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How do we capture the largest arms market in the world

The Indian arms market is one of the largest in the world. If Russia has a population of "only" 140 million people, then there is almost 1,5 billion. Of them serve in the Armed Forces of the country at least 1,5 million. This is the third largest army in the world. The Indian arms market is extremely promising. That is why leading exporters weapons not the first year fighting for him.

Today, this country is one of the major arms importers in the world. Hindus buy weapons in the United States, in France, in Israel, in Sweden, in Japan, and of course in Russia. Moreover, our country is the largest supplier of military systems for Delhi. At the same time, India itself releases a whole line of its own weapons.

However, many types of weapons are created by Indians in close cooperation with foreign firms. If we talk about Russia, the first thing that comes to mind is the BrahMos anti-ship missile. Being a modification of the well-known Yakhont, this rocket can be launched from the ground, a ship, and also from an airplane. This makes it unique.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 23 2018 18: 16
    How do we capture the largest arms market in the world
    To seize? We would now HOLD his segment of this market, and then we can talk about some captures.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus April 23 2018 18: 51
      do not hold and do not capture new segments
      !!!!!!!!! watered the weight of the state-va consists of an ether of courage and envy of other people's exploits.
      now with us and around the world, on the contrary.
      We are small in world trade - even the export of UAZs and files + turbines,
      milk + grain + AK,
      socks + launch vehicles
      Nuclear submarines + seeders with toothbrushes,
      T90 + self-tapping screws with newsprint,
      MIG35 + TVs with soft toys.
      each type of armament is an empty zilch without the appendage of citizens of products.

      and only after the "socks" is the export of arms.
      The United States provides fin knowledge and scrolling dough - economic efficiency.
      keep teeth on the Indian market for the next 10-15 years
    2. Simon
      Simon April 23 2018 19: 01
      You don’t have to capture anything! You just need to produce a new, modern, effective and cheap weapon, which must be tested in battles. Syria is quite suitable for this. The advertising is done, that's all! Weapons will all go under the hammer, there will be lines for him. wink
    3. Bar1
      Bar1 April 24 2018 10: 35
      in the existing order, everything is done to become dependent on the goods sold. If the goods are not for sale, then everyone is upset, everything is lost, we have lost sales. There are no sales, factories are closing down, labor groups are breaking up, engineering schools are breaking up. In essence, human progress has been made depending on the vagaries of the market, on momentary benefits, on fluctuations in the exchange rate, on the undercover game of Western elites, who make war the basis for profit.
      Russia is a country that does not need to be dependent on the world market in general and the arms market in particular. We do not need cut green paper, which is also stored in the West after sales, we need clean air, our fertile land, our original culture based on the family tree the memory of our ancestors and we need calm work to create our well-being and decent life.
      But instead of all this, capitalism, sales, market capture, sales fell — that's why factories are closing down, labor collectives are opening up, unique engineering schools are closing down. Then the West drove into Putin again, rumored, factories were opening up, groups were being set up, they were calling pensioners, I need to tell someone young, how to process the workpiece, otherwise the capitalist fatherland is in danger.
      In modern Russia, with this government and these bad practices, there is and will not be any progress, the wrong people are at the helm.
      1. Evgeniy667b
        Evgeniy667b April 27 2018 12: 49
        You write the truth of Timur! Russia's pursuit of the ghost of the coveted dough, in exchange for material assets from the armament field, will lead to the fact that we will be left with nothing! chopped greens will not protect our cities from all kinds of aggressions. The organized crime group already trades in territories, resources, industry is looted, fields are overgrown with weeds and shrubs. And only a few understand the catastrophic situation. When there will be a majority of such people and they will be together, we will have a chance to rectify the situation.
  2. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt April 23 2018 18: 44
    Instead of a thousand words.
    1. NN52
      NN52 April 23 2018 21: 50

      But in monetary terms, there is no such scheme?
      It would be interesting to see.
    2. XXXIII
      XXXIII April 23 2018 22: 40
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      Instead of a thousand words.
      Normally, the French moved 3% to 25% ..... Israel and Great Britain lost ground, the Russian Federation also lost weight ... recourse..... What do the French smear there, you need to find out .... lol
  3. NF68
    NF68 April 24 2018 15: 40
    The Indian arms market is one of the largest in the world. If in Russia the population is “only” 140 million people, then there is almost 1,5 billion.

    In general, the population of India has not reached almost 1,5 billion. It has not yet reached 1,4 billion. It is a sin not to know such data.
  4. pavelty
    pavelty April 25 2018 15: 43
    Hindus are also not stupid, there is such a concept of diversification ... well, they don’t want to buy everything from one supplier, and this is the right decision, and our negotiators, at least those whom I saw, have more flexibility and reason.
  5. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 April 26 2018 13: 30
    And we do not have 140 million, and the Indians do not "almost 1,5 billion." We have almost 147 million. The Indians have nearly one billion 350 million. In total, 150 million is not enough up to one and a half billion.)) We must be more precise in numbers.
    Apparently, India will soon come out on top in the world in terms of population.