the former even "fraternal" republics are quickly becoming enemies, and after all, the trump cards were at first on our side in relation to them ... Further, at the European theater, even attempts to "score goals" against the United States and other enemies are not made and no attempts are made, and so on ... The answer can only be such, or the rulers of the Russian Federation are profitable to extremes, the "cold war" has been brought or have completely become traitors and are ready to make all concessions and surrender for the preservation of their stolen billions, because the upper strata of the Russian Federation have long been "with one foot in the west", where money, families, children real estate, and to move the second leg is only a matter of favorable time ...
            1. Akuzenka
              Akuzenka 21 November 2018 20: 54
              That's right, colleague. It's not about the money. Money is a tool. The point is the bubble, and the money for “ours”, and not ours, is the meaning of life. They'll hand over everything for him.
        2. Machito
          Machito 18 November 2018 10: 28
          GDP understands perfectly well that the United States wants to disperse our armed forces in various strategic directions. He does the same thing.
          The United States has the largest army on the planet deployed at more than 800 military bases around the world. GDP pursues a multi-polar world policy, supplying arms and military technology to China, India, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Venezuela and other countries. Thus, the US army is losing regional dominance around the world. The US is embroiled in a global arms race against a dozen countries.
          In Syria, there is an indirect war between the USA and the Russian Federation. The whole world sees that Russia is not afraid of war with the United States. Russian weapons have shown their effectiveness and superiority over the American in terms of price / quality ratio. The Russian reconciliation process in Syria, despite the opposition from the US and its allies, is of interest to other players. In Moscow, negotiations were held between the Libyan and Afghan opposition. This suggests that the GDP plans to expand the peacekeeping activities of the Russian Federation and the creation of new points of military opposition to the United States. US forces will be pulled by various military conflicts. Through the efforts of the United States in the world created many military conflicts. Through the efforts of the Russian Federation, with the active participation of regional players, these conflicts are pulling the American army to pieces.
          In my opinion, Russia has more chances to create US problems around the world than the USA has along the borders of the Russian Federation.
          1. snake
            snake 18 November 2018 13: 25
            Quote: Bearded
            In my opinion, Russia has more chances to create US problems around the world than the USA has along the borders of the Russian Federation.

            That is, the fact that the author of the article reasonably described the critical situation of the “burning borders”, including very bad progress even in Belarus, did not bother you? Again "GDP will outplay everyone"? I wonder how. Something while GDP and Co. in terms of the degree of sabotage to the country does not differ much from NATO.
            1. icant007
              icant007 18 November 2018 14: 59
              There are situations when you need to forget about protection for a while and go on the attack. An endlessly defending player will inevitably lose. I am not talking about war. The enemy needs to impose his game. I am talking about diplomacy and the information war.
          2. Olezhek
            18 November 2018 18: 47
            The GDP is well aware that the US wants to unleash our Armed Forces in different strategic areas.

            He is well aware and much better us with you. And he is working on this problem
            But what can you do in principle, even if Kazakhstan and Belarus are politically oriented more towards the West?
            1. Victor Leningradets
              Victor Leningradets 19 November 2018 16: 13
              Eliminate these nationalist anti-people formations.
              1. Tarhan
                Tarhan 21 November 2018 16: 38
                Eliminate these nationalist anti-people formations.

                So. ELIMINATE its synonym to DESTROY. And how can it be destroyed? It is only to start a war, send troops, shed blood, bring trouble, establish your power.

                And such koment is nothing more than a call to WAR. IGNITION OF INTERNATIONAL RETAIL.

                We are waiting for the reaction of admins.
          3. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 21 November 2018 21: 03
            I don’t know if it understands or not. But the economy in his country was almost broken and the people turned against themselves.
        3. gunnerminer
          gunnerminer 18 November 2018 13: 01
          For the ammunition you have listed, there is a tiny amount, even for peacetime, of carriers. Especially in the Air Force and Navy. The current state of all types of reconnaissance, after the reforms of 2008-2014, will not allow you to quickly and reliably provide all types of CP with continuous reconnaissance and target designation. Especially for maneuvering and group goals. US nuclear munitions, their vassals are deployed not only in Europe, and not only stationary.
        4. gunnerminer
          gunnerminer 18 November 2018 13: 02
          For the ammunition you have listed, there is a tiny amount, even for peacetime, of carriers. Especially in the Air Force and Navy. The current state of all types of reconnaissance, after the reforms of 2008-2014, will not allow you to quickly and reliably provide all types of CP with continuous reconnaissance and target designation. Especially for maneuvering and group goals. US nuclear munitions, their vassals are deployed not only in Europe, and not only stationary.
        5. cyborg
          cyborg 18 November 2018 21: 13
          all this is. The question is different. Will our elite, who has money, children and real estate in the West, dare to use all these weapons ... I doubt very much.
    2. asv363
      asv363 18 November 2018 08: 50
      Quote: KCA
      Against the background of rumors that the number of tactical nuclear weapons in Russia may exceed 10, I very much doubt that Germany or France will begin military operations, even if Russia completely occupies the Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine taken together

      In the United States, it is believed that the number of tactical nuclear weapons is 4200-4500 units. According to official figures, they were not mistaken. Moreover, in a number of works the aforementioned 4200 is taking into account 1550 warheads according to START-3.
    3. Waddimm
      Waddimm 18 November 2018 09: 59
      Quote: KCA
      ... I very much doubt that Germany or France will start hostilities ...

      But many did not believe that the WORLD WAR had begun both in the 14th and the 39th years. They thought that they would solve some local conflicts and that’s all. But when someone needs it, the stars light up. And wars begin.
      I agree with the author that the main goal of our opponents at the present stage is to “pull apart” the country's resources to resolve conflicts with its closest neighbors, as well as create a stable image of a “new evil empire”. These tasks, in general, are being successfully addressed.
      What's next? Or, as the author believes, a provoked conflict by one of our unkind neighbors and a regional war in Europe, with an unpredictable end. Or, an internal explosion, amid economic and political crises, with the advent of a controlled and controlled government. A combination of both options is still possible. We see that preparations for such scenarios are underway.
      However, I believe that the scenario of a regional war in Europe is unlikely, because its outcome is unpredictable. Will explain. The so-called “Western Coalition” is ALWAYS at war with those who cannot retaliate against the territory of the aggressor. Even if it hits planes, fires on ground troops, it cannot (no means, no political will) strike a blow at enemy territory. At the moment, Russia can (cartoons) and is ready (President's statement) to defend its independence by all available means.
      I think that the United States is well aware that the regional conflict in Europe, taking into account the performance characteristics of modern weapons, will easily grow into a global one, covering all continents, and therefore does not agree with the author of the article on the role assigned to Old Europe. Rather, a local conflict is possible with one of the post-Soviet countries, to which everyone will supply arms and specialists together, with all their might, holding an armed clash within the borders of the opposing countries, in the hope that Russia will finally tear its economy to shreds, which will lead to internal economic and political crises.
    4. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Claymore
          Claymore 18 November 2018 16: 51
          Quote: Olezhek
          Politics is the art of making things simple

          Politics - activities aimed at achieving specific goals that meet the interests of specific social groups.
    5. ruigat
      ruigat 18 November 2018 16: 06
      The Russian Federation may have at least 100 SBNs on different media, but the owners of the Fed, knowing the whereabouts of the children and the dough of the Russian oligarchy, will still wipe their feet on the country. But the DPRK has a few obscure NBCs, on a few obscure media and in front of the DPRK, the owners of the Fed will bend and respect. That's all the math.
    6. max702
      max702 18 November 2018 22: 31
      As Russia previously wrote, there is nothing to offer the elites of other countries .. From a word, almost EVERYTHING on the planet is controlled by the Anglo-Saxons led by the Jewish kagal, absolutely everything is controlled .. Finance, production, the media, entertainment, education, healthcare .. and nothing of we cannot offer this list to the elites, therefore they will not work for us .. The second, no less terrible problem, WE ARE NOT AFRAID! The United States is afraid, but we are not .. All our actions over the past 100 years confirm this, starting with the Second World War and ending with 08,08,08 Ukraine, Turkey and Israel .. They are not stupidly afraid of us .. For nothing is bad even for the mortal enemy after his defeat we won’t do it. We’ll understand and forgive the finger .. But paradoxically, the idiocy of our authorities is not understandable .. Yes, you have billions there, children, real estate and much more for them .. Well, DON’T KEEP with tough answers and protect it all !! Turkey shot down our plane and why? Within two hours, hundreds of missiles of 50-100 kT were flung around the military and strategic targets of Turkey .. AND EVERYTHING! There is no threat from this side .. Tell me, would the 3rd world war begin? Yeah right now .. As the author himself noticed, even if our troops take Berlin, no one will move .. Consequently, after such an indicative punishment, Russia will not even think badly because it is scary, you can expect anything from these inadequacies .. You will say a world boycott and isolation? Tighter sanctions? Well so we can repeat especially inadequate partners! Siemens did not deliver turbines under the contract and a nuclear ashes formed on the site of the largest plant, blocked a well-known Swiss bank account get a surprise at headquarters .. What's wrong with that? They don’t consider us for people and do not want to conduct human affairs well and good, and we, for our part, will not insist .. That's basically all .. WILL is needed .. There is still strength, there is no will ..
  2. saigon
    saigon 18 November 2018 07: 20
    We do not have either material or human resources for the occupation of the Baltic states and eastern Europe, Russia simply does not. Hence the conclusion - in the event of a conflict, the total destruction of people and infrastructure, and this is what is openly conveyed to the masters and panams in these countries. But the main thing is to clearly explain to the gentlemen from Omerikosia in any case, in any case, a nuclear strike against the United States.
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 18 November 2018 08: 19
      The darkest one and spoke about who. where, gets in the event of a nuclear war! His words turned upside down ... Wow! A warning was made. We have nothing to lose!
      1. kuz363
        kuz363 18 November 2018 10: 45
        To us - is that the darkest for you? Here for them and lay your silly head. Or do Russians mean? And leave the rest who just want to live alone.
        1. Xnumx vis
          Xnumx vis 18 November 2018 11: 33
          Quote: kuz363
          And leave the rest who just want to live alone.

          Hens in the chicken coop also just live ... Until the owner of the chicken wants to roast chicken ... Then he leaves it alone again ... Until the next meal!
      2. Cottager452
        Cottager452 22 November 2018 09: 49
        Fools have nothing to lose!
    2. Yat
      Yat 18 November 2018 18: 27
      That's right, all the resources are in the offshore and pockets of thieving officials.
    3. Victor Leningradets
      Victor Leningradets 19 November 2018 16: 17
      Do not get reliable glory until the blood has been shed. Fearing a little blood is a great risk to get a big one.
      It would be necessary to show on the example of the Baltic states. The bridgehead has been liquidated, the surviving population enthusiastically accepts Russian citizenship.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 November 2018 07: 30
    The author correctly put everything on the shelves and about "friends" and about "enemies", no doubt about it. Indeed, we all call for prudence, we pity the "people" (somewhere like "fraternal", somewhere nearby), which is already beating in hysterics from hatred towards us. We are not imposing tough economic and political sanctions against these neighbors, although because of them the West presses us with sanctions without hesitation. Sometimes we react sluggishly and belatedly to outright hostile actions, fearing to appear before the West an even worse country than they present us in their media and propaganda. When there are no hard answers, the arrogance and aggressiveness of the opposite side only increases. It is clear that in the West they are just waiting for Russia to run out of patience and it finally piles on the same fascist Ukraine or the Balts with the Poles. But something needs to be done.
    1. lis-ik
      lis-ik 18 November 2018 09: 39
      Quote: rotmistr60
      But you need to do something

      The conclusion is that one preventive strike against America, as long as this cesspool exists, will not rest anyone, and we really have nothing to lose.
      1. Andrey Sukharev
        Andrey Sukharev 18 November 2018 10: 50
        If you have life - shit and you have nothing to lose, then you can hit your head in the corner of the nearest building with a run. Normal people have something to lose and nobody wants to burn out with their children in a nuclear hell, except you, apparently
        1. lis-ik
          lis-ik 18 November 2018 11: 34
          Quote: Andrey Sukharev
          If you have life - shit and you have nothing to lose, then you can hit your head in the corner of the nearest building with a run. Normal people have something to lose and nobody wants to burn out with their children in a nuclear hell, except you, apparently

          In principle, my life was successful, but I spoke about the politics of the country as a whole and the general mood of the article, with some sarcasm. Nevertheless, I believe that the possibility of a first strike in a hopeless situation should not be missed, this is the only possibility in a hypothetical victory.
          1. Andrey Sukharev
            Andrey Sukharev 18 November 2018 12: 34
            I apologize for some harshness in the expressions, but I think the point of the article is precisely that they are trying to bend us without resorting to nuclear weapons. And the hypothetical first blow is unrealistic, and everyone understands this perfectly.
            1. lis-ik
              lis-ik 18 November 2018 13: 28
              Quote: Andrey Sukharev
              I apologize for some harshness in the expressions, but I think the point of the article is precisely that they are trying to bend us without resorting to nuclear weapons. And the hypothetical first blow is unrealistic, and everyone understands this perfectly.

              Accepted. I'm talking about the fact that they bend perfectly turns out, whose fault is the rhetoric. But still there is the last argument, when other options do not work, I’m talking about the general strategy and doctrine of the strategic nuclear forces, it’s necessary to be firmer and indicate the possibility of a first strike, not only with the threat of complete destruction. Otherwise, we are driving ourselves into the framework of certain conditions that are unacceptable in the current realities, in my opinion we need more ambiguity and free maneuver in the interpretation of a retaliatory or preventive strike, let them puzzle over what framework they cannot go beyond.
        2. NEXUS
          NEXUS 18 November 2018 19: 56
          Quote: Andrey Sukharev
          Normal people have something to lose.

          That is, the Soviet people had nothing to lose, and you think they all had to run away from the run about the corner of the nearest building?
          Che used to iPhones, cheap wi-fi and trips to Turkey? What are you doing in Russia, dear? In Europe, much more satisfying and comfortable.
          Are you normal with such judgments?
          Nobody wants to see their children in the fire of nuclear war, but we did not start this race, and we do not escalate this Russophobic hysteria. Offer to sit and not rock the boat?
          People like you, who held on to their selfish interest, destroyed a great country and lay down like cheap girls with low social responsibility under the West. And now to rake it to the fools who are obliged to rake these heaps of excrement after people like you.
          1. Andrey Sukharev
            Andrey Sukharev 18 November 2018 21: 47
            I speak on behalf of normal people, this does not apply to you.
            1. NEXUS
              NEXUS 18 November 2018 21: 48
              Quote: Andrey Sukharev
              I speak on behalf of normal people, this does not apply to you.

              Do you think that you are normal? I then went through my war, but you, I’m sure, are just one of those who, during the time of the Second World War, replenished the ranks of policemen or sat with a linden ulcer in the rear. He is normal ...
              Shake your Gucci with Gabans ... your God is a green candy wrapper. Take it from you, choke on it.
              1. Andrey Sukharev
                Andrey Sukharev 18 November 2018 21: 51
                What kind of war? With Napoleon?
                1. NEXUS
                  NEXUS 18 November 2018 21: 52
                  Quote: Andrey Sukharev
                  What kind of war? With Napoleon?

                  Transnistria. Questions? Served even in the army, wise guy? I’m sure not, because for you only fools go to the army, and you’re smart ... but then you sit there reasoning.
                  1. Andrey Sukharev
                    Andrey Sukharev 18 November 2018 21: 56
                    Served, imagine. And yes, I’m sitting, reasoning, I don’t ask you. Because smart.
                    1. NEXUS
                      NEXUS 18 November 2018 21: 57
                      Quote: Andrey Sukharev
                      Served, imagine. And yes, I’m sitting, reasoning, I don’t ask you. Because smart.

                      Served say ... hmm ... I ask such servants one simple question, how many springs in the AK-74? Only google no need to climb.
                    2. NEXUS
                      NEXUS 18 November 2018 22: 03
                      Quote: Andrey Sukharev
                      Because smart.

                      I have no more questions, servant. wassat You also served as Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky, yeah. Clever he ...
      2. Cottager452
        Cottager452 22 November 2018 09: 51
        Call to war? This is an article of the Criminal Code.
  4. Slon379
    Slon379 18 November 2018 09: 08
    Need a new doctrine. Define at the legislative level a list of countries under the patronage of the United States, including All NATO and in the event of a military conflict or other incident of Belle, coming from a country on this list, guarantee a nuclear strike on patronage.
  5. Yuri Guliy
    Yuri Guliy 18 November 2018 09: 11
    The correct publication. The less illusions we have, the greater the likelihood of our survival.
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 44
      The less illusions we have, the greater the likelihood of our survival.

      Unfortunately in the current reality, the sooner the less they will have a chance to go unpunished
  6. nikvic46
    nikvic46 18 November 2018 09: 47
    I recalled the words of the former Prime Minister of Georgia. She said that at the time of the attack on the South
    Ossetia, she did not quite understand how to behave with such a large neighbor as Russia. A little about Western politics. Did the male principle disappear in politics, and something mean appeared? And it’s not at all funny when the media come to the forefront. If before, any government had its own newspaper, according to which it was possible to check the course of a particular country. Now this is not.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Jerk
    Jerk 18 November 2018 10: 02
    I absolutely and completely agree with the author. I will add only one thing - it's time to forget all this heresy about "fraternal" peoples, how long is it possible ?! What the heck am I a fraternal people who are ready to kill me if I appear in Kiev just because I was born in Moscow or speak Russian ?!
    1. Antares
      Antares 18 November 2018 11: 59
      Quote: Jerk
      What kind of fucking brotherly people are you who are ready to kill me if I appear in Kiev only because I was born in Moscow or speak Russian ?!

      want a secret? We still eat Russian laughing

      funny, but a couple of days ago one of the Russians I knew in Kiev was not touched, and most of the city speaks Russian there ...
      1. Consultant
        Consultant 18 November 2018 12: 02
        Quote: Antares
        a few days ago one Russian woman I knew was not touched in Kiev

        Judging by the photo, in Kiev a few days ago it was still summer ... wink

        Quote: Antares
        most of the city speaks Russian there

        Laws on state language violates, become? The mess. Defect laughing
      2. Winnie76
        Winnie76 18 November 2018 12: 18
        Quote: Antares
        want a secret? We still eat Russian

        Are you ironic? And what about Moskalyak on gilyak, torchlight processions, a portrait of Bandera - was this a photoshop? And the kids camps with Kalash? And in the Donbass APU shoot from pestles with suction cups?
        Quote: Antares
        funny, but a couple of days ago one of the Russians I knew in Kiev was not touched, and most of the city speaks Russian there ...

        I am delighted with Ukrainian tolerance. "But you could have chopped with a saber"
      3. g1v2
        g1v2 18 November 2018 16: 46
        I love these ... I would like to say tougher, but then the comment will be removed. One "intellectual" showed the piece of paper to the camera and now thinks that she has proven something. I'm crazy. I WILL DISCOVER THE SECRET - I AM IN PETER IN 15 YEAR, WHOLE 30 TRAINERS FROM KIEV TRAINED TO TELL ME THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU IS NOT NECESSARY. And by the way, no one here offended them either. And linguistic and educational laws to restrict the Russian language probably dreamed of all? And Ukrainization with the imposition of MOV on everyone too? Embroidered shirts that have already become mandatory for teachers and officials, repressions for the use of the Russian language in the media, the imposition of a new history of Ukraine, the glorification of the UPA, probably also do not say anything? Celebrating the day of the creation of the UPA as the day of the defender of Ukraine? Pancake. Do you even listen to your president and Radu sometimes? Yet they speak in plain text. They don't hide anything. belay fool
        I feel sorry for you of course. Even when they cut you like the Poles in Volhynia, you won't understand anything. Now you are protected by only one thing - there are still too many Russian-speakers and there is a large Russian state nearby, which will definitely intervene if something happens. Naturally, with the loss of territories for Kiev. Ukrainian elites understand very well. which will not be otherwise. Therefore, Ukrainization is proceeding without slaughter, but progressively and steadily. But sooner or later, such a funny view as "Russian patriots of Ukraine" will surely disappear, and when there are few of you left, they will start to expel you by force or stupidly cut. And you will, smearing snot, complain "why we are so - we have always supported Ukraine, we collected money for the atoms and in general we are patriots." crying This is neither bad nor good - it is just a logical consequence of the historical process, which you are helping with all your might. This has been many times in different countries. For example, look at the Turkization of the Kurds. Nothing new is happening in Ukraine - the process is typical. And that means the possible outcomes are also typical. request
        1. Jerk
          Jerk 18 November 2018 20: 19
          What are you proving to this hobbit? The manual does not say "read the answer".
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 18 November 2018 20: 09
      Quote: Jerk
      What the fucking brotherly people that are ready to kill me

      You have a respected cognitive dissonance. An urgent need for a psychiatrist. You do not distinguish between POWER and the People. Are you ready to kill people or geeks sitting in Kiev under the leadership of a mattress pack?
      What have you done to a person living in Ukraine who, loving his homeland (like you yours), does not want to fight with us and sees in us a truly consensual people?
    ROBIN-SON 18 November 2018 10: 38
    The states are playing long. That Bandera in ukre appeared in the 90s. No, they have been there for a long time. They just "slept" for the time being, and then the "owners" woke them up. It's like human DNA. It contains a lot of things. Both good and bad. And external factors sometimes cause bad things.
    It has long been understood that people do not decide anything. When Tony Blair PM of Britain was in London, a rally was held against British intervention in BV affairs. 1000000 people took part in the rally! One million people, Karl !!!! So what?
    Winter war with the Finns. Already the first shot, only God knows. But the war has begun. We fought mediocre, put a lot of people. As it turned out, we did not know the Finnish fortifications at all (I will not write about flanking bunkers here, and others who know it) understand that they were foolish at them, losing equipment and people. Only later did the heavy artillery prepared by the attack aircraft take seriously. And in a short time finished off. But!!! Our stomping on the spot, nonsense, gave the Fuhrer confidence that the Red Army was not ready for war, and we could safely go east.
    In 1914, the RI patriots forced the king to get involved in the war, partly for Serbia. In the 90s, they demanded that the EBN put rocket systems there. He refused, for which I respected him. Wanted a repeat of 1914?
    Mantra about fraternal peoples. It is just beyond. Yes, in the USSR it rolled, after victory in the war, the restoration of the national economy, social policy. But now??? The efficiency of these talk shows on TV has long been close to zero, they turned into some kind of small-town business project, where Kovtun is the beneficiary on the one hand, and you won’t understand who on the other. Do they affect the politics of Kiev? Of course not.
    Correctly the author writes, all these our "allies" did not even send a medical platoon to Syria, not to mention something else. If there is an attack on the Russian Federation, these countries, even with our weapons, stand up for us? I doubt that, at best, they will sit out waiting for who will win. At worst, you understand.
    I am now more concerned about domestic politics than foreign. Here there are even more problems, and when they overlap, I don’t know what to expect.
    Politics, alas, is cynicism. It has always been that way. And I will support healthy cynicism in foreign policy, but in domestic, hardly.
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 43

      States play long. What Bandera ukre

      We also need to "play for a long time"
      At the same time, it is dirty, but effective, and not "lick" the official leaders.
      1. ROBIN-SON
        ROBIN-SON 18 November 2018 18: 52
        We must first of all think about our country and people. Unfortunately, now all our "friends" and "brothers" are for money.
  10. kuz363
    kuz363 18 November 2018 10: 50
    In fact, Ukraine or Georgia does not even have to join NATO. Take Japan or South Korea. Are they members of NATO? There are simply bilateral treaties with the United States, and their bases are deployed there. The same is possible here. And even change the rules of NATO, as they want. Or make an exception in the form of an amendment. No one can stop them from changing their laws and regulations.
  11. Lelek
    Lelek 18 November 2018 10: 57
    ... but, strangely enough, the offer of Poland to place a US base for 2 billion did not cause enthusiasm ...
    The proposal of the Poles did not inspire enthusiasm among the European "locomotives" and this forced the US "establishment" to reverse. But in return (so as not to lose Europe), a decision was made to organize a NATO command post on the territory of Germany itself. And Frau the chancellor did not raise any objections to this.
  12. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 18 November 2018 11: 22
    The article is so-so, a pile of free reasoning. If yes, then mushroom has grown in the forest. But I do not want to criticize it, because every thesis has the right to life. My thesis on the topic is extremely simple:

    1. No one wants war - in Europe or in the world. Not necessary.
    2. America wants an arms race (money for economics) and strangle Russia and kick China. For this, war is not needed.
    3. The Western world is not homogenous - reasoning about Europe is a complete fantasy. Europe not only does not want to fight, but also does not have the military potential to do it. By the way, and money - with 1,5% you won’t go to war.

    In the modern world, only economics are important, and Russia should think there and unleash a race for the welfare of people and countries.
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 42
      1. No one wants war - in Europe or in the world. Not necessary.

      The Germans in 1914 also did not want war, they wanted domination in Europe ...
      1. Keyser soze
        Keyser soze 18 November 2018 20: 34
        The Germans in 1914 also did not want war, they wanted dominance in Europe

        Oleg, I would immediately agree with you if it weren’t for nuclear weapons. Your President said where the answer will fly if that. Secondly, you have the typical position of a smart person who judges about his possessions .... from afar. I am a citizen of the EU, I read the European press every day and often hang around in Europe and speak with different people. Not fools live here and are aware of the situation. By the way, Putin’s moderate and predictable behavior works very well for you. When compared with the American Tuiter Clown.

        Another thing is that now in the EU it is a very difficult period when a quiet change of neoliberal power begins. The EU is not corny before wars and not before Russia - now domestic events are most important.

        And the last - now, today people are on strike in many countries (France, Bulgaria) on much smaller problems and want a change of system. What government do you think will be able to start injecting money into the army or start a war? Yes, no. Our system is different and it can remove governments quickly and without shaking. This is only an abusive word in your region of maydan, but in our country it is just a new choice.
    2. ROBIN-SON
      ROBIN-SON 18 November 2018 18: 54
      Damn, all the angels ....
  13. japs
    japs 18 November 2018 11: 47
    Yes, for the first time in a long time I am reading real analytics and a review of the current state of our policy. Respect to the author! In order not to completely depress us, the author did not raise the question of the state of our domestic policy and domestic economic situation. The authorities are still, to put it mildly, people pursuing a pro-Western policy. They cannot be called friends of the Russian Federation. 8 million officials are not thinking at all about the welfare of the country's population. The level of their professionalism is known to everyone who has come into contact with them at least once. The pressing issues of the government are how to privatize the military-industrial complex.
    There is no question of pursuing a policy of accelerated reindustrialization, which has collapsed over the years of "democratization" of the economy! In which case, the oligarchs will dump in California, like Yaytsenyukh from the neighboring outskirts.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but so far everything looks very sad.
  14. Larum
    Larum 18 November 2018 11: 48
    Long reasoning in the article, but there is little sense and specificity.
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 40
      but there is little sense and specificity.

      And as to the meaning - He generally disappeared somewhere. laughing
  15. Antares
    Antares 18 November 2018 11: 53
    how can one seriously discuss the opinion of the author if he has one-sided analytics and the use of propaganda cliches?
    Of course, I understand that in order to perceive the simplest natural program (your own), you need to draw a picture of the Cursed West and white pure fluffy Russia ... But in this life there is no black and white! The world is colorful, large and diverse ..
    After the words-junta, gangs of scumbags, you can no longer read ... too much TV in the words of the author .. And television is a bad adviser ..
    1. victor50
      victor50 19 November 2018 09: 45
      Quote: Antares
      his one-sided analytics and the use of propaganda cliches

      Where is the one-sided? If you see her, then refute, please. And where are the stamps (well, except for the junta, gangs of thugs)? White and fluffy Russia, I also did not see. It was not described at all, except for indications of our wrong policy, only the situation on our borders was drawn. What is wrong?
  16. swyatoslav
    swyatoslav 18 November 2018 12: 31
    The topic is fully disclosed, well reasoned, the meaning is clear. A kind of "cry from the heart" ....
    The truth for all time from Alexander III: "Russia has two friends - the army and the navy"!
    It is also true that the vast majority of our "friends / partners" are ready to sell us at the first opportunity, and many have already sold us. And the question is solely in the price.
    On the other hand, no one is going to "go to bed and die". Even the strongest have their weaknesses.
    Interestingly, Putin takes many steps ahead of the curve, for which he is first scolded "where the light is," and then they are silently surprised that in some miraculous way, we already have a ready answer to the hostile steps just taken ... one thinks that the time machine was invented after all, and it was in Russia? Or does he have the world's most powerful analysts?
  17. TOR2
    TOR2 18 November 2018 15: 54
    It is not surprising that such a situation has developed. Look at our "semi-official", where you do not look around "doves of the world". Is that Shoigu will stand out from this mass.
    As suggested above, military companies do not need to be organized, but relations with mongrels in the neighborhood should be fundamentally different. Back in the early 90s, good suggestions were made about the three Baltic ugly creatures - on the one hand water, on the other, barbed wire without gates and gates. The decision is not a bad decision to hang these keepers west on the neck. No need to hesitate to tell the panam openly that there are no such freebies as 1944 when Krakow was stormed with light weapons so as not to damage historical values. We do not give a damn about Krakow and historical values, both of them will burn in an instant with the owners. Let them not count on Katyn 2.0 either; at the border they will be waiting for KPVT and mobile crematoria. The Scandinavians make absurd accusations about the failure of the ZhPS, well, what’s wonderful. We call their ambassador and declare that an oil spill has been discovered in the Kola Peninsula region. And according to our intelligence, oil products were dumped from one of the warships during the NATO exercises. And as evidence, we’ll show two black oil shovels.
    Unfortunately, the current policy towards this rag only aggravates the situation around our borders, in this the author is right.
  18. Old26
    Old26 18 November 2018 16: 12
    Quote: KCA
    Against the background of rumors that the number of tactical nuclear weapons in Russia may exceed 10, I very much doubt that Germany or France will begin military operations, even if Russia completely occupies the Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine taken together

    Unfortunately, this is only a rumor. At least until 2002, there is often enough cited data on how many such charges at least with us, even with the Americans. A quarter century ago, we had just over 10 tactical charges. Fifteen years ago, this figure was about 000. To have 3400 charges now and not to have so many carriers is nonsense.

    Quote: Keyser Soze
    The article is so-so, a pile of free reasoning. If yes, then mushroom has grown in the forest. But I do not want to criticize it, because every thesis has the right to life. My thesis on the topic is extremely simple:

    I agree in some ways. A lot of general reasoning, a minimum of specificity. And a lot of stamps. It seems that the author watches TV a lot. It's hard to call analytics. Rather, a review.
    But this is the author's vision. And it has the right to "Life"
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 38
      A lot of general reasoning, a minimum of specifics. And a lot of stamps. It seems that the author watches TV a lot.

      I would be sincerely grateful for a clearer and more specific exposition of the same question.
      1. Andrew
        Andrew 18 November 2018 18: 46
        Thanks for another interesting article.
  19. ruigat
    ruigat 18 November 2018 16: 21
    The article does not indicate what helps the growth of Russophobia and mattress sentiments in countries adjacent to the Russian Federation. And this is the wretched and toothless policy of the Russian oligarchy in relation to the regimes of these countries. The oligarch of the Russian Federation prefers to "partner" and express concerns "than to beat and humiliate. In 2008, the owners of the FRS conducted reconnaissance in force on the border of Georgia and the Russian Federation (Georgia itself and its leadership, led by Mishiko, were already written off, the owners of the FRS needed to check reaction of the Russian oligarchy to outright aggression.) As a result, the Russophobic regime of Georgia, which committed the aggression, was not destroyed, which showed that the cowardice of the Russian oligarchy and its inability to change the political situation in their favor. Georgia in 2008 opened the way to the events in Ukraine in 2014, the events in Ukraine in 2014 opened the way to events in ... .. in 2022. Who will guess the country?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  20. g1v2
    g1v2 18 November 2018 16: 24
    The author noted only one layer - geopolitical. Naturally, our geopolitical competitors use our neighbors against us. This is normal. Everyone always did that. But the author’s serious mistake is to consider these countries as puppets. There are other layers. There are also historical processes. The fact that Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltic states will become our enemies I did not doubt back in '92. And they didn’t doubt it - neither the extreme right Zhirinovsky, nor the left Limonov, nor even the liberal Sobchak. Just review their performances and interviews of that time. Everything was clear then. request
    So 2014 was basically not a consequence of the merits of the Americans, but the outcome of the historical process. Mazepa, Petliura, Bandera, Shukhevych - were they also sent by the Americans? request We have enemies at our side. These enemies are our Russian separatists. Their elite wants to pander without looking back at Moscow. But the population lives much better in a single state, with uniform laws, an economy and a strong power bloc that can protect it. How can the local elites convince him that it will be better under their rule? Yes, everything is simple - you need to explain that in fact they are not Russian at all. And Russians are those who offend and suppress them. And a simple conclusion is drawn from this - we are in poverty, but free. We freed ourselves from the power of Mordor, which offended us in every possible way and spread rot. The dock immediately organizes a search for various grievances, such as the Holodomor, and then searches for various victories and battles that could be passed off as historical wars between Russia and Ukraine. All this is calculated and organized CONSCIOUSLY. The same Vyatrovich is not, but the creator of the mythology and history of this new "nation". And these neighbors of ours will serve any of our opponents who are ready to accept them. Just remember the story. Mazepa went over to the Swedes, Skoropadsky served the Germans, Petliura - the Poles and the Entente, Bandera and Shukhevych - the Germans. The owners are different, but the enemy is one. And this enemy is us. request Damn, I have always considered insane those Russians of Ukraine who believed Kravchuk and told how they and the descendants of Petliura and Bandera would build a second Russian state. And now these intellectuals are surprised - "how can it be, we are forbidden to speak Russian and forcibly Ukrainized." belay
    Thc should not be considered our neighbors puppets. They deliberately lie against our opponents. The states will leave the region - they will fall under others. It is necessary to proceed from this.
  21. denart50
    denart50 18 November 2018 16: 27
    "which is typical, the work is not to prepare joint actions, but to provoke a conflict with Russia, in which the United States will not take an active part, but will be present" in the background "...

    All the while, I’m doing the same thing ... My sofa-kitchen doctrine-strategy says that in order for the world to have peace, it is necessary to proactively give in the arrogant faces of the United States and Great Britain, two provocateurs-stinkers ...

    The rest, all whom the author mentioned and did not mention, will sit on a soft spot and shut up ...
  22. took the
    took the 18 November 2018 16: 51
    The author wrote everything correctly! An accurate analysis of the situation. He did not offer to attack immediately! But you need to think about changing the policy. It’s not too late. Putin's soft-spoken policy will not lead to good. He thinks he will give the islands to Japan and we will be friends (he wants to give, they are preparing us for this). It will be very stupid. It seems that Putin has no victorious "cunning" plans. He is the protégé of the oligarchs, against the progressive tax, the rich should not pay. Therefore, it will not raise the Economy. There will be no mobilization. And therefore everything will surrender. He has no success in foreign policy.
  23. turbris
    turbris 18 November 2018 17: 25
    Well, in general, everything is correct, only when assessing the future of "cannon fodder", think about the population of the countries mentioned by the author - there is very little of this meat, and it is almost impossible to persuade the youth of these countries to fight with Russia, even for a lot of money. But Ukraine is a gift for the West, the dream of the Slavs at war with each other for centuries has been spinning in the brains of the Anglo-Saxons, but even here it is bad luck, there are not so many Natsiks, they do not like to fight - this is not to rob an unarmed population, you can easily get a bullet, and the rest of the Ukrainians will not fight with Russia, despite any propaganda. Therefore, the achievements of the West in isolating Russia are very doubtful, and as for nuclear weapons, they will be used when Russia is threatened, regardless of any sovereignty, but then it will not be interesting to anyone, not even the United States - because we will all be in the queue in heaven. who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.
    1. Olezhek
      18 November 2018 18: 37
      estimate the population of the countries mentioned by the author - this meat is quite a bit, and it is almost impossible to persuade the youth of these countries to fight with Russia

      What do you mean: "a little"?
      Like the whole of Eastern Europe. And even in the "Sayuznaya RB" conversations are popular: What to do if the Russians climb?
      What does "persuade" mean? belay
  24. The comment was deleted.
    1. turbris
      turbris 18 November 2018 20: 38
      Another dreamer appeared, who is here trying to explain something to us. They can’t understand in Ukraine that their new power was sent to Crimea in an elementary way and no one regrets it, and all the intelligence of the world is looking for and cannot find Russian troops in the Donbas, only Poroshenko finds it, so who are we fighting with? With his people, who also sent this new power, and for this they can and should be killed according to Kiev. Obolvannye agitators from Ukraine will not achieve anything on this site, look for some other.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Winnie76
          Winnie76 19 November 2018 01: 37
          Quote: Yar K.
          They can’t understand in Russia, no matter how they fantasize, they will have to answer in any way.

          In front of you?
          Quote: Yar K.
          Then survivors of the civil war, their children and great-grandchildren will work to pay reparations to Ukraine and the West. The process is running and is gaining momentum.

          Yeah. Old Vasyuki will be renamed New Moscow, and old Moscow to New Vasyuki
          Quote: Yar K.
          you just need to score in the search "Russian prisoners in Ukraine" - like these: https: // www

          We know, we know. A nation of fighters and all that. APU will tear us, and Poroshenko on a white horse will drive directly into the Kremlin crying
          1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Olezhek
      19 November 2018 12: 33
      In reality, the opposite is true. If anyone does not understand, explain:

      So the Ukrainians comrades tightened up, which means the topic is topical!
    3. victor50
      victor50 19 November 2018 15: 21
      Quote: Yar K.
      - Establishment by neighbors of control over the republics of the former Russia.
      When the civil war will take place, when the Russians themselves will properly reduce their numbers, then the APU will enter the territory of the former Russia. In the meantime, we have nowhere to hurry, time is working for us.

      I would return to my homeland - they will applaud you there! These tales about the good, powerful, feeding all and almost controlling all of Ukraine, we have been hearing for 4 years ..... but we do not see. Goodbye, silly!
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. KRIG55
    KRIG55 18 November 2018 21: 37
    Pessimistic and once again confirms the idea that there are NO friends, there are only interests. And it's time to stop climbing to everyone with your love and friendship.
  27. Yura
    Yura 18 November 2018 22: 19
    The author, rarely now you can meet, normal analytics, you succeeded. The alignment is correct. I note only that Russia does not set itself the task of destroying the United States, therefore it does not set itself the goal of organizing enemies of this country anywhere, it also has peripherals on its periphery, and it may be possible to find allies or fellow travelers. I’ll also note that as soon as the United States realizes that they can do what they dream with impunity - to wipe Russia off the face of the earth without hesitation, for a second without delaying it, without consulting any allies and not warning them not to delay time and not lose in pace, and which, moreover, is simply confronted with the fact and inevitability of joint actions, due to the fact that a blow to them from Russia is also inevitable and unambiguous. The task of Russia is not even parity, parity has nuances, your excellent article is just about that, and so the task of Russia is superiority, so much so that our opponents do not have thoughts that they can win something. To do their job, to achieve this superiority and hope that Europe and our former friends and brothers will finally mature to the understanding that the USA is a cannibal at the same table with whom they dine, at which each time they think about which of them will be served for the next lunch.
  28. nemoXX
    nemoXX 18 November 2018 22: 23
    The author dug awesomely deep!
    But he didn’t realize what he dug up.
    This is traditional for our analysts, genetically oriented towards "great victories" that "should" be.
    Because, "we will not stand for the price" ... moreover, "to the last drop of blood."
    It doesn't matter what the United States and the West will use to stop the bankrupt Remnant of the USSR under the leadership of the Remnant of the CPSU at the stage of "getting up from its knees" through the Anschluss.
    What is important is that "democrat. Russia" has confidently embarked on the path traveled by the "1000-year-old Reich" (reunification of the "ancestral lands" by force) and tested by the USSR (attempts to intimidate the world with nuclear war in a reckless arms race).
    And the fact that she does not have enough resources for a hopeless confrontation, like the USSR and Hitler.
    It doesn't matter how good Armata or Yars are.
    It is important that the only launch of the smallest nuclear missile will mean a complete and unconditional reciprocal incineration of Russia.
    To declare that a "great victory" will no longer work with all the desire ... just as Russia will not be able to remain at least somewhat "great".
    And if Russia is not drawn into the war, "detente-2" and "perestroika-2" are guaranteed to her.
  29. utyutkin
    utyutkin 18 November 2018 22: 35
    “And today we have a conflict in Ukraine, in which both“ volunteers ”from Belarus and even (mediated) the Belarusian state are actively participating. At the same time, the head of the Republic of Belarus has almost openly sided with the junta ... At the same time, a massive pro-Western and Russophobic propaganda ... What would it be for? Strictly speaking, what are the Belarusians being trained for? And in whose interests? And whose mill is the current leadership of the country pouring water on? "
    I would like to see evidence written by the author of the lines.
    firstly, how many volunteers from the Republic of Belarus are participating in the conflict on the side of Ukraine, how many on the side of the LPR are the DNI. and their% in relation to other countries in and to Russia in particular.
    secondly, where and how did the head side with the junta?
    thirdly, where is the massive pro-Western and Russophobic propaganda in Belarus? Well, except for the NTV channel of course :)
    and fourthly, where are the proofs about pouring water into someone’s mill in the Republic of Belarus.
    and if there are no proofs, it will mean that you are a radish :)
    1. Olezhek
      19 November 2018 08: 02
      and if there is no proof then it will mean

      Yeah, yeah Regarding state smuggling from the Republic of Belarus - evidence
      went in a rampart, but ... it did not change anything - smuggling went on increasing.
      At the same time, everything was denied
      The only solution was to restore the border.

      The technology of the Belarusian state is simple - spit in the eyes - God's dew.

      That is, after a million proofs have been collected ...
      No one is recognized in anything, and the disgrace will continue.
      Type - the smartest ...
      1. utyutkin
        utyutkin 21 November 2018 07: 35
        Well, in general, as expected, there is no evidence! there is only ordinary lies and an attempt to exit the topic :).
  30. faterdom
    faterdom 18 November 2018 23: 16
    It's simple, you need to prepare for a nuclear war with the United States. How the Soviet Union did it. And do not let them forget about it for a second. And even to expand the number of reasons for the strike in doctrines, for example (how they are increasingly introducing such a turbulent cyber threat) - a chemical and bacteriological threat from their Georgian-Kazakh "laboratories".
    So that all of them, Linsi Graham and all Power and Psaka, do not forget to ventilate their bomb shelters, change water and stewed pasta in them in time, so that the probability is that today may be the last for them, from where to hell is a direct road, that's when it’s will poison their everyday existence, then one can more or less talk constructively with them.
    And then I look again - I want to spit on TV: Peskov is talking about something about the islands, about Japan ... Well, Khrushchev threw the tyrant in due time to lure the yapam (and then about two insignificant islands), provided there are no Americans ... now - what are we discussing? Why are we impatient with these negotiations and this "problem"? We don't have this problem, and we don't need to chew it!
  31. mac789
    mac789 18 November 2018 23: 39
    "Burning border" ... Our country is on fire ... Look at what our bosses are doing ... What they want is turned up and everything under the guise of putting things in order, so to speak for our own good ... But in fact? .. New extortions, new nagging, overwhelming arrogance, megatons of blissful pink slops from the media ... In short, they provoke ... And after all, they also have a win-win or slave-owning system, and they will finally sit down on their neck, or they will provoke a revolution and run away with the loot .. And what to do with these ghouls?
    1. Olezhek
      19 November 2018 12: 32
      You see what our bosses do ..

      And what does your boss do?
      Tell that!
      1. mac789
        mac789 19 November 2018 23: 44
        Well, firstly: he is not mine, but your boss ...
        And secondly: did not try to read?
  32. victor50
    victor50 19 November 2018 09: 38
    The author painted a terribly unpleasant picture, almost a hopeless situation. Unfortunately, I did not find any serious contradictions, inconsistencies, or inconsistencies. Despite the negative of this article, many thanks to the author. It would have pierced our power, maybe it would have ceased to be so anxious about gas supplies to Europe and fuel to Ukraine. Although, I also can’t offer an option for action in this situation. Therefore, I grumble. wink
  33. Dmitriy66
    Dmitriy66 19 November 2018 14: 28
    Well, I didn’t want to write anything for a long time, but here I agree with the author by 399%.
  34. Tektor
    Tektor 19 November 2018 15: 19
    In this case, Russia has a strategy for the remote destruction of enemy forces. Suppose a provocation has occurred, and we cannot but respond. What can be done? You can use weapons of various ranges and power, up to very small nuclear weapons (several tens of tons of TNT), but not cross the border. This is not occupation, this is the tactic of creating an alienation strip, a security strip, which completely fits into the logic of recent similar examples approved by the UN. In the beginning, the alienation strip can be several tens of kilometers, but gradually it can be increased to several hundred kilometers ...
  35. VB
    VB 19 November 2018 16: 09
    Absolutely correct article. Only one can be added. In a limited war, Russia, as always, will crush everyone, and after that it will restore itself on all fours, and at the same time the border rabble, which will crawl back to ask. Thus, Russia, as a player, will disappear from the world stage for a long time, which is what Putin's overseas partners are trying to achieve. (For all Russians, they are enemies.) "As you name the ship, so it will float." And that in Central Asia our problems are growing in an increasing way, do not go to a fortune-teller. Native Orenburg will be a front-line city. Great Russia was thrown back into the XNUMXth century. And who brought it to this state? NOT A SINGLE ALLY !!! Thanks to the unforgettable guarantor, which he guarantees there, probably to his oligarchs, accomplices, officials and his mediocrity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chief executive Lavrov with his foreign daughters, wives, etc. Listing is disgusting.
  36. Kerensky
    Kerensky 19 November 2018 19: 53
    This scenario is quite likely. To start a war, it is desirable to have a border. But where are our cookies? Why don't partisans roam the adjacent territory? We have successfully supported "revolutionary movements" around the world. Find Castro in Ukraine. Send him Kovpak. After all, you can ...
  37. Turist1996
    Turist1996 19 November 2018 22: 24
    And Europeans, too, should not be kept for idiots .. They do not want to disperse this "tram" very much, because they understand where the rails are and where the "passenger" is ..
    1. RUS SPb
      RUS SPb 20 November 2018 07: 00
      .... by the militancy of the chief gynecologist in Germany, you cannot say ....
  38. The comment was deleted.
    1. Olezhek
      20 November 2018 07: 02
      If Russia supported its recognized neighbors, and not their separatist entities, if it really tried to resolve conflicts

      Like that - actively supported Mr Lukashenko - the results are fantastic ...
      Armenia was supported in spite of everything — results beyond good and evil.
  39. RUS SPb
    RUS SPb 20 November 2018 06: 37
    A brilliant article, absolutely everything to the point with conclusions that have long been on the surface .... a rare exception in the mass of stamping produced by our "analyteGs", narcissistic wood grouse on TV panels of all stripes ...
    .... but still, either deliberately, or through thoughtlessness, one detail - the role of the FRG revanchists in this game. Why did the United States allow the re-creation of the now actually the Fourth Reich, allowing it to fill up with blood like a tick, swelling .... indulging their "Drang nah Ost"? Who is actually puppeteering whom and who is using whom? At the end of the day, the FRG has a restored Reich, which became after the rebranding of the EU. The United States managed to pull only Great Britain out of the "occupation zone" and wherever you spit, Berlin's ears stick out everywhere, insolent before the outright preparation and conduct of a coup d'etat in Ukraine, about which all the near-Kremlin media are silent in a rag, remembering only the United States, which in fact only seized the initiative after famous fak Nuland ...
  40. RUS SPb
    RUS SPb 20 November 2018 06: 58
    ..... and one more comment to the author ....
    .... if you look at the map of the main hotbeds of tension, then by a "strange coincidence" they now coincide with the places of residence of the main creditors of the United States and resource bases with the natives ..... that's why the Middle East is blazing, almost blazing in Korea, under sideways with China and Japan ... India would not have disowned ... and now Merkel has played out with her revenge-seekers, in their Drang nah Ost ... the war will write off the colossal US debts, help reset the dollar and they will be on horseback again, like after World War II. So we are just a tool in their plans.
  41. Andrew
    Andrew 22 November 2018 18: 13
    The best author on this our resource. I look forward to the following articles. Adios!
  42. Radikal
    Radikal 23 November 2018 13: 15
    The article is direct according to the saying - "There is an elderberry in the garden, and in Kiev there is an uncle!" lol
  43. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 23 November 2018 14: 03
    In other words, summarizing the article, the enemy decided to starve us with emphasis on the economic blockade and the creation of a chain of military-political conflicts along the perimeter of our borders
  44. Nikolay Fedorov
    Nikolay Fedorov 24 November 2018 18: 43
    Quote: from article
    ... do not consider Americans such naive people, or even idiots, as we sometimes do. They perfectly understand the depth of the problem of the Russian retaliatory nuclear strike and are actively working to neutralize this very problem.

    Quote: from article
    ... after a nuclear war, will the reasons for its onset have any meaning at all? ... Americans are by no means suicides and do not consider a similar version of a full-scale war.

    The trouble of the author is that he is trying to count American brains using his non-American brain. And this is a huge difference!
    Unfortunately, the brains of Americans are often wilds that Americans themselves cannot climb through. The most typical illustrative example of where this jungle can lead is the outcome of the meeting of the US National Security Council on July 20, 1961. They decided the question of the possibility of a preemptive nuclear strike against the USSR. The reports of the generals to President John F. Kennedy today, over time, are clearly discouraged. They seriously believed that the USSR then (in July 1961 !!!) had only four (!!!) ICBMs on alert duty. President John F. Kennedy fully supported his generals and it was decided to deliver a preemptive nuclear strike on the USSR!... But to further increase the gap between a strong America and a weak Soviet Union, wait a few more years. After that, the Americans deployed their Jupiter nuclear missiles on the territory of Germany, Italy and Turkey. In response, the USSR deployed troops on the island of Cuba, 90 miles from the United States. We managed to covertly deliver and deploy the 51st missile division, aviation, air defense division and a number of units with anti-ship cruise missiles. A nuclear war did not happen miraculously. It has already started, in principle, but has not developed into a large-scale war. One of our submarines with nuclear missiles on board has already been bombed with depth charges. The Americans, bombing our submarine, were sure that nothing terrible (for them, exceptional) would not happen. Theirs American generals told them that the Russians had only four (!!!) nuclear missiles and they were far away. Could this happen today? Of course yes!
    PS For information, the USSR at that time had 468 nuclear weapons. Almost enough to completely destroy the United States. To date, according to the strategic plans of Russia, about 600 sites in the United States are targets for nuclear destruction, and some sites are designed for the use of several ammunition.