Military Review

Novorossiysk. Victory Day

Our Novorossiysk is a hero-city with a very difficult fate ... And then there will only be comments under the photos. Let the pictures say more ...

It's hard to watch the parade - there is no place to be found from 8

Local creativity

The times are hard today, so - I took the diaper off - put on my armor ...

Come on brothers

Armored on the way

The armor is strong and Tanks our fast

Weapon and those whom this weapon protects

Immortal Regiment

Banner of Victory

Thousands of Immortal regiment ...

Just a stream of people and their loved ones, with whom we, alas, never get to know

Personally, I was extremely touched by this old woman. She, apparently, can no longer carry a photo of her relative on the pole ... But she is here. In her strength more than in many men of our time.

And the Immortal regiment went and went ...

As soon as the parade was over, it began to rain. And when the author ran to a stop, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, well, I can’t pass by ...

Happy Great Victory Day!
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  1. agent
    agent 10 May 2018 09: 18
    Thanks to the author!
  2. datur
    datur 13 May 2018 22: 43
    well done !!!
  3. datur
    datur 13 May 2018 22: 44
    Alas, I could not !!!!!