Geography is expanding. How long-range aviation protects the interests of Russia

Russian Aerospace Forces expands the international geography of flights of supersonic rocket carriers, reports RIA News message commander far aviation Sergey Kobylash.

On Wednesday, Kobylash met with Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. They discussed the development of the infrastructure of the base in the city of Engels, flights according to the strategic containment plan in the zones of the Russian national interests, and the fight against terrorism.

The flights, which were carried out by the crews of strategic missile carriers to the equator, to Indonesia, suggest that the range of tasks increases along with the range of those directions and airfields, where we have the task of marking our presence,
said the commander after the meeting.

According to him, the Russian Federation strengthens the protection of the Arctic with the help of the Tu-160 rocket carriers.

This year we plan to fly to Anadyr by Tu-160 aircraft. Now the Arctic is of strategic importance for us, so we are developing new airfields and products that will ensure the safety of the country from the sea borders and in this direction,
said Kobylash.

He recalled that last year Tu-22М3 for the first time performed landings in Vorkuta and Anadyr.

The commander also said that the strategic bombers air base in Engels (Saratov region) would receive new headquarters and buildings. According to him, “during the first stage of modernization, the runway received a new coating of modern materials.” In addition, in 2017, a new fueling complex was built at the airbase.
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  1. +7
    18 May 2018 07: 58
    Higher, higher, and higher
    We fly our birds
    And in every propeller breathes
    The calm of our borders.
    1. +7
      18 May 2018 08: 06
      And somewhere behind the hill someone spits poison from such news ... wink
      1. +7
        18 May 2018 08: 10
        Quote: bouncyhunter
        And somewhere behind the hill someone spits poison from such news ... wink

        Better choke. Good time! hi
        1. +4
          18 May 2018 08: 12
          Victor, hi! hi
          Quote: cniza
          Better drown

          So let, but still nothing ...
          1. +3
            18 May 2018 08: 14
            The outcome will still be, unfortunately, this is already a reality, so we will help them.
            1. +3
              18 May 2018 08: 15
              Well, yes, without the help of agony can last a very long time ...
              1. +1
                18 May 2018 08: 23
                And again, the moment has come, another historical, starting point ... there will be many interesting, but also many terrible events.
        2. 0
          18 May 2018 13: 12
          Quote: cniza
          Better choke. Good time!

          hi Victor.
          However, they do not choke, but open their mouths over the entire airspace of Russia.
  2. +1
    18 May 2018 08: 46
    Russian Aerospace Forces expands international geography of flights of supersonic missile carriers
    This is welcome. They indicated their presence in Indonesia (probably after transactions on military equipment), in the region of the equator. Someone will scream again - why, money down the drain. Then, so that they know that Russia has the opportunity to fly where it considers it necessary to ensure its national security.
    1. +3
      18 May 2018 09: 57
      Well, if in the Arctic, then there will be closer to amers, our summer is not much ... laughing
      1. +4
        18 May 2018 10: 15
        Since the Soviet times, they fly to the Arctic, and even more so to Anadyr Tu-95, they fly and in a large circle to the airdrome, it’s like a normal job, it’s not a bad thing to fly to the tropics, we are studying theater of war ...
      2. +2
        18 May 2018 11: 53
        Oh you and lazy Half a hundred second laughing laughing wink
        Quote: NN52
        Well, if in the Arctic, then there will be closer to amers, our summer is not much ... laughing
        1. +2
          18 May 2018 12: 54
          Hobo, hello!

          I'm not lazy amI'm for saving kerosene .. laughing and so that Americans do not wait a long time to visit ..... wassat

          And I began to worry about you, where did I go? First thing about airplanes?
          1. +2
            19 May 2018 02: 17
            Yes, you won’t believe it. recourse
            It is a pity that the North is being mastered as anew: Coal Mines, Rogachevo, .., these are all our airfields. Will have to work what
          2. +2
            19 May 2018 02: 20
            Yes, you won’t believe it. recourse
            It is a pity that the North is being mastered as anew: Coal Mines, Rogachevo, .., these are all our airfields. Will have to work what
            1. +2
              19 May 2018 09: 54
              Or maybe a scrub there? Weak?
      3. 0
        18 May 2018 19: 52
        Quote: NN52
        therefore we are developing new airdromes for ourselves

        Shame is gloomy. I am ashamed of the new KDA, it is immediately clear that from the "non-local". When this is the jump airfield YES Anadyr (Coal Mine) was "new" for us. Quite a normal flight, only the Tu-22 there is definitely nothing to do. You can also tell him about the Grad Bell airfield (Franz Joseph Land) and Tiksi. Safely everything was - (misunderstood - lost) under Yeltsin, now the chest is rolled out with a wheel from its significance.
        1. +2
          19 May 2018 10: 01
          Of course, I am flattered that you quote me a quote to me ..
          But in the future please be careful ...

          And in this period of time, now it's all over again in the development of the forgotten old ...
          1. 0
            19 May 2018 14: 59
            I don’t ascribe anything to you. Just quote from the words of the new KDA. Only this native of front-line aviation somehow incorrectly interprets what he saw in YES. NEVER YES ceased flights and maintenance of Coal Mines and Vorkuta. And here his merits are not at all. Why then are these rants? Zhikharev in the recent past wanted to put an end to Tiksi, but not the military forces intervened at all and said that it was necessary to maintain a joint airfield. They can be understood - get out of there far and the cross can be put not only at the airport, but also on the town itself. And with Graham Bell, it's all sad.
            So the enthusiastic words in the comments to the article are completely off topic on Kobylash’s merits. And the proximity of the airport (even operational) to the United States, and its borders are a very controversial advantage. Moreover, only the territory of Alaska is close by, and the territory of the USA itself is quite far away.
  3. 0
    18 May 2018 09: 29
    And somewhere the regional bases are bent. More recently, there was a cry for them in VO!
  4. -1
    19 May 2018 11: 58
    Nothing has changed. There are no extensions.

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