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For what reason, was the flight of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Zelin interrupted?

For what reason, was the flight of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Zelin interrupted?Serious passions flared up in the Russian press and among military personnel in connection with the resignation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Colonel-General Alexander Zelin. Last Friday, Zelin was relieved of his post by presidential decree, reportedly of his own accord. However, such an interpretation apparently did not suit everyone, and the versions of the dismissal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the Russian Federation fell like large hailstones, leading to a lot of noise.

According to some reports, the resignation of Alexander Zelin took place because he did not want to head the Zhukovsky Academy. According to other sources, Zelin began to realize that his powers began to decrease steadily, and that the role of the Air Force in Russia fell, which is why he decided to write a report on his own resignation. There is another opinion: Zelin crossed the road to the Chief of the General Staff, General Makarov, by expressing tacit disagreement with the decision of the General Staff to transfer control of the military aviation in the county. In general, there are many conjectures, versions and assumptions, but it seems that this resignation is too much inflated.

In the end, if we are talking about the unwillingness to head the reformed Academy from Zelin, didn’t he at one time initiate the very reform when the first two Academies (Zhukovsky and Gagarin) were merged into one, and then went free across the expanses of Central Russia. It turns out that Commander-in-Chief Zelin himself took the path of reform, actively supported by Nikolai Makarov, and then suddenly began to express discontent, in fact, with his own initiatives. The epic with the unification of the Air Force Academies and the relocation from Moscow and Monino to Voronezh at one time was not impressed by most of the teaching staff of world-famous military universities. There are a number of published letters addressed to the President and the Premier that the decision of the Ministry of Defense is blocked. But the car has already begun to rotate its blades. And Zelin took an active part in this epic, and now, of course, does not want to meet as a leader with those people whom he had some time ago subjected to a kind of integration. Apparently, the authorities decided to give Zelin a kind of chance to deal with the educational institutions that are within his competence, but the general didn’t want to come face to face with those whom he “reformed”.

If we consider the option that, to put it mildly, Alexander Zelin didn’t like the idea of ​​reducing the powers of the Air Force Commander-in-Chief, then who can we reduce the reduction of our own powers? Obviously, the colonel-general was not counting on reducing, but even on expanding powers. At one time, Zelin said that the new troops - East Kazakhstan (military-space defense) should not just be urgently created in Russia, but also should become part of the structure of the Air Force. However, the wishes of the general were implemented only on 50%. VKO really appeared in our country, but they did not fall under the wing of General Zelin. The newspaper Kommersant reports that even then, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force wanted to file a resignation report, but something prevented him from doing so. And this “something” could be the thought that the time when the EKR will nevertheless pass under the leadership of the general will come. But, apparently, did not come ...
Former Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Pyotr Deinekin, retired Zelin and the ongoing reforms in the Air Force saw, not a lot, a little, a return to 1941 year. In his opinion, all these actions of the authorities are aimed exclusively at the destruction of the Air Force and at the weakening of the defense capabilities of Russia.

Of course, the opinion of such an authoritative expert must be considered, but still the ex-commander-in-chief is too exaggerating. The fact is that any reform in Russia causes a hurricane of emotions and it seems only anti-people. One cannot but agree that the reforms can be both successful and rather dubious. But it is also impossible to switch to full inveterate conservatism. No self-respecting state can reach a decent level of development without reform.

In the end, if Zelin really saw in the reform of the Air Force a certain threat to the national security of Russia, then he, as a real Russian officer, was not supposed to pout and write resignation reports. Can this really help the Air Force? There was one - they will find another, as we know, there are no irreplaceable ones ... Therefore, if there was a “own desire” of the colonel-general, then it looks like lip-blowing, and not real help to his department. Writing a report is much easier than going to the end and getting what you want. Well, if “own desire” is just a myth, then Zelin, quite likely, simply paid for the lack of zeal when working on the State Defense Order.

By the way, exactly this point of view is expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Sergey Zhigarev. He is confident that for some time now Zelin began to fulfill his duties, as they say, on the parking brake. Perhaps this is the very lip inflation after the failure of the EKO under the spheres of influence of Zelin.

This version is all the more similar to the truth in connection with the fact that for some time now the Air Forces Commander-in-Chief have been entrusted with functions, including the purchase of aviation military equipment. And the formation of the state defense order in this area has not yet reached not only real purchases in 2012, but also 100% contracting with manufacturers. If the matter is really in the suffering state defense order, then we can expect that the removal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force is far from an isolated case of the government’s “response”. More recently, it turned out another problem with the conclusion of contracts in the field of the Navy. Only now, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Vladimir Vysotsky, is more actively promoting reform than Alexander Zelin has recently done. And the active “for” can often overshadow even the very need for the realization of the state defense order.

Let us hope that all these withdrawals and rearrangements in the High Command will not become just another smoke screen that distracts from the real problems associated with the actual failure of the State Defense Order-2012 by the Ministry of Defense.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 1 May 2012 06: 18
    The assumptions are interesting, but let's wait until the denouement. Guessing in this situation is pointless.
    1. YARY
      YARY 1 May 2012 07: 57
      After the seventh we go up yak won bude!
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 1 May 2012 08: 20
        After the seventh, a lot of people, in that cheshl and with stripes howl. Movement began in small increments, and maybe anticipating, they begin to run in advance so that they would not miserably pass under a tambourine.
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor 1 May 2012 08: 44
          Quote: Sergh
          After the seventh

          What are you talking about? May 7 or what?
          Well, so they say in the same place - all of Navalno - orange - will be put against the wall!
          laughing laughing
          Quote: Sergh
          anticipating, start to run in advance

          good drinks
          1. lewerlin53rus
            lewerlin53rus 1 May 2012 09: 06
            Well, I don’t think that Putin will start swinging his sword right and left with a saber, although some people will have to think hard about their future.
            1. Odinplys
              Odinplys 1 May 2012 09: 54
              Since the election, many have thought ...
              There are no options ... either to serve the Fatherland ... Or there is only one way out of the submarine ... through the torpedo compartment ...
              1. TekhnarMAF
                TekhnarMAF 1 May 2012 11: 04
                Unfortunately, there is no intelligible "loader".
          2. Rezun
            Rezun 1 May 2012 17: 19

            I * ll bee back !!! bully
          3. nycsson
            nycsson 1 May 2012 21: 47
            Quote: Neighbor

        2. sergo0000
          sergo0000 1 May 2012 10: 20
          After the seventh under a tambourine !!? laughing Have fun!
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic 1 May 2012 23: 33
            Quote: sergo0000

            Prices in dollar terms on the Rublevo-Uspensky highway have fallen by about half since the beginning of summer 2008. Demand has changed very much: in the pre-crisis years, the average price of real estate or land fluctuated around $ 5 million, at the present time this figure is only $ 1-2 million. The number of proposals has remained unchanged, because there are a large number of projects launched earlier, but still not sold. Sales rates here fell almost three times. There are a number of suspended construction sites.
            It became uncomfortable for the oligarchs on Rublevka apparently slowly packing their bags to move over the hill
            1. esaul
              esaul 2 May 2012 06: 29
              Stanislav, welcome. Today in the internet I came across an article that figuratively compared the situation in Europe before Putin's inauguration and the situation in the Ocean before the appearance of a large predator - a shark. True. the author immediately dismissed suspicions in his address about hints of accusing Putin of bloodlust, and gave the analogy as the most expressive in this case. So ... Europe - "sat down" in fearful anticipation of Putin's arrival. From your commentary, buddy, it is clear that not only Europe has "sat down", but also Rublevka! ... recourse
        3. VAF
          VAF 1 May 2012 15: 40
          Quote: Sergh
          they start to run in advance, so that they do not miserably pass under a tambourine.

          Hello namesake, but they won’t fly like that already!

          On Mi-35M, the Azeri responded in PM! drinks
      2. Redpartyzan
        Redpartyzan 1 May 2012 09: 00
        Indeed, they cannot understand all the secret corridors or undercurrents. We will see. And it is still too early to talk about the failure of the GOZ 2012.
    2. esaul
      esaul 1 May 2012 09: 59
      Greetings, comrades! all a happy holiday, good luck to everyone and prosperity!
      As for the article ... I am terribly glad that I was not mistaken in Alexey’s ability to approach the discussion of situations and facts deliberately, politically and from the standpoint of faith in the best. Confirmation in these lines bully ------------- In his opinion, all these actions of the authorities are aimed exclusively at the destruction of the Air Force and at weakening the defensive capabilities of Russia. ---------------
      But it is also impossible to switch to full inveterate conservatism. No self-respecting state can reach a decent level of development without reform. ----------- bully
      Indeed, any step by the authorities, preceded by the word "reform", causes a storm of emotions and a lot of comments with hints and. even with direct accusations of treason! This is where paranoia reigns supreme! Why not think soberly that some personnel reshuffle can be banal rotations! Maxim is right when he says

      Read more:
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      however, let's wait until the denouement.

      Alexey, for covering the topic. - a plus.
      1. re321
        re321 1 May 2012 11: 51
        The people of all Russia were simply presented with a fait accompli and nothing more! This is not the case of ordinary taxpayers. The kings simply have no one to reckon with or explain anything at all. In civilized countries, resignations and appointments of military personnel of this level are widely covered and explained to their own citizens, people have every right to cover the situation! After all, you can get a red card in the elections for such "feints", but the Russian leadership here "has no analogues" in the world lol
        1. Indigo
          Indigo 1 May 2012 20: 29
          How is your queen, her mother, governing overseas provinces more and more and does not report to the plebs ....
          Something was not heard about the reasons for the resignation of some naval commanders after the visit of the Kursk nuclear submarine to the Mediterranean Sea ...
          1. esaul
            esaul 2 May 2012 06: 34
            Apparently, dear Indigo, your comment hit the top ten, since the response commentary from the "queen's subject" was deleted. Apparently, your post pinched him coconuts so hard that the "proud Briton" lost his sense of "British composure" good
        2. valton
          valton 1 May 2012 23: 51

  2. almost demobil
    almost demobil 1 May 2012 07: 16
    We have to wait until the interview with Zelin comes out. I think it will not cost him anything to name the true reason. Incidentally, the idea of ​​disbanding the Monino Academy could not have occurred to any pilot, let alone the main pilot. The article contains the author’s thoughts, which are not very correct, in my opinion. With all due respect to the author, article (-).
    1. TekhnarMAF
      TekhnarMAF 1 May 2012 11: 56
      Regarding academies, utter stupidity! Overnight, a serious scientific and practical school was destroyed. Did many Sotsov left for a new place of basing?
  3. patriot2
    patriot2 1 May 2012 07: 31
    And what is left in the air force? Long-range aviation, transporters, the rest transferred to the district?
  4. Odinplys
    Odinplys 1 May 2012 08: 15
    Issues of dismissal ... I think Makarov does not solve ...
    Is he leaving his autograph ... where they say ...
    And the reason for dismissal is still covered in darkness ...
  5. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 1 May 2012 08: 34
    Whichever version sounds. but in any "hero of the occasion" does not look very nice!
    Because of Zhugarin's academy, it means he stepped on his own rake!
    According to the second version - he himself handed out his farm, so they reduced such a high staffing unit!
    Either overdone with the reform. or you’ve gotten enough - there’s only one result, you’ll get a hat!
    It’s my fault - he sat down to play with cheaters ...
  6. rinzhak
    rinzhak 1 May 2012 09: 31
    resignation before May 9th is not right ...
    ANTURAG 1 May 2012 09: 44
    What is there to guess? He wants to tell himself, but does not want to, so there is something to hide, and new gossip will appear)
  8. sprut
    sprut 1 May 2012 10: 04
    Personally, I am most offended by Zhukovka ... I studied in it ... am
    1. staser
      staser 1 May 2012 19: 50
      Understand. Along the way, in the same way will go and VA East Kazakhstan them.Zhukova. crying
  9. Antibrim
    Antibrim 1 May 2012 10: 30
    right now, these eccentrics also have aviation in the okrug, then they will close all schools, they will say, and so there are enough pilots. then they will put mini stools to command the districts. Besides, you can’t call them rams. all fall apart. bare ass in case of war we will defend!
    1. gyrfalco
      gyrfalco 1 May 2012 15: 06
      I’ll tell you a terrible military secret - flight military schools have long been disbanded!
      Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots
      Syzran VVAUL (VI)

      Before the collapse of the USSR, there were several more flight schools in Russia:
      Armavir VVAUL (became part of the Krasnodar VVAUL (VI))
      Balashov VVAUL (became part of the Krasnodar VVAUL (VI))
      Barnaul VVAUL (disbanded)
      Yeisk VVAUL (now the Yeisk Higher Military Aviation School named after Komarov, which trains specialists in air traffic control for military aviation)
      Kachinsky VVAUL (disbanded)
      Orenburg VVAUL (disbanded)
      Saratov VVAUL (disbanded, two training helicopter regiments became part of the Syzran VAI)
      Tambov VVAAUL (disbanded)
      Ufa VVAUL (disbanded)
      Borisoglebsk VVAUL (became part of the Krasnodar VVAUL (VI))
      Stavropol VVAULSh (disbanded)

      Mournful list ....
  10. vezunchik
    vezunchik 1 May 2012 10: 37
    The ways of the Lord are not confessed ... Today you are on a horse, and tomorrow ....
    Happy holiday to all! Success, health, happiness and prosperity!
  11. 443190
    443190 1 May 2012 10: 45
    The next step could be the disbandment of the Strategic Missile Forces? And then what ?
  12. vezunchik
    vezunchik 1 May 2012 11: 27
    How can you comment on the article - War 08.08.08. Does General Khrulev tell about her secrets?
    What do I regret? I regret that the invaluable combat experience was simply written off by the current military leadership for "inconvenience." That the military labor of thousands of people was actually leveled, who, without sparing their lives, showing excellent training and the highest skill, defeated a very serious opponent, but instead of confessing they received accusations that they acted ineptly and lagged behind. I regret that such professionals as General Vladimir Anatolyevich Boldyrev, Sergey Afanasyevich Makarov, and not only them, but also many other worthy and experienced officers were forced to leave the army ...

    In general, I think that all the imbalances and mistakes of the current military reform come from the fact that the top military leadership does not have an understanding of the real, and not the intended hostilities. And this ignorance of the realities of war has the most negative effect on the way of thinking. Therefore, the reforms are carried out, as they say from the knees, without coordinating them with the requirements of the time and without even trying to check them somewhere beforehand. Without any support on the experience of the past wars. In August 2008, we carried out the most complicated military operation to force Georgia to peace. But instead of a serious analysis of the hostilities, loud statements were made that the war allegedly revealed the unreadiness of our Armed Forces for this war, and that the negative experience of this war was the impetus for reform. But this is not so! It was the existing organization of the Ground Forces, the structure of the "army-division-division" and ensured success in this extremely complex military company. First of all, because combat control was built at all levels and each “stage” was engaged in its own business, which was developed during the long search, and based on the experience of the two Chechen wars, the structure of the CPG, parts of constant combat readiness, showed itself with the best parties.

    But these conclusions were very inconvenient against the background of the planned reforms. They actually went against them. And after the North Caucasus region almost single-handedly conducted an operation in South Ossetia, its actions were voluntarily crossed out, called unsuccessful, and fitted to future reform plans. A number of loud statements were made that the war against Georgia revealed the incompatibility of the existing military structure with the tasks and that it was the last straw that made military reform begin. But after all, it is enough to look at the files of the newspapers of that time to make sure that all the statements about the transition to the "three-stage" structure, the liquidation of the army-district-division link and the creation of new-look brigades were made before the war began. Prior to these statements, pilot exercises were conducted to study the possibilities of those planned to create "strategic commands" under the leadership of Army General Yuri Baluyevsky, and the results of these exercises were then forced to abandon the hasty steps.

    You can simulate how this war went through, start it in current conditions. How would you manage the actions of the troops in the conditions of “puff pie”, when the situation changed hourly, “directly from Moscow”? What can be seen from there? But even if the fighting is conducted simultaneously in several directions? How would you cope with the operation of the transfer of troops through the Caucasus range cut down extremely "operational command"? If previously the 242 officer was in the headquarters of the army according to the state, and with the start of hostilities, all of them were fully loaded with work, today there is three times less of them in the similar structure. Therefore, in none of the exercises, not a single operational command could cope with the task of command and control of the troops, even to "satisfactory". How would the transportation of troops on the railway transport take place when the structure of the whole organization was almost completely eliminated? How to be without logistics, without technical support, without prior deployment and stockpiling in the area? On the "outsourcing" would pass this transfer? And how would all this end?

    Reforms should be handled by military professionals, not "advisers" who are not related to the Armed Forces.
    1. morehod73
      morehod73 1 May 2012 13: 45
      as old Clausewitz used to say: "An army that does not fight turns into a bureaucratic apparatus." And the effectiveness of military reforms shows, God forbid, of course, small or large "war", no matter how sad it sounds. And the fact that knowledgeable people should be engaged in this, so here, unfortunately, it resembles a dialogue between a deaf and a dumb ...
    2. gyrfalco
      gyrfalco 1 May 2012 15: 12
      I add my opinion to all of the above. Everyone should do their own thing, and preferably - a vocation.
  13. legleleg
    legleleg 1 May 2012 16: 44
    Guys, the question is not entirely in the subject. To write about this article of desire and no time. Who will say his opinion about the book poltoranin "Power in TNT equivalent" what to do if it's true?
  14. Den488
    Den488 1 May 2012 22: 34
    Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin fired Igor Sulim?
    May 01, 2012, 20: 02531000Change the font

    An article with the headline "How the starley fired the commander-in-chief" was published today in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". In it, the capital's journalists are trying to find an answer to the question about the reasons for the dismissal of the Air Force Commander-in-Chief and reveal some details of the charges brought against the officers of the Lipetsk aviation center involved in the corruption scandal.

    "Since last Friday, media representatives have been unanimously trying to unravel the president's riddle: why suddenly he dismissed the Air Force Commander-in-Chief Alexander Zelin, without giving him the full year and without even appointing his successor? It has long been not accepted for us to give the people direct explanations for such reasons. To interpret the will of the leaders is the prerogative of lured experts, from whose phrases - "rotation", "a normal procedure for rejuvenating generals" - the situation does not become clearer.

    Since last Friday, media representatives have been amicably trying to solve the president’s riddle: why did he suddenly dismiss the Air Force Commander-in-Chief Alexander Zelin, not allowing him to serve the required year and not even appointing his successor? For a long time, it has not been accepted to give direct explanations on such issues to the people. It is the prerogative of lured experts to interpret the will of the leaders, whose phrases are “rotation”, “normal procedure for rejuvenating the generals” - the situation does not become clearer.

    However, the journalist of "MK" accidentally became aware of some details of the recent resignation of the commander-in-chief of the Air Force ... ", - writes" Moskovsky Komsomolets ".

    “The news came unexpectedly, after the familiar voice of Senior Lieutenant Igor Sulim sounded in the telephone receiver:“ Good afternoon, I have great news ...

    Let me remind you: Igor Sulim became known to readers of MK a year ago. As a senior instructor pilot at the Lipetsk center for combat use and retraining of the air forces of the Russian Air Force, he addressed an open letter to the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin and the leadership of the Air Force, saying that the commanders had created a corruption scheme for systematic extortion of money premium officers.

    But instead of the support that Sulim and the officers supporting him hoped for, they experienced powerful pressure from the Air Force command, trying to hide the incriminating information. The pilots were suspended from flight, forbidden to leave the garrison and began an investigation against them on the basis of libel against the unit commander. But Sulim and his comrades did not give up and turned to MK.

    Exactly a year has passed since we, together with Igor Sulim and deputy commander Major Anton Smirnov, sat on the playground at night, where until four in the morning they talked in detail about the things that were going on in their elite flying unit.

    That publication caused a powerful wave in the media. A scandal erupted, the participants of which did not leave the television screens and front pages of newspapers for a long time. MK continued to monitor how events are developing in Lipetsk, having made a number of publications about this. The prosecutor’s office also joined the problem. As a result, defamation charges against Igor Sulim and his supporters were dropped.

    The military-investigative department of the Western military district in the Tambov garrison accused under Article 286 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “abuse of office” by the colonels of the Lipetsk Center Kovalsky and Sidorenko. Their closest associates, Lieutenant Colonel Lee and Major Zakurdaev, are charged under Article 160, Part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “misappropriation or embezzlement." The punishments under these articles are determined from 3 to 10 years in prison. At the end of June, the materials of their cases will be transferred to the Tambov Garrison Court. According to preliminary estimates, these four officers stole at least 30 million rubles in a year and a half.

    Moreover, according to some information, the money collected from the officers of the Lipetsk Center seems to have gone not only to these four, but also to much higher capital offices. Perhaps that is why the generals sitting in them were so desperate to “hush up” the matter.

    The resonance from the “Lipetsk case” was so great that the Minister of Defense ordered that other military units be checked for similar requisitions. And not in vain. Since May 2011, the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office has initiated more than 20 similar criminal cases against the command staff. So, the leadership of the Syzran branch of the military educational and scientific center of the Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky and Gagarin (formerly Syzran VVAUL) were almost completely replaced for such actions, and criminal proceedings were instituted against Hero of Russia Colonel Nikolai Yartsev under article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

    All of this together gave reason to talk about the imminent impending resignation of the Air Force Commander-in-Chief, Colonel-General Zelin. The resignation took place last week. However, few people connected it directly with corruption cases - there was no evidence of this. And then, completely unexpectedly, the evidence appeared - the same phone call of Senior Lieutenant Igor Sulim.

    “Imagine,” Igor told me, surprised at this, “this week I was invited to the Presidential Administration.

    I confess, after these words I involuntarily held my breath, not anticipating anything good.

    “... In a conversation they made it clear to me,” he continued, “that the resignation of General Zelin is largely due to the resonance that the history at the Lipetsk Air Center received. But the most interesting, - Igor intriguedly paused, - after the conversation I was handed an invitation to the Kremlin for the inauguration of the president!

    Then I exhaled, not expecting such a denouement ...

    Is it really a victory? Did a man who went almost single-handedly against the army corruption system get support at the top?

    It was hard to believe. But - a fact! The invitation to the inauguration (which can definitely be regarded as support) was received not by the head of the Lipetsk center, General Kharchevsky, who is called the “personal pilot of Putin,” after he delivered Vladimir Vladimirovich to Chechnya on a combat fighter, and his retired Air Force commander Zelin, but their subordinate - a boy lieutenant who did not want to endure from high ranks the humiliation of his officer honor.

    Although, perhaps, you cannot call him a boy now either - during this year of endless persecution and ordeals, he has matured greatly. And he ceased to be a lieutenant - he still survived from the army. Formally - for health, in fact - for intransigence. Now Igor Sulim will fly in a civilian plane, carry passengers in one of the Russian airlines.

    Well, in the army - well, new lieutenants will come there. And the new commanders ...

    According to the omniscient "experts", the current Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Major General Vladimir Bondarev, will soon become the next Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. In the loud Lipetsk story, by the way, he played the most unseemly role of the main extinguisher of this corruption scandal. So future lieutenants should not forget: if even the president himself supports you, inviting you to his inauguration, you can still leave the army - there is no place for the winners of the commander-in-chief today. "
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 1 May 2012 23: 38
      Quote: Den488
      Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin fired Igor Sulim?

      By the way, in my opinion the most believable version. The scandal has gone too far, more precisely, it has reached a very high level. In such cases, punishment of secondary persons will not get off.
  15. montemor
    montemor 1 May 2012 23: 14
    well done, Sulim, flint. respect such
  16. mind1954
    mind1954 2 May 2012 00: 28
    What is this demagogic call to consider all reforms exclusively
    progressive ??? !!!
    Who is the author trying to suggest?
    The people of the country, which, as a result of "super progressive reforms"
    last 20 years flies into the abyss !!!
  17. vylvyn
    vylvyn 2 May 2012 06: 50
    Quote - "In the end, if we talk about the unwillingness to head the reformed Academy on the part of Zelin, then was it not he who at one time initiated the very reform when first two Academies (named after Zhukovsky and named after Gagarin) were merged into one, and then they went It turns out that Commander-in-Chief Zelin himself took the path of reform, actively supported by Nikolai Makarov, and then suddenly began to express dissatisfaction, in fact, with his own initiatives. "

    As they say - for which he fought, he ran into something.
  18. Aeneas
    Aeneas 2 May 2012 07: 51
    Zelenin did not dare to transfer to Voronezh, resigned in Moscow. Interestingly, I got a Moscow apartment?
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 2 May 2012 10: 23
    Apparently the war was 08.08.08. the officers and soldiers won against the wishes of the leadership. But the collapse mechanism was already launched and "reforms" began. Now such a war cannot be won.
  20. Turanchops
    Turanchops 2 May 2012 14: 59
    Apparently GDP has its own candidacy
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    oksana212 3 May 2012 02: 45
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