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MiG-29K. Revival in the absence of aircraft carriers

Today, carrier-based fighters are an elite aviation any state where such aircraft are generally available. Naturally, very high demands are placed on them, and on pilots.

The launch of the program "Landfill" on the channel "T-24" is dedicated to the difficult fate of domestic deck fighters - first of all, the MiG-29K, история which began in 80's. For a long time, this project was in the waiting phase, not having received the necessary support. And only in 2000-ies the work on the creation of a multifunctional fighter for aircraft carriers was resumed on the basis of the latest technologies. There was a revival of the MiG-29K. Here are just a big problem with aircraft carriers by the time, as well as with specialized ground complexes for training.

Today, the multipurpose sea-based fighter MiG-29K occupies an honorable place in the naval aviation formation of the Russian Navy. We expect that naval aviation will have the appropriate carriers (in particular, the repair of the only Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will be brought to the end).

This fighter is designed as a new platform and has a huge potential for increasing combat capabilities, which are inherent in aircraft of the fifth generation.

The fighter won its authority not only in international salons. He took part in naval campaigns and was involved in military operations to destroy militants of terrorist groups in Syria.

The video provided the opportunity to virtually look "under the skin" MiG-29K.


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  1. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 20 October 2018 08: 25
    A good fighter has more decks! hi
    1. KLV2018
      KLV2018 20 October 2018 09: 17
      Quote: bessmertniy
      A good fighter has more decks! hi

      Given the current pace of shipbuilding in Russia,
      except for Kuznetsov, nothing will appear in the near future, and there the aircraft will become obsolete.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. pafegosoff
        pafegosoff 20 October 2018 11: 00
        Don't you think that the doctrine of aircraft carriers is a complete dead end?
    2. Sandor Clegane
      Sandor Clegane 20 October 2018 12: 20
      Quote: bessmertniy
      A good fighter has more decks!

      Deck Aviation of the Russian Federation - to be !!!
      1. IL-18
        IL-18 20 October 2018 14: 29
        Still have a clear idea of ​​WHY. Nobody will tell exactly what tasks the Russian AUG should solve. Enough and "Kuznetsov" to show: we have.
  2. prior
    prior 20 October 2018 09: 47
    Continuation of the series "Back to the Past".
    Aircraft from the past, aircraft carrier cruiser even older.
    And they will stand at the mooring wall ... until retirement. Another trip to Syria will not be required soon.
    Sad ...
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 20 October 2018 10: 58
      There was a rumor that the boilers changed - there will be less smoke. The finishers put the ropes more modern. Let's stretch ...
  3. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 20 October 2018 10: 57
    In general, the MiG-29/35 are very beautiful. Tupolev or someone else said: "Only beautiful planes fly well." Maybe he didn't say that, but remembering what I read 50 years ago in the books of A. Yakovlev and M. Gallay, Tupolev had his own assessment of the airplane. All the same: the founder of TsAGI, together with Professor Zhukovsky.
    Beautiful plane.
  4. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 20 October 2018 11: 06
    Get your sleigh ready in the summer. good
  5. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 20 October 2018 16: 03
    Quote: IL-18
    Still have a clear idea of ​​WHY. Nobody will tell exactly what tasks the Russian AUG should solve. Enough and "Kuznetsov" to show: we have.

    Needed - not needed, I think time will tell why Russia needs aircraft carriers.
  6. Dmitry Merkulov
    Dmitry Merkulov 20 October 2018 17: 15
    It will be needed if all the same ours take up the Storm, or at least the KM Storm, and so it makes sense to make an airplane for parking from scratch.
  7. Carib
    Carib 21 October 2018 15: 46
    Initially, the Chinese sell. And then you look, either an aircraft carrier can be bought from the Chinese, or you can harness your own. If there was a plane, there is one where to fly.
  8. Fox
    Fox 22 October 2018 00: 17
    If you really want to "dig out a stewardess", it would be better to make a really light fighter on the basis of the MiG-21, like the Sino-Pakistani JF-17:
  9. Allexxx
    Allexxx 2 November 2018 19: 52
    A contrived problem. It would be a desire - Russia will have a new aircraft carrier in a year. This is either an aircraft carrier of the Type 001A project (Shandong is currently testing armaments) or there is an option to buy the Viraat aircraft carrier from India that India wants to sell. I think if you buy from China, then the money allocated for the repair of Kuzi will be enough for a new aircraft carrier and for an aircraft carrier group consisting of J-15 fighters. And if we pay a little to the Chinese, we will have new fifth-generation fighters J-31. In terms - a maximum of a year. And if the option is with India, then the aircraft carrier will be part of the Russian Navy until the end of the year + over the next 5 years we will make the right amount of MiG-29K for the aircraft carrier.