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The OPCW mission has not yet begun work in Eastern Ghouta. What is stopping these "dancers"?

It turns out that the mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons, which arrived in Syria a few days ago, has not yet begun work in the suburbs of Damascus Duma. It became known that the staff of the OPCW mission refer to the lack of permission at the moment from another mission. This is a UN security mission. This mission is also located in Eastern Gute, but for some reason it will not notify the OPCW that it is high time to begin work.

On a very strange situation reports the envoy of the SAR to the United Nations Bashar Jafari.

According to Jafari, official Damascus hopes that at least today (18 of April) representatives of the OPCW expert group will begin to fulfill their duties in the Duma.

The OPCW mission has not yet begun work in Eastern Ghouta. What is stopping these "dancers"?

Recall that, on the eve of this, in the Eastern Gut, the Russian military personnel of the RCBZ units discovered a chemical laboratory of militants, in which not only poisonous substances ready for use were found, but also numerous components for their creation. A chlorine bottle was found, as well as components for the production of sulfur mustard.

The UN security mission does not explain why the work permit of the OPCW mission in Eastern Gute was not issued.
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  1. avt
    avt April 18 2018 07: 51
    The OPCW mission has not yet begun work in Eastern Ghouta. What is stopping these "dancers"?
    They didn’t deliver gas, which they must find.
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic April 18 2018 07: 54
      They give fart gas in large quantities! !! wassat And they are ungrateful crying refuse him belay !!!
    2. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch April 18 2018 08: 13
      Quote: avt
      They didn’t deliver gas, which they must find.

      The tomahawks with gas didn’t reach, otherwise May had already screamed.
    3. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z April 18 2018 08: 15
      Quote: avt
      The OPCW mission has not yet begun work in Eastern Ghouta. What is stopping these "dancers"?
      They didn’t deliver gas, which they must find.

      And what, has the whole weathered already been applied? Or "the frightened crow of the bush is afraid?" Faberge interferes with bad "dancers"!
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 April 18 2018 08: 32
        The UN security mission does not explain why the work permit of the OPCW mission in Eastern Gute was not issued.

        The security mission will now report that due to the fact that chemical weapons were used in the Duma, the OPCW commission is forbidden to go there, as they may suffer from this chemical weapon! wassat
      2. Leeds
        Leeds April 18 2018 09: 21
        Class! A barrel of 300 kilograms pierces the roof, although it is not badly damaged, breaking through the concrete roof, it neatly falls, no one lies on the bed, even without breaking the legs. Diagnosis: jellyfish of the brain of the audience.
        1. EldoradoR
          EldoradoR April 18 2018 18: 57
          Yeah! The paintings on their walls are probably bolted with anchors, they did not even squint at the blow. And there is no concrete dust, purely somehow :) As if on pens they brought ...
      3. Borik
        Borik April 18 2018 09: 42
        And what, has the whole weathered already been applied? Or "the frightened crow of the bush is afraid?" Bad "dancers" Faberge interfere!

        Peter Karl Gustavovich Faberge was engaged not only in eggs, but also in other jewelry products. So stop persuading him.
    4. antivirus
      antivirus April 18 2018 10: 35
      the bad dancer is hindered. and a very poor partner (NHley and May)
  2. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 18 2018 07: 53
    Yes, forget it, you need all this .. A missile strike was delivered, Russia and Syria were accused ..
    It’s all useless there is a war against the Russians and it’s very cynical .. soon the blood will flow ..
    1. Glock
      Glock April 18 2018 08: 44
      I agree, they don’t wave their fists after the fight
      1. vorobey
        vorobey April 18 2018 10: 23
        Quote: Glock
        I agree, they don’t wave their fists after the fight

        there was no fight ...

        Quote: MIKHAN
        Yes forget

        yeah .. forgive and understand ... Meehan, you're wrong ..
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov April 18 2018 14: 09
          Quote: vorobey
          yeah .. forgive and understand ... Meehan, you're wrong ..

          I know Sasha .. Just tired already! It would be realistic to hell with a chemical weapon .. That's the thing bulybo .. wassat And you wouldn’t need to make excuses .. And most importantly Silence !!!!!
          laughing Only collect weapons and ammunition and EVERYTHING!
          They really want that from us ..?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 18 2018 07: 56
    They are waiting for the next rocket to arrive, but to level the found laboratory with the ground. So they agree endlessly permissions.
  4. Gnefredov
    Gnefredov April 18 2018 07: 56
    And the UN security mission ... from whom, is it awaiting permission? wassat
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic April 18 2018 07: 56
    He directly plays into the hands and under the conditions of the United States, which indicates directly the rottenness of this office, which it is high time to reform. And place the new UN in Iran or North Korea.
    1. Volodin
      Volodin April 18 2018 08: 01
      Quote: Herkulesich
      about the rottenness of this office, which is long overdue to reform. And a new un to place in Iran or North Korea.

      Sorry, of course, but this is pure populism. Who will "reform" with the placement in the "North Korea". Pope of Rome? .. The task there is now alone: ​​to expel us from the Security Council or
      arrange a vote on disqualification of the veto under any pretext. Our task is to hold back the onslaught. That's the whole "reform". Kazakhstan will refrain)))
      1. Herculesic
        Herculesic April 18 2018 08: 30
        But, the fact that the UN is independent and does not correspond to its real purpose is undeniable!
  6. Vadim Zhivov
    Vadim Zhivov April 18 2018 07: 59
    What prevents what prevents ... the floor in splinters and Faberge bully
  7. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii April 18 2018 08: 03
    They figure out how to find something and how to imagine it more obscurely.
  8. Terenin
    Terenin April 18 2018 08: 04
    The OPCW mission has not yet begun work in Eastern Ghouta. What is stopping these "dancers"?. The West uses all situations in its turn. Until he comes up with a version and develops instructions for these "dancers", they will not lift a finger. This, too, would not hurt to adopt from them. Boeing how many "investigate" time?
  9. Romanenko
    Romanenko April 18 2018 08: 04
    We must "provide" them with a couple of platoons of machine gunners, so that they would be taken into the ring and taken where necessary.
    And security and incentive to work.
  10. sleeve
    sleeve April 18 2018 08: 05
    The creatures are soulless. Hundreds of lives depend on them. They will not find traces of precedent. There is a chance that chemical weapons as a cause of aggression will multiply by zero.
    1. Romanenko
      Romanenko April 18 2018 13: 21
      So they think, these Nobel laureates, do not forget that it is more profitable for them now, to find or not to find ...
      Or maybe they are just waiting for a call .... From the "Nobel Committee" in Washington
  11. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 April 18 2018 08: 16
    Bureaucratic sabotage of submarine missions. All international institutions are infected with mattress ticks, from which innocent people suffer.
  12. taiga2018
    taiga2018 April 18 2018 08: 19
    it’s very simple, this ridiculous organization is used to giving conclusions about chemical attacks at a distance, remember their conclusions about the “chemical attack” in Khan Sheikhun ...
  13. Oznob
    Oznob April 18 2018 08: 28
    Can the binge be to blame?
  14. 3vs
    3vs April 18 2018 08: 31
    And what is incomprehensible, they are waiting for the “materials” to be brought in so that it can be sprinkled and found “traces”.
  15. rpuropuu
    rpuropuu April 18 2018 08: 34
    It became known that members of the OPCW mission cite a lack of permission from another mission at the moment. This is a UN security mission.
    Meanwhile, the "world democrats" are already pushing the idea that the RF and the SAR are hiding / sweeping tracks belay What liars surround us ... Not any principles fool
  16. Victor_B
    Victor_B April 18 2018 08: 58
    As for chlorine, it is available in commercial quantities at any water treatment plant and doge in large pools.
    Have you ever felt the smell of chlorine in the toilet? This is he! From bleach. And disappears by airing.
    To demonstrate the FOOTPRINT of the weekly (or how much) gas attack with chlorine, it is enough to add bleach to the chlorine, and these "experts" will joyfully record these traces.
    And then about everything about it they will trumpet the bibisi.
  17. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 18 2018 09: 02
    The sense of this "mission" - the Western media are already circulating in full that "Russia and Assad have already destroyed all the evidence."
  18. Kent0001
    Kent0001 April 18 2018 09: 03
    who pays the girl, then she dances ... the whole USA is paid, so what do you all expect from this mission?
  19. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha April 18 2018 09: 13
    The mission in the Duma has no mission because the Wishlist is blocked by the West, who are looking to completely expel the OPCW from Syria because the entire Anglo-Saxon scam with white helmets has already been disclosed by Western journalists themselves, and if Ozkho takes the side of Assad, then London will not Say hello not only on political, but also moral image
  20. lance
    lance April 18 2018 09: 14
    the gas is over, there will be no kina. it is necessary to keep this mission at gunpoint in place and hold it there for a month, you look signs of the mind will appear.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  21. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 18 2018 09: 18
    It seems strange to talk about chlorine bombs-chlorine is used only in large quantities for gas attacks. However .... are there so-called “chlorine bombs”? Yes, there are !. These bombs were first truly used in Syria. And it is in the form of the notorious "barrel bombs". A bomb is a device equipped with explosives and filled with powdered bleach, which gives a large cloud of sprayed bleach, which irritates the respiratory tract, burning the skin and mucous membranes, damaging the eyes, covering the explosion site, releasing chlorine, especially in wet places. Fine dust of bleach that covers the debris of buildings makes it difficult to move through them or prevents them from hiding in such places. However, it is practically impossible to achieve a fatal outcome with such weapons (if they did not fall under the damaging effect of an explosive explosion) —this weapon can be used to briefly squeeze an enemy who is not equipped with protective equipment from any place and nothing more.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman April 18 2018 10: 09
    Magicians arrived, and the circus remained at the UN. Now these clowns need a pointer where and how to give an idea. People, stock up on popcorn and cola! The performance promises to be long and fun-catching a black cat in a dark room! They will also call Santa, Teresa and Bo'ris, the main specialists in special affects! Hold on tight to the chairs!
  24. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 18 2018 11: 12
    Some tricky American singers from the UN mission are helping other tricky OPCW wise men not get in place. Who benefits from this? Only those who organized a provocation and carried out a blow to Syria. As already got these "honest" and "principled" international organizations working only on one side. The same situation in the investigation of the downed Boeing, a similar picture with WADA and the IOC.
  25. Kondratko
    Kondratko April 18 2018 11: 31
    It became interesting how the bearded spirits act with their beard when the team "gases"? Probably before pulling a gas mask they wrap it in the face and bite it with their teeth ...
  26. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff April 18 2018 11: 31
    The Russian side is always defensive. Either he is silent, or, like Father Fyodor, hides behind the door, and from there he shouts: "Himself!"
    Brakes, slowness, fear of the enemy and observance of politeness are the creed of Russian diplomacy. So to speak - passive ..... They do not know how to drive Deza and are afraid. And it is necessary from the first seconds of any event to immediately blame the CIA, DNRSHA and MI-5,6! Let them make excuses! What rule is there? The woman said first that someone pinched her ass 25 years ago and glanced lustfully - she was right. The man said that she raped him, tying him in a dream - faith to him!
    Here's how to work with the West, not chew snot!
  27. Eustace
    Eustace April 18 2018 13: 11
    And why did you decide that they came there to work and look for facts that Assad did not use a chemical. weapons? Another attack by militants and they will leave Syria, saying that the Russian Federation did not provide them with security. If they don’t even run away, then the conclusions will be something like the Skripaly. Assad may have had the opportunity, etc.
  28. koshmarik
    koshmarik April 18 2018 13: 53
    Are there really naive people who think that the OPCW missions will allow or give the opportunity to conduct the necessary research in the Duma?
  29. sibiryk
    sibiryk April 18 2018 15: 14
    In the photo a dude in a gas mask like GP-5 without a doppatron, if chlorine was spilled (sprayed), then he would be a corpse.
  30. NF68
    NF68 April 18 2018 15: 18
    Representatives of the OPCW are located in Syrian territory controlled by government forces. And where is the permission of the UN security mission?
    1. thinker
      thinker April 18 2018 21: 02
      In the Duma, they fired at UN Security Service personnel who were to assess the opportunities for the safe operation of the OPCW inspection.
  31. gloomy fox
    gloomy fox April 18 2018 16: 34
    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ! a new part of the old picture. they will, under various pretexts, delay the beginning of their work, then the work itself, followed by reports. in which again someone will be guilty, although it is clear to everyone that there was no chemical attack.
  32. sagitch
    sagitch April 18 2018 22: 33
    The next chem. the attack will be in the USA, and they will blame the people of Assad, and here he is, an occasion!
    Haley already said that!