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NI: In the Baltics, there is no aviation and air defense, all hope is only for NATO

The air defense of the Baltic countries is too weak to resist Russia or defend NATO units that came to defend the republic from an aggressive neighbor, writes The National Interest, the American edition, referring to a report by the Estonian Defense Analytical Center.

NI: In the Baltics, there is no aviation and air defense, all hope is only for NATO

The Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are not only small themselves, the newspaper writes, but their armed forces also are not something serious. The few contingent of military personnel located on their territory and aviation NATO, is nothing more than a "lying policeman" on the route of a powerful and well-armed army.

However, all the maneuvers that will be conducted by NATO forces rushing to the aid will be exposed to high danger from the Russian Aerospace Forces because of the lack of air defense systems throughout the northeastern flank of NATO. Russia in the Western Military District has 27 squadrons of attack aircraft, which immediately conquer superiority not only in the air, but also be able to strike both the ground and naval targets, the newspaper writes. Moreover, Russia may in a short time transfer considerable air forces from other regions, which will increase the number of HKVs several times.

NATO will be able to counter them from 4 to 8 aircraft that patrol the airspace of the Baltic republics. But Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia do not have their own aviation and air defense, except for short-range MANPADS like Stinger and ZU-23-2.

Thus, the newspaper writes, the republican armies and the NATO contingent will not be able to resist the invasion in the event of a conflict and they can only hope for reinforcements that will arrive from the countries of the North Atlantic alliance.
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  1. Borik
    Borik 25 October 2018 15: 42
    Well, let them sit every day, day and night, depicting an air defense launcher with circular shelling.
    1. Finches
      Finches 25 October 2018 15: 43
      Someone was going to attack Kurland and the surrounding gardens? laughing
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 25 October 2018 16: 04
        I would have given them a bomb (one) dropped, surrounded the smoking ruins with a tall fence - and forgot about their existence. good
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 25 October 2018 18: 31
          Why a bomb?
          Here is a fence, yes, we need it. With a mine strip. Surely after all, from their "sweet life" they illegally run to us to work, but carry contraband.
          1. nPuBaTuP
            nPuBaTuP 25 October 2018 19: 07
            Here is the fence, yes, I need

            And two meters .... and then pour 500 grade concrete ....
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 25 October 2018 20: 00
              Concrete is a little expensive.
              For the first time, the netting on the posts is enough, and on top of it is the Bruno spiral. Easy to install, quick fix, hard to climb. True, and to cut a hole in it quickly, but such a hole is clearly visible, which gives a good chance to catch the intruder.
              1. Mih1974
                Mih1974 25 October 2018 21: 56
                Gospadya, why are you going to fence there, I'm writing to drop the "bomb" here is

                good and FSE, you don’t need two meters of concrete or spikes anymore, but the fence is for those who foolishly or drunk wandered lol
                1. Shurik70
                  Shurik70 25 October 2018 22: 06
                  And the breeze will suddenly change, the cloud will drive on us, but the cyclone will start cutting circles?
                  This is not for you to throw over the Arctic Ocean, everything is nearby. When the Chernobyl gasped, not only there suffered. Trail through Kiev, Minsk and Kaluga region passed.
                  1. dvina71
                    dvina71 26 October 2018 01: 31
                    Quote: Shurik70
                    Chernobyl gasped, not only did it suffer.

                    You stubbornly continue to confuse a nuclear explosion, and now a thermonuclear explosion, with the destruction of a reactor overflowing with nuclides with a long half-life .. Jeroshima, Nagasaki, Totsk ... as well as hundreds of ground-based nuclear explosions as witnesses to you.
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 25 October 2018 19: 00
        Quote: Finches
        Someone was going to attack Kurland and the surrounding gardens? laughing

        So I don’t understand ..... Either they are asking NATO for air defense, or they are hinting to us that it’s time to "otagressirovat" them already, until they have serious anti-aircraft pribluda not installed. In the "occupation" they lived more satisfyingly.
    2. Polite Moose
      Polite Moose 25 October 2018 16: 04
      Quote: Borik
      Well, let them sit every day, day and night, depicting an air defense launcher with circular shelling.

      Watching in the sky, like lightning bolts, airships and hot air balloons swiftly rush through.
  2. NF68
    NF68 25 October 2018 15: 45
    Who needs these Baltic states in general with its sprats and the constantly squealing pig?
    1. Dr.KonradMorgen
      Dr.KonradMorgen 26 October 2018 02: 33
      To tourists. And consumers sprat naturally. wink laughing
  3. Mamuka Petrovich
    Mamuka Petrovich 25 October 2018 15: 50
    Yeah, C-400 nervously smokes on the sidelines lol lol
  4. Machito
    Machito 25 October 2018 15: 51
    What the hell is aviation and air defense of the Baltic states. The Estonian Armed Forces are 10, half of them Russian-speaking, who are unlikely to shoot Russians in the event of war, but rather disarm Estonians. Maybe Moska should not bark at an elephant?
    1. Law abiding citizen
      Law abiding citizen 25 October 2018 16: 08
      They will shoot, in 20 years we fired pretty well at each other .. Yaik. Read how we fought off all of you here ... wink
    2. taiga2018
      taiga2018 25 October 2018 16: 19
      Quote: Bearded
      who are unlikely to shoot at Russians in case of war

      in Ukraine they are already shooting at each other and nothing, and even Russians living in other countries have such a trait - they climb out of their skin to prove their loyalty ...
    3. Dr.KonradMorgen
      Dr.KonradMorgen 25 October 2018 20: 46
      Estonian Armed Forces - 10

      Where did you see them there ?? 5450 people + 300 people at the coast guard.
  5. anjey
    anjey 25 October 2018 15: 53
    There is no aviation or air defense in the Baltic states, all hope is only for NATO
    Just the same, Natsik Baltic states, waiting for Hitler in 1941 ...
  6. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 25 October 2018 16: 06
    Lord, when will they calm down about the Balts? In general, they are not needed for nothing ....
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 25 October 2018 18: 34
      Quote: Igor Borisov_2
      Lord, when will they calm down about the Balts?

      They will never calm down, they, the elites, in the sense that they want to eat, have nothing to offer, so they are "put in."
      Quote: Igor Borisov_2
      In general, they are not needed for nothing ....

      It’s in vain, Nata successfully implemented an airspace surveillance program, aka BaltNet, and all the information received is merged into air defense centers of Western Europe. So they already became a headache, it is treated ...
  7. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 25 October 2018 16: 18
    I’m reading my Bulgarian newspapers here after lunch. Tired of working. And every day, Poland or the Baltic states .... slowly and little by little, I begin to freak out. If these individuals knew the true things in NATO, they would have tinkled less, stood quieter and used to trade for the sake of their Russian neighbors, since the only thing they say is to understand it. But no (here the mention of a female dog) ....

    All NATO sleeps and dreams of going to the third Baltic cannery and defending its production of small trashy fish, with a rifle in their hands. You just have to throw yourself off and send psychiatrists, because if something goes wrong, I’ll go pee in front of the NATO mission and give them my Kalash, so I’ll put myself at the fifth point, before flying to Pribal-there-something-on-the-other-edge of the world . As usual, I will go to Greece on a sunny beach, drink ouzo with real fish and tzatziki.
  8. prior
    prior 25 October 2018 16: 24
    If the Balts are silent, like sprats, missile defense is worthless to them. There are enough sand and swamps in Russia.
    And they will howl to the West, like jackals, they will rake it without fail!
  9. Dude
    Dude 25 October 2018 16: 48
    Well, are we expecting the appearance of NATO air defense / missile defense bases now on our northwestern flank? Fishing rod thrown, kmk ...
  10. 1536
    1536 25 October 2018 16: 57
    It seems that even if the European Union sells the Baltic States and Poland to us at a reasonable price, as he did in the 1939 year, even then, nobody will buy it in Russia today. Times have changed. Firstly, nobody needs the extra mouths of potential loafers, and, secondly, modern weapons make it possible to completely ignore small military formations that will simply be turned off or destroyed in the very first minutes of the global war.
    It's another matter, if we assume that all this fuss of NATO and the US army around our territory is aimed at quickly occupying it on day X in the event of complete demoralization of the power and security structures as a result of the effective actions of intelligence and the fifth column inside the country, not to repeat, so to speak, the "mistakes" of the 90s. This option is more preferable when explaining the so-called military exercises and combat training of NATO troops.
  11. faterdom
    faterdom 25 October 2018 16: 58
    Baltic air defense is too weak to withstand Russia

    The recipe has already been given by one brainy man: "We must prepare for the land."
  12. Special department
    Special department 25 October 2018 17: 28
    There are no Baltic states as such, only as punishers in the second echelon.
    But the NATO base is very serious .. It will have to be wet immediately.
    1. Dr.KonradMorgen
      Dr.KonradMorgen 25 October 2018 20: 58
      There are no Baltic states as such, only as punishers in the second echelon.

      Don't tell, don't tell. The Baltic SS divisions turned out to be a rather stubborn and professional enemy. Among them there were even those who wanted to defend Berlin - although it was quite clear that this was a "one-way road".
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 25 October 2018 18: 27
    The beginning of the article is devoted to the absence of air defense systems in the Baltic states, and the statement that the Russians are still attacking ends with a sprightly statement!
    Where does this material come from? Again they try to convince us that we are aggressors!
  14. rocket757
    rocket757 25 October 2018 18: 49
    Do not understand what they are bleating about? This is for us .... the swamp is not at all interesting.
    It seems that just proud pugs are asking for something again. Let’s see how they will sing another year later.
    In principle, pof, you just need to know what all the small shanks at our borders will be yapping?
  15. ggl1
    ggl1 25 October 2018 19: 09
    Why fight if there is nothing?
    Can surrender in advance?
  16. Vkd dvk
    Vkd dvk 25 October 2018 20: 24
    Impudent lie! There is aviation.

  17. Dr.KonradMorgen
    Dr.KonradMorgen 25 October 2018 22: 22
    Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia do not have their own aviation and air defense, except for short-range MANPADS of the "Stinger" type and ZU-23-2

    As far as I remember, the Balts also have Swedish RBS-70 MANPADS and 40-mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns.
  18. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 25 October 2018 23: 23
    Nothing! Balts, sprats will shoot down smolets! :-)
  19. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 26 October 2018 04: 13
    We thought it would be better what to do when Russophobia falls in price !!! ??? The Balts resemble the "elusive Joe" - they seem to be. But nobody wants nafig.