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In Syria, terrorists smash guns of the Great Patriotic ML-20

A video appeared on the Internet using artillery positions from the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) in the province of Hama. Along with more modern weapons fighters apply the ML-20 since World War II, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In Syria, terrorists smash guns of the Great Patriotic ML-20

“These weapons were used by the Syrian army during the 1967 and 1973 fighting. Over time, they were replaced by more modern ones. However, during the civil war, because of the existing problems with making up for the losses, the howitzers-cannons again fell into the troops, where they are still fighting successfully, ”the material says.

For a number of characteristics of the ML-20, it is difficult to compete with modern samples - “for example, its transport speed on the highway is only 40 km / h. The modern 152-mm howitzer 2А65 "Msta-B" has twice as many, "the author notes.

In addition, the range of the ML-20 is 20 500 m, and the howitzer, adopted by the 1986 year, - 28 900 m.

The veteran's weight is 7270 kg, the rate of fire is 3-4 shot per minute, the calculation is 9 people (for the Msta howitzer, respectively, 7 and 8).

In Syria, 122-mm howitzer M-30 model 1938 of the year, as well as the famous guns - 57-mm ZiS-2 and 76-mm ZiS-3 are also used.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox April 25 2018 13: 12
    Why do not they smash them there. What checked weapons seventy years ago ceased to be weapons?
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 April 25 2018 13: 15
      Where is it interesting 57mm ZiS-2 interesting?
      1. 210ox
        210ox April 25 2018 13: 42
        Probably from fenders ... bully I saw a photo of 45 years where the Americans fired from a "twice captured" ZIS-2.. In my opinion, this gun was there.
        Quote: Sergey985
        Where is it interesting 57mm ZiS-2 interesting?
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov April 25 2018 13: 45
          Quote: 210ox
          Where is it interesting 57mm ZiS-2 interesting?

          From Ukraine to see .. These all sold right and left .. That came in handy!
          We have these on the stele, in memory of the dead soldiers in the Second World War!
      2. Paranoid50
        Paranoid50 April 25 2018 14: 45
        Quote: Sergey985
        Where is there 57mm ZiS-2

        request Flashed repeatedly. On VO 14.08 last year there was an article with a link to the Bulletin of Mordovia, there is also silence about the sources of income.
        1. Bad_santa
          Bad_santa April 26 2018 15: 39
          A tenacious tool since that time did not become worthless. And before this conflict, they were not in grease and after their release more than once opened fire. Our designers laid a 10-fold reserve for survivability
  2. NIKNN
    NIKNN April 25 2018 13: 15
    firing range ML-20 is 20 500 m
    Well, I don’t think that it’s often required ..., tell the gunners, is artillery often used at the maximum range?
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat April 25 2018 13: 29
      Enough 20500 m.
    2. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker April 25 2018 18: 29
      Quote: NIKNN
      often artillery is used at the maximum range?

      For a howitzer - the main hinged trajectory and accuracy of hit, allowing to destroy the frontally fortified structures.
      Firing range is like free mats in a car when purchased at a car dealership. Especially this "addicted" when comparing tank guns ....
  3. Alex_59
    Alex_59 April 25 2018 13: 19
    In the photo above, not the ML-20 but the 122-mm howitzer M-30. However, at the bottom of the article about her is mentioned.
  4. Romanenko
    Romanenko April 25 2018 13: 30
    Specialized Tools - Fascists to extinguish! wassat
  5. bogart047
    bogart047 April 25 2018 13: 34
    beauty gun
    PROXOR April 25 2018 14: 02
    Ahhhh, ML20. Living story pounding.
  7. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 April 25 2018 20: 07
    Only in my opinion in the photo is not the ML-20, but the M-30. There is no characteristic slot muzzle brake.
  8. gukoyan
    gukoyan April 26 2018 10: 59
    What then that now this weapon is mowing evil spirits)
  9. The comment was deleted.