Skripale sanctions

New sanctions named Skripale, poisoned by someone in Salisbury (England), the US State Department went as it were in his last and decisive sanctions battle against Russia with the dollar at the ready.

The beginning of the offensive is 22 in August, the main sanctions strike is planned to be delivered in three months in November, when the mid-term congressional elections will be held in the USA.

However, this offensive of the State Department makes some kind of hypocritical impression, because President Trump is silent, even in his “Twitter” says nothing about this important foreign policy operation. What kind of confirms the comments: all this is a game on the eve of the elections to Congress, Trump gave someone a carte blanche for this operation, for his fear and risk, and he does not participate in it. Because they do not believe? Preparing to turn on reverse after the November elections? After all, these “squeaky sanctions”, in fact, are an ultimatum to Russia and contradict the results of its summit in Helsinki with Putin.

And President Vladimir Putin is silent. Instead, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that these sanctions are “a declaration of economic war,” and promised that Moscow would respond firmly, even to “other methods”: “Russia will act with economic, political and, if necessary, with other methods our American friends must understand this. ” In the case of restrictions on the activities of Russian banks and the US ban on dollar transactions.

“We are preparing a mirror response,” our Foreign Ministry confirmed through the mouth of Maria Zakharova. That is, in the economic war in the form of limiting dollar settlements, we will respond with counterstrike?

The European Union reacted intriguingly: it took the US creping sanctions "to note", although it used to approve, fully supported and joined in the past. This is Germany that gave its voice; it actually has sovereignty, it simply does not boast of it. This is evidenced by the decisive visit of Chancellor Merkel with Hollande to Putin in 2014 and the signing of separate Minsk agreements between Germany, France and Russia to counterbalance US policy. Senator McCain was very indignant then. And today Germany is not going to concede in matters of principle, continues to build a joint venture - 2 with Russia, despite threats from the United States.

A strange telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the official initiator of the sanctions, took place. If Trump is silent, then Pompeo seems to justify himself to Lavrov, speaks about the desire to cooperate with Russia, as if the State Department is not introducing sanctions.

In principle, Moscow can respond with a “zero scenario” with respect to the United States, which Vladimir Putin mentioned this spring. Experts are talking about a possible transition of Russia in foreign markets to settlements in national currencies, about a possible default on dollar transactions, which will hit those who are sitting on the other end of the dollar. Moscow may take retaliatory measures after 22 in August: it always responds not to threats, but to decisions made.

It is said that State Department trump sanctions with Pompeo want to prevent new Congress sanctions: “blow from hell” by Senator Lindsay Graham, a friend of McCain. Two weeks after the Helsinki summit, he drafted a bill: “The act of protecting American security from Kremlin aggression”, which aims to: “Introduce sanctions until Putin stops interfering in the US electoral process, does not abandon cyber attacks, leaves Ukraine, and will not give up trying to create chaos in Syria. "

Lindsay Graham seems to have a special relationship with the devil with his “blow from hell”. What will Lindsay attribute Russia tomorrow? Fires in California, space intervention, death of McCain? Our opponent showed himself: they are Satanists. Unsubstantiated accusations are a lie, always weapon satan's On the other hand, these accusations of the USA give us a reason for mirror counterattacks on hell itself.

There is an opinion that Trump is defending himself against impeachment with a scrape of sanctions against Russia: he proves that he is not a “Putin's agent” in order not to lose the mid-term congressional elections. If he loses this election, the pro-democratic Congress will find a reason to impeach him. It seems that Russia has a good move on this “blow from hell”: do not recognize Trump’s impeachment and consider it an attempt of a coup d'état in the USA.

There is another opinion. Magician Obama powdered the world the brains of democracy, but the great and terrible Trump came, finished the Obama number, wrote out all the bills. Demands to pay a democratic world banquet at the American expense. The sanctions are introduced as if anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, but Europe and China will have to pay them, moreover, they can push the world into a financial and economic crisis, where everyone will be for himself. Is this what Trump is seeking? Is it not from the depths of this crisis that he expects to bring America back to great again? And the Congress in a crisis situation will fade into the background, and as the initiator of sanctions. Perhaps Trump and his advisers are preparing a trap for Congress, and with Putin he has a Helsinki hot wire just in case of fire. Mike Pompeo and Sergey Lavrov have just tried it.
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  1. +4
    13 August 2018 06: 47
    Germany cast its vote, it really has sovereignty
    Please recall how many American military bases in Germany support its sovereignty?
    1. 0
      13 August 2018 10: 42
      Base Trump threatened to withdraw, that's what the world is something! This is where sovereignty is hiding!
  2. +2
    13 August 2018 07: 07
    Looks like Lindsay Graham with his “hit from hell” in a special relationship with the devil.
    Yes, all the terry Russophobes in a special relationship with Lukov and places prepared for him in his patrimony for a long time. But they, by their naivety, believe that the dollar also rules there, which means that this is also the sphere of their interests. A senator in the United States is not an elected position, but the meaning of life and enrichment at the expense of others. The end justifies the means - they live like this for 300 years.
    1. 0
      13 August 2018 12: 15
      A senator in the United States is not an elected position, but the meaning of life and enrichment at the expense of others.
      , and how are we? Matvienko, for example?
  3. +1
    13 August 2018 07: 51
    Trump will continue to approve all sanctions because the label that was hung on him, not without our help (thanks to all our deputies who drank champagne for him) does not allow him to pass for 2 terms. So for him we are just a bargaining chip in the political game for the presidency. And so I do not understand the surprise of our government? We ourselves plunged into capitalism, sat down for the first time to play poker with a sharpie who has been playing here for hundreds of years, and wonder how we were deceived hi
    1. 0
      13 August 2018 10: 44
      Leave alone innocent champagne and drinkers for Trump, do not be like schizophrenics from America!
  4. +1
    13 August 2018 07: 56
    To break through, crawl into power structures, this is the goal. the opportunity to subsequently enrich or fence off the law! Nothing new, so it is almost everywhere.
    We can care at the bottom, but it’s equally difficult to become, who would not rob us! Shaw theirs sanctions, sho our "servants of the people", on the people all the difficulties and their mistakes are all on us, at our expense! As elsewhere, they practically do this.
    This is capitalism, baby ... however, in the Land of Soviets, it wasn’t the angels sitting at the top, the people also got difficulties, under high slogans .... just difficulties fell on everyone, at least very few could be isolated from them and it was very hidden!
    1. +4
      13 August 2018 10: 45
      Victor, I don't understand you. I was born in the Soviet Union for free, I went to kindergarten for free (I still remember how I didn't want to get up early), I studied for free, I got a profession for free, wherever you stick, everywhere you need it ... Yes, we were spitting in the kitchen then: "I hung up the Star of the Hero again" ... If only we knew then that the next Star of the Hero for HIM is the smallest trouble for us, mere mortals ...
      1. +1
        13 August 2018 12: 15
        Vyacheslav soldier I specifically point out that in the Country of Soviets there were also different, negative phenomena.
        Decisions were made most often above, it’s not like a popular initiative to be worked out by the whole team for that guy. Those. decisions from above are different, in the range from what is not clear a fig to - and on fig you do it?
        I had the opportunity to watch. But still, I affirm that the standard of living, the possibilities of a simple hard worker and a regional committee secretary, although they were different, but a hard worker had everything he needed mostly, and although the secretary had more, he did not stick it out to people!
        I believe that the Country of Soviets is the most socially oriented system, for a man of labor! There were difficulties, many, but they were all resolved over time.
        For now, I don’t want to say sales, it’s wild to see me like a Soviet person!
      2. 0
        13 August 2018 12: 24
        that the next Star of the Hero for him is the smallest nuisance for us
        After all of the above, "four times a hero of the Soviet Union and a hero of socialist labor" is the least that the people could give Brezhnev. They must be cloned together with a loud voice. wink
      3. 0
        14 August 2018 02: 46
        Quote: sabakina
        Victor, I don’t understand you. I was born in the Union for free, went to kindergarten for free (I still remember how I didn’t want to get up early), I studied for free

        I was also born in "Soyuz", I also went to kindergarten, went to pioneers and Komsomol members, studied at a university. But was it "free"?
        If you remember the "Union" well, then you should definitely remember the "blat", which allowed you from the "back door", having "connections" with the shop butcher, to buy meat; You should definitely remember the queues, often months, to buy furniture, sanctuaries, radios, car batteries, if you had one. You must remember the theft of incandescent light bulbs from production, drawing rulers and writing paper. Remember "sets" or "orders", remember what that meant? Did you live in a communal apartment? Do you want to repeat it?
    2. -1
      13 August 2018 10: 49
      Everyone thinks he is a hero, seeing the battle from the side, and in battle you need to fight, and not to discuss the command, field marshals are couch!
    3. 0
      13 August 2018 10: 53
      Old truth: life is a struggle. God has given life - rejoice and fight! God didn’t create the WORLD to distribute freebies to sinners
  5. +2
    13 August 2018 08: 22
    But how can Russia "mirror" answer? Regular benefits for offshores or inflation targeting?
    1. +2
      13 August 2018 09: 01
      By setting market prices for everything for brothers and not brothers, then let's see what dashing economists and industrialists you are. And then accustomed to a freebie, give it, give it, but do not touch mine.
      1. +2
        13 August 2018 09: 34
        And what have the Belarusians and everyone else to do with it? Ours only blabla solid. Particularly pleased with the words of Medvedev "our American friends this should be understood "Ours do not have any leverage over the states. The rejection of the dollar is a myth inflated by the media, which ours will never agree to, and even if our eyes suddenly appear and this happens, then for the world economy this is a drop in the ocean, no which does not affect.
        1. 0
          13 August 2018 10: 51
          It is dangerous to live without a mind, and we are already giving up the dollar: US securities have been thrown off.
          1. 0
            13 August 2018 12: 07
            ))) Do not be so naive) First of all, our "refusal" to the Americans on the drum. Secondly, how old are the sanctions - 4? What, during this time ours could not answer symmetrically or not symmetrically? Could, maybe even wanted, that's just not much. Therefore, in the spring of 2015, the entire population of Russia immediately became 2 times poorer in relation to the same Americans and Europeans, and the reverse process is not observed. In the meantime, sanctions have a noticeable effect on the economy, and we are still waiting for our response.
          2. +2
            13 August 2018 12: 44
            Quote: Victor Kamenev
            and we are already giving up the dollar: US securities have been thrown off.

            vvp United States
            1980 - 2 trillion. 862.5 billion dollars, share in global GDP - 23,3%
            2017 - 19 trillion. 362.1 billion dollars
            1980 USSR gdp - $ 940 billion
            Russia's GDP in 2017 amounted to 92 trillion 81,9 billion rubles at current prices (and divide by 60), the Russian economy is more than 10 times smaller than the American one, the question is: "who got it in the ass?" mathematics to help.
    2. +2
      14 August 2018 15: 23
      Quote: Greg Miller
      But how can Russia "mirror" answer? Regular benefits for offshores or inflation targeting?

      I offer a mirror answer. The ruble is tied to calories (for example, 1 ruble = 1000 calories of heat). And certainly give energy from this calculation for rubles. The ruble exchange rate should be fixed to gold (it would smooth out the valotility at first), the Central Bank should be abolished, speculative capital and paper investments should be forced out of the economy. I didn’t come up with further :(
  6. BAI
    13 August 2018 09: 17
    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that these sanctions were “a declaration of economic war,” and promised that Moscow would respond harshly, up to “other methods”: “Russia will act by economic, political, and, if necessary, other methods - our American friends must understand this. ”

    War has been declared. And now let's imagine that on June 22, 1941, Molotov said in his speech not "The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!", But: "The USSR government will carefully study the issue and prepare a mirror answer, our German friends must understand this."
    1. 0
      13 August 2018 09: 35
      A clear comparison!)) This is the whole point of our ruling elite
    2. +3
      13 August 2018 10: 36
      Nifigase, compared ... BAI, an hour you are not a professor of sour cabbage soup?
    3. +1
      13 August 2018 10: 53
      But hats and sacks are not to be set aside, you don’t need to hurry in a war, you have to think in a war, and overtake when you are sure of what GDP has said.
    4. 0
      13 August 2018 11: 01
      But the soldiers did not wait for Molotov to say: they fought back themselves as they could. The men went to the draft board. But there were aesthetes, painstakingly studying the text of the speech. In difficult situations, even fair remarks can harm the common cause, and hasty and irresponsible ones can clearly benefit the enemy. War, my friend, she has her own ethics.
  7. 0
    13 August 2018 10: 34
    these "violin sanctions"
    Rather "duck stories".
    Our adversary has proved himself: they are Satanists.
    This is not the first year I've been writing here that HE has come! What will we answer? Second coming! It remains only to wait ...
  8. 0
    13 August 2018 14: 57
    economic war in the form of restrictions on dollar payments
    laughing In the form of restrictions on ruble payments for the United States?
  9. 0
    13 August 2018 16: 12
    What have some creaks to do with it. Sanctions impose on partners or colleagues. Sanctions do not apply to the enemy.
  10. 0
    13 August 2018 16: 33
    Quote: BAI
    The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours! ", But:" The USSR government will carefully study the issue and prepare a mirror answer, our German friends must understand this. "

    Essentially the same thing, just in the second case in diplomatic language

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