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About aerospace bombs. Can afford, right?


We continue the theme of the outrages that happen with someone's light hand in aviation structures of the Western Military District.

We will not go into details yet, looted money there for the reconstruction of the airfield, or sent it to another place, you can just wait for December 2018 of the year and see firsthand whether or not Sergei Kozugetovich was framed.

But we will now talk about people in more detail and on the basis of a couple of documents that have come to us, so to speak, in sight. There is nothing secret in the documents, and as it was, we diligently painted over.

So, in the previous article we said that there are some problems in one air regiment. There are several problems. Financial, for example. This is when people are forced to rent housing at their own expense, since it is not possible to provide them with official services or give them money for sublease.

We anticipate statements like "what's up here, these are pilots, they won how much they get."

We agree. Almost unconditionally. Yes, these are pilots. And they get really big salaries. So what? Well, let's approach this way to everything. Let them, the pilots, just get a lot, the roads are being repaired. Airplanes of their own. Baltimore airfield let them finance. They are pilots, right?

And the fact that there are things that you compensate for a two-way salary ... Who among the grumbling is ready to trade with Peshkov for a salary? Filipov?

Go ahead. Flight personnel - he, of course, yes, flight. However, who knows how many people should work so that the pilot and navigator take off and complete their task? Engineers, technology. Engineers, technicians, hydraulics, electricians, gunsmiths ... Meteorologists, cooks, quartermasters, drivers, tankers and others?

The regiment consists of two squadrons of 12 aircraft. And under 800, a man of personnel. Then the calculator and all questions are removed from the agenda.

Yes, of course, there are local specialists, buturlinovskie, there are employees of military service. But at least half of it is as good as it is.

The situation is simple to ugliness. In pursuance of an order from the High Command, the local command from the 23326 military unit simply spat on its subordinates from the 45117 military unit.

Now it's time to look into the documents. Suddenly we misunderstand something?

The order was signed by the commander of the military unit 23326 Guard, Colonel V. Shkolenko, and the temporary headquarters of the Guard, Lieutenant Colonel S. Savvin.

The text of the order, if you read it, does not say a word about how long the military personnel of military unit 45117 will be at the airfield in Buturlinovka and on what grounds.

Short and clear - relocate during the repair of the airfield in Voronezh. Over 250 kilometers.

Relocation, of course, was made. Army all the same. And then the questions started. Regarding the accommodation, about what and how will be with the families of the military, suddenly transferred from the place of permanent deployment for an indefinite time.

And then the interesting moments began.

A year later, appeals to the prosecutor's office began. It is clear that, facing a choice, to pay for a one-room apartment in the urban-type settlement 15 thousand rubles, by no means all the military personnel rejoiced. And who was not happy, he was delighted with the prospect of riding to work and back for 250 kilometers. You want - every day, you want - for the weekend.

Send letters and complaints. And, for some, there was even a reaction. Here, for example, is one of the telegrams.

It asks the question quite clearly: on what grounds, legal or not, are the servicemen in Buturlinovka.

And - here they are, miracles!

Here is just a masterpiece response from the commander of the 23326 guard, Colonel Demidov, to the request of the military prosecutor's office of the Voronezh region. It shakes its simplicity. From the answer follows:

1. The military personnel of the subordinate 45117 military unit were sent to Buturlinovka not on a business trip. There was no such order. Flight and technical trains are simply off fees. Indefinitely. Charges are not a business trip. So that…

2. Monetary compensation for sublease housing military is not allowed. There is no reason for this. Charges are fees. I don't care if they last more than 5 for years, nobody cares. In the tent, no problem. And if you want in the apartment but with heating - if you please, take care.

3. Well, about lifting (transportation of belongings, etc.) we do not even speak.

4. With point 58, the order of the Minister of Defense No. 2700 also showed. This regards 2% supplement for field conditions. What does the order say? Exercises, training of training and combat tasks in field conditions and other activities OUT of the point of permanent deployment.

PPD, recall, in Voronezh. But this is not confusing fellow Colonel. The regiment, in / h 45117, sent to CHARGES !!! So money is not allowed.

A point 5 very well shows what a great guard chief, Colonel Demidov.

At this point, the colonel is just lying !!!

Well, the fact that he tells the prosecutor's office that everything is fine with the military from the 45117 military unit, particular attention should be paid to the item 5 sub-item “c”. Where it is said about accommodation in rented apartments with payment for sublease housing.

Although above, in paragraph 4 Demidov calmly writes that there is no reason to pay for sublease housing.

Comrades commanders in ZVO, is this normal?

In general, the brave commander of the military unit 23326 simply sent his subordinates to hell with all the payments.

And the Voronezh garrison prosecutor’s office, with great pleasure, began to stamp answers and send to all inquiries.

Comrades pilots, engineers, technicians and others from the 45117 military unit!

We write in black and white! ARE YOU OK!

You have been at military training camp for five years! You are military pilots and specialists, the support of the Russian army!

Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary for you to live in a city with a population of over one million, along with your wives and children, your children are not obliged to see you every day, you do not have to live in human conditions.

After all, you are pilots and aviation specialists! Well, one must understand!

In general, for saving money, commanders of the Western Military District can probably reward everyone in the 23326 military unit. How much they saved in five years is hard to say.

Another question is that patience ends with everyone. And the stream of letters and complaints will sooner or later overrun through the dam, organized by the command of the military unit 23326 and the garrison prosecutor's office.

It is clear that from Buturlinovka, where the 45117 military unit continues to live on obscure grounds of the military unit, you don’t scream too much. But even in the higher headquarters, in the division, in the 23326 military unit, normal officers understand that there is a lawlessness.

Otherwise, where did these documents come from?

Right, from there. And this is the only way to show that we do not take everything from the ceiling.

In general, in the aforementioned division, not everything is the way they want to show "in the picture." Unfortunately, for the beautiful window dressing is not visible often everyday and everyday problems. Which no one wants to solve.

Apparently, our command can afford to spit on their subordinates. Despite all the Syrian and other merits.

It's a shame, honest word, shame ...
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 17 May 2018 05: 41
    our government, apparently, considers football to be a higher priority than VKS. inconceivable means swelled in 18 stadiums, with the aim of looking closely at our shameful national team of Russia. one Zenith Arena is killing. is this a reasonable investment? I don’t think so. it would be better if they invested in education and medicine, and of course the aerodrome would be completed for delivery.
    1. tech3030
      tech3030 17 May 2018 07: 16
      This is not an investment but a theft of funds and conspiracy in my opinion!
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 17 May 2018 15: 18
        How not to remember the stadiums and the government, this is the first thing, with or without, otherwise the appetite will disappear ...
        As part of the article, then, in fact, everything is correct, with the exception of the absence of business trips and field commanders. And all the rest: we lift it up - it’s not supposed, lifting ones - in general from another opera, the belongings are also not allowed. Everyone took the oath - to endure all the hardships and hardships ...
        1. Nosgoth
          Nosgoth 23 May 2018 19: 12
          Interestingly, and the guard Colonel V. Shkolenko considers himself immortal ?! At least our legs would be broken for him (he doesn’t sit on the territory of the unit 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ... but God himself ordered at night, and without any extra witnesses) and he would have retired for disability for such setups.

          And do not confuse the oath and be patient with some goat who acts as he wants (felt like a king), and put a bolt on instructions, orders, law. There are violations, although some "defenders" understate them (see for yourself from this system), but they do exist.

          As one general said (I quote from memory and may not be 100% accurate, but the meaning is clear) "There are few idiots in the army, but they are so skillfully ranked that they meet constantly."
    2. Blue fox
      Blue fox 17 May 2018 07: 18
      Good deed will not be called Mundial!
      As for the cantonment and other things, the situation is widespread. My classmate and friend, lieutenant colonel of the Russian Guard in Balashikha for 3 years rented a room in a dormitory with guest workers, because with DD in the amount of 50 ty. compensation for the rise of 10-12 tyr. it was necessary to spin somehow. Recently I got official housing, but go to the duty station for 3 hours one way, otherwise, please transfer to the hostel of the barracks type officers converted from the Soviet barracks, with one “take-off”, a single room without cockpits and a washroom.
    3. EvilLion
      EvilLion 17 May 2018 08: 23
      I understand that the brains in the 90s remained, but this is not the task of the government to provide housing for the individual military units. There is Moscow Region, funding has been allocated to it, and there are regulatory documents issued by Moscow Region about what should be and how. Different kinds of relocations with relocation in the Russian army cannot be counted over the year, and this is not Shoigu’s task to give direct orders for each individual case. There is a command of the districts, and there are direct performers, all questions to them.
      1. Dedall
        Dedall 17 May 2018 22: 41
        Wah, how smart EvilLionyeah? When did our command think above the waist with something?
        We, civilian doctors in the military unit, have almost the same situation. But only this time with payments on the notorious "road map" according to the order of the Minister of Defense No. 380. It also says that they should give bonuses to all civilian health workers. But the order says that this applies to the MILITARY INSTITUTIONS. And as a result, all the bosses, in response to our questions, answer that since you are working in first-aid posts, we are not supposed to receive payments under this order.
        1. EvilLion
          EvilLion 18 May 2018 08: 13
          I don’t know, but in Russia the command usually wins the war. Over the past thousand years.
          1. icant007
            icant007 22 May 2018 16: 00
            Controversial statement. Everything was.
            But usually we first retreat, and then when the fools are removed from the command, we begin to advance and win.
            After victory, fools return to command again.
    4. Dimmedroll
      Dimmedroll 17 May 2018 20: 56
      Sometimes the government is not always to blame, but most often specific people in the field, including in the army. A strange damn big while you sleep in Moscow. in the Far East they can and steal start. And this applies to all branches of government.
    5. kit88
      kit88 18 May 2018 13: 32
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      our government, apparently, considers football a higher priority than VKS

      What does football have to do with it? From which side. Why football, and not the Sochi Olympics? And then the Zenith arena?
      Maybe instead of manufacturing one Yars pilots will provide housing? And instead of one tank, will we increase the salary for doctors, teachers, pension for pensioners (underline as necessary)?
      Bullshit. I found where to get the money. At the Zenit Arena, that is not a match, it is a full house, for people it’s built, for ordinary people.
    6. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 18 May 2018 20: 25
      Andrei Yurievich, we are talking about specific military officials, their language does not turn out to be their commanders. Most likely, these colonels, foreseeing problems when trying to solve this issue, simply decided not to raise it. And since the generation was late Horbian or already Yeltsin, and their problems, when they were lieutenants, nevermind and they formed the same attitude towards people. The government also creates trash beneath your windows and you crap in the toilet?
  2. Nix1986
    Nix1986 17 May 2018 07: 10
    And then they are surprised that military pilots are fleeing to civilian life, PPC ... Here people either quit their jobs or go higher, it’s impossible to tolerate this.
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion 17 May 2018 08: 31
      Let’s send you to serve on Sakhalin, or to hell. Then we'll see if you have a desire to hang around there. This is called the army, that they can send anywhere and you will go without question. And you will live in the conditions that are in place. It always has been, and it always will be. I do not like? Do not go to military schools.

      Or do you think that in other countries there is no such problem that people do not want to serve, because it is eternal disorder and uncertainty with the prospects of a change of residence at any time? A normal Gaussian person, as a rule, keeps himself as far from the army as possible, or sees in it a way to greatly improve his position, despite the difficulties of service.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. gv2000
        gv2000 17 May 2018 10: 30
        Quote: EvilLion
        A normal Gaussian person, as a rule, keeps himself as far from the army as possible, or sees in it a way to greatly improve his position, despite the difficulties of service.

        ... and we at one time did not go to the army to improve our situation. In the army you give more than you receive. Including life. It happens gradually, but it happens right away - not a question. It was just such a profession to defend the homeland.
        Yes, the so-called difficulties were, but service was always in the first place.
        But then there was no such bestial attitude on the part of the command and the state during and after the service, as now.
        Knowing the state of affairs in the current army, in which people, especially after service, are thrown like sorry, used paper, I would not go. And he didn’t let his son go.
        1. EvilLion
          EvilLion 18 May 2018 08: 17
          You went to the army on the 2 of the year when you had neither a wife nor children. Do not confuse the desire to serve the boys, and the professional military, who were first at the school for several years, from it 2 tiny stars on uniform and all further life until the 3 stars become large, in the army.

          As for the modern army, it will soon become a resort, and my cousin also served in 2004-2006, and nothing, he returned a cut above, twice as wide in his shoulders, and was quite pleased.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 17 May 2018 09: 21
      Quote: Nix1986
      And then they are surprised that military pilots are fleeing to civilian life, PPC ... Here people either quit their jobs or go higher, it’s impossible to tolerate this.

      There is a third way to solve this problem - transfer to another regiment using a similar technique. But here is the desire to change cozy Voronezh, there is no desire for darkness, cockroach. I do not defend the command, but the "oppressed" are not lambs. But the Romanov investigators conducted their work carelessly. Where does the command reside, does it receive compensation for the sub-lift (if any). And still very annoying, "Acting Commander, Acting Prosecutor", but where are the commanders and prosecutors?
      1. bober1982
        bober1982 17 May 2018 09: 26
        Quote: kirgiz58
        But here is the desire to change a cozy Voronezh

        Service in cozy garrisons corrupts people, it has always been so.
      2. Bob
        Bob 18 May 2018 14: 56
        It's impossible. Do not even change to a higher position. In the refusal they will write "impractical." There are three ways: - a bribe, - blat, - not signing the next contract, with dismissal and subsequent restoration in another part.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. EvilLion
    EvilLion 17 May 2018 08: 18
    You wouldn’t be here, but to the prosecutor’s office if you see any violations.
  5. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 17 May 2018 09: 51
    Remember the Soviet army ... what were the bear angles, especially ZabBVO, KDVO .... and everything will work out .. not immediately, but I'm sure it will work out
  6. gv2000
    gv2000 17 May 2018 10: 15
    Bestial attitude towards people is a long-standing rotten tradition of RA. Starting from "... women still give birth .." to the current chaos with housing, payments and other guarantees of this state, which are not worth the paper on which they are written. I myself have served more than 25 calendars only (I don’t complain about the difficulties of the service - I have fulfilled all my obligations) and have been waiting for the guarantee of housing guaranteed by this state for 12 (twelve!) Years (it seems that I just won’t survive, like many already). I call the state “this,” because in 12 years I have recovered from patriotism and have no illusions about it, but it’s a shame for the state.
    I could write a lot (anyone interested - go to, but I will give only an example of how the Russian Defense Ministry is fighting against dynasties of officers. Now it’s like this: if the dad officer received housing for his family (including 18 sq.m. for his son), then his son, who also became an officer and his family, has not been laid. Like, he has already exercised his right to housing as part of his father's family.
    Arriving, comrades, have arrived!
    1. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 17 May 2018 11: 22
      Quote: gv2000
      already 12 (twelve!) years waiting for guaranteed housing by this state

      Do you currently live where? In a tent, dugout (personally dug up), rent an apartment in cash, in the service at the last duty station? And the apartment was probably requested at least by the regional center, or even a capital city? Judging by your "output" data, I am of the same "spill" (2 years earlier a pensioner). I went to the chosen city, asked the local military registration and enlistment office, it turned out - the line was reduced only due to the "natural decline" of those who were waiting, no matter how cynical it sounded. Result - I do not live in the last place of service (I consider even urban smile ) I don’t think that you also finished the service at the “point” 200km from the nearest people's housing. By the way! Why didn’t you make out the compensation?
      1. gv2000
        gv2000 17 May 2018 16: 43
        I live in a service in a garrison 100 km from Moscow. He requested a hut at the last duty station to relatives closer. Kamanche deceived and threw him out of the line after being fired according to the limit and in the houses being built there, he did not give an apartment. Like there is a service - enough. I recovered in line through the prosecutor’s office, almost kamancha was working, but JO was organized here - and from the kamancha bribes were smooth. Offered other housing with a mad surcharge. But there is no free money. It was necessary to collect mortgages on a down payment. After all, the son will also need to bring his family somewhere, and not to odnushka with the old dad. Before receiving a hut from the state, you cannot take a mortgage: you will be considered secured - free.
        Then they offered without surcharge, but right next to the cemetery. Refused: the guys whom he buried began to dream. Spit, tried to take the land and build. But we have long been denied this: at the discretion of local authorities, and not as before. And that means a bribe. I realized that I was defending a foreign land. And to me in this country only 2 x 1,5 should be. I bought a plot in SNT. The JO said that the cottage does not affect the receipt of the apartment. It was built (at the age of 50 I was digging, kneading a solution, laying foam blocks - thanks, Motherland), but my grandchildren will not really live there: there is nothing nearby. I looked at the efforts of JO to throw out the retired officers from the line, I realized that they had deceived and sold the cottage. He went underground, because in the case of the sale of housing (cottages) in the best case, the loss of housing rights (and subsidies) for 5 years. I am waiting for the end of the 5-year period. The state is very vigilant that the former military and their families could not live better.
        I would have scored a long time ago for an apartment from this state (let it choke on my mundial), but after my death the probability of throwing my son out onto the street = 99.99 ...% I would like to get an apartment so that it does not get into bondage with banks (= poverty )
        I rewrote the line to Moscow. After 25 years of service and 12 years of waiting, I think this is quite true. He collected money for lawyers, necessary documents, judicial practice, legal norms, legal nuances. I'm waiting for the deadline. Soon. Let them come closer.
        Our cause is just, victory will be ours.
        1. kirgiz58
          kirgiz58 17 May 2018 21: 19
          Quote: gv2000
          I live in a service in a garrison 100 km from Moscow.

          I thought so. “Moscow has been spoiled by the housing issue” (c) So, nevertheless, the state has not left you “on the street”. But you wanted the highest level, and therefore did not begin to privatize the apartment. You have the right. Fight on, the flag is in your hands! No matter what, I still wish you to see the "salute of victory" in your war.
          1. gv2000
            gv2000 18 May 2018 11: 03
            Thank you for the wish of victory. And all the best to you.
            I can please you: 100 km from Moscow I ended up several years before the end of my service as a result of my appointment to a higher position, and before that there were only distant garrisons. So your sarcasm about the fact that something somewhere there spoiled someone is inappropriate.
            And what's wrong with that, having wandered my whole life in distant garrisons, I don’t want to go to the backwoods after service, but live closer to my relatives (and they are exactly where I originally requested housing - excuse me, in the suburbs)? Moreover, Moscow itself did not pretend, but only when the bestiality began on the part of the state. I asked to be provided at the last duty station where the houses were being built. He was in the hospital - that’s why they were able to throw (“we don’t leave our own” - lies, this is not about RA). So since the state did not bother to satisfy the request more modestly and even clamped a piece of land in the village, let it now fork out in full. And it’s not a pity to throw out the mundial money for all kinds of Sochi, but for nothing.

            PS I don’t really need an apartment in Moscow. When I am there, I am horrified: how people live there! Frying, cramped, stuffy! But a matter of principle. Did not want in a good way - it will be more expensive.
            I will receive - I will sell. AND PNH EVERYTHING WHO TRYES TO CONDEMN ME: 12 years of fruitless expectation give me the moral right to do and demand whatever I please without looking at anyone else's opinion..
            Moreover, no one is indignant that the promised housing is not given. But the choice of Moscow immediately causes condemnation. Envy? Yes, calm down: maybe I won’t live. Then you will rejoice.
            1. Des10
              Des10 19 May 2018 18: 22
              Quote: gv2000
              Kamanche deceived and threw him out of the line after being fired according to the limit and in the houses being built there, he did not give an apartment.

              they cannot be fired according to the law without providing housing, many who have not received housing calmly go to the service “without a contract” and so wait. Upon dismissal, there is a receipt because --- everyone is provided.
              And the court decides such matters immediately in favor of the employee.
              Quote: gv2000
              And PNH EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO CONDEMN ME: 12 years of fruitless waiting give me the moral right to do and demand anything that I please without looking at anyone else’s opinion ..

              for 12 years of waiting ... everyone I know - everyone got it. All!
              With your "situation" - that is not right.
          2. nov_tech.vrn
            nov_tech.vrn 18 May 2018 20: 47
            do not distort, I got housing for my eldest son 3 weeks before the onset of a wonderful age, after which he is not supposed to have housing, because, as it were, he is no longer a member of the family, because he grew up and unlearned. And I didn’t buy a house in the village at a ridiculous price, because I would immediately be thrown out of the line
  7. faiver
    faiver 18 May 2018 08: 50
    The swine of the purest water, military personnel are obliged to serve, and "endure hardships and deprivations" refers directly to the performance of military duty i.e. to protect the state, and not to the domestic arrangement of the life of military personnel ...
  8. gv2000
    gv2000 18 May 2018 11: 23
    Quote: kirgiz58
    So still, the state has not left you "on the street."

    Yeah. How so! It’s just that the state cannot throw us out into the street right now, since it meets the requirements for obtaining its own housing: it didn’t buy a stake, yard, money or health, it didn’t participate in privatization, it didn’t receive an inheritance. The service was also not privatized.
    It is disturbing that after my death my son will be thrown out into the street as if he had lost contact with the RA. Easy.
    Also worried is that for now forced occupy a service, while current officers huddle in dormitories. The government doesn't give a damn about it, but somehow I don't like it. I myself was in this position, but so far I can’t do anything about it.

    We do not sit still. If we manage to raise money with my son and it will be really bad for us, we will buy, despite the loss of an apartment guaranteed by this state. But I will punish my grandchildren to bypass the army.
  9. Bob
    Bob 18 May 2018 15: 18
    Military personnel must steadfastly overcome hardships and hardships. What they honor and do which year.
    The Ministry of Defense should and must provide them with housing, compensation, travel allowances and other allowances, which it does not and is not going to.
    These two sentences are all about two articles.
  10. Severok
    Severok 18 May 2018 21: 13
    From the foregoing, the conclusion follows: Guard Colonel Demidov, commander of military unit 23326, you are a rare bastard.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. sabakina
    sabakina 19 May 2018 20: 33
    As a prosecutor I’ll say. The date of the document and the document number written by hand, and even corrected ... This is generally something with something! I understand that it can be difficult to correct a signed sheet by the leader, but the title page ..... Especially since the form is not numbered ... Apparently, I’m still right. The closer to the south, the more corruption.
  13. tank64rus
    tank64rus 21 May 2018 15: 14
    Here we need arrests and landings, otherwise the army will return back to the times of a la Serdyukov, Vasiliev and others like them. I’m not talking about Humpbacked and EBN anymore.
    1. Bob
      Bob 23 May 2018 10: 47
      It is reported from the field that the article found its reader on Znamenka and at the headquarters of the ZVO. A number of officials arrived who explained to the personnel that there was no airfield in the near future, because the money had suddenly run out, payments and business trips were not due, housing would not be presented either.

      You stay there, health is important to you, good mood! (with)