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Russia accused of another poisoning?

Moscow assisted the DPRK intelligence services, which conducted an operation to eliminate the North Korean leader’s brother Kim Jong Nam, reports TASS United States Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley.

When the DPRK authorities murdered Kim Jong Nam, it was with the assistance of Moscow, which transferred biological substances to North Korea,
Hayley said at a UN Security Council meeting on sanctions against Pyongyang.

She clarified that the Russian special services handed over nerve agents to North Korean colleagues.

The permanent representative also compared the foreign policy of the Russian Federation with a certain virus that prevents Washington from achieving the full denuclearization of North Korea. Moreover, this virus, she said, extends to the processes occurring in the UN.

Shortly after this statement, UN Secretary General Representative Steffan Dujarrik apologized for the mistake made by the translator of the organization in transmitting words about the poisoning of Kim Jong Nam.

The organization apologizes for this human error. Translators have quite a hard job and it is especially difficult when they don’t have a prepared speech text in advance, he said.

In fact, according to Dujarric, Haley said: When the DPRK committed the murder of Kim Jong Nam with a nerve agent, the US delegation came out in favor of strengthening UN control over the supply of chemical and biological weapons Pyongyang. Russia in the Security Council first agreed, but then blocked the introduction of additions to the sanctions list.

Recall Kim Jong Nam died 13 last February on the way to the hospital from Kuala Lumpur airport after being splashed into his face with an unknown liquid. The murder accused two women, citizens of Indonesia and Vietnam. Those arrested deny their guilt.
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  1. bouncyhunter
    bouncyhunter 18 September 2018 10: 41
    UN Secretary General Steffan Dujarrick apologizes for the mistake made by the organization’s translator in transmitting the words about the poisoning Kim Jong Nam

    Well, yes, as always - "translation difficulties". negative Mattresses have long been greyhound beyond measure, and all kinds of mongrels justify them.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 18 September 2018 10: 43
      It’s not our style to poison - it’s an English woman who is crap .. now if an ice ax was in my head, we could suspect ours ..
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 18 September 2018 11: 10
        Quote: bouncyhunter
        Well, yes, as always - "translation difficulties". Mattresses have long been sighing beyond measure, and all sorts of mongrels justify them.

        Nikki Haley has a translator - very useful for her and for the fascist globalists in Washington and London. She doesn't even need, like US Secretary of State Colin Powell, to shake a test tube with an allegedly poisonous chemical in the UN Security Council. shake the powder in front of all countries so that all the US present will "correctly" understand!
        And then intimidation is how it goes. After all, the word is not a sparrow! Will fly out - you will not catch!
    2. Vend
      Vend 18 September 2018 10: 48
      These statements will not even make you laugh. They chose their own.
    3. NIKN
      NIKN 18 September 2018 11: 08
      Hi Paul! hi There already the translators even know what these birds can croak, I think that the translator didn’t especially listen, he Haley just didn’t expect another meaning ... yes
      1. novel66
        novel66 18 September 2018 11: 30
        the sword that killed Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, was smeared with a "newbie" by Kremlin agents
  2. Jolly oldster sailor
    Jolly oldster sailor 18 September 2018 10: 42
    Well ...... This is not even getting ridiculous.
    She specified that the Russian special services handed over “nerve agents” to North Korean colleagues
    They themselves would not have found them anywhere ... laughing The day is made to me, rzhunimaga, author ( US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley.) zhzhot !!!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 September 2018 10: 45
    United States Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley.
    Her name has already become a household name and unites a close-knit group of Russophobes in the UN Security Council. And the translator's "mistake" can be checked, since the originals of speeches in the native language should probably be preserved. The representative of the Secretary General apologized ...
  4. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 18 September 2018 10: 48
    Where is the shorthand of that speech? Very curious to read.
    Of course, I’m not a certified translator at the UN, but if I had enough skills in translating fiction, I’ll even try to somehow understand and translate the speech of the American schizophrenic for the people, so that there are no ambiguities.
  5. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 18 September 2018 10: 49
    Why should Kim poison his brother? He didn’t seem to lay claim to power. 100% of the mattresses were poisoned.
    1. Jolly oldster sailor
      Jolly oldster sailor 18 September 2018 10: 54
      And why should they, annoy their brother? Obviously intrafamily northerners graters. Ah! Sorry, forgot to add, IMHO !!! hi
    2. Sergey985
      Sergey985 18 September 2018 10: 55
      Perhaps there was a suspicion that the states labeled this brother to replace the existing one. So they removed it. There is even no doubt that the DPRK special services were removed. And the fact that Americans are from the UN stands is obvious nonsense.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 18 September 2018 11: 48
        Or maybe these women simply did not share it, and then decided that it would be better if nobody got it. recourse
    3. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 18 September 2018 11: 49
      Quote: nikolas 83
      Why should Kim poison his brother? He seems to have no claim to power.

      Duc ... Kim - he's like that. To shoot from the anti-aircraft gun did not work - then I decided to poison.
  6. askort154
    askort154 18 September 2018 10: 56
    We wait ! Next in line is McCain. This is a Russian GRU officer (pseudonym Li Xi Tsyn) hit him on the head during his capture, as a result of which he died of a tumor. yes
  7. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 18 September 2018 11: 46
    They were told in Russian that Russia does not poison children of nature, and they spoil everything with their ugly translation! fool
  8. Vard
    Vard 18 September 2018 12: 02
    They always ... found spoons, but the sediment remained ...
    APASUS 18 September 2018 19: 24
    Nevertheless, the UN is not a secondary school in Zadrypansk; very high-level specialists work there. Anyone who does not believe can try to apply for the position of translator, it will be a very interesting experience.
    Such discharges just do not happen from scratch, and again the switchman was made guilty
  10. razved
    razved 18 September 2018 22: 45
    One bad woman blurted out, and the representation of the superpower, which she personifies, and the entire international organization is forced to make excuses and look for ridiculous explanations. Isn’t it easier to designate smart people as the head of your mission? Or are there no more?