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The Russian Federation is expanding its presence in Africa. West alarmed

The French newspaper Le Monde published an article stating that "Russia is gradually expanding its military presence in the Central African Republic after signing a bilateral agreement in December 2017 of the year."

According to the newspaper, we are talking about the military, mercenaries, businessmen and shady advisers.

“The facts are well known to all. After the meeting of Central African Republic President Fosen-Arshanzh Touadera in Sochi in October 2017, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Moscow asked the UN Security Council to exclude from the embargo on the supply weapons in the Central African Republic to transfer military equipment to the government and launch a training program for local armed forces. In December, permission was obtained, and the Russian army’s IL-76 conducted the first flight to Bangui Airport on January 26, ”the article cites bmpd.

The agreement involves the supply of grenade launchers, machine guns, machine guns and pistols, as well as training in the use of these weapons of two battalions - 1 300 people.

Russians have already been seen "in the presidential administration, in some ministries, with CAR soldiers under guard, with patrols in the streets and even in Lebanese supermarkets on Bogand Avenue, and some of them were noticed even in the provinces," the article says.

Locals, looking at the Russians, allegedly realized that not all of them were officers of the Russian army. “Russia is completely“ Americanized ”: in addition to five military intelligence officers, almost all other Russians in the CAR work for two private companies, Seva Security Services and Lobaye Limited,” the newspaper writes.

Their first official appearance took place on March 30 at the Bangui football stadium on the occasion of the second anniversary of the election of the Tuadera. “These fighters quickly drove out the Rwandan soldiers of the UN mission in the CAR, who previously provided security for the head of state. Those are now standing in parking lots and at the closed doors, while the Russians are directly under the president, and also have unlimited access to his schedule and surroundings. The administration confirms the appearance of a "detachment of Russian special forces to enhance the security of the president" without further clarification. "

In addition, the author says, the Russian shadow adviser also turned out to be under the head of state. This “director of security coordinates the work of bodyguards,” a local source said.

Russian activities in the region along the axis through Sudan and Angola are worrying Americans. But this is the choice of the CARs. In addition, the Russians do not use such methods as we do. They shamelessly bribe everyone who opens the right doors for them,
quotes the publication of a French diplomat.

The author recalls that in addition to the relaxation of the UN Security Council and military agreements, mineral exploration contracts were also signed - “the country has rich resources of diamonds, gold and uranium, but its potential is used poorly because of war and chaos”.
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  1. Tarasve
    Tarasve April 26 2018 13: 56
    Russia and China are gradually taking over Africa, crowding out Europeans from there.
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat April 26 2018 13: 59
      Alumina, diamonds and other gifts of nature in this CAR are in good quantity ..
      The French are worried about their former colony .. tongue
      1. Ross xnumx
        Ross xnumx April 26 2018 14: 55
        Quote: Nasr
        Alumina, diamonds and other gifts of nature in this CAR are in good quantity ..

        A good condition happens, and the quantity is sufficient, large, huge, countless, infinite, incredible, without an account, up to the neck, I do not want to ... lol
        Naturally, for complete happiness, we do not have enough alumina from the Central African Republic. Here, under the heel, the whole peninsula borders on the territory of Russia, but we are not looking for easy ways, and concern has become our constant state ... belay
    2. Safevi
      Safevi April 26 2018 14: 05
      Do you yourself believe in what you write? Russia does not even stand close in Africa next to China, France and the United States. Wishful thinking is not good. Under the USSR, yes, that was true. But today's Russia is not the USSR, far from the USSR
      1. URAL72
        URAL72 April 26 2018 14: 47
        Of course not. The USSR worked for ideological reasons, naturally at a loss, Russia works in Chinese, we smile, give a little, and what we need. True path we go comrades. We need to raise the standard of living in our country, then our former CMEA comrades will crawl themselves, but we will not take them, I hope there is no place for a mongrel in the house, in a booth!
      2. NEOZ
        NEOZ April 26 2018 14: 53
        Quote: sefevi
        Russia is not the USSR, far from the USSR

        Would you like to see your country with the USSR?
  2. bazzbazz
    bazzbazz April 26 2018 14: 00
    What can I say, Work comrades if necessary! The main thing is to benefit the country and not the elites!
  3. san4es
    san4es April 26 2018 14: 07
    ... with wards of the CARs, with patrols in the streets
    Patrol in Bangui
    1. Slavs
      Slavs April 26 2018 22: 33
      And which of them is ours ?? )))
      1. Heterocapsa
        Heterocapsa April 27 2018 07: 41
        and ours, mechanic, see the wheel alone laughing
  4. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 26 2018 14: 35
    I remember in this CAR was such a president-Bokassa. Socialism built in the country in the 70s lol .
    True, he accidentally ate belay the only professor of mathematics in the country ...
  5. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov April 26 2018 14: 56
    "Russia has completely" Americanized ": in addition to five military intelligence officers, almost all the other Russians in the Central African Republic work for two private companies," Seva Security Services "and" Lobae Limited, "the newspaper writes.

    The only correct observation. I will add from myself: the elite of America and Russia have long grown together, though the elite of Russia on vassal terms.
  6. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman April 26 2018 15: 34
    You need to return the lost! It is only necessary to build up within ourselves that there is potential!
  7. StVahmistr
    StVahmistr April 27 2018 14: 07
    It was high time to do this business. The Chinese are not asleep. laughing
  8. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha April 29 2018 00: 14
    Are the Frenchmen jealous of us?