Results of the NATO summit. Trump showed Putin a trump card

So, the NATO summit is over. In principle, this summit went exactly as we predicted. Nothing that could shock, did not happen. The owner showed the place to his servants. Simply put, Trump frightened Europe. I was frightened that until the end of the meeting with Putin, Europe would sizzle in the corner and do what Trump said.

What for? The answer is also obvious. The American president showed Putin his trump cards in the upcoming game. More precisely, showed one trump card. The complete controllability of the NATO bloc and its complete disregard for the opinions of the rest like the Allies. The remaining trump cards were only marked with a dotted line.

To be honest, I do not understand the wide-ranging discussions of what happened. Someone else did not understand what it was? Taking advantage of the fact that our readers, for the most part, are somehow connected with the army and defense in general, we can call this an ordinary attack. By the type of aviation against the umba-yumba tribe.

I flew, I made noise, even shot somewhere a couple of times. And he flew in, knowing that the stone ax before his helicopter did not exactly good-bye. And darts will not do any harm. All in American style.

What were the main conversations about? Not about relations with Russia, not about Ukraine, or about Syria. In general, the main message of Trump has not changed. "Dengi, give the money," as Osya and Kisa demanded for their dance in the famous satirical work.

Here and now, Europe should give 2% of GDP for NATO needs. And then 4%! So what? Will the Germans or the French rush to fulfill this demand? Well, do not laugh. The governments of these countries have a lot of obligations to their own people. Obligations that must be met.

What is the alternative for Merkel or Macron? In principle, for all leaders of European states? To fulfill Trump's demands is to lose the next election and disappear from the political scene. Do not fulfill the requirements - get another tantrum from the United States.

But the main thing is not in percentage of GDP. The main thing is that 20% of the NATO budget, which is laid for the purchase of American weapons. It is obvious. Trump needs to create a stable and fairly large arms market in Europe. This will solve economic problems primarily in the United States. New jobs, expansion of defense industry enterprises, funds for the development of new weapons systems.

And the second question from the same area. US policy towards some "freedom fighters", "rebels". "Partisans" has not changed. Americans will support these movements. With what? Where to get weapon?

Warehouses that remained in Europe since the times of the Soviet Union, largely emptied. But there is a weapon, which is in the armament of the European armies. Europe buys American weapons and spends almost nothing to recycle the old Soviet weapons. It simply transmits it to the US. And then this weapon emerges already with various "fighters".

The next question from the "dotted" trump cards was the question of the "Northern Stream 2". A lot of conversations, a lot of comments ... A sense?

Americans at all will not be able to satisfy the European gas market, even at 50%. Construction of gas carriers and terminals for LNG is also costly. Those that are built, in the case of even the maximum volume of gas supplies from the US, are fully capable of reprocessing all this.

Tales about caring for our smaller brothers from the neighboring state with Russia, let us also leave aside. Every donkey wears his ears. Trump, respectively, American, and not Ukrainian. And Germans are more interested in German ears.

The evasive responses of the American president have clearly shown that he understands the inevitability of the SP-2. Europeans, perhaps, would like to keep the Ukrainian gas transportation system in an unchanged form, but it's scary. Everyone remembers 2009 year. Remember and understand that you can expect anything from Kiev today.

That is why this construction is connected not so much with the benefit of reducing the number of transit countries, but with the very notorious energy security. In general, it seems to me that the United States does not currently apply for gas markets throughout Europe. Enough Eastern European countries.

Ukraine today for the United States has become, as I wrote earlier, quite a big headache. Everything was tired of this regime. And there is no special benefit from Kiev for either Europe or the US. Russia has not become bogged down in the confrontation with this non-state. Russia is actively behaving in the foreign policy arena.

It is indicative how the American president beautifully left the direct question on the Crimea. It turns out that the decision in the US and Europe has already been made. And again from the well-forgotten old. The de facto Crimea is Russian, and de jure will be an unrecognized territory. It happened before! Exactly so in the USSR were the Baltic republics.

So, what proposals will be made at the meeting in Helsinki? I think the main issue will be Iran. The US can not allow this state to further strengthen. Strong Iran will become a really serious problem for all participants of the Middle East game.

The United States, Turkey, Israel and even us, although to a lesser degree, are interested in this. Iran's appearance of atomic weapons will put an end not only to US domination in the region, but also to the ambitions of Israel and Turkey. Yes, and the situation in Syria will complicate.

In short, Trump will come out with a proposal to prevent the revival of Iran in the creation of nuclear weapons. This is possible only through mediation and guarantees from Russia. And then it is rather arbitrary.

The actions of the US President undermined the Iranians' faith in international commitments. And the East is a delicate matter. Now, the political elite of Iran understands perfectly well that conversations with conversations, and a truncheon behind the door should stand. The DPRK demonstrated this perfectly.

The second burning moment is the relations between Russia and China. The US openly challenged the PRC and, in many ways, unexpectedly for Washington, the Chinese accepted this challenge. Today, according to various estimates, the confrontation between the US and China is estimated at $ 70-100 billion losses for both countries.

At the same time, China will reorient its financial and trade flows to Russia and the EU. And the Americans, along with the war with China, are leading one more. Just with the EU. And again the European business looks at the Russian market with interest. There are goods, then they need to be realized somewhere ...

Discarding all the husks, we obtain the second Trump problem. Try to spoil relations between Beijing and Moscow.

What will Putin answer? Alas, both problems of Washington are not particularly interesting for us. Moreover, the American leader does not have faith not only in Moscow, but in any capital of the world. "My word is stronger than peas, I gave it myself, I took it back myself."

Yes, and clumsily prepared "rear". All these 30-30-30-30. Squadrons, battalions, ships ... The new command posts of NATO in Germany and the US ... The threat of NATO joining Georgia ... Yes, and "directly tomorrow" ...

Should we be scared? No, we will laugh. And we will answer. I wonder where these battalions will be located? Where will flocks of fighters and attack planes? And where are those airfields on which all this "will sit down"?

But the fact that Trump's peace-loving rhetoric is supported by an increase in military spending, we see. And we see a change in the concept of the use of nuclear weapons.

In general, speaking of the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin, one must follow the old Eastern wisdom. The dog barks, the wind blows, and the caravan goes!

Trump really considers himself a world leader, even a genius. And in this capacity, again according to his own statement at the press conference, he tries to talk with the leaders of other countries. From the practice of his presidency it is perfectly clear that all ambitions quickly pass after the first click on the nose. Kim Jong-un showed this to the whole world.

In general, we are waiting for interesting events. On American television, his own president was called a seagull. Fell, shit, flew away. It seems to me, probably, the perception between us and the Americans is somewhat different, Trump reminds another bird.

Some readers were attacked by broilers. A sort of fighter with strong spurs. Until the first kick ...
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. +11
      13 July 2018 06: 13
      Wisdom: “Wherever you kiss an American, you’ll still get in your ass” (c)
      1. +1
        13 July 2018 09: 20
        A sort of fighter with strong spurs. Yes, the first kick ...

        I’m still waiting for the mattresses to shoot the film “The Cock Man”. wassat
        Part One About UGG,
        part two Rooster reincarnation about trump laughing
      2. +2
        13 July 2018 09: 56
        Actually, in the historical context, the UK has been much more fruitful and longer to us.
        So I propose to change the "American" to "Anglo-Saxon". Although most often we fought directly with the Germans and Turks. But it is clear whose ears kept looming over the horizon. Griboedov would confirm. Like Paul the First.
        1. 0
          17 July 2018 06: 29
          So I propose changing the "American" to "Anglo-Saxon"

          Trump is actually a German. But I see you like the word "Anglo-Saxons". Handsomely! laughing
      3. +8
        13 July 2018 19: 02
        Quote: Hoc vince
        Wisdom: “Wherever you kiss an American, you’ll still get in your ass” (c)

        So, in moments of mortal danger, the Americans are yelling: "We urgently save our asses!"
      4. +1
        14 July 2018 19: 53
        ..... or you’ll find yourself in it ....
  2. +5
    13 July 2018 05: 43
    And even with trump cards in your hands, you can stay in the cold.

    Grandma taught.
    1. +7
      13 July 2018 05: 48
      Quote: Vanek
      And even with trump cards in your hands, you can stay in the cold.

      Grandma taught.

      always wins the "casino" ...
      1. +2
        13 July 2018 05: 51
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        always wins the "casino".

        Far from a fact.
        1. +4
          13 July 2018 07: 33
          and whoever thinks that he won against the casino still has to get to the house with money lol good morning hi
          1. 0
            13 July 2018 09: 35
            And it depends on how much to "raise".

            Novel hi
      2. +2
        13 July 2018 10: 23
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich

        always wins the "casino" ...

        Yes, you, colleague, it turns out not a damn thing to understand in gambling! request
        Casino is possible and necessary about ...! Yes
        Come to me in Öburg and I will show you: how IT is done! Just take more money ... feel
        Hi amateur! drinks
        1. 0
          13 July 2018 19: 58
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Just take more money ..

          right now ... selling bast shoes and come ... winked Hello Gazprom. hi
  3. +2
    13 July 2018 05: 57
    their complete disregard for the opinions of others like allies.

    we thought about it and I decided ... wink Well, what are we talking to talk about? if Trump has only two opinions, one is his, the other is wrong ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +2
      13 July 2018 07: 35
      Masenka love the trouble is that his opinion is not always clear to himself and a little changeable, like the heart of a beautiful woman lol
      1. +6
        13 July 2018 08: 06
        Hello, Roman! love
        one constant component ...
      2. +1
        13 July 2018 09: 37
        Quote: novel xnumx
        beautiful woman’s heart

        Prone to treason and change. One two Three Volodya reception.
  4. +2
    13 July 2018 06: 58
    Flew, shit, flew away.
    It turns out that the American media still have a sense of humor. Regarding NATO, Trump really showed who is the boss in this house and gave them information for consideration. What did Europe want? Be under the protectorate of the United States and for free? It doesn’t work, so let them scratch their turnips and with trembling knees suggest how the negotiations between Trump and Putin will end.
    1. 0
      13 July 2018 15: 25
      [quote = rotmistr60] [quote] ... Regarding NATO - Trump really showed who is the boss in this house and gave them information for consideration. What did Europe want? Be under the protectorate of the United States and for free? It doesn’t work, so let them scratch their turnips and with trembling knees suggest how the negotiations between Trump and Putin will end. [/ Quote]
      What are you? What kind of "trembling in the knees" and who? This is all frivolous. Look at how Junker arrived at the meeting and it will become clear to you that the meeting of NATO members was not and is not something terrible and terrible (as the local media imagine for ordinary people), but just an excuse to drink and have a snack and have a good time for useless and stupid talk, making a smart mine with a previously known result in the form of a prepared home statement to Russia.
      Trump prepared everything that was needed from this meeting at home and voiced it in Brussels, with which most agreed. On that and thanks. His next meeting is scheduled for Monday in Helsinki. Here the result is not obvious. So there will be an exchange of views and clarification of the positions of the parties, and no more.
  5. +3
    13 July 2018 07: 10
    It makes no sense to twist a gun in front of us, we have our own. Most likely, it will be possible to lay out the financial and economic trump cards, which there is nothing special to cover the GDP with, so we are asymmetric in this matter ...
    1. +2
      13 July 2018 10: 21
      The GDP has one trump card, one, solid - TIME, he picked it up in 2014 and this trump card is oh how disturbing the Naglosak world is. The broiler is spinning in a pan, and the result is known to everyone for earlier.
      1. +3
        13 July 2018 12: 29
        The GDP receives time by processing the population, since 1993 it finally ceased to be a people, ryoforms. Without ryoforms, it would be faster - according to Zyuga, since 2014, the GDP growth has been negative, = -1,2%. And ryoforms allow for “unparalleled in the world” jumps, without making the su-57 immediately draw the 6 ++ generation. To paint something that has no definition is even cooler than the contest of young artists "World of 2000" in the journal "Technique - Youth".
  6. +1
    13 July 2018 07: 41
    GDP also does not shake. Also in the sleeves of trump cards and pictures as letters in the mail. Sorry we will hear a little detail.
    Yes, I'm afraid nothing will change dramatically, then they will come out with memorandums of understanding and mutual respect
    1. +4
      13 July 2018 09: 33
      Quote: Carib
      GDP also does not shake. Also in the sleeves of trump cards and pictures as letters in the mail. Sorry we will hear a little detail.

      We won’t hear any details at all, but the consequences of the meeting will have to manifest themselves either in softening the rhetoric in mutual relations or in toughening them. It all depends on what arguments and trump cards will be laid out on the negotiating table and whose will have more weight. The party promises to be interesting
  7. 0
    13 July 2018 08: 03
    A resolution or any other document will be signed about anything .. and will be scattered ... Trump will say that he agreed on everything .. "Sleep in Baghdad, everything is calm in Baghdad ..." But then, based on the signed document, will make demands .. The situation is like with Eun ...
  8. +1
    13 July 2018 08: 13
    I really hoped to read something new by the title of the article.
    So far, everything is stable. Nothing new.
  9. +1
    13 July 2018 08: 24
    It turned out that Latvia in which I live is the main American population! Just the same pride bursts .............
    1. 0
      13 July 2018 09: 34
      Hello, almost a countryman!) Sorry off-topic, but can you drop in a personal, how is my favorite Dvinsk doing? What is the general news? Thanks in advance.
  10. 0
    13 July 2018 09: 23
    Hello everyone!) I’m embarrassed to ask, how was the most democratic Armenian fighter with the Russian language and films reached the summit ?! The other day, his comrades-in-arms here shocked everyone with a cry with a war cry, as his end! AND? Did I miss something?
  11. +3
    13 July 2018 11: 34
    We would just like to push back the “brotherly ties” like Trump European .. Already it hurts a lot of our parasites, but there is no “friendship” quality.! They just look and wait, what else will Russia throw up, where can I pinch off.?. Only the “father” of which stands with its collective-farm logic and policy .. No need to please anyone, Let Russia go and go forward and further without any burdens and stick ... Who has time to jump on the train-well done. No, sorry ..
    1. 0
      13 July 2018 14: 36
      With your hand at least wave to the remaining how to start moving away ..
      1. 0
        13 July 2018 20: 06
        Surely ... we are polite !!!!
        1. 0
          13 July 2018 20: 29
          Just remember to put the locomotive ahead, otherwise they will not understand it, and they can even go downhill ..
          1. 0
            14 July 2018 08: 13
            We will not care how they understand us .. The main thing is to get out of your "hugs" !!!
            1. 0
              14 July 2018 12: 18
              Write the address, I’ll come up with the hook for you as well .. You’ll be pushing them into the departing train to push them ..
  12. 0
    13 July 2018 11: 51
    Whatever anyone writes, but still somehow restless in his soul before this meeting ...
    But let's hope Trump is not Burkhalter.
  13. 0
    13 July 2018 14: 16
    A populist article ....
    Politics are much more subtle and elegant. This is not a lumberjack, they are not waving axes)
    1. +1
      13 July 2018 14: 36
      laughing And who will we populate? Trump? Putin's? May? Merkuel? Politics is the art of making simple decisions. Create the appearance of great work. This is how the deputies of the State Duma talk on TV. Make a smart face and carry nonsense, with the obligatory use of imported words.
      Grace is not in beautiful words. grace in politics is expressed in creating a situation where the adversary decides to do what you need. The commanders from the battalion commander and above will confirm this to you. Do not tear a vest on your chest, but force the enemy to do what you need. This is the task of the commander.
      1. 0
        16 July 2018 17: 47
        Words are only part of the scene and tools of the politician.
        Populism is just common. Any topic is inflated to the point of absurdity or leveled to the smallest detail, such as how to shoot a cigarette. A fly to the size of a strategic bomber. Or a fly is called an airplane (a fly is also an airplane, only a small one still)))
  14. +6
    13 July 2018 15: 21
    Quote: Serge Boss
    The GDP has one trump card, one, solid - TIME, he picked it up in 2014 and this trump card is oh how disturbing the Naglosak world is. The broiler is spinning in a pan, and the result is known to everyone for earlier.

    This time he pulls the tail like a cat. In 2014, he could reach Serbia with our troops and would not meet resistance anywhere. GDP president of missed opportunities.
  15. 0
    13 July 2018 15: 50
    y how America started the barrel organ, it’s already scary how sorry that it doesn’t affect us))))))
  16. 0
    13 July 2018 15: 59
    The essence of what happened. Donya came to the geyropu, said sha, to hear silently aphids and to wind on his mustache. America is above all diving, I am your brussels on a spit. You have a period of two days, choose or increase defense spending several times, pay us for security from the hungry and wild Ivanov, or send Gazprom and get in the way and buy my liquefied gas. Roosters gamburskie mase faka.)))
  17. 0
    13 July 2018 18: 28
    Thanks for sober positive. I read the article with great pleasure smile
  18. 0
    13 July 2018 20: 18
    He does it right, allies must be kept in check.
  19. 0
    13 July 2018 20: 50
    It should be noted, however, not Russia is negotiating, namely the US empire. Trump tightened bolts to China, drove the tomahawks to the east and received a zilch from Russia, Iran is Israel’s mortal enemy, too, especially Donald circumcised poets and the DPRK is not resolved. So uncle Vova mattresses have topics to discuss.
  20. 0
    13 July 2018 21: 26
    Trump Dartanyan, NATO - Cardinal Guards
  21. 0
    17 July 2018 07: 09
    "our readers, for the most part, are somehow connected with the army and defense in general" .... yes, something I strongly doubt. trolls and fake accounts divorced, and even a lot.

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