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Anxious November 2018

The situation in Ukraine is entering a new phase. It is not only a matter of internal chaos, called the “election campaign,” and the general Bandera absurdity: the United States decided to take revenge for the failure in Syria in Ukraine. The revitalization of the United States in Ukraine is clearly in retaliation for the failure in Syria, for the supply by Russia of the C-300 anti-aircraft complexes of Syria.

The "Norman guarantors" of the Minsk agreements were silent and went into the shadows, while America emerged from the shadow of its Ukrainian Frankenstein. According to some experts, Kurt Walker, the US Special Representative for Ukraine, became the “Gauleiter” of Ukraine, given the Banch's authorities' pro-fascist past. And announced the lifting of the embargo on the supply weapons to Ukraine.

For Moscow, the policy of the United States and Europe in Ukraine speaks of the complete futility of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The murder of the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko was committed by Bandera saboteurs with the participation of Western intelligence agencies, there is no reaction from America or Europe. "Norman format" is actually terminated.

Before the elections to the US Congress (November 6), Moscow is holding back, trying to strengthen the position of Trump as a more sane political force, compared with “mad” ones like Kurt Walker. Moreover, the bill goes on for weeks, and the process of recognizing Donbass has been launched: following the results of the November 11 elections, it will not be too late to make the appropriate statements.

Moscow’s recognition of the Bandera regime rests solely on the Minsk agreements. When experts demagogically exclaim: “Why did Moscow recognize these fascists?”, You can answer that you recognized on the “Minsk conditions”, then there was hope that the Minsk process would somehow remove the fascists like Paruby and Turchinov from the power in Ukraine. Overestimated the anti-fascist moods of Europe. And another thing: the alternative was the war not in Syria, but in Ukraine as in Syria.

Today, Kiev has broken the de jure Minsk agreements at the legislative level, declaring Russia an “aggressor country”, but no one speaks about this de facto officially. Just saying this would be too easy. Moscow will say about this, recognizing the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk, that Kiev has broken the Minsk agreements, but Donetsk and Lugansk are holding elections in accordance with these agreements, and may call upon Kiev and its guarantors to return to the Minsk agreements. For the pro forma, of course, the answer is clear.

Moscow is clearly preparing to move to a new policy not for Ukraine, the US State Department sees this and urge not to hold elections in the Donbas. Why? By recognizing Donetsk and Lugansk as parties fulfilling the Minsk agreements, further Moscow will deny the legitimacy of the Bandera authorities as not fulfilling the Minsk agreements. This may lead to “multidirectional processes” on Ukraine that has lost recognition in Moscow.

The sanctions announced by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine are formally motivated by the “unfriendly actions of Ukraine against Russia”, but in fact they are imposed for breaking the Minsk agreements. They can be followed by a complete rupture of economic relations.

It makes no sense for Moscow to maintain the stability of the pro-American military bridgehead being created, which Volker has already begun to pump arms. Russia begins to prepare for the energy blockade of Bandera, limiting the possibility of re-export of petroleum products through Belarus. True, the cessation of the remnants of commodity turnover with Ukraine will hit the Russian economy as well: these Siamese twins, who have grown together since time immemorial, cannot easily disconnect from each other.

What could be an attempt to revenge the United States in Ukraine? In the election race Poroshenko stands alone against all other candidates, and all of them are American henchmen! The curators from the USA support minor figures like the singer Vakarchuk, the State Department in the person of Mike Pompeo and his (!) Special representative Kurt Volker act separately, Trump does not make statements in Ukraine and writes off all the mistakes to Barack Obama. All this may end up with a new coup in Ukraine, which, as it were, sweeps away traces of the management of Ukrainian Frankenstein from the United States. Do not Americans lead to this situation in Ukraine?

Moscow officially took a wait-and-see attitude: Vladimir Putin at the Valdai Club said that he hoped for more constructive negotiations with the new Kiev authorities after the completion of the election cycle, or, we add, of a new coup d’état, a new Maidan.

In general, everyone is waiting for some kind of denouement in Ukraine. In the US Atlantic Council, Kurt Volker spoke with the message that Ukraine is a “normal state,” and no one even remembered the demand to create an Anti-Corruption Court in this country.

In general, we underestimate Kurt Volcker. He is not the US special representative, he is something more: the plenipotentiary successor to Senator McCain, the director of the McCain Institute. Volker is untouchable for President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo, although formally he is their subordinate. Who does he represent? Obviously, the “Washington swamp” or the liberal establishment, they are neocons, the Clinton globalists are Biden, they are also a “deep state”.

Photo Shoot:

This "deep state" of the West professes the religion of its exclusivity and declares war to all who doubt it, Russia and China clearly doubt it. But in reality, the head of the Ministry of Defense, James Mattis, and the head of OKNSH, Joseph Dunford, that is, collective Trump, should fight. Here a contradiction arises in the position of the West, which Vladimir Putin and his advisers are trying to take advantage of. However, at the Valdai Club, he still showed the United States, just in case, and the “mother of Kuzma”: “Just die!”

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  1. Mr Credo
    Mr Credo 24 October 2018 06: 10
    Kamenev is an optimist, however!
    1. Jolly oldster sailor
      Jolly oldster sailor 24 October 2018 07: 05
      Quote: Mr Credo
      Kamenev is an optimist, however!

      I agree.. smile
      1. Stas157
        Stas157 24 October 2018 07: 48
        I agree.
        . The US activation in Ukraine is clearly taking place in retaliation for the failure in Syria and for the delivery by Russia of Syrian S-300 anti-aircraft systems.

        And what is the failure of the United States in Syria, can you read more? Put the S-300, and this defeated the United States? Or maybe the victory of Russia is the refusal to capture Idlib, according to the Zaputinists?
        1. Anton Yu
          Anton Yu 24 October 2018 15: 39
          Failure is apparently considered that Assad could not be defeated and will not succeed. On the other hand, Assad will never be completely defeated. The likelihood that the northern territories controlled by the Turkish allies and the Kurds, as well as the territories beyond the Euphrates controlled by the United States, will someday return to the control of the Syrian government equal to zero.
          1. Insatiable ascetic
            Insatiable ascetic 24 October 2018 17: 18
            The likelihood that the northern territories controlled by the Turkish allies and the Kurds, as well as the territories beyond the Euphrates controlled by the United States, will someday return to the control of the Syrian government equal to zero.

            But this is debatable .. Firstly, everything changes quickly and sometimes even unexpectedly .. and secondly, only a madman can resist everyone in all directions .. The UPR has set priorities and slowly but surely dictates its will in Syria .. Not washing, so skating, as they say ..
            1. l7yzo
              l7yzo 29 October 2018 05: 02
              As my boss said, the main desire. If there is a desire - there is money. After all, the problem is who will contain Syria. After all, now it’s kind of blazing everywhere and the maintenance will be expensive. This is not when the United States simply bombed Iraq and the government kept the current - but the people themselves and around were calm. And now it will be necessary to pay everyone and oil is clearly not enough for this local.

              And the fact that someone there dictates his will ... And the militants there are such elusive and finally they are so all so different. Yes, all this garbage, during the day). The question is what to do next. There are many countries in the world — they are, as it were, and like no one needs them — even their people.
          2. Warrior2015
            Warrior2015 26 October 2018 04: 57
            Quote: Anton Yu
            The failure of the United States seems to be that Assad could not be defeated and will no longer succeed. On the other hand, Assad has never fully won.
            Let's just say - while the level of problems in Syria is such that in the event of Russia and Iran leaving this country, the Assad government, even in the case of "reconciliation" and leaving the northern and eastern regions "overboard", will fall within a few days, at least several weeks.
        2. Macross
          Macross 24 October 2018 18: 14
          The authorities can not control, unlike Iraq.
          Iraq here recently broke the contract with Siemens for 15 billion and signed with GE.
        3. DeGreen
          DeGreen 27 October 2018 08: 27
          It’s interesting how Ukrainians appear on which forum, dirt immediately pours on the country, the people and the president. Follow your Petya
    2. Same lech
      Same lech 24 October 2018 07: 25
      Once in the maze, the pessimist - looking for a way out, the optimist - breaks his forehead.

      2 climbers in the mountains - an optimist and a pessimist. Lost and fall. Pessimist: "I'm falling ..." Optimist: "I'm flying! ..."
      A pessimist is studying Chinese, an optimist is learning English, and a realist is a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
      Optimists have dreams come true, pessimists have nightmares.
      1. Colonel
        Colonel 24 October 2018 07: 33
        Quote: The same LYOKHA

        Pessimist: "It couldn't get any worse."
        Optimist: "Maybe, maybe."
        1. Nyrobsky
          Nyrobsky 24 October 2018 10: 52
          Quote: colonel
          Quote: The same LYOKHA

          Pessimist: "It couldn't get any worse."
          Optimist: "Maybe, maybe."

          A pessimist is, above all, a well-informed optimist.... In general, forecasts are not a rewarding business. November 6 congressional elections, November 11 elections to the DPR. On November 11, VVP and Trump made an appointment to rattle eye to eye and exchange "buns." Because of whom the "buns" will be more significant and the further development of the situation on Urkain will depend.
          1. The comment was deleted.
      2. bycharashkO
        bycharashkO 24 October 2018 17: 38
        On the other hand, pessimists live better. Their whole life is pleasant surprises, and the optimists' life is continuous disappointment.
    3. Machito
      Machito 24 October 2018 10: 19
      Sooner or later, Ukraine will default with a further dive of the economy to the bottom. Russia has brought an economic club over UkroReich and is waiting for a convenient moment to knock the fascist scum back to Europe. As soon as the pipelines to China, Germany and Turkey are completed in 2019, this moment will come.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 24 October 2018 11: 17
        Bearded, there are still payments in the coming years on loans in the amount of 23 billion euros. Remove this embargo or not, but you have to pay for weapons. Although the owners can, without this, provide the Eastern European "good" and give the command "face". hi
      2. shura7782
        shura7782 24 October 2018 16: 27
        Quote: Bearded
        Sooner or later, Ukraine will default with a further dive of the economy to the bottom ....... in 2019 - this moment will come.

        Well, at least one forecast. With a specific date. good I like him.
        Of course off topic, But what do you think then about Greece? Money is crammed there many more compared to Ukraine. And there is no noise about it at all. Do you think that striped money will bother you to steam money in Ukraine? This is their project.
        1. Machito
          Machito 25 October 2018 20: 58
          The EU poured money into Greece, because the default of Greece could cause a chain reaction in PIGS, and the euro could collapse. The astronomical sum of the dough fell in, but the disease did not go away and can be repeated. In Ukraine, there are several times more people living, and we need to dump more dough. The European Union is like death, and the United States, if you print such a ton of money with a yellow-blue tint, it is easier to declare Ukraine 51 states. With such funding, Poroshenko will become the richest man on the planet, because no one has canceled theft and corruption. So, the cheapest way is to turn Ukraine into Somalia and throw it to Russia.
          1. shura7782
            shura7782 26 October 2018 21: 27
            Quote: Bearded
            The EU threw money into Greece, because the default of Greece could cause a chain reaction in PIGS, and the euro could collapse ......... So, it’s cheaper to turn Ukraine into Somalia and throw it to Russia.

            Thanks for the post. With your lips and honey slurp. yes
            Let's see how the elections go. If the stripes put everything on the brakes, then the truth is yours. wink If not, not yours. sad
    4. Normal ok
      Normal ok 25 October 2018 17: 37
      Quote: Mr Credo
      Kamenev is an optimist, however!

      He is not an optimist. He is a full-time propagandist and agitator. Otherwise, how can one write such nonsense ?!
      Having recognized Donetsk and Lugansk as the parties fulfilling the Minsk agreements, Moscow will further refuse the legitimacy of the Bandera authorities as not fulfilling the Minsk agreements.

      And this is generally beyond reality.
      PySy. Interestingly, he is never shy about the fact that his "predictions" do not come true. What was at least the article "The war will begin on 07.11.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX", where he, in all seriousness, set the date for the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass. In general, not words ...
    5. antivirus
      antivirus 25 October 2018 18: 17
      “Why did Moscow recognize these fascists?”, You can answer that you recognized it under the “Minsk conditions”, then there was hope that the Minsk process would somehow remove the fascists like Parubiya and Turchinov from power in Ukraine. Overestimated
      ================== I alone knew that would not remove? There was an incomprehensible tacking - for possible sanctions not announced to us aloud
  2. 210ox
    210ox 24 October 2018 06: 16
    But soon, dear Victor, we’ll see how right you are with regard to the recognition of LDNR and a change in Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine. Personally, I am more pessimistic about the decisions in the Kremlin. However, the decision on sanctions against Kiev inspires little hope.
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 24 October 2018 10: 57
      Quote: 210ox
      But we will see soon ... recognition of the Lao PDR and a change in Moscow's policy towards Ukraine.

      There is an opinion that another "accountant" will come to the Russian Federation, talk to Nezamenny, and "slow cooking of the frog" will continue. The Vlasovite will not peck out Bandera's eyes.
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 24 October 2018 08: 06
      In their free time, the electorate mutates into taxpayers, the rest is not interesting to the State.
  4. Gardamir
    Gardamir 24 October 2018 07: 07
    Trump knows that Ukraine is American. But the person in the photograph does not know Russian history at all.
  5. Ace Tambourine
    Ace Tambourine 24 October 2018 08: 14
    The most severe blow to the 404th would be the introduction of a visa regime for migrant workers, a tax of 50% on the transfer of funds ... The brothers are squeezing the work of local dumping, that is, we are impoverished and we are strengthening the enemies ....
    Yes, all this brotherhood stay in \ on, and in a month the Piglet will hang out with its codla on the lantern.
    The most painful place is the wallet ..
    1. dgonni
      dgonni 24 October 2018 09: 52
      Great idea! Only in return will go also visa with Russia! And the number of people traveling to earnings in Russia over the past 7-8 years has fallen significantly! This is not the year 2000. By the way! They go to work in Russia mainly from the eastern regions. Gut, they will go to the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Poland. Well then. They will see at least civilization and with a probability of 99 and 9 in the period they will never even think to go to Russia again!
      P.S. For adherents of Kisilev! From November XNUMX, you do not need a work visa to work in Poland! Well, all of a sudden! A simple biometric passport allows you to safely go to work and find and choose a job yourself!
      P.S.2. On the labor market in construction, there has been a tendency to return workers back to Ukraine. For there are less costs in terms of housing and accommodation, and the resulting money is even a little more!
      1. Uryukc
        Uryukc 25 October 2018 06: 34
        Quote: dgonni
        From November XNUMX, you do not need a work visa to work in Poland!

        This turned our whole world upside down))) Good riddance, let’s not be bored.
        Quote: dgonni
        Only in return will go also visa with Russia!

        The visa regime with the Russian Federation is of course a very terrible punishment for the Russians)))))
        Quote: dgonni
        They will see at least civilization and with a probability of 99 and 9 in the period they will never even think to go to Russia again!

        Do not forget to bring civilization to Bendery, like Prometheus.
      2. Alone
        Alone 25 October 2018 08: 06
        Quote: dgonni
        They go to work in Russia mainly from the eastern regions

        Yeah sho laughing !? That in some northern places so zapadenschine with Bandera smacks of.
  6. Conductor
    Conductor 24 October 2018 08: 27
    Where did the Ukrainians see the fraternal people?
    1. Detnix
      Detnix 24 October 2018 09: 28
      That's right, we are not even fraternal people, but ONE people! Before the revolution, less than 1% of those living in the territory of today's Ruin considered themselves Ukrainians, and those traitors were Uniates, the rest considered themselves Russian. Nobody has done more than Lenin for Ukrainians, they should not demolish the monuments to him, but conduct torchlight processions in front of them and bring him their bloody sacrifices.
      1. dgonni
        dgonni 24 October 2018 10: 13
        Опять свидетель киселёва? Тыц ( перепись 1897 года. Если заинтересует можете посмотреть по губерниям. Вас ждут большие разочарования в плане кубани и дона а также таганрога белгорода и воронежа!
        1. Wilderness
          Wilderness 24 October 2018 11: 29
          You understand that a survey is such a survey (just by your link). If you convince people that they are: Siberians, Kubanians, Pomors, Muscovites, etc., or in Ukraine: Kievans, Westerners, steppe inhabitants, Donbass and h.z. what else can you think of, then, after a while, the survey will show the presence of the absence of any nationality at all (both Russians and Ukrainians). And it is very easy to instill it, because the "Slavic" language is alive and constantly evolving, in different localities it can be very different (and still it is one language). Unlike the implanted dead, as it were, "Russian" language, where the rules and vocabulary are fixed, words do not appear, but become obsolete and disappear. Only words borrowed from the English language appear, for example, speeches of government representatives without a Russian-English dictionary are already difficult to understand (and with a dictionary they turn out to be stupid). The other extreme is in Ukraine, where non-existent words are "invented", turning a very beautiful dialect into an ugly parody.
          1. dgonni
            dgonni 24 October 2018 12: 03
            Well, who in the days of the empire inspired the people of Ukrainians or Belarusians? Do you even understand that languages ​​live for thousands of years and disappear only because of assimilation or a critical reduction in ethnicity!
            1. Wilderness
              Wilderness 24 October 2018 12: 10
              Note that the survey asked about language, not nationality. And the deduction of a "Soviet man" or, for example, a tolerant European or a Tozherosian is benevolent for any non-national state (otherwise it may collapse over time).
              PS: who is so tough, but anonymously minus you?
              1. dgonni
                dgonni 24 October 2018 12: 17
                Note and read the principles of forming surveys and determining nationality! Nationality was determined by language! If determined by self-identification, the percentage of Ukrainians and Belarusians with Poles would be much larger!
                1. Wilderness
                  Wilderness 24 October 2018 12: 27
                  What am I talking about? Each village has its own, slightly different dialect. In each town, depending on industrial specialization - its own. In the conditions of great distances, coming up with nationalities is easy. Just for the convenience of calculating on a geographical basis - for example, Primorye, Nagorny, woodland, steppe, etc. And then one people is becoming not completely united. Small nationalities are easier to control and to urge.
                  1. dgonni
                    dgonni 24 October 2018 12: 30
                    Well, take an interest in the same census by the number of Ukrainians in the Far East. The distance did not lead to a change of nationality, here is a paradox is not it?
                    1. Wilderness
                      Wilderness 24 October 2018 12: 34
                      Those who moved have already developed Ukraine, there is no paradox. A resident of Moscow (who has lived there for a long time) can move anywhere in Russia - he will still remain a Muscovite.
                      1. dgonni
                        dgonni 24 October 2018 12: 39
                        Muscovite is not a nationality!
                      2. Wilderness
                        Wilderness 24 October 2018 12: 46
                        I would venture to suggest that the Ukrainian was once not a nationality. The part of the Black Earth region where I live in ancient times was called Ryazan Outskirts in preserved documents (I saw photocopies of documents about the founding of some villages).
                      3. The comment was deleted.
                    2. viktorR
                      viktorR 24 October 2018 16: 55
                      And starting to speak Russian, the Ukrainian becomes Russian))?
                      1. Katyusha
                        Katyusha 25 October 2018 18: 39
                        Quote: viktorR
                        And starting to speak Russian, the Ukrainian becomes Russian))?

                        I don’t know anyone who would start. Everyone continues. lol
                2. Antares
                  Antares 24 October 2018 22: 07
                  Quote: dgonni
                  Nationality was determined by language

                  sometimes with a passport ...
                  Russian is my native, as for many. but since the days of the USSR, I have firmly learned that I am Ukrainian (I also know Ukrainian, but I use it only if necessary, like English)
                  within the framework of the world economy, no matter who you are, a Russian or a Ukrainian ... these are too small problems. Now we are all a single system. Planetary civilization
            2. a housewife
              a housewife 27 October 2018 18: 53
              Ukrainian language - and millennia ...
        2. Hypatius
          Hypatius 24 October 2018 18: 32
          You will find great disappointments in terms of the Kuban and the Don, as well as the Taganrog of Belgorod and Voronezh!
          What about the Crimea?
          From the 1897 census. Tauride province. Russians -59,7%, including the number of Great Russians -49,1%, Little Russians -10,4% and Blorussians-0,2%. Ps "b" read as a solid sign and yat.
  7. Antonio_Mariarti
    Antonio_Mariarti 24 October 2018 09: 34
    Time does not play in our favor, something needs to be decided, otherwise in 5-10 years Ukraine will already have a missile defense system.
  8. steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 October 2018 09: 47
    I am outraged by the Putin-Lavrov policy towards our border neighbors. We gave everything at the mercy of the United States, we ourselves are only defending ourselves. For Putin, just snap a finger and all, well, almost all of Ukraine will be like Crimea, but he does the opposite. A normal politician will never allow this to happen on his border. One can see the family, money, officials with their children and money "there" is more valuable than the country's security. He creates problems for himself.
    1. nafanal
      nafanal 24 October 2018 17: 59
      Like Crimea ... say. There isn’t such happiness. 40 million embittered fooled people who believe that they all should not be able to pull a normal state .. They debunked one debt, they spent three generations sitting on bread and water
      1. goose
        goose 26 October 2018 09: 31
        Quote: Nathanael
        There is no need for such happiness. 40 million embittered fools and who believe that no normal state will pull them all ..

        There is such a US invention - incorporated territory. Examples: Hawaii, Alaska, Panama, Philippines. In fact, the laws of the United States are in force, a protectorate is established, but it is included only when laws, politics, public opinion and the economy are fully consistent with the mutterland - 3 states have already grown.
        You can take for example.
        1. nafanal
          nafanal 26 October 2018 18: 40
          I live near Ukraine .. We in the Kuban have many people from there. Yes, and the whole Kuban is a little Ukraine .. Somehow it took a certain amount to its wide neighbor .. Since then, it has hated me. It turns around spitting on the trace .. And you want 40 million to correspond to the Mutland .. Yes they were sponsored and that they deserved .. Moskalyaku gilyaku ... No robots -Ukraine disease akin to Ebola. It is useless to treat.
          1. a housewife
            a housewife 27 October 2018 20: 09
            we have all sorts of things in the Kuban. Only Kuban is not Ukraine. Kuban - Russia. Russia!!! And who you are and which one is still unknown.
            1. nafanal
              nafanal 28 October 2018 07: 59
              Really recognized themselves? But I don’t doubt that Kuban Russia .. However, there are fools hanging around with Ukrainian flags. I saw it myself in Anapa ... It was true he didn’t go for long ...
  9. beeper
    beeper 24 October 2018 10: 20
    In principle, not an article, but a Christmas tale good !
    But everything will not be so, and the "third Maidan" is not in American interests, unless, of course, they were completely foolish in order to destabilize their own colonial "administration" only for "rotation of personnel" and "covering up traces (of all" Maidans "they clearly stick out Fashington ears, they cannot be hidden in any way, they will also stick out from the vanguard "third", so what is the point for them to "sweep" if all the intermediate goals of the colonialists of "Ukraine" have basically been achieved and preparations are already under way for the splitting and colonization of Russia ?!) ".
    Washington, now without any "Maidans" and without hiding, has the opportunity to openly pursue its anti-democratic policy both in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe (with the full envious "approval" of Western European "common people", a priori amerodependent!), The same "agent Kurt "has recently been making more than frank" statements "on" this topic "in the style of" don't get ours in! "
    At the same time, "Ostgauleiter" Volker also includes Belarus in the list of his post-Soviet puppets, since he knows very well that at any moment the American and Polish-Baltic special services can initiate in Belarus a successful "Maidan scenario" worked out in Ukraine, preconditions at the "top" and " the lower ranks "by them (and by the amero-dependent from the same" upper circles ") have long been created and are only getting worse (obviously, in recent years," twitched "and" flirting "with the" Bandera "- and" Litvino "Natsiks, the Belarusian Father understands this, , and the fact that, except for Rostov, he, albeit a "two-chair" like Yanukovych, has nowhere to tick?!) - this should become a kind of "surprise" for their Russian colleagues, like "Russians are waiting for an American greeting in Donbass , and she flew to Minsk ?! ", and even combined with the blocking of Kaliningrad (according to their" Wishlist "-Koenigsberg again, by the way, there is also, already prepared, its own" fifth column "of" ancient Konigsberzhtsy "). I do not deny the escalation of American aggression in Donbass, as one of the strikes against Russia.
    So, not everything is so rosy! The victory, of course, will be ours, the Russians, but it will be very, very expensive for us!
    And in unison with the recent beautiful "promises" of the Russian President, about "a hell of a response to enemies" and "paradise for Russians", I will say, as once accidentally returned "from the other world" request that there, where our Souls fly off, everything is fine and each Soul will know it in its own time, and "heaven" and "hell" exist in this life of ours, and we owe them only to ourselves, and "with this" to all of us " we need to work "so that in our COMMON earthly life there is as much" paradise "as possible and as little as possible" hell "(for this it is not at all sinful to" neutralize "any evil" wolkers-lupus est "with their hangers-on by any means smile )! yes
    1. AshiSolo
      AshiSolo 25 October 2018 22: 10
      MDE. You deputies openly and directly mock people: after the pension reform, insane benefits and others like them muddied themselves. And you all nod to the Old Man. Even if they steal from us, they are at least prudently silent. And yours no matter. You all are waiting for another ambush from the side, and to notice that it has long been created from the inside is not fate.
      1. beeper
        beeper 26 October 2018 01: 02
        Quote: AshiSolo
        MDE. You deputies openly and directly mock people: after the pension reform, insane benefits and others like them muddied themselves. And you all nod to the Old Man. Even if they steal from us, they are at least prudently silent. And yours no matter. You all are waiting for another ambush from the side, and to notice that it has long been created from the inside is not fate.

        hi SUGS, pane AshiSolo! Your But father, our Bandera "named (he himself volunteered yes ) brother "-helps as much as he can, verbally, with his" practical advice "to the Maidan authorities and materially re-exported Russian and Belarusian gasoline and diesel fuel for our armored vehicles, humanitarian aid and products, Belarusian optics, thermal imagers and guidance devices for ATGM" Stugna "-all this is for Bandera's "fight" with "wrong" fellow citizens and with an "aggressive aggressor (this is to whom Father goes for another loan)", he thinks, probably, that it will be counted by "common people" and after the Minsk "Euromaidan" prosper calmly until his death, they will not condemn him as "the last dictator of Europe (that is how" common people "called him when the AHL publicly declared from the high tribunes that" Belarusians are Russians with a quality mark! ")" ?!
        That's right, you wrote about our deputies and about the "ambushes" -sho e, then e request
        (fought for te y-strybala on the "Maidani of hate" ?!), even, always turning a blind eye to the desecration of the Ukrainian Constitution and the massacres of "unseen" Ukrainians, our American masters insistently demanded that an Anti-Corruption Court be created, but our "Maidan the authorities ", wuxi yih" gilki ", did not agree to such" obvious madness ", is it like cutting the branch on which you are sitting, nema making a fool of take routine ?!
        From such a share, pid swear by Washington, our bilorusky friend! request So, friend of Porada-ne zrikaytesya fraternal Rosii, trymytaesya to nei yaknaiblyzhcha y tovarisyshuyte, thou shalt cut the share for you, lower pid by the enigmatic phishington! Tilki at once with Russia, for one you don’t stand up to the protests of the native bulk! yes
        Vse zrosumilo, my billorussky virtue ?! wink
        1. The comment was deleted.
  10. vladcub
    vladcub 24 October 2018 10: 57
    "Before the congressional elections, Moscow is holding back, trying to strengthen Trump's position," speak more quietly, otherwise Clinton will hear and say: "The Russians chose Trump: Kamenev has now confirmed." Trump became a "dove" do not tell my footcloths: he was and remains a huckster and is looking for profit EVERYWHERE. There are certain circles behind Clintons and Co., and there are other forces behind Trump, that's all.
    1. Antares
      Antares 24 October 2018 22: 14
      Quote: vladcub
      Kamenev has now confirmed. "" Trump became a "dove"

      Kamenev prayed for Trump and America - his article "God Save America and Trump" was also on VO during the Trumpomania in Russia.
      The State Duma welcomed Trump standing and drank champagne, and someone skated around Moscow with the American flag
      generally trumpomania was
  11. New Year day
    New Year day 24 October 2018 11: 34
    I don’t know what to say about LDNR. Judging by the box, ongoing shelling is covered much less frequently than 3 years ago. Sensation - everything is dosed. Perhaps the GDP keeps the room for maneuver. Here are just a maneuver for what? It will not be possible to push LDNR into Ukraine on the basis of GDP (a hedgehog is already clear), recognition of LDNR threatens further deterioration in relations with the EU and the states + full load on the budget of the Russian Federation.
    It turns out, a suitcase without a handle. Meanwhile, people live and die there for 4 years, children die. For what?
    1. prapor55
      prapor55 24 October 2018 20: 18
      Yes, they drove themselves into a dead end with LDNR, and then the Americans remembered the contract that we needed first of all, it remains to wait for the next hpp.
  12. Victor Kamenev
    24 October 2018 12: 18
    If we live, we shall see, and there will not be less hats, probably this is some kind of law of nature! ..
  13. iouris
    iouris 24 October 2018 12: 53
    You might think the author is "holding a candle." In fact, an extremely subjective opinion about the current political situation and the tasks of the Kremlin. I recommend authors who regularly conduct this kind of "research" to analyze the likelihood of their dreams coming true by their own publications.
  14. vladcub
    vladcub 24 October 2018 16: 58
    Friends,. not the topic. In Sochi now: "alarming October": they took up the city elite, chief architect, vice-mayor. Now they have heard it on the news and are commenting on the following: the governor decided to appoint his own people in Sochi (there were Tkachev's nominees). Or another version: AMU, in connection with the tense situation around Russia, decided to "pull up" the south. Personally, I adhere to the "third" version: someone "bit" too much and wants to swallow, but they interfere
    1. dauria
      dauria 24 October 2018 23: 43
      Personally, I stick with the "third" version:

      And I am the fourth - the power by "planting" is trying to raise the greatly shrinking prestige
      after retirement tricks. Here, everything will go to work - evil Americans with a war, turned up soccer clowns, rogue officials. Even natural disasters (tfu-tfu) would not hurt them now. We’re fighting and winning on all fronts, if only the people forgot about the vile.
      1. martin-159
        martin-159 30 October 2018 20: 12
        Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 24 October 2018 19: 31
    In general, the position of Russia in relation to modern Ukraine looks strange. On the one hand, we recognize the coup and an almost nationalist government, on the other hand, we are the main partner and creditor of this government, even though we are accused of not having water in the pipes , I'm not talking about economics and politics. In response to this, the Russian Federation supplies almost half of diesel fuel for the Armed Forces, spare parts for military equipment (all this through gaskets and muddy circuits, but this does not change the meaning of help)
    Recently, the Russian Federation has become more legible in owning an instrument of influence on Ukraine, but again it looks like a half measure
  17. super duper
    super duper 24 October 2018 19: 50
    For example, Trump is obliged to report to the people for his actions, the actions of the Kremlin are not understandable to anyone at all, sometimes it seems that the Russian government does not know how to articulate itself, otherwise why not say what they are doing and what are their goals? Even the most inveterate jingoistic patriot does not believe in the official versions of the Kremlin lies, because there is a need to explain everything with some unknown multi-tips and thousands of similar authors lay out their interpretations about what is happening, and this lie, it’s for the good, what a multi-doorway without lies ...
  18. Antares
    Antares 24 October 2018 22: 22
    briefly another Kamenev work is possible
    put into standard shelves
    1-Ukraine does not need anyone and they will leave her (# soon)
    2-Maidan 3 # coming soon
    3-RF anyway win (everywhere and in Ukraine too - # coming soon)
  19. Wizzzard
    Wizzzard 24 October 2018 22: 45
    I do not know if the author of the article is an optimist or a pessimist, as they guess in the comments. But as for me, the whole text of "Troubled November" is classic soft-boiled boots. Here's a quick quote:

    "The State Department, represented by Mike Pompeo and his (!) Special Representative Kurt Volker ..."
    This "(!)", As I understand it, should emphasize the fact that Kurt is his, Pompeo, representative, and not Donald Trump. And just below:
    "... we underestimate Kurt Volcker. He is not the US special envoy, he is something more: the plenipotentiary successor to Senator McCain, director of the McCain Institute. Volcker is untouchable for President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo ..."

    And here it turns out that the cursed Walker и Pompeo, и Trump had in mind. And he is not just there something, but already "director of the McCain Institute" !!!
    It seems very terrible this institution, if its director and the State Department, and the president put with the device. (In our talk shows - from Solovyov to the first button and back - everyone, I repeat, everyone! If not the president of some kind of super fund where the watchman is in the staff, he's also a secretary, then at least the Director of the Super-Aziop Center And nothing. No one sweated either from delight or horror.)

    And the last thing in the article - about our Hero Hero himself, the non-awake "galley slave":
    "... at the Valdai Club, he still showed the USA, just in case, and" Kuzma's mother ":" You will just die! "
    Here it is simple: No comment. For this Sterkh kooky No. 1 has already been rolled on in a couple of hundred comments. And not to say with delight.
  20. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 25 October 2018 12: 42
    Moscow cannot make sudden movements until SP2 is built and put into operation. All the same, Russia must go on the offensive on the Ukrainian issue, sooner or later solve it in some way. Probably there will be some actions against the Kiev regime, but they will be strictly in the sphere of international law and flawless in legal terms. Walking and this is not enough - Russians can "strangle" Kiev economically, it is enough to rewrite the American style of play.
    1. super duper
      super duper 25 October 2018 12: 51
      Look at the map of the gas pipelines of the Russian Federation, which were still planned under the USSR, read how many pipelines the Northern and Turkish streams were planned to build and agreed on the heat in the end, and you might realize that even when these flows are launched, transit through Ukraine is indispensable. There, it was necessary not only to make more threads (of course, but they didn’t give it), there it was necessary to rebuild the entire GTS, which was built under the USSR and naturally did not think that it would be necessary to do somewhere bypassing Ukraine, but also + the German condition, so that The joint venture worked, there should be a contract with Ukraine for transit.
      1. Keyser soze
        Keyser soze 25 October 2018 12: 54
        It is not a matter of whether or not the Russian Federation can do without Ukraine. The fact is that with a sharp movement in Moscow, Germany may jerk and stop SP2. If you look at newspapers in the EU you will see that contrary to the construction that has begun, there is growing rustle against the project on the part of Poland and other countries, and this can be no accident and, of course, with the knowledge of the Washingtonians.
        1. super duper
          super duper 25 October 2018 13: 01
          She can stop it at any time, even when it is built, terminals for receiving LNG from the USA are being built, introducing new branches of the TANAP gas pipeline through Turkey from Asia, when the terminals in the USA will be ready here (a couple of years), the USA through Ukraine can create a controlled crisis of gas supplies, since most of it will still be through Ukraine and this will make the Russian Federation a completely unreliable supplier and they will ruin all the contracts, all the same, it builds these flows of the Russian Federation at its own expense, do not care for everyone. Trump has already told Merkel what the hell we spend on defense of 4% of GDP, and you buy gas from the Russian Federation, merge into its economy and army, Merkel apparently agreed, since it is better to take gas more expensive than to increase defense spending and maybe in a year 5 The EU will completely abandon gas from the Russian Federation.
          1. Keyser soze
            Keyser soze 25 October 2018 13: 21
            :) Well, I don’t think there is an opportunity for the EU to refuse Russian gas - other suppliers have no physical ability to deliver 200 billions of cubic meters, and consumption is growing. This is just an American multi-way, but what purpose and means - we can only guess.
  21. margo2000
    margo2000 25 October 2018 15: 13
    "for the failure in Syria" - it is not clear what the failure is? S-300 - that everyone is afraid of them is a myth and they are whole only thanks to the Russian military who serve them, as soon as they are handed over to Syria - timed the time before their destruction.
  22. akudr48
    akudr48 25 October 2018 20: 35
    Moscow’s recognition of the Bandera regime rests solely on the Minsk agreements. When experts demagogically exclaim: “Why did Moscow recognize these fascists?”, We can answer that it recognized on the “Minsk conditions”.

    No need to distort, Putin recognized Poroshenko before the Minsk process was launched.

    That is, the question "Why did Moscow recognize these fascists?" remains, but the author does not give an answer to it.

    It is unclear again, and in the decisions of our country and our leadership the neocons, the Clinton-Biden globalists, they are also the “deep state”? If only they bother us as a bad dancer ...
  23. Narak-zempo
    Narak-zempo 25 October 2018 21: 14
    The United States decided to take revenge for the failure in Syria in Ukraine

    For whose failure? Has the USA really decided to fit in with Russia? Then it is better to give an interest-free loan for 100 years to boost the economy and humanitarian aid to pensioners.
  24. nikvic46
    nikvic46 26 October 2018 09: 40
    The main thing in the statement of Trump is not Syria, and not Ukraine. To destroy the rapprochement between China and Russia, or to test its strength. The main thing in Ukraine is the United States lost. America was most interested in
    Sevastopol. This is where the main rookery of the American Armed Forces would have been. They have lost what they would like to have.
    control of the Black Sea.
  25. NordUral
    NordUral 27 October 2018 16: 29
    As everything is simple with the author.